Is Viral Pay A Scam?

By Strahinja | Not Recommended

Jul 27
is viral pay a scam

You have seen the ads. Now you are questioning is Viral pay a scam. In this world of trying to achieve financial freedom through a variety of means this is a very legitimate question. Viral Pay offers $500 a day but are those promises legitimate?

It is hard to say as these get rich quick schemes like to promise the moon then fail to pony up the money when it is supposed to be pay day. If anyone is getting $500 a day it is the owners of Viral Pay.

It has been recorded that one member had $1,000 in their account yet have not received any of that money at the time of the recording. The question must be answered is Viral Pay a legitimate online money making opportunity or is it a scam?

As you continue to read this article we will provide you with an answer to that question as well as provide as much information as possible about Viral Pay. That way, you can make up your own mind about the company.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of this Viral Pay Review.

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What Is Viral Pay?

As with any company one wants to invest in, it is important to know a little about the company before sending them your hard earned savings. Viral Pay is no exception to this rule.

is viral pay a scam

To start off, the company offers you $25 just for signing up even though it has not been in existence for a very long time. It claims to be the number one influencer that will help you make your money through social media.

They say that the way you make your money is to have your friends sign up, fill out surveys and test apps. Their website looks very professional which can throw off the most ardent investigator.

Actually Viral pay is only a GPT or Get Paid To website that does not offer any products to sell, any services to promote or teach you anything. All you get is an affiliate link and every time someone joins the company through that link, you get $10.

The big question here is, how can this company pay both $25 for singing up and $10 per referral when they do not require you to buy anything and sign up is free?


How This Program Works

The basic concept is simple. First, you need to sign up and collect your $25 signing bonus. Then you share the link and start to earn money through the various referrals that have signed up through your link.

Third, when you have enough money in your account you are supposed to be able to cash out. That in a nutshell is the ideal way Viral Pay is supposed to work. Viral Pay says it uses Pay Pal, Cash App, Western Union, paper checks and other payment methods to send you your money.

is  viral pay a scam

But there is a catch. That is the way it is with get rich quick scams. When you go to cash out your request may and will be declined. After you start the payment process, you will read a notice that will say something like - "to be paid you need to have 20 clicks, 5 referrals and complete 4 task wall tasks".

Even if you accomplish all of that, you still do not get paid. The company has a variety of ways and reasons to deny crediting your account or paying you the money you supposedly earned.

Your Dream Websites is another website/program you we recommend avoiding.


How You Are Supposed To Make Money Through Viral Pay

The company has several money making opportunities for you that do not require a lot of work. These are simple methods with their own individual payment amount. Here are those ways to earn a few extra dollars through Viral Pay:

  1. Sign up - you get $25
  2. Refer friends and strangers- $10 per referral
  3. Get clicks- $2 per click
  4. Download apps- $10 per download
  5. Complete a survey- earn $25 per completed survey
  6. Create a YouTube video - you get $50
is viral pay a scam

To get the money you make you need a certain amount of clicks which come through your referral link. Every click is supposed to earn you $5 and when they sing up, you get $10.

Then there is the task wall. You need to complete several of these tasks within 5 to 10 minutes after starting. The money promised per task should be transferred to your account upon successful completion.

To do a video, you get to use Viral Pay’s channel. When you have followed the instructions for video content, you upload, submit the link to your video and get your pay.


They Use Fake Testimonials

You may have seen several of their testimonials on YouTube or other websites. The speakers look like average people who have taken the chance with Viral Pay and have been able to be successful at it.

lying sign

They are successful at it because they are about the only people Viral Pay pays. The problem with the testimonials is that those public proclamations are not real. Viral Pay hires people through Fiverr to talk about their success with the company.

Unfortunately, that is the only contact with the company those video makers have had. They are paid to say scripted comments in hopes of driving more traffic to the Viral Pay website and have them sign up.

In those scripted moments these testimonials may claim to have been paid as well. But that is another false claim made by fake people using fake information.


Do They Pay Its Members

The answer to this question is no, they do not. Despite the company’s best efforts to hide real testimonials from being seen by the public, some do get through the cracks. These revelations are recorded to prove that the company does not pay a cent to its members.


The information in these real accounts of working with Viral Pay depict a dishonest company using whatever means they can to withhold payment. Those methods used can be cancelling your payment declaring that it was made through false means.

Or they block your account and on it goes. The company can also say that the surveys were not filled out correctly, the wrong referral link was used, the task was not done correctly and so on.

