What Is SurveySavvy?

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Feb 19

If want to know what is SurveySavvy - you are the right place.

It is always nice to find a diamond in the rough. What you expect to be just another run of the mill unethical and dishonest get paid to fill out surveys company may be something different than you imagined.

what is surveysavvy

That is the possibility to our review of this survey taking company. What is SurveySavvy? It may be one of the few legitimate get paid to fill out surveys companies you can find.

That is good news when you think of the myriads of get paid to companies on the Internet today. To learn the answer to our main question, just continue to read our review.

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A Few Facts About SurveySavvy

First, it the company originated in 1999 and was formed by Luth Research. The latter company is based in San Diego, California and this company has been in business for over 30 years doing market research.

find you customer

This is the focus of SurveySavvy. It has people from around the world filling out surveys so their clients get the data they need to market or alter their products. With over 3 million members in roughly 200 countries of the world, there maybe hope for you to make a little money online.

Second, one of the popular features this company sponsors is that it has a monthly pool for those people who do not qualify for a survey. Even if you do not get paid filling out a survey you still have a chance to make a little money through these monthly contests.

what is surveysavvy

Third, once you sign up you will be asked to complete a profile so the company can send you those surveys that you qualify for. Like any research company and get paid to fill out survey company online, this is a necessary step as their clients want information from specific demographics.

Fourth, about 10 years ago SurveSavvy created its own little internet tool making it possible for you to fill out surveys through your cellphone and other electronic devices other than your PC.

Signing up at SurveySavvy

Like most survey companies you find online signing up is not a problem. The first step is ,of course, giving them your personal information including your country of residence.

what is surveysavvy

We did not go past the first page but signing up only takes a few minutes and then you need to build your profile in order to get surveys sent to you. The word on the street is that you need to keep your profile up to date if you want want to see more surveys as time goes by.

How To Get Paid From SurveySavvy

When you want answers to what is SurveySavvy you need to look at their financial offers to their members.  One of the better aspects of this company and another one that makes it so popular is that there is no confusing point system to work with.

what is surveysavvy

You get paid cash for every survey you take and your minimum cash payout is $1. Yes, you read that right. You do not have to wait till you have earned $10, $30, or even $50 before you get paid.

Once you hit that $1 mark, which isn’t hard as almost all surveys pay about $3 minimum, you can request to get paid. Once you make your request you just have to sit back and wait a while till the check comes to your door.

what is surveysavvy

There are several ways to get paid through this company. The first is through the filling out of surveys. These will take some time depending on the amount of questions asked in those surveys.

Then you can be paid through signing up recruits. Again, this company likes to use the word referrals and there are 2 ways to be paid through this method. Once you sign someone up, you get $2 per survey they fill out and if your recruit signs someone up, you get $1 for every survey they fill out.


A third way to get paid is to sign up for the Savvy Connect System and get paid $5 for everyone who downloads the app to their device up to 3 per household. Finally, you can earn some money through their sweepstakes system that provides a few rewards to select individuals who do not qualify for surveys.

To get your money, you go to your account and click on the get paid button and wait. You may wait up to 3 months before that check appears so if you are looking for a quicker turnaround time, this is not the company for you.

Some Drawbacks To The SurveySavvy System

What is SurveySavvy is a question that gets part of its answers through how you view the drawbacks of working with this company. There are a few drawbacks that may get you thinking it is not that diamond in the rough it appears to be.


#1. Survey Connect System - it is supposed to shut off once you go into private or incognito mode but there is no guarantee that it will shut off and stop monitoring your online activities.

Fortunately you do not have to have this app to fill out surveys. But another issue is that the company may say it did not work or did not install correctly then use those words to not pay you. 

what is surveysavvy

It is hard to say about that point but one thing that is easy to say is that the app may drain your battery or cause your tablets, etc. to slow down.

#2. They Can Avoid Paying You - this is done through a variety of means. One way is that they collect just the information they need then say you do not qualify. This method is a win win for SurveySavvy because they get paid by their clients for the information gathered while not paying any money for that information they collected.

broke guy

A second way they do this is by sending you through a screening process and after spending time filling out the answers you are told you do not qualify and you have wasted your time for no pay.

#3. Large Gaps - like every other fill out a survey to get paid company, SurveySavvy may have large time gaps where they do not send you a survey. Their only redeeming factor is that unlike other companies, your account is not deactivated, at least from what we read.

what is surveysavvy

There are no guarantees made so you are taking a risk by signing up and then not qualifying for many surveys. They may pay well but they restrict your income using this technique.

#4. One Method Of Payment - you can only get paid via check. Then you have to wait a long time before you actually see it in your mailbox.

#5. You Should Live In Key Countries - if you live in the desired countries like the UK, the US and Canada then you are apt to receive more surveys than if you lived in one of the other 197 countries in the world. This is not good for residents outside of those desired countries.


#6. Customer Service Is No Help - it has been reported that any customer service help you get comes from people who read off a script and do not answer your issues or questions.

#7. Work Disappears - you may be one of the lucky ones who receives lots of surveys to fill out in the beginning. But then mysteriously and without explanation, that stream of surveys disappears and you get very few.

what is surveysavvy

#8. Contests - this is a handy trick to cut expenditures. Instead of paying thousands of people approx. $3 each for filling out a survey, they disqualify you and put your name in a contest where you might win $500 and everyone else gets nothing.

