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Jan 05

Welcome To Our Thrive Themes review.

If you want to know what is Thrive Themes, you are at the right place. We are doing an in depth look at the new Internet phenomenon that is designed for WordPress websites.

The key behind every new phenomenon are the owners. For Thrive Themes, this means that the two men who own this company are very vital to its success. Paul McCarthy and Shane Melaugh have blended their strengths to make sure that Thrive Themes does not suffer from their individual weaknesses.

Shane Melaugh

Paul McCarthy

Paul McCarthy is best at coding so he handles that end of the corporation while Shane Melaugh works with the marketing side. Their driving motivation is not to make the company a success, but to make people a success.

They do this by offering a product that seems to be superior to all other Internet themes on the market today. The owners mission is to help you get the most out of your website income wise.

what is thrive themes

They help you accomplish this goal through their advanced conversion optimized plug-ins and themes. They also keep this set of tools easy to use so you do not miss your targets and lose conversions.

In creating Thrive Themes both men have brought a wealth of Internet experience with them. This is no fly by night operation meant to take your money.


Thrive Themes Review Summary

Product name: Thrive Themes

Product desription: Conversion focused WordPress themes & plugins

Product website: https://thrivethemes.com

Product price: 228$/Yearly Membership (includes all the plugins, templates and landing pages you can use on up to 25 websites)

Thrive Architect Grade: 10/10

Thrive Leads Grade: 9/10

Thrive Ovation Grade: 10/10

Thrive Ultimatum Grade: 9/10

Clever Widgets Grade: 9/10

Headline Optimizer Grade: 9/10

Thrive Quiz Builder Grade: 10/10

Thrive Apprentice Grade: 10/10

Thrive Comments: 10/10

Thrive Optimize: 10/10

Final Verdict: 100% legit and highly recommended for anyone wanting to increase conversions and create a well layed out WordPress website.

The Pros & Cons Of Thrive Themes

As you go through this Thrive Themes Review you may see why it is called the best themes for WordPress. Each component of Thrive Themes is specially designed to work with WordPress giving you an advantage over your competition.

Here are some of the positives that come when you turn to this new WordPress suite of tools to maximize your website to its fullest potential:



Value for your buck - you are not just given one theme and only one or two plug-ins to use. There are a host of tools in this product that work with you to help you become a success.

Provides the next level options for you - what this means is that you have advanced tools to help your marketing ventures. These tools help generate mailing lists and build your client base.

No load drag - in other words, these themes load fast so you do not lose any visitors through any loading delays that can occur.

Great customer support - you may have experienced difficulty in getting your questions answered when using other WordPress themes. With Thrive Themes not only do you get email support, they have constructed a forum for every plug-in available. Those forums get you in touch with others who have experienced the same issues you are facing. You get the information you need quickly.

what is thrive themes

There are only a few cons to this program. Most of the negative aspects depend on whom you are talking to. Here are a couple of common cons you will face when using this program:


question face

Its not for complete beginners - this is the sad fact. One would think that if Thrive Themes is as good as they claim, they would make it user friendly for all levels of Internet bloggers and marketers.

You are automatically renewed - the fee you pay for membership is only good for one year. You have to make alterations to your settings to avoid being automatically renewed the following year. No refunds are given so be careful when you sign up and change those settings first.

Thrive Themes For WordPress

Here is a short list of some of the top Thrive Themes that work best with WordPress. This list is a good place for you to start and gets you on the right track to finding the best theme for your content and purpose.

#1. FocusBlog

focus blog

When you want a nice clean working website, this is the theme to turn to. It is simple to use and works for both conversion themed blogs as well as company sales pages. There are a variety of web pages you can create including a lead generation page.

#2. Luxe

luxe theme

If you want a minimalist look to your blog, then turn to this thrive theme to help you reach your objectives. Once you get this theme installed, your web pages should be filled with great typography and carry a look of quality to them. It also has lots of conversion features you can use.

#3. Rise

rise theme

Elegance is one way to capture the attention of your visitors. Elegant women know how to turn every eye in the room towards them and this thrive theme does the same for your website. Not only do you get a captivating looking blog, you can use this theme for affiliate marketing and other product sales.

#4. Storied

storied theme

Images help create interest in your other content and your purpose for your blog. After you install this theme you can use it to create wonderful images, videos, as well as audio files. You also have the Thrive Theme marketing functions to help you make a little money through your blog.

