What Is Cashcrate.com?

By Strahinja | Not Recommended

Feb 17

If you want to know what is Cashcrate.com you are at the right place.

It is always good to investigate an online business that wants you to work for it by simply signing up and doing a few tasks. The question what is Cashcrate.com is the place to start your investigation.

That question gets you started in the right direction and helps you ferret out the right information to learn about these dubious companies. To find the answer to that question just continue to read our review.

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About Cashcrate.com

This company seems to be owned and operated by Patrick Clochesy and Joe Coleman. At least those are the names listed. Their company is a simple one in which you sign up and get paid to do simple tasks.


These tasks can be filling out surveys, playing games online, watching videos and other related tasks. Of course you get paid for doing those simple tasks. Signing up may be a great alternative if you have lots of time on your hands as these tasks do take a lot of time to complete.

This is not a new concept as it is basically the same as Inbox Dollars. The one thing you have to be wary of is that Cashcrate.com is a marketing company only. It will sell your personal information to the highest bidder.

what is cashcrate.com

There are some very suspicious activities involved. For example, you may need to buy insurance before qualifying for a survey. Or you may have to buy a movie streaming service to do the same.

You taking your chances when you sign up with this company.

How Do You Get Paid

This is a key data area when trying to answer the question what is Cashcrate.com. How the company pays lets you know if it is a scam or a legit business. After you sign up, the company will give you a $1 just for signing up.

what is cashcrate.com

Then, you have to do enough tasks to qualify for the minimum threshold for payment. That threshold is a low $20 which isn’t bad if you complete enough tasks fast enough.

The amount you have banked with cashcrate.com is paid out the first time by check. After that, you can have the money directly deposited into your bank account or through your Pay Pal account.

How To Make Money At Cashcrate.com

Signing up is easy and as we just said, you get $1 for doing that. That is $4 less than you would get at Inbox Dollar. Just for comparison. Then you can take surveys which may or may not pay a lot of money. It is said you do 9 surveys a day and make $6.20.


The other tasks pay but you are spending a lot of time to earn very little. The other way to make money is to recruit. For every person you recruit, you get a 20% commission of their earnings. For every person your recruits recruit, you get 10%.

It sounds good but good luck with the recruiting aspect. It is not as easy as you would think. The other thing you should know is that once you sign up, your e-mail box will be full of spam constantly.

Create a separate e-mail account if you decide to sign up.

Who Is Cashcrate.com For?

The first group of people we could think of that would benefit from signing up at this company would be those who have a lot of time on their hands. They haven’t found a job yet, are in school and having nothing to do when their work is done and so on.

what is cashcrate.com

This is not an online opportunity for people who already have a regular traditional job. Working at this company just takes up too much time.

The Pros And Cons Of Cashcrate.com

In determining the answer to what is cashcrate.com, you need to look at the pros and cons. These are indicators to the legitimacy of an online company.

what is cashcrate.com

The Pros:

  • You are paid $1 to sign up
  • Its free to sign up
  • Many ways to get paid
  • Make money through referral program
  • Payout options

The Cons:

  • Your e-mail box is spammed to death
  • Not every task pays if it pays well at all
  • Hard to make a lot of money

Things To Consider Before Joining Cashcrate.com

Look before you leap is something you must do when Cashcrate.com is involved. Having a full picture before you decide to join is a must. Here are some things to consider before you sign up at this company:

what is cashcrate.com
  1. You have to do an evaluation for which you are not paid
  2. The BBB gives the company an F grade
  3. You must respond to different spam emails or lose your account
  4. Avoid giving your credit card or debit card information including your number
  5. Avoid entering into contracts with this company or third party companies associated with it

Is Cashcrate.com A Scam

why is affiliate marketing the best online business opportunity

No it is a legitimate business that seems to have some shady practices. You won’t make a lot of money and you may end up paying more than you earn. Plus, it will waste a lot of your time.

There Is A Better Way To Make Money Online

After you have answered the question what is cashcrate.com, take a few moments to consider a better online money making opportunity. It comes from Wealthy Affiliate. This is a dedicated affiliate marketing platform that works with you without divulging your personal information.

What you get when you sign up at Wealthy Affiliate is free training, education and top notch support. If you have a problem there are many avenues to use to get the answers you need.

WA training

Also, the company helps you by giving you 2 free websites to represent those products and niches that will earn you some better bucks than Cashcrate.com offers. Affiliate marketing has a growing audience making investing your time worthwhile.

The opportunity is there if you are willing to put the work in.

Thank you for reading.


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Hi there. I'm just a regular guy that worked many different jobs before finding out about affiliate marketing. Decided to give it a try, followed the instructions, worked hard and started making money online. Here to help you achieve same thing. Working from home is possible if you have the proper training and people.

  • Sebastian says:

    Thank you for this informative post on Cashcrate
    This is the first time I heard about this company.

    Even if this platform is legit I don’t think it is the best way to go for people who want to build a real business that can help you make a passive income.

    I found survey site earings potential limited and with this one it seems they spam their users. So I will stay away from it.
    Thank you for this helpful review.

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for the comment Sebastian.

      You said it well. Survey websites are not the best way to go if you like to make money online.

      Hopefuly, you now know what is cashcrate.

      Have a nice day.


  • edahnewton1 says:

    Hey nice review you have about Cashcrate there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable..I have heard little about it from a friend, having stumbled into this article, I have gotten a better perspectiv of its framework. Nevertheless, there are questions I would love to ask about this platform, how often can one receives task, are surveys given according to ones qualifications, can withdrawals be made any time of the month, so long u have the minimum withdrawal ?

    • Strahinja says:

      Unfortunatelly, Cashcrate was much more generous in the past – both in the therms of money your receive and the number of surveys you can complete. There is usually 1 task per day – but it is very time sensitive and you have to complete it as soon as possible. 

      Surveys are usually giving by the data you provide them and there is threshold of $5 before you can withdraw your money. I mean it is not bad but it is not the best option.

      Thank you for the comment.

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