Top 15 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is Still Good (In 2020)

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Jul 29
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Affiliate marketing works.

People are still skeptical about affiliate marketing that is why it is important to give them top reasons why affiliate marketing is still good in 2019. In their minds, affiliate marketing is nothing more than an Internet business that scams other people out of money.

They have not been convinced that it is a viable employment option that allows a person to earn a living wage in 2019. These people would be mistaken as affiliate marketing is a very strong employment option even today.

The following reasons demonstrate why that conclusion is not off base.

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15 Reasons To Do Affiliate Marketing In 2019

Switching careers is not an easy thing to do. Very few people like starting over again, but you do not have to entirely switch careers initially to get affiliate marketing working for you.

You can build it up while you are still at your normal regular job. That is a good reason to consider turning to affiliate marketing in 2019. Here are 15 more good reasons:

#1. No More Commuting In Heavy Traffic 

You can say good bye to rush hour traffic and do affiliate marketing from your home. This option cuts your stress down making you an easier person to live with.

top 15 reasons why affiliate marketing is still good in 2019

Plus, you do not have to get dressed up to go to work. Your pajamas and bathrobe will suffice. You can remain comfortable and dress as you please. Also, you will save on gas and car wear and tear expenses while staying home doing your new affiliate marketing job.

This reason alone makes affiliate marketing a very attractive employment alternative. Working from home provides a lot of other benefits as well


#2. There Are Little Upfront Costs

You may have toyed with the idea of starting your own business. Being your own boss appeals to you but once you took a look at the start up costs it may not have seemed like a great idea.

computer with money

Even in 2019, affiliate marketing has few upfront costs and they are not that expensive to handle. You can start your affiliate business under your terms without taking the risks that a normal start up business comes with.

Affiliate marketing is a very safe business to invest in and doesn’t leave you broke after you get started.


#3. You Become Your Own Boss

Even in 2019 being your own boss is on the minds of many employees. They would love to set their own work hours, and keep their schedule flexible so that they can enjoy life more.


This is what affiliate marketing does for you today. It allows you to set the rules of your business, lets you be in control of everything, including your work hours and daily schedule. The freedom you get helps cut your stress and lets you work harder because you are working for yourself.

Being healthier is what makes affiliate marketing in 2019 very viable.


#4. You Get To Choose Your Employees

At your regular employment you have little to no say who is working beside you. Even office jobs give you little input as to who will work on your projects with you.

team work

What makes affiliate marketing credible In 2019 is that you get to select your employees. You can tell the rules they must follow and your judgment alone helps you keep the best workers while letting go of the bad ones.

This flexibility allows you to create a great work atmosphere you wished you had in your old regular job. Having choice makes life a little easier to live and makes work a better place to be.


#5. You Have Lots Of Choice 

Choice is one of the characteristics that make life go round. Without it people would be nothing more than robots. What makes affiliate marketing valid in 2019 is that you get a lots of choice.

sign opportunity

There are lots of different affiliate programs out there that are solid employment opportunities. All you have to do is research them to find the best fit for you. That is a solid reason why affiliate marketing is still an ideal and credible choice to make in 2019.

One good affiliate program to consider is Wealthy Affiliate as they provide you with on the job training so you can earn while you learn.


#6. You Get Regular Monthly Paycheck

Like your regular job, where you get paid every two weeks or once a month, you get a regular paycheck from your affiliate marketing platform.


When your affiliate sales grow in number, your affiliate paycheck grows with it. You earn a commission with every sale and that helps you build a steady and monthly income. Once you get consistent and return customers, your affiliate income will continue to come in each month.

That helps provide you with the security you need and helps you obtain the financial freedom you are looking for.


#7. You Have More Choice

Unlike a regular job where you have no real say in the products you are trying to sell, affiliate marketing gives you the say in which products you will promote.


There are hundreds of thousands of products waiting for you to represent them in your unique way. You have total freedom in which products you want to sell. Plus, you can sell more than one at a time.

This endless supply of products is what helps keep affiliate marketing a credible employment opportunity to pursue. You have ample products to go with to help you build that monthly income and earn yourself some extra money.


#8. You Do Not Have To Compromise Your Standards

This is the thing when it comes to certain regular employment opportunities. Your supervisor or boss wants you to make compromises to your beliefs or ethical standards in order to make more sales.


You feel guilty in doing it and feel less of a person. Affiliate marketing takes that guilt away and lets you remain credible, honest and full of integrity. You pick those products to sell that you believe in and can stand behind.

Also, you do not have to compromise anything as you market those products. You can look yourself in the mirror and feel good about what you are doing.


#9. You Select The Keywords

Marketing products takes a special skill and good strategy. Often in a regular job, you are powerless in selecting those strategies even though you have the skill to do so.

What makes affiliate marketing a viable business in 2019 is that you can use your skills in selecting the right strategies to drive potential customers to your door. One of those strategies is keyword use.

Since you are in charge, you can select the right keyword generator and pick those keywords yourself. You also decide how those keywords will be used. Affiliate marketing lets you use your skills to help your business grow quickly.


#10. Unlimited Niches To Choose From

Niches is the categories in which you find those products you want to promote. It is best to stick to one or two when you get started, but with this resource at your fingertips, you can see why affiliate marketing is a good employment choice in 2019.

market segmentation

You have endless niches to choose from and each niche has thousands of products you can represent. Your business is built your way through your choice of niches. That is a smart way to do business.

The key to making affiliate marketing work for you is to choose those niches you know something about and they fit your personality and preferences.