What Is Good About The Company

Before you form your answer to what is SurveySavvy you need to read about the positives of the company to keep a balanced perspective. The answer will depend on your perspective so get a full picture before your decide:

what is surveysavvy
  1. It Pays Better - that is one factor that makes this a popular company to work with. When you get to fill out a survey you get paid well. Figures vary but it could be as much as $3 minimum per survey.
  2. Low Cash Out Threshold - you can’t beat a $1 minimum anywhere even in legitimate online companies. This is the best threshold you can find.
  3. A variety Of Ways To Make Money - you can make money filling out surveys and during those gap periods you can sign people up and make money off of them. Then you can make money off of their referrals. This gives you extra ways to build up your account. It may not amount to much but every little bit helps.
  4. Your Information Is Kept Private - the company says that they do not sell your identifiable information and that they protect your privacy. Also, they do not send you any spam or unsolicited e-mails.
  5. Its Free To Sign Up - no money out of your pocket is always a good thing. You should not have to pay anyone to get a job and SurveySavvy holds to that idea as well.
  6. Paid In American Currency - this is a very good system if you do not live in the UK or the US. The former’s money is valued at more than the latter and if you live in the latter you are not getting any benefits from the exchange rate.
  7. An Easy To Use Dashboard - this makes getting to a survey or your account very easy. There should be no confusion once you see that page in front of you.

What If A Survey Fails To Show Up

There may be times when you sign up for a survey and it does not appear in your incoming box. There are several reasons for this along with some simple fixes.

  • The survey e-mail may have been sent to your spam folder. You will need to click the button that says not spam to get it to go to your inbox.
  • You did not add the company’s email address to your email addresses or spam’s white list. To rectify this just add it now.
  • Your account may not have been activated. You get an activation email so make sure to click on that in order to have an active account.
  • Your account or profile is not up to date. Finish those off and make sure you give current information.

Is SurveySavvy A Scam

what is surveysavvy

A lot of people will call this company a scam program because they were the unfortunate victims of a some issue that rubbed them the wrong way. Legally, it is not a scam and that is the standard criteria to use when trying to label a company a scam.

There are 3 good points that make this company stand out and help address the question what is SurveySavvy:

  1. They are serious about paying their people
  2. They are in the top 3 of get paid to fill out survey companies
  3. They deal in cash

And it is that last one that helps set this company apart from the rest. They do not play games with your hard work or participation. They pay in US currency so that those outside the country can benefit better.

what is surveysavvy

There are other positives that help this company overcome some of the drawbacks that tend to knock it down a notch. Their referral program is one of the better ones around and if they fill out more surveys than you, you still can make some money.

The one drawback that will be hard for the company to overcome is the status and operation of their SavvyConnect app. Too many questions remain about it and its dubious use by the company does provide them with a great opportunity to avoid paying their members some money.

Our Final Verdict

Our answer to what is SurveySavvy is that it is a legitimate company but one that will be hard to make a lot of money. One of the reasons for that conclusion is that you may not fill out a lot of surveys because you will not qualify and that is always a big negative point, though an understandable one.


Clients of this company want only certain people to answer their questions so it is highly possible that you will not qualify for a lot of surveys. That is not the fault of SurveySavvy.

We did like their referral program and that they did not play games with your cash earnings. Those factors make it a good company to sign up with and make a little money.

computer with money

That is the problem, filling out surveys is not going to get you the cash you need and with up to a 3 month wait for your pay, you may forget you even had it coming. There is a better way to make money online.

Just continue to read about this better way that works with you and not against you.

The Making Money Online Alternative

By now you should have heard about affiliate marketing. It is becoming a very popular industry to sign up and work in. That is because it is a fast growing industry that has lots of payment options.

affiliate marketing

One of the best affiliate marketing platforms to work with is Wealthy Affiliate. They have been in business now for over a decade and they know the affiliate marketing industry backwards and forwards.

That is why they can provide you with the training and education you need to be a success for free. They give you the strategies and the step by step know how to implement those strategies to your benefit.

Then to help you get started, they provide you with 2 free websites and help you build them so you can attract visitors. That is not the only support you get. Instead of having people read scripts to you, you can talk to more experienced affiliate marketers in their forum or community section.

affiliate marketing training

Plus, the company is always on hand to help you out. That is not all they do in supporting you. Thee company has hundreds of thousands of products and niches for you to represent.

These products come with better commissions than a few dollars and cents you get filling out surveys. The best part of all, you can work this opportunity all the time with no gaps. Your hard work helps you bring in some income that leaves survey payments in the dust.

It never hurts to check affiliate marketing out.

Thank you for reading.


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  • Sharon says:

    Great review! There’s certainly some food for thought when browsing the downfalls of the site! It always puts me on alert when I hear the customer service is sub-par.


  • Lisa says:

    Wow! Thanks for all the detail in your review of SurveySavy! I’d love to be able to work remotely and on my schedule and paid surveys is one of the things that keeps appearing in my research.

    It is good news to hear that SurveySavy is reputable and has been around for so long and that they will pay out easily – not always the case. But I think I need a better way to achieve my lifestyle dreams.

    Affiliate marketing sounds like it might be the ticket, but the thought of being an entrepreneur is a bit daunting. How do I get complete newbie support so it doesn’t seem so scary?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Strahinja says:

      You are welcome Lisa.

      Most survey companies pay a very low wage when you took in consideration your time spent there.

      Thank you for the comment.

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