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Do You Want To Start Working From The Comfort Of Your Home? 

But you are not sure what is the best way to do this?

Affiliate Marketing Can Be Easy: You Can Turn Your Passions Into Profit!

Have you ever wondered how awesome it would be waking up every morning and rolling up to your kitchen or balcony and starting your work day from your laptop or computer? Well, affiliate marketing gives this opportunity to everyone.

If you have some sort of interest or passion and you know how to use a computer you can do it too, even without any experience. You can make money online working for yourself.

Just one thing - making money online takes time! You've probably came across many different offers and programs making big and false claims about earning big money very fast. This is nothing further from the truth. As with any business, it is going to take work and effort from your part to make this work.

Great news: There are no limits to your potential income in affiliate marketing.  Why? Because there is always going to be products you can promote on your website and earn your cut by making a sale. Isn't that something?

How The Money Is Made In Affiliate Marketing

Can You Give Me Proof That My Work Will Pay Off Too? I Want To See The Money!

Yes of course. I will gladly share with you success stories of people who gave our training a try and kept working on their online business. Most of them were completely new in this field when they started.

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Keep in mind: I can not guarantee you will make the same results or the same results at exactly the same time for that matter. Your success depends on many factors and the most important factor is you.

What I can guarantee is you are going to love the training, community and the support. Every day you will add something new to your online business and you will see your website becoming better and richer each day.

The Key To Your Success : Your Amazing Website And Website Content

Wealthy Affiliate helps you with creating a new website and more importantly - creating great website content. Believe it or not, the easiest part is creating a website. It takes like 30 seconds. What makes website successful is the content you put on a website. That is why content creation is the biggest part of Wealthy Affiliate training.

What Makes This Possible : A Little Thing Called SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You've probably heard about SEO before. In shortest, SEO represents all the things you implement on your website in order to make it rank better on search engines (like Yahoo or Google). Some examples are keywords, titles, tags, images etc.

Now here's the trick. While writing your blog posts you will learn how and where to implement these important parts of SEO. This will result in getting better rankings which will lead to getting more web traffic to your website.

The more traffic you have the higher are the chances for a sale - it is simple as that. Here, training is focused mainly on getting organic traffic, although paid traffic sources are also covered by the training.

Organic traffic is when someone like me and you, searches the Internet for a solution, answer or to make a purchase. This is the best traffic source because you will only get someone who is generally interested in what you are saying or doing. When this happens, your website should be in search results offering an answer or a solution.

More Than 1.5 Million People Are Already On The Website

And the best part, you can reach anyone you want via Live Chat or via Private Messaging. What makes this community so awesome are willing and kind people ready to help anytime you need it. I never waited for an answer longer then 5 minutes (the website support is really amazing and responds within minutes also).

Follow easy lessons and tasks and watch as your website starts to grow and create traffic.


If you feel happy or overwhelmed share it on Wealthy Affiliate and let everyone know this.


Search the website knowledge base and find answers to all of your questions.

This Community Adds Something New Everyday

  • New trainings, live events and guides are added almost every day.
    Many successful and expert marketers you can follow and learn from, are a part of this community. This means that new trainings and new great sources of knowledge are at your disposal anytime you need it.
  • Make money by contributing to the website.
    While your primary goal is to make money with your website, you can also earn by contributing to the Wealthy Affiliate. Creating trainings, guides and writing website comments can make you nice pocket money. Just by leaving website comments you can earn up to $100 per month. How cool is that?
  • Joining in is free and you can stay free member as long as you want.
    Now this what made me become a Premium member. I explored a website for around a week before deciding to go Premium and pursue my dream. Make sure you explore the website too and give the training a try before you make a decision about Premium Membership.

Create Beautiful Looking Websites That Will Make You Passive Income

Free members can host up to two websites for FREE. Premium members have up to 25 websites at their disposal. So, your creativity will not be limited in any way. You will also enjoy amazing support.

This community and training will provide you with what you want: money making website and steady income. You just have to work and follow the lessons in the course. Make sure you stay engaged working on your website and everything will go smoothly. Success is cumulative and consists of many small actions that add up in the end.

The Proven Path To Online Income

Many before me and you followed the training and courses here and succeeded with their online business. This will happen to you too. Why? Because affiliate marketing simply WORKS for anyone who is willing to put effort.

I guarantee your time will not be wasted. You will enjoy easy to follow, step-by-step lessons that will do wonders for your website and website content. You will start producing traffic and very soon you will experience the joy of your first commission and your first paycheck. 

What Does It MEAN  TO BE

Wealthy Affiliate: MEMBER  

  • 1
    Infinite number of markets: you can revolve your business around anything you like and still earn money of it because of unlimited potential affiliate industry has. 
  • 2
    14 years of experience: there is no better place to start your online business as proven by many successful affiliate marketers that started here.
  • 3
     Unlimited and elite education: apart from two   main courses each day a new training or guide is   added to the website.
  • 4
    Big community always there for you: more than 1.5 million members to connect with on their journey to success, just like you.
  • 5
    Completely free to join: You are not obligated to go Premium and you can stay free member as long as you want.