#5. Squared

squared theme

Take your blog to the next level by installing this top thrive theme on your website. It comes with the tools you need to maximize author boxes, page layouts, and more. The colors displayed are very bold and you can also work with short codes. You should hold the interest of your visitors with this theme on hand to liven up your work.

#6. Voice

voice theme

When you want your content to be the focus of your website, this is the theme to help you get that task done. It works best with podcasts and written content. Then when you have guest bloggers, you can easily place their name in a clear position for all your visitors to see. In addition you can do personal branding.

#7. Ignition

ignition theme

Here is a great theme for those affiliate marketers or online businessmen and women. The theme works well in creating sales and landing pages making sure your products are seen in the best light. You can also build top membership pages to make sure your mailing list and conversions grow. Pre-built templates are a part of the package making your work easier to do.

#8. Pressive

pressive theme

Not every theme has to be great with sales and marketing but this is one of the best. You can market your business and products with ease using this top thrive theme for WordPress. Yet that is not all this theme does for you. The tools inside help you create a top multi-media blog helping you stand out from the crowd.

#9. Minus

minus theme

The name says it all. It does not add features to overcrowd your web pages. Instead it takes many away so you have a very good looking minimalist look to your website. With little to distract your visitors, your content can easily be read and kept in the forefront of everything. When your content is king, you want a theme to keep it that way.

#10. Performag

performag theme

This is a top theme for those people who like producing a magazine. It comes with the tools you need to make this theme generate a good income for you and your work. Also, it provides a great user experience enabling you and them to share your work on social media outlets.

What Features Are Included In The Thrive Themes

  • These are the features that come with the standard Thrive Themes
  • Coding that is designed for speed boosting
  • Responsive on 100% of mobile devices
  • SEO optimization right from the moment you install the theme
  • Visually customize fonts, colors, backgrounds
  • Customize headers to add logos, headlines, and more
  • Built-in features that make sure your opt in pages connect to your auto responder are displayed
  • More than enough templates to choose from to build your pages quickly
  • Unlimited support to help you solve technical issues
  • Images are automatically optimized
  • Speed is automatically optimized
  • Social media buttons that float
  • Drop down menus that have multiple columns
  • Click to call
  • Over 600 fonts are at your disposal
  • Lots of short codes for you to use

The World Of Thrive Architect

thrive architect

When you are trying to answer the question what is thrive themes, the best answer is it is Thrive Architect. That is because this web page builder is very versatile, and allows a variety of people to use it without hassle.

Who Can Use Thrive Architect? 

Just about anyone who has an online business, like affiliate marketing, to sell products. Plus, it works well for those people who want to build a long email list and do email marketing.

thrive architect menu

Thrive Architect menu available to the right while I'm writing my post

The key feature about Thrive Architect is that it is a very good web page builder for WordPress websites. Its the next generation web page builder that replaces the original Thrive Content Builder technology.

This program is said to be simple to use and is for people with no coding or design experience. These inexperienced people can create great web pages that impress their visitors. Also, Thrive Architect is for experienced Internet marketers giving them another great tool that takes their work to the next level.

The Negative Aspects Of Thrive Architect

Nothing is perfect in this world. Even a product as good as Thrive Architect. While it is a good product to install on your website there are a few problems you should be aware of before you read any further.

  1. It is touted to being an easy to use web page builder. Unfortunately that may not be the case. Beginners maybe overwhelmed by the complexity of this program. Too many people fail to understand the tools and functions and do not create the results they had hoped for. You need to watch the many tutorials included to fully understand how to use Thrive Architect.
  2. You can easily be distracted by creating a great looking website. Instead of focusing on your content, you are focused on being innovative, creative, and other design possibilities. With Thrive Architect you are more concerned about your web site’s look than how good your content is.
  3. It has a lock in restriction. But then so do almost all of the other great web page builders. A lock in restriction is where you use Thrive Architect to build your web pages and if you want to make changes to your web pages, you have to continue to use Thrive Architect. You cannot switch to another content builder to make those alterations.

Now With The Good News About Thrive Architect

With the negative aspects out of the way, it is time to turn your attention to the many positives features about Thrive Architect. Given the proper perspective, the negatives are vastly overshadowed by these positives features and functions.

