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Oct 03

Maybe it is a better company.

In this Usana supplements review we answer the question what is Usana. It is possible that you have or have not heard about this company. It is another business that uses the MLM business format to sell its products and earn its revenues.

The name Usana comes from a blend of Greek and Latin and means true health. That seems to be the driving factor behind the founder and the company. They want to see true health take place in their clients.

But is the company as good as people claim? That is the question as most MLM companies look good on paper but when you take a closer look, all is not rosy under the surface. We shall see if that is true with Usana.

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A Little Bit About The Company

Roots are important. They let everyone know where you or a business is coming from. For Usana, its roots start with Dr.Myron Wentz who did serve as an infectious disease specialist in laboratories in 3 Peoria area hospitals.


He does seem to have a kowledge of diseases and put that knowledge to constructive work. In 1974 he started Gull Laboratories and 3 years later he had obtained some FDA approvals for his viral diagnositic assays. So far so good.

Yet, despite his achievements, Dr. Wentz sold Gull Laboratories in 1992 and started Usana Health. His motivation for doing so is found in his beliefs that most diseases are caused by poor nutrition.

usana supplements review

In the last 26 years, Dr. Wentz has taken his company from one country to being in about 18 markets worldwide. Usana’s main competitors seem to be Herbalife, Shaklee and GNC among others.


The Pros And Cons Of Usana Cosmetics

Before we get talking about the Usana cosmetic products we should discuss some of the pros and cons that come with the company. The pros look really good.

usana supplements reivew


  1. Higher IU for Vitamin D - their multi-vitamin has 800 per day while the recommended amount is 600.
  2. Customers like them - Usana is usually the winner in the Consumer Lab’s customer satisfaction survey. The company seems to enjoy a good reputation.
  3. Their mega antioxidant is rich in natural ingredients - this is another good thing as you get a lot of natural ingredients to perk up your health.
  4. Solid advisory counsel - by solid we mean that the company enlists the aid of PHDs and MDs who have good published research to stand on.
  5. Energy levels increase - by about 30% so you may get more energy if you follow their 4 and 8 pills a day regime.


  1. High dosages may mean too much of a good thing - that may be the case as you have to take 4 pills a day with the mega vitamin plan.
  2. Missing iron - the multi-mineral plus supplement contains no iron.
  3. High cost- their products are not for the poor. You have to have money to purchase their supplements.
  4. It is an MLM business - they do direct sales and we will get into that later.


The Usana Products

At last count, the company sold about 50 different products in 3 different categories. You have the nutritional category which handles the vitamins, minerals  and anti-oxidants you need.

usana supplements review

Then there is the diet and energy category and in this line are all the protein shakes, meal replacements and energy drinks. Finally, you have the personal care line which stocks the shampoos, skin care products, Usana cosmetics, and so on.

For the nutritional category, you are looking at paying between approx. $20 to $150 depending on the products you want to try. The diet and energy products range a little higher and come between the $24 and 110 dollar scale with multi-packs up to and over $400.

healthy food

The skin care items range from roughly $20 to $80 with some packs getting to over $330. But to meet the demands of commissions and bonuses etc., Usana has to charge more for its products. This is typical for all MLM products.

Their cheapest product line seems to be the logo items that sell between $7 and $17. It is a relief to look at this product line because you know your pocket book will not be hurt if you buy something from its short list.


Also, the company puts out about 3 business tools, maybe for its sales reps, and these are also reasonably priced under $20. What also may make Usana unique is that they have a donate button on its product page. You are given 5 different options where you can contribute to what may be a worthy cause.

We say may be as we do not know if the company sends the money or the products to these outlets. The true health Foundation seems to be looking for a $25 donation in the name of someone you care about. The child’s hunger fund wants the same amount but.

usana supplements review

The money is supposed to go to the area of greatest need but that is ambiguous at best. All the child’s hunger fund says is that is the area your donation is sent and where it goes after that is anyone’s guess.

Another red flag is that the customer service department could not answer a simple question like if the whey used in their products came from grass fed cows. Another red flag is that the ingredients are not all natural or even healthy for you.


A Business Opportunity With Usana

Signing up doesn’t seem to be that difficult. There sign up page starts off with their 7 ways you can make money through selling their product. After you get through that information, you are treated to the usual generic hype and testimonials from workers.

usana supplements review

After the hype and other typical MLM jargon, we could not find a sign up button to take us to an application form. There was a contact button but nothing specific for actual employment as a sales rep.

As of 2018 the company had about 550,000 sales rep and so far we have not found an update to that figure. In reading their website there are no instructions to guide you to sign up or where to do it. The web page does say your success is on you which means you may or may not get any support despite saying they provide it.