Here Is What Real Members Say About It


“Was surprised with the support I received from the owners”

“I joined Wealthy Affiliate as a relative newbie in affiliate marketing field. It was back in 2015. By the end of 2018. I was making almost $6000 per month from my website.

I think I made this great results because I was truly dedicated to the training. I was not bothered about when will I make my first sale, just kept working hard"

Jerry Huang

“I wish I started earlier..."

“It took me about 1 year after becoming a part of the community to start earning almost $1000/month. I am 23 now and I only regret not knowing about Wealthy Affiliate before"

Anis Chity

“Fulfilled me biggest dream..."

“I've been traveling around the world since last summer thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

I am now making enough money to support all of my trips and just this January I was invited to Wealthy Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas. All expenses were covered by Wealthy Affiliate.

I am never going to forget last year and all the great things I accomplished.

Roope Kiuttu

Are You Ready To Start Working For Yourself?

If the answer is yes, then this community is what you need. You will not find any better and easier way to make money online. I assure you. If you are truly passionate and interested in starting an online career - give our community a free try and see all the amazing benefits offered there.

More Stories From Wealthy Affiliate Members


“Joined Wealthy Affiliate 9 years ago and I am still here...

“After being a part of this community for so long I can only say I am really blessed for meeting so many great people. I owe a big thanks to Kyle and Carson (owners) who helped me when I was struggling at the very start of my career.

My blog success skyrocketed third year after joining Wealthy Affiliate and ever since I never thought of doing something else then working on my blog.


“It was definitely worth the wait..."

“I was searching the Internet in order to find legit way of creating online income. Somehow I came across one honest Wealthy Affiliate review and decided to give it a try. It was a few years ago and I do not regret a single day I spent on Wealthy Affiliate.

With the help offered there I've managed to create a website of my own and I am now making decent money by working from my computer."

Philip Colbert
- Founder of ScamWitness.Com

Founder of HowToBecomeAnAffiliate.Com

About Me

Graduated at College for Tourism and Hospitality Management and been working in tourism for 3 years before I quit my day job.

Started my affiliate marketing journey a few years ago with small success. Accidentally bumped into Wealthy Affiliate 10 months ago. This was the turning point for me. Created two successful blogs since then and quit my everyday job. My website is here to help you become successful at affiliate marketing and make money online.

Is There Any Cheaper And Faster Way To Make Money Online?

Well, I spent many hours trying to find legit ways of earning money online and I could not find anything cheaper with same or higher value. Don't get me wrong there are cheaper products, but from my experience they usually have very low value and you feel like you wasted your money.

Is there any faster options? Yes, if you are ready to buy already established online property and business. The prices for these kind of websites can vary from $10k to millions of dollars. Other than that, there are no realistic alternatives. Only low value products with big and false money claims.

Do Not Fall For People Offering Shortcuts To Success

I want you to succeed. For that reason I want to remind you that anything that is good in your life took some time and effort before you achieved it. Remember all of your accomplishments. I am sure that things you are most proud of did not happen over night. They happened because you wanted them to happen and you worked on reaching them. This is no exception. There is no a magic wand that will do the work for you.

It is the same with Wealthy Affiliate community. You are not offered a shortcut, but proven and realistic way how the money is made online. If this is something you truly want to do you will make it happen.

Advantages vs Disadvantages

I now want to give the full picture of our community. That is why this pros and cons list is here. I want you to look at it out and check if this is something you are motivated to be a part of.

The Pros List

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    Completely free to try.
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    Already helped thousands of regular people reach amazing success.
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    Elite and easy to follow lessons that will lead you to profitable website.
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    14 years in business
  • angle-right
    1.5 million member community willing to help anytime you need it.

The Cons List

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    Takes around 3 months to make your first sale.
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    Too much information can be overwhelming at the beginning.
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    Reading other members blogs on the platform can make you loose time.
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    Aiming for perfection in your posts can cause procrastination.
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    Skipping lessons and doing too much on your own can hurt your website, especially if you are new.

Check Out All The Benefits Premium Member Has (And You Can Have That Too)

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    25 websites at your disposal. 
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    Unlimited access to all parts of the platform.
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    24/7 support and caring community.
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    Great and easy to follow lessons.
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    Possibillity to make money by helping others.
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    ​Active and helpful owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you guarantee me I will succeed?

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​​​​P.S.: If you decide to join I am also going to offer you a special gift. It is a really good ebook that saved me a lot of time and it is about monetizing your blog and making it your cash cow.

I invite you to join me on the website and see for yourself what I've been talking about here.

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