  1. You have more control over content look. That is one of the better features on Thrive Architect. Once you hit that edit with Thrive Architect button, your editing world is opened up and you can see what your content looks like before you publish it.
  2. More than enough templates to use. In fact you get over 200 template pages to look over to find the right one for you and your purpose. The other piece of good news here is that once you have made your decision, changing your web page look should only take about 15 minutes to do.
  3. Thrive Themes have built-in a great customer support system. Not only can you submit a ticket to receive help, you can go to the forums and talk to other users to get the information you need to solve the problem.
  4. Once you have installed Thrive architect, you get access to updates for life. That is a good feature as everyone online updates their technology and you need to stay current.
  5. Training is included with your purchase. There are about 51 tutorials that have been created to help you understand Thrive Architect and how to use it to its fullest potential. These tutorials run between 2 and 10 minutes long.
  6. There is even more training. Once you have gone through and understood the tutorials, you can further your education through the Thrive University. There are courses on email list building, sales funneling and more.
  7. The creative spirit is unleashed as Thrive Architect has far too many design functions that help you create an artistic masterpiece. Every aspect of your website can be customized through this program.
  8. It is possible to save a lot of money buying Thrive Architect over, for example, Click Funnel. The latter has about a $100 monthly fee for the basic membership. You can upgrade that membership by paying a $297 monthly fee instead. Thrive Architect on the other hand only costs you $67 and it is a one time fee. There are other options but they are not that expensive either for what you get. All packages are under $100.

The Thrive Architect Plug-ins

What is Thrive Themes? It is a program that provides you with one of the, if not the, best platforms you can use to create a great looking website. It comes with the following plug-ins to make your web page building easy and website design are second to none.

thrive plugins

Just keep ready to see all the benefits you get by using these top plug-ins to help you build your website, mailing lists and more.

#1. Thrive Leads

This plug-in combines the talents of list building and conversion expertise into one package. You get a top list building tool that is prepared to help you make those conversions you need.

Inside this plug-in you have a drag and drop opt in form format that helps you create the perfect form every time. Plus, you have advanced targeting technology, as well as A/B testing engine and an overview of the important metrics involved.

Also, you have the Smart Links and Smart Exit functions that help you convert your visitors into paying customers. Everything you need for sales is in this plug-in.

#2. Clever Widgets

clever widgets

What this option does is allow you to customize your ads and other content. But it is more than that as that customization can be page specific. What content, etc., appears on one page will not appear on another.

Not only can you keep your content relevant, you can target specific people and other visitors when they come to your website and look around. Floating sidebars are one possibility as is click tracking.

This plug-in is not as difficult to use as Thrive leads but it plays a very important role in how your website looks and how it displays your content. Clever Widgets makes your website look and act smarter impressing your visitors and helping to convert them into customers.

#3. Headline Optimizer

headline optimizer

This plug-in first appeared in 2016. Its purpose was and is to optimize your headlines, since that is one of your biggest eye catching features on your web pages. How it works is that this plug-in gathers the data you need as well as perform top quality A/B testing to make sure your headlines are optimized to their fullest.

Also, you should be able to create the best headlines possible while reducing the amount of work needed to accomplish that task. Because there is a lot of content competition out there you need an edge. Headline Optimizer provides that edge for you.

You can create better headlines that attract more people to your content when you use this plug-in to help you.

#4. Thrive Ultimatum

thrive ultimatum

With the amount of competition you face on the Internet, you need a plug-in that does more than one task. This is it. This thrive ultimatum plug-in helps you create a limited time sales campaign while keeping it looking professional.

Then it can run your campaigns on any schedule you decide to set up. On top of that, this plug-in can help you with your evergreen strategies making sure your conversions get the boost you need to stay in business.

This evergreen feature also helps provide every visitor you get with their own personal countdown time limit. No one has the same time frame and each time limit stays true even if your visitors changes devices, clears their cookies and so on.

#5. Thrive Ovation

thrive ovation

What makes Thrive Architect so valuable to your web business is its ability to create testimonials that help conversions. Testimonials are a large influence on your visitors as they want to see what other people think about your products.

Plus, these testimonials help convince people to buy. They work with your sales page as the latter piques your visitors’ interest while the testimonials add that second influence that turns lookers into buyers.

These plug-in helps you grab the best testimonials and lets you optimize them for the best use on your web pages. It is a plug-in that focuses on testimonials only and helps you create very convincing statements that provide that vital nudge to your visitors influencing them to buy.

