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By Strahinja | Scam

Dec 29

If you are searching for The Traffic Multiplier Review you are at the right place. That is because we examine this Internet offering for you.  These days the Internet seems to be full of people providing you with no gimmicks and inflated claims.

These claims are all done, according to the people making to them, to help you get rich faster than ever. They won’t use those exact words but the same meaning behind their inflated promises is there, as are their implications.

To find out more about Traffic Multiplier just continue to read our article. It is filled with the information you need to understand the true nature behind this supposed website tool.

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Who Created This Internet Tool

The man behind traffic Multiplier is none other than Glynn Kosky. This man started in affiliate marketing back in the 90s and has built a very famous set of businesses that helps him produce a 7 figure income stream.

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He has designed this program to help you earn about $227 per day. But the access to its contents is available for 30 days only. After that you may have to pay a fee to see what he wants you to do.

The Terminology Involved

When new products come out that seem a bit sketchy, you need to watch the terminology closely. They all say nothing but use very intelligent sounding phrases that make you feel a bit out of the loop while get you to think the creators know something you do not.


In the case for Traffic Multiplier, the phrases “unique spin on lead generation” and “cutting edge technologies” are just specific enough to get you to think the creator knows what he is talking about.

They are also just generic enough to confuse anyone who does not know affiliate marketing very well. They don’t really say anything at all. Except that they are making promises that cannot be kept.

the traffic multiplier review

For example one claim is made that you can can get new leads in 60 seconds. That is a bit of an impossibility. Then the next claim is that you do not need a website to generate those leads.

The problem with that statement is that the creator provides plugins that need to be installed on your website. There is a lot of double talk when it comes to the prowess of traffic multiplier.

How Does Traffic Multiplier Work

What this affiliate marketing tool does is help you develop a couple of lists you can use to build up your revenue. The tool also is supposed to teach you how to get more names on those lists so you can market your products to them.

the traffic multiplier review

On top of that, Traffic Multiplier includes some free tools that help you build your page, push notification options as well as respond to e-mails. Then there is a special monetization process this tool puts your visitors through that is supposed to help you earn commissions while your list gets longer and longer.

After that, you have the low cost squeeze page that helps send out ads to your new member lists. This page is designed to get people to buy even though they do not opt in to your program.

the traffic multiplier review

If you become a member of Traffic Multiplier you are treated to some training in this Internet tool. The topics discussed are:

  •     Overview – Essential Viewing
  •     How To Set Up Your Site
  •     How To Create Your Page
  •     How To Create The Additional Pages
  •     How To Set Up The Browser Notifications
  •     How To Set Up The Email Capture
  •     How To Set Up The Facebook Pixel
  •     How To Send The Emails
  •     How To Send Further Notifications
  •     The Strategy
  •     Example In Full

Finally, you can have a seminar with Mr. X. This mystery person is supposed to show you his trade secrets so you can be as successful as he is. There are supposed to be lots of benefits involved in using this program but it is hard to see any real evidence supporting those claims.

Is Traffic Multiplier A Scam

The answer to this question usually depends on the people you talk to. Those who have benefited from this new online tool will deny it is a scam. Those who did not will not call it a good tool to use.


This program is not unique. There are similar ones out there and they all seem to be making the same inflated claims and promises that cannot be realized. Another aspect that causes this program to be seen as a scam is that it does little teaching.

You get little instruction on how to do affiliate marketing correctly. What you get is a lot of talk about the paid tools you can buy to do your work. There are some other reviews out there but what bothers us is that one reviewer will say this is not a scam because there are other reviews out there saying it isn’t a scam.

We tend to disagree there is a better more honest way to do affiliate marketing.

Welcome To The World Of Wealthy Affiliate

One of the aspects that make Wealthy Affiliate standout is that it is a very transparent system. You can always ask people who post their results about their work and the tools they used. You do not need to sign up and pay money to get access to them.

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Also, Wealthy Affiliate works with you. Not only through free training but also through helping you develop the 2 websites that they give you. Traffic Multiplier says its program is free but that is also misleading. It is only free for 30 days then costs you $27 which then leads you to more paid options they want you to take advantage of.

Wealthy Affiliate does not mislead nor pressure you into making more purchases. It is a better way to monetize your affiliate marketing business.

Thank you for reading.


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