We were able to find out that you had to pay $29.95 for the welcome kit and maintain a mandatory $100 a month purchase to remain an active sales rep. You can sign up as an associate and sell the products in your own time. Plus, you have to pay a $20 annual membership fee.

Or you can sign up as a preferred customer and get 10% off. If you buy the auto-purchase plan, you will receive another 10% off your purchase price. So if you sign up preferred customers, you may be competing with them to make any money.


Can You Make Money Through Usana Products?

By now you should be well aware that making any money through an MLM business plan is next to impossible. Usana seems to be no different. One of their rules for earning your first commission is that you have to sign up 5 more people, who buy in a 4 week period to get your first commission.

usana supplements review

If you buy wholesale or retail you still have to pay the taxes on the products you buy. Even with the 7 methods of being paid, you still have some strict requirements to meet in order to earn back what yo already invested.

These strict requirements work against you and do not help you earn any money. 

usana supplements review

The 7 ways to earn money are: 

  • Through your retail sales
  • Weekly commissions
  • Life matching bonus
  • Incentives
  • Leadership bonus
  • Elite bonus
  • Celavive®
  • Product Bonus

While the compensation plan looks good, you still have to purchase products to earn points. You have to earn 100 to 200 points every month or you do not get paid. That is underscored by the company’s own admission that 87% of their sales reps do not earn enough to cover their investment; 67% do not earn any commissions at all.


In fact, the company admits that 72% of all commissions made by sales reps are paid to only 2.31% of all associates. That, in a nutshell, tells you all you need to know about making money at Usana.

On top of that, if you fail to maintain your monthly points, fail to pay your annual fee and so on, the company will turn around and blame you for your failure. They are never at fault.

The company or its reps will say that you just do not have the skills. They will brush aside any negative reviews by saying that these are disgruntled former reps who just couldn’t do the job. Regardless of the fact that the high priced products are hard to sell to anyone.


Is Usana Cosmetics A Scam?

We love reading this section in the different reviews we find during our research. Those who are very pro Usana will fight tooth and nail to defend the company’s honor and blame those who quit as the problem. Then they say the company is not a scam.

usana supplements review

And in the technical and legal sense it is not a scam. You do get a product to sell, there is a chance to make money and some people do reach the top rungs and make a living. Other than that it is a scam through and through.

We say that because the compensation plans, the commission payments and other rewards are all designed to keep the money coming to the company and not to the sales reps. The sales reps are being scammed and the company makes its billion dollar revenue off the backs of those they refuse to pay a decent and legitimate wage.

usana supplements review

The company  may present a non-scam image but it is a scam alright once you look past the superficial image.


There Is A Better Way To Make Money

And it is not a scam. It is a straight forward business opportunity that does not force you to buy products every month, that does not make you recruit to earn money and it   does not have a complicated compensation plan that works against you.

usana supplements review

This legitimate and straight forward business opportunity is called affiliate marketing. There is some hard work involved but you don't have to recruit anyone to make money. Nor do you have to sell to your friends and relatives to earn a commission.

You do have to set up a website and employ some SEO strategies to start drawing an audience, but your audience comes to you. 

All you have to do is write some great content and have the right product affiliate links to make sure they buy through you. You also agree to the commission split with the vendor you are representing. There is no pressure, no high priced products to try and sell.

Most of the time you will never meet your paying customers. The trick is to be good at what you do.


If You Have Questions

About affiliate marketing just ask us. We are ready and willing to answer your questions and get you away from those tricky MLM product plans. Then we will turn you on to one of the best affiliate marketing platforms there is - Wealthy Affiliate.

This company has hundreds of thousands of niches and products you can represent, not just 50. Plus, you get to pick and choose those niches, products as well as the commission split. There is no secret way to sign up either.

affiliate marketing training

Talk to us and we will show you how it is all done. Affiliate marketing is a growing industry that has lots of room for you and you won’t be competing against customers or other sales reps.

Thank you for reading.


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  • Thabo says:

    Thanx for this review. I had never heard of the asana supplements since I use supplements daily for my health.
    I like that they have high amount of vitamin D and this is the reason I think I want to try them as I am looking to up my calcuim and vitamin D as I am vegan.

  • Dan says:

    Great USANA review Strahinja. I know that they are one of the bigger players in the MLM supplement game although I’ve never tried any of their products. It seems that monthly reoccurring fee of $ 100.00 is somewhat popular as I’ve found it with other companies. If you can make your sales it’s not a big deal but if you cant 100 a month can be a lot. Definitely a company I’d like to avoid after hearing this. Thanks so much for the great review!

    • Strahinja says:

      Yeah Dan. Exactly.

      The companies like USANA have this strategy and this gives them a lot of freedom and risk free environment.

      All the risk is on the seller and if they can not make it, they still get their monthly fee.


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