#6. Thrive Quiz Builder

thrive quiz builder

With this top plug-in, you can make your website a little bit educational while keeping your visitors’ interest high. How it is done is very simple and does not take a lot of work or coding knowledge.

You can create great quizzes that keep your visitors engaged helping them to click through instead of moving on to another site. Adding quizzes to your website should help you build your mailing list and more.

It is a simple tool to use that adds interesting features to keep your visitors from bouncing away from you and your products. A built-in wizard guides you through the process and a trouble shooter lets you know if you made a mistake. Most of the work is done for you.

#7. Thrive Apprentice

thrive apprentice

What this Thrive Architect plug-in does for you is help you build your online courses and take them to the next level. But that next level is not a complicated set of procedures to follow. Instead, the whole system lightens your workload without harming your professionalism.

Also, you get the drag and drop system that lets you use text, images, videos and more teaching devices in creating your online courses. Columns, tables and other tools are also not out of the question when you use this plug-in to bring your materials to your students.

With this plug-in added to your website arsenal, you have the tools to create the best lessons possible and keep your students interested in your information.

#8. Thrive Architect

thrive architect

Is the one stop shop for all your web page building needs. It gives you a design package that lets you create your new website pages from the ground up. There is no better place to start than laying out a good foundation for your website than by using this top plug-in.

What makes this device so great is that it is designed to be quick. The main feature is its drag and drop capability cutting your work hours down to size. Then you do not need to know coding to use this program.

With over 325 templates you can use, you are on your way to converting those website visitors into paying customers. This plug-in actually replaces about a dozen others streamlining your web page building process.

#9. Thrive Comments

thrive comments

What this unique Thrive plug-in does is combine visitor encouraging features from social media outlets and other places and puts them at your fingertips. Your visitors who make a comment will be able to see the likes other visitors have added to their words.

In addition, you can give out badges, feature comments and a lot more. This plug-in helps validate your visitor’s input and contribution making your website a better place to visit.

But that is not all, this plug-in helps you redirect your visitors to a free gift page and a warm greeting. A share button allows them to place their comment on their Facebook page. The sky is the limit with this plug-in.

#10. Thrive Optimize

thrive optimize

A/B testing may take a lot of time to do. Not with this Thrive plug-in available. All the tools you need are built into this option that make doing your data testing a lot quicker and simpler to do.

This testing is then done on your WordPress website. But that is not the only slimming down of A/B testing that this plug-in does. With this tool on your side you do not need to do a complicated set up and run process for one or more tests.

Next, you do not have to add any code snippets to get the tests on your web page. After that, you do not have to switch between a dashboard and your website. Finally, it is not complicated. This plug-in makes your testing life simple, easy and stress free.

What Does It All Cost

By now you should be wondering what does all of these wonderful tools cost you. And as you saw earlier, some similar programs will cost you an arm and leg just to get the licensing fee.


Not so with Thrive Themes and Thrive Architect. The licensing fee for the latter can cost you $67 for a single license. Then if you want to connect up to 5 websites, you pay only $97. That is a lot cheaper than paying almost $300 a month for similar features and functions.

That small fee also provides you with all the training you need to understand and use Thrive Architect and Themes in the best way possible. Of course, you do not have to buy each plug-in, theme, etc. individually. That may not be cost effective.

Instead, you should get the Thrive membership. It costs you only $19 per month to join up (for a yearly purchase). But what you get makes that fee very economical. Here is what you get with your membership fee:

  • All the plug-ins described above, including Thrive Architect
  • Installation permission for up to 25 websites
  • Approx. 271 templates to use for landing pages
  • Lifetime free updates
  • Unlimited support

If you only pay the licensing fees, you will only get support for one year unless you renew and pay for another year of use. The other bit of good news about paying fees to Thrive is that your costs stop with the fees.

What that means is that there are no upsells to purchase after you pay for your membership or license. The $19 per month, the $67 for one license, and the $97 for 5 licenses is all you pay unless you decide to continue with Thrive for more years.

what is thrive themes

Finally there is a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with Thrive Themes or Architect.

