How To Use Keywords In An Article?

By Strahinja | Tips

Nov 27

The old days are gone.

Analytics conducted by search engines have changed. What strategies that used to work do not work any more. That includes keyword use. Those days of keyword stuffing have long since disappeared.

Now you need to use those keywords wisely if you want to drive traffic to your door. This article on how to use keywords in an article should show you the proper way to get the keyword job done just right.


11 Tips When And How To Use Keywords

how to use keywords in an article

Because requirements change it is important to stay up on those changes. Getting tips on how to use keywords is essential if you want to get a good ranking for your website. Here are some tips to make sure you know when to use your keywords and how to use them correctly.

#1. It Is A Last Resort

Normally this is called content tuning. You wait until you have finished writing your content to place your keywords effectively. Then you manipulate different words or phrases to make sure you have the right keywords in their right places.

With proper keyword use you should be able to boost your rankings and get more views.

#2. Watch Your Density

For a 500 word article your keyword density should be about 1 to 2%. To find that rate just multiply the words of your article by the desired percentage. That would come out to 5 to 10 words in this case.

how to use keywords in an article

Any more than 10 words and you may be seen as keyword stuffing and penalized. A little math never hurt anyone and you should do a little math every time you write your articles to gt the right amount of keyword usage.

#3. Titles Count

If you want to have clever titles or headlines you need to be a little creative to fit those keywords in. The keywords should be used in the beginning of your title to make sure the search engines can spot them and evaluate your content accordingly.



This may take a little thinking to accomplish or you may want to alter your keywords a bit to make sure you have the right title for your article.

#4. It Is Good To Be First

One of the best places to use keywords are in the first paragraph and the first sentence. Being first is not wrong and this helps the search engines see the seriousness of your content quickly.

second headline


The only exception to this rule is natural use. Sometimes it is not possible to place your keywords in the first sentence. That is because the words do not sound natural or give your article that serious nature search engines are looking for.

#5. Place Them In The Body

Using keywords in the body of your article is not wrong. Their use just adds to your keyword density and helps you meet that 4% goal. The trick is not to force their use. You still want to be natural in your writing and sound like you know what you are talking about.

article body

Saying "How To Use Keywords In An Article" doesn’t always work when the keywords are out of context and out of place.

#6. Last Is Not Worst

Coming in last is never a good feeling unless you are using your keywords correctly. The last paragraph is a great place to put your key words. You have heard of that old saying ‘first the worst, and last the best’ well first and last are the best when it comes to keywords.


The last paragraph is a great location when you want to end your article on a high note. It helps your rankings by placing the keywords in your last paragraph.

#7. You Need To Be Natural

You are not just targeting rankings when you use keywords. You are also targeting writing a very good article that is filled with good grammar and natural sounding sentences.


You won’t look like you know what you are talking about when your content reads like someone used an electronic translator to write their work. You need to sound natural so you get a better reputation and a smoother article.

#8. Never Overuse Something

You may like mustard, spices and other fine food additives that make your food taste great. But if you overuse those additives your food does not taste that good at all. You need to use those additives in the right proportions to have a fine tasting dish.

downward graph

The same goes for keywords. Do not overuse them or you ruin your content and the purpose you are using the content for.

#9. Don’t Forget Your Search Summary

This is a good place to insert some keywords. That addition helps match up with the search inquiries to let the searcher know they have hit a good website to read. Matching the search inquiry with your keywords in your search summary is a smart move to make.


Also, do not forget that keyword density and overuse apply here as well.

#10. Subheadings Help

Subheadings or even headings help you drive traffic to your door. Using keywords in these areas are a big influence when it comes to ranking your content and website. You want the best use of your keywords without over stuffing your article.

how to use keywords in an article


Plus, you may get more natural use in these spots.

#11. Try Mid Paragraph Or Paragraph 4

You can actually be a little creative in your keyword use as long as you do not break the above rules. Mid paragraph and even in paragraph 4 will help you drive traffic to your door.

website visitors

There really are a variety of ways to use keywords correctly as long as you do not go unnatural in their use.

Some Final Words


As you can see, there are lots of ways to use keywords correctly. The proper keyword use has about 2 real rules. One. Watch your density and do not over stuff. Two, be natural in their use.

Let us know how you use keywords in the comments below.

Thank you for reading.


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  • Elliot says:

    Great article, indeed keywords are good to use but over using them may staff up the article.

    I’m glad that you also touched on search summary. I’m not sure if I read what a search summary is?

    I will re-read your other articles to find more information on that one.

    Thank you

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for the comment Elliot.

      Regarding your question about search summary – this is what the keywords that are recommened by Google when you a type a certain keyword yourself. When you see those recommended keywords – you should definitely use them as they are something people are looking for.

      Have a nice day.


  • Thabo Khoza says:

    Great post as normal man. Indeed when I started affiliate marketing I sued to overuse keywords just to rank and that derailed my progress.

    Luckily now I know how to make this work by using it normally.
    Thanx for this post I learnt a lot.

    • Strahinja says:

      Yeah, overusing keywords is not working anymore. And it can also cost you your ranks.

      Thank you for leaving the comment.


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