#11. A Growing Marketplace

If you haven’t seen the numbers yet, then you may be in for a shock. The affiliate market place is growing every day by leaps and bounds. Your regular job cannot boast of the same potential growth even in 2019.  

linked people

But affiliate marketers can. They have seen the numbers and are targeting the millions of people online around the world. As more and more people become connected to the Internet, the potential for sales continue to grow.

That fact continues to support the use of affiliate marketing in this modern age. Nothing brings credibility to an industry like a growing marketplace that is outgrowing the supply of salesmen to help them find the products they need.


#12. Build A Loyal Following

Not many regular employment opportunities can boast that they have a loyal following. They like returning customers but in today’s world loyalty is only as good as the next sales price.


If your competitor undercuts your pricing, do not expect any loyalty from your valuable customers. They want to save money. That is why affiliate marketing is still valuable today. Your content helps build loyal customers who do not run away at the sight of a cheaper price.

They look to you to give them the news they need and the solutions to their problems.That helps you build loyalty even when you can’t match a competitor’s lower cost.


#13. Competing Can Be Fun

Since 2019 began the competitive spirit has not diminished nor gone away. You may not get the opportunity to compete with competitors at your regular job but with affiliate marketing you are the boss.


You can experiment with ads, check to see what your competitors are doing, make strategy changes and so on. All to remain competitive and beat your competitors at their own game.

This aspect of the business is still very modern and it can be a lot of fun doing. The key here though is not to go too far and stay away from making promises you can’t keep.


#14. It Is A Creative And Innovative Business

The nature of affiliate marketing fits right in with the demand for thinking outside the box and pushing the envelope. You get to be creative and innovative in your marketing campaigns.


Plus, you can use those SEO and other strategies that appeal to a wider audience while still producing top content that is valuable to your website’s visitors. Having the freedom to explore your creative talents is one of the elements that keep affiliate marketing a viable 2019 employment alternative.

All you have to do to retain your visitors and find new ones is to remain honest and tell the truth all the time. Lies kill a business faster than anything, even in 2019.


#15. Its A Very Flexible Business

That is another important characteristic any business needs to have if they want to survive. Even in 2019, being flexible is a key ingredient to making top money consistently.

fair business

Affiliate marketing provides you with that flexibility as you can market your products through different website formats. Plus, you can keep up with the every changing interests of your audience with a variety of good strategies.

Helping people save money or find the right information that solve their problems is one way of using flexibility to its fullest potential. Business is not easy to do but if you remain flexible then you have a good chance for success.


Wealthy Affiliate Is 2019

If you are not sure which affiliate platform you want to sign up with, then you should consider turning to Wealthy Affiliate. Its modern programs and support system are second to none.

That is what makes them valuable and a good affiliate platform in 2019. There are low upfront costs, free trial, excellent training and education plus you get access to millions of products and niches, all of which pay a reasonable to high commission.

Wealthy Affilaite Training

All of that demonstrates why affiliate marketing is still good in 2019. If you need more information, just contact us and we will be glad to answer all your questions and help you get started in a business that is good for 2019 and many years beyond.

It doesn’t hurt to do a little research to make sure Wealthy Affiliate is right for you.

Thank you for reading. Let me know in the comments below what are your thoughts on affiliate marketing.


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Hi there. I'm just a regular guy that worked many different jobs before finding out about affiliate marketing. Decided to give it a try, followed the instructions, worked hard and started making money online. Here to help you achieve same thing. Working from home is possible if you have the proper training and people.

  • Nate says:

    This is an awesome and very accurate list. My top two on this list is the cost to get started the flexibility. Where can you find a brick and mortar business with such low startup and the potential to earn so much. It is unbelievable what an affiliate business can do for us.

    The flexibility to work from anywhere is so appealing. As I write this comment I am traveling in South East Asia and still able to maintain a thriving affiliate business.

    Thanks for sharing some very true and motivating reasons.

    • Strahinja says:

      Hey Nate. Thank you for the comment.

      I am glad you enjoyed my article. That is one the main joys of having your own affiliate marketing business. The freedom to be anywhere and still make money and work on your projects.

      I appreciate it.


  • Mohammad says:

    This is an amazing list, to be honest! I want to reach the point to be my own boss, then I would not live like a slave working 8/24/5 days a week.

    Being flexible to work from anywhere is so appealing and great and that means we can have a good social life as well as having a good income to live our life happily.

  • David Palla says:

    This a very good article, after reading the reasons for the relevance of affiliate marketing in 2019, I’m really glad I’m in here. Thanks for the informative article. I think Wealthy Affiliate is a fantastic place to be, the training is top-notch and the community so supportive.
    Thanks for this insightful post

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you David.

      Affiliate marketing is still very good option for making money online, even today.

      Of course it takes more work than it was 10 years ago but it is still very rewarding.


  • Dr. SD says:

    Being a full-time affiliate marketer I fully support all the points you mentioned throughout this article. In fact, I was a fulltime scientific researcher in the past, but due to certain reasons I started to losing love for my company (not for my job), and that was the time when I initiated affiliate marketing, but as a part-time.

    With time I continued to build up my online business and after a certain break, I discovered the revenue was even more than my full-time job. I decided to shift myself and finally became a fulltime affiliate marketer.

    I deeply support all the 15 points you mentioned here about affiliate marketing, especially the point, “Being your own boss”, while earning an enormous revenue. But you need to move through a proper learning curve to get such a success.

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you so much SD for taking the time the comment.

      I am very glad you found my article useful. Keep in touch.

      Have a nice day.


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