The Final Analysis

When it comes to standing out from the crowd, it takes creativity, innovation and a lot of good decisions. One of those good decisions would be to choose to join Thrive Themes and take advantage of what they offer you and your website.

what is thrive themes

Their membership fee is practical and affordable. Then for what you get it is very cost effective. Not only do you get a lot of themes to use with your WordPress account, you get a lot of tools that enhance your website so it can be all it can be.

Thrive Themes not only comes with a multitude of templates to use, it also comes with the plug-ins you need to boost your traffic and conversion rates. When you first sign up and look at all that Thrive Themes has to offer, you may be a bit overwhelmed.

what is thrive themes

There is a lot to take in and choose from. Its a good thing that the company provides you with over 40 tutorials and has a University you can take courses from. When you want to be the best, you go with the best tools available.

That is what we consider Thrive Themes to be. The best website building tool available for you.

Thank you for reading.


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  • Virginia says:

    Wow! After reading this, it makes me wonder if I should change my theme! I time maybe. I have to get acclimated to my current one. Thank you for the thorough review. I will definitely check these guys out when I’m looking to upgrade my site!

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for the comment Virginia.

      Thrive Themes really do offer a complete deal with their amazing themes and plugins.

      If you ever need help with Thrive Themes just let me know.


  • CT says:

    Thank you for this useful review. I heard Thrive Theme can improve the conversion for a long time but I don’t really know what it is. I just know it’s the theme and need to pay.

    Luckily I landed on your site. I can see you spend a ton of time to review this theme that impresses me a lot. What you write is useful to me. It saves me a lot of time. You explain everything so I can read it easily and understand faster. You know, as a beginner, it’s really hard to understand it on the official site. A personal review is much honest than official information.

    Your post is really long and thorough. I will bookmark it in case I will buy this theme in the future. Thrive Theme is definitely one of the better theme in my mind. If I can earn more money on the affiliate market, I think I will consider to use it.

    I believe your post is helpful for many people to save their time. Please keep sharing with us.

    • Strahinja says:

      Hey, thank you for the kind words.

      I always try to give as much information as possible. I am using Thrive Themes, and this review comes from my personal experience.

      When it comes to value for money, I really think there is no better deal than Thrive Themes. My conversions really increased after I started using their themes and landing pages.

      Also, great thing is that they also give a money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with them.

      Have a nice day.


  • Sebastian says:

    Thank you for this review of the thrive themes. As a blogger, I am looking for marketing tools such as a pup up builder, page builder tool. But I think that I found more than what I am looking for because it seems Thrive themes is an all-in-one marketing tool provider and I can save a lot of money using it.
    Can I create a landing page using thrive themes?

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for the comment Sebastian.

      You are completely right. Thrive Themes is all-in-one marketing tool and you can create beautiful landing pages and sales pages.

      If you decide to go for Thrive Membership, you will be able to do so for 25 of your websites.


  • Ecocatherine says:

    Wow… I needed to read this. I agree with you – it is not designed for beginners. I purchased it and haven’t yet used it because I am so comfortable with WordPress. I am determined to change this though because the appearance of a site that uses it is so much more appealing.

    I have a question for you – I bought the license to apply to 5 sites and was unaware there would be monthly charges. I logged into my account to adjust the settings but was unable to find how to do this. Do you have a tutorial or any recommendations? Thank you.

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for the comment. I really appreciate it.

      The reason why I am saying it is not designed for complete beginners is the fact that you have so many features with Thrive Architect you can get overwhelmed and lost the focus on your website content.

      Regarding your question, can you let me know which plugin you bought and what kind of licence it was?

      Thank you.


      • Ecocatherine says:

        I bought the Thrive Architect plugin which can be installed on up to 5 sites.

        When I visit Member Dashboard > My Account & Installations, it shows my invoice and states I have no subscriptions.

        • Strahinja says:

          Thank you for the reply.

          I think you bought the Thrive Architect package that you can use for up to 5 websites for 97$. I think this membership is permament, in other words, once purchase for lifetime.

          You can try and experiment on WordPress to see if these plugins are available to you.

          I think you should not have any problems.


  • Adam says:

    Wow, this is actually really interesting. I appreciate this kind of thorough review. You gave me a lot to think about for the future Strahinja. At the moment I think I’m too much of a beginner, but I will have this in mind as I progress with my website. Thank you.

    • Strahinja says:

      You are welcome Adam.

      I am really glad I could help.

      Hopefuly you now have a clear picture about what is thrive themes.


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