They will also claim that you had already done the task or submitted the video previously. The company has a myriad of reasons they can use to make sure you never see a dime of the money you were supposed to have earned.


Some Red Flags To Consider

When you are investigating a company, the red flags that appear do so for a reason. They indicate that there are certain problems with the company that do not make sense and can be possible trouble.


Not all red flags are bad but when it comes to get rich quick companies even a few are signs of a scam and a lot of trouble for you in the future. Here are some red flags that should have you running away from Viral Pay and similar companies that offer you financial freedom:

  1. Giving false information - the company states that it was organized and registered in 2015 but their registration date is listed as March, 9th, 2019.
  2. No real company information - the owner’s name is missing, their address and contact information is not listed. A solitary e-mail address is not enough to lift it out of possible scam territory. Plus a lot of other information is not present on their website that describes the company and other important operational information.
  3. Bad links to bad websites - the links on their page through their ads or task wall may lead you to fake or fraudulent websites. These websites may not be secure and your private information may be stolen or used in an illegal manner.
  4. They harvest your information - then use it to hack into your legitimate online accounts and steal more than just your personal data. If you have already signed up at Viral Pay it is a good idea to go and change all your other passwords, etc., to protect yourself.
  5. The unrealistic income claims - if they offer you the moon without having to work hard then that is a major red flag . It is also a big red flag if they offer to pay you a nice amount of money just for signing up for free. Questions should be popping into your mind about this.
  6. Fake results - we already discussed this point but it bears repeating. Just because people are praising the business and promoting the money they made doesn’t make their words true. These testimonials are bought, scripted and paid for just to hook you and get you to sign up so they can do other dishonest acts.
  7. All the legitimate complaints made public - the number of complaints may be large than normal but again even good legitimate companies get complaints. You just have to read the content to make sure what they are saying is true. Wording is an important clue to the veracity of the complaint.
  8. No products or services or training to represent - if a company offers you a chance of a life time to make a lot of money with little investment then they may be a scam. Especially when there are no legitimate products, services or courses to represent to others. Always look before you leap.


Don’t Believe Everything You See

Viral Pay makes the claim that they have over 65,000 satisfied members and that they have paid out over $20,000,000. Yet how can you verify that claim? The company makes no offer or provides no links to help you prove that claim true.

is viral pay a scam

Then the company is just over 50 days old. How can they get 65,000 members in less than 2 months of existence? Then to have the cash flow of $20 million to pay out without complaint or going out of business?

Then do the math. To make $500 a day, you would need about 50 people to sign up each day. You would need to be able to sell ice to Eskimos to be able to have that sales track record.

Or you need to make 10 videos a day and place them on the Viral Pay YouTube channel. I doubt few people have that type of time on their hands. Then if you look closely, you may find that some of the listed cash outs happened months before the website was created.

Do your research and do it carefully so you do not get caught up in this scam.


Is Viral Pay A Scam?

You may already know our answer to that question. Yes, it is. The promises, the claims and the numbers just do not add up. For a company that has only been in existence for a couple of months, they have made great business leaps that should have the whole business community sitting up and taking notice.

That kind of success is something every business owner would want. It just isn’t happening though. The business community is not beating a path to Viral Pay’s door to get the secrets of their business success.

You Can Make Money Online The Legitimate Way

The bad apple that is Viral Pay and other scams do not ruin the whole online basket of apples. There are a lot of legitimate and honest ways to make money online to help you reach your financial goals.

is viral pay a scam

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I will be glad to help you with anything you might need.

Thank you for reading.


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  • Kendra says:

    What proof do you have that their testimonials are fake?

    • Strahinja says:

      Hello and thank you for commenting Kendra.

      Regarding your question, there is no link provided to the person or their website or bank statement. Most of these products have flashing advertisements with words like “Mike just earned 10.000$”. Those are pretty generic and anyone can do that really when you look at it. You can make your own product and even pay for fake testimonials. Many of shady programs used this tactique. Another thing that makes it really suspicious is the big promises and money claims. Anyone with basic knowledge about online money making opportunities knows that fast solutions are not real or at least not long term.

      Thank you for reading.


  • Kenny says:

    I start hating Viral Pay when I read how about the conditions it set before you can cash out the earning. Think about the time wasted completing all the tasks. And no legit program should make such bold claims of making quick income. Glad you bare the ugly truth of this program.

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