Can WordPress Tags Help Your Posts Rank Better?

By Strahinja | Tips

Nov 25

Tags have an important role.

When a visitor to your site clicks on a tag, they can find all the posts with the same tag a lot easier. This effective search tool makes your website more user friendly and allows easier navigation.

The answer to the question can WordPress tags help your posts rank better is yes they can. As long as you use them correctly. Here are some ways to help you use WordPress tags correctly and boost your rankings at the same time.


Place Keywords In Your Tags

Keywords are not just for headlines and content. You should be able to boost your ranking by placing the best keywords in your tags. The key here is to make sure your tag keywords are relevant to your article’s content.

Do a good keyword search and select the right ones for your tags so people are not misled and so you do not defeat your goals.

Before doing so, please read the next paragraph carefully.​​​​

Watch Out When Using WordPress

Putting keywords in tags is not a bad idea except when you use the wrong WordPress version. The is a great place to use keywords in tags and you should be able to use a number of them. is a different matter. You could get penalized for duplicating your keywords. Your content or website may be considered as irrelevant by different search engines.

There Is No Difference Between Keywords And Tags

Both options provide the same results and have the same purpose. This little tidbit of information lets you organize your keywords better and use them more effectively. Of course, you just can’t use any keyword in your tags to get noticed.

can wordpress tags help your posts rank better

You may get penalized for spamming if you do and your ranking may go down. Since there is no difference, you can use a few more keywords that are relevant to your content or use a few less spreading them around so your content remains below the keyword density limit.

Tags Are Very Versatile

When you use the same keyword in tags for several different articles,you are linking those articles together. When using a tag with WordPress, you are actually creating a tag page that links up several articles.

can wordpress tags help your posts rank better

For example, if you use the term archaeology in several articles and then place the term in a tag, you are linking those articles together making them easy to find. Then, what this does for you and your website is help you get a better ranking.

Tag pages increase your chances of being ranked well and help you improve your position for those keywords. Again, you cannot use random keywords to link articles. That would be keyword spamming and you know what happens when you are caught.

Tags And Categories Are Not The Same

They have different uses and restrictions. You can only use about 1 category per article without causing yourself some problems. But with tags, you can use them multiple times without any penalties.

question face

The key is to make sure you do not use the keyword that you used in your category in your tags. This may cause you to be penalized for duplication. Also, categories must be kept in the main menu where as tags have more flexibility in their use.

The use of categories should be limited as well. You want a user friendly website and categories can make it too complicated.

There Is No Singular Or Plural Dilemma With Tags

People who have been taught proper grammar usually face this dilemma. But fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your perspective you do not have to worry about using the plural and singular forms of a word when using tags.

can wordpress tags help your posts rank better

Either version will work for you when you are creating tags. You can use plural one time and singular after the next article. Most search engines do not bother with the difference as they provide results with both forms of the word.

Put your worries aside and use the extra tag space for other keywords that may help generate traffic and rankings.

Use Both Tags And Categories

There is the possibility that your website could be penalized for inappropriate use of both options. But do not let that issue stop you from using categories and tags. The key word is inappropriate. Just make sure your tags, etc. are used correctly and you should be fine.


Without tags and categories, your website will become more difficult to use and that will punish your website as well. You need both to make sure your website stays user friendly. Simply avoid duplication and irrelevant keywords.

You will want your website to be easy for your visitors to use so they stay longer and have a better experience while on your website.

Stay Consistent In Your Keyword Use

Search engines do not think like humans. They view very similar keywords differently than humans do. For example website, web sites and websites are not the same to them. They are different keywords.


In your tags, what you have to do is is remain consistent. If you pick website as your tag keyword, then use that word when you publish different articles on website content., etc.

Being consistent helps you get better rankings for that one form you have chosen to use. Interchangeability here is not a good thing. Watch your keyword use in your tags as little mistakes like this cold cost you in the long run.

Some Final Words

There is a lot to learn when it comes to using WordPress and other websites. You may not have given tags much thought but they can be important tools to use to get better rankings.


Just be careful in your use or you may end up shooting yourself in the foot if you do not use your tags in a proper manner. It would be a wise use of your time to explore tags and their contribution to your website ranking.

Your Internet presence should go up when you use tags right.

Thank you for reading.


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  • Thabo Khoza says:

    Great post as normal.

    I didn’t know that tags were still powerful and useful these days but it makes sense when you say they are similar to keywords which means since keywords are relevant that tags have to be still relevant too.

    • Strahinja says:

      Yes Thabo.

      Tags can indeed help you rank better.

      They are not as nearly as important as some other factors but proper use of them is recommended.

  • Alex says:

    Thank you for the valuable information shared here!
    I am still trying to figure out how to properly use tags and categories, and this helps a lot.
    What would be a recommended number of tags for an article?

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for the comment Alex. Regarding your question, I would recommend a few max three tags per article.

      Have a nice day.


  • Great advice as always, Strahinja! Tags and Categories in WordPress used to create a lot of confusion for me, but not anymore. I learned a lot from you, thanks!

    I remember reading a few articles on the topic where authors were suggesting to not use them at all since it’s easy to mess things up and as you’ve said, you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot.

    • Strahinja says:

      You are welcome Ivan. Thank you for the comment Ivan.

      I was like you and this is what motivated my to create this post. To help others clear their confusion.


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