What Is WorldVentures?

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Oct 09

MLMs are not just about beauty.

They can be about energy, cell phones and even travel. Being able to take dream vacations is something a lot of people wish they could do. To go to exotic locations and create romantic and other memories is important to them.

Besides saving up a lot of money to go on these dream trips, there is a company that may help you get it a lot faster and a lot cheaper. That company is called World Ventures.

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A Little Of World Venture’s History

The company was formed in 2005 by Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue, although the latter is not acknowledged in any way on the World Ventures web site or anywhere else. No one knows what has happened to him as far as the company is concerned.


In forming the company the founders used the idea of creating ‘the coolest travel community in the world’. Their motivation was to allow people on any type of budget to have a better travel experience.

To do this, the pair decided to create what they call dream trips. These are trips that provide discounts and points. Plus, they decided to have two sides to the company. The customer side and the sales rep side. The former can take trips but not make any money.

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In their short history, the company has been sued and banned by several countries. They are also still facing different lawsuits that puts a little black mark on them and a cloud over their company.

Despite these issues, their website declares that the company is in 34 different markets and their product is represented by independent agents or sales reps. With 9 people on the executive staff the company says they are ranking quite high in several direct sales and business polls.

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The website claims they are continuously revamping their products. Other than that this company has had no significant milestones or other achievements to report.


The World Ventures Product

Basically there is only one product that the company sells. That product is travel memberships and the company is basically a travel membership club. The product is designed after several different more expensive travel clubs like Hilton Club or Club Marriot but for far less membership money.

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How they do this is through their group booking plan. They book several hotel rooms to get a cheaper room cost. Or they book several tables at a nice restaurant to bring down their food prices.

In other words they do everything in bulk so that they can get a cheaper price for the elements involved in your travel itinerary. The main label for this product is called Dream Trips and it has its own web page, located here, and it lists all the fun trips you can participate in.

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The only drawback is that to see the actual cost of the trip, you have to sign up and log in. If you click on a trip before signing in, you get a lot of travel details but still no price. We did not sign in.

The product seems to be straight forward but we are a little suspicious of the credibility of the company due to the many lawsuits and their being banned from different countries. Here is a link to their FAQ page to help you understand how their product works.

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Their glib answers though cause us to wonder about their sincerity and other characteristics.


Signing Up With World Ventures

Lets say it at the beginning. World Ventures is an MLM company and sign up is easy. With World Ventures you can sign up in 2 ways. As a sales rep you need to pay a $100 sign up fee plus $25 a month renewal fee.


Once you have done that, you can represent the company and supposedly make some money selling their travel dream trips. As a customer, sign up is a little more complicated, in that you have a few choices to make.

There are at least 3 levels you can join. There used to be a fourth called the standard which cost $99.99 to join and a $31.99 monthly renewal fee. But no one is sure if that level is still active or not.


The other standards are the Gold, Platinum and Titanium levels and each have their own separate costs. The Gold costs $143.99 and takes a $56.99 monthly renewal fee, the Platinum costs $200 and &99,99 monthly and the Titanium costs $850 and $149.99 each month.

According to the company each dollar of your fees goes to Dream Trip points. That means if you pay $1 you get 1 point. The trick is that you can’t use them for a year and if you leave the membership, you lose all your points.

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Another drawback is that you may not use all your points to cover the total cost of your trip. To remove any restrictions on using your points you need to get 3000 referral points in one year.

If you sign up as a sales rep, you do get to make money selling the dream trip packages to your customers. While sign up is easy for either side of the company, everything becomes confusing the more you read about what is involved after you sign up.

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The one way to stop paying dues as a customer is to book your trip with your family and have 4 people ready to sign up as quickly as possible. Its called the ‘get 4, pay no more’ plan.


Can You Make Money With World Ventures?

There are only two ways to make money from the World Ventures company. Your personal sales and the sales of those you recruit. But like every other MLM company World Ventures makes it very difficult to understand their compensation plan and they make it very difficult for you to receive your pay.

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Here is a link to their compensation plan and if you are not confused after reading the first couple of paragraphs then you are doing very well. Basically, you are to get a commission of any direct sales you make plus and direct sales your recruits make.

That is the crux of the issue. You have to recruit and those recruits have to recruit and so on if you are going to make any money at all. Of course, there are time limits to do all of this as laid out in the compensation plan.

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It seems that the best commissions come when you have customers sign up and buy their dream trip. Commissions are paid to 10 levels but good luck reaching the top rank as there is a lot of competition out there to sign up recruits. We are not just talking about World Venture competition either.

We are not going to spend a lot of time here as you already know that you need to be in on the ground floor if you want to make any serious money. If you are a recruit of a recruit of a recruit, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to make the money the company claims you can make.

When you need to depend on other people to sell and have the same attitude as you, then you know you are not going to make it in this company or any MLM program.


Pros And Cons Of World Ventures

For the lucky ones there are a lot of pros that make the company look attractive, here is a short list of those:

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  1. Discounted hotel and restaurant bills all over the world.
  2. On site reps to help you with anything you need.
  3. Use monthly dues and sign up fees towards trips.
  4. A good group dynamic.
  5. You can get free vacations.


But like everything else, there is a down side to World Venture. Here is a short list of those that make you question the validity of this company:



  1. Membership is expensive.
  2. Airfare is not included.
  3. Single travelers pay more.
  4. Some trips are unavailable.
  5. No booking freedom. You are limited to their dates.
  6. Better and cheaper options available outside the company.
  7. Restrictions and time limits on Dream trip points.


Is World Ventures A Scam?

Depends on how you look at it. From a satisfied customers’ point of view, the company is probably the next best thing to sliced bread. It can do no wrong and the product is worth its weight in gold.

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These people do not see all the negatives that come with an MLM company as they are getting what they paid for. These customers do not care if the sales rep actually is paid a legitimate wage or not.

But the company has been sued for being a pyramid scheme and has been banned from several countries. Those black marks should let you know that everything is not right with World Ventures.


Plus, the complicated compensation plan is another large red flag. It is designed like every other MLM compensation plan to make sure that any money received stays with the company and does not go out to those who do the hard work.

It is this situation that has people questioning the legitimacy of the company. To have people recruit when there are actually not enough recruits to go around, is not a the characteristics of a great and honest company.

So if you agree with the first group of people, you may conclude that it is not a scam. If you agree with the second group of people then, you will think it is a scam. Your experience with the company will influence your decision.


There Is A Better Way To Financial Success

As we have said before, you can get financial success through your hard work without having to rely on recruits to do your job for you. MLM companies are notorious in structuring their compensation plans in such a confusing way that it is practically impossible to make any money.

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Becoming free from medical bills and other debts is not possible through standard MLM companies. The opportunity may be there but the income is not. That is why there is a better way and it is called affiliate marketing.

In this platform the industry is growing as more and more people become connected to the Internet. Your website and solid content can help convince people to purchase those products you represent.

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That is all you have to do - convince people that those products are top quality and perfect for them. Instead of being a recruiter, you are strictly a salesman who may or may not interact with potential customers. You just create the opportunity and collect the commission when they buy.

That is another good thing about affiliate marketing. There are no confusing compensation plans. When you work with an honest vendor, you get paid per sale at the commission rate you agreed to. Then the commission is all yours.

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That is what makes affiliate marketing so attractive. It is legitimate, it can be fun, you learn a lot and you can make money while keeping your regular job. Your website stays active even when you are taking a break.

Once you learn how to do affiliate marketing correctly, you should see that being a success depends on you and you alone. Affiliate marketing does not promise you the moon, it just promises to help you find a better revenue source.


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