Top 11 Mistakes Many New Affiliate Marketers Make (In 2020)

By Strahinja | Recommended

Aug 11
top 11 mistakes many new affiliate marketers make

"To err is human".

That is why we are publishing a list of top 11 mistakes many new affiliate marketers make. A little help in becoming successful never hurts and this help lets you avoid those key mistakes that doom many affiliate marketing business.

Let’s be clear, you will make mistakes but the biggest one most rookie affiliate marketers make is that they never learn from it. Learning from your mistakes and the ones others make is a smart strategy to use.

It is one way of becoming successful at your new career and make that extra income you need. To help keep you on the path to success at affiliate marketing, all you have to do is continue to read this article and learn from its advice.

Avoid those costly mistakes so you can enjoy your new career and be a success.

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Top 11 Mistakes Many New Affiliate Marketers Make


#1. Promoting Too Many Products

Too often rookie affiliate marketers let the dollar signs in their eyes influence their judgment. When they do this, they tend to sign up to represent too many products.

top 11 mistakes many new affiliate marketers make

While eventually this is a good thing to do, initially this is a big mistake. The reason it is a mistake is that you may not know much about the products you are representing and it will show.

Your readers will see that you do not know anything about the products you want to represent. When they do, they will move on to your competitor who does know their products backwards and forwards.

You need to learn about the products you are representing in order to create great content. Without that knowledge your content will be superficial at best and drive your traffic away. Learn all about your product so you can present valuable information to your readers.


#2. Failing To Test Those Products

One of the things that can ruin you and your credibility is your failure to test those products you are representing. Not only that, you should compare your products with competing ones so you know how good yours really are.

top 11 mistakes many new affiliate marketers make

Failing to do those two things means you will miss out on some key data that would help you write your content. Your readers are not dumb and they will see this lack and move on.

If you are a user of the product, you can give first hand information to your readers. Plus, you should be able to answer all their questions truthfully. That helps build your credibility than trying to fake answers.

If you fail to build trust in your readers towards you and your products, then you will not be as successful as you would like. Don’t make this mistake but build your credibility by using the products you want to promote.


#3. Pick The Wrong Niche

This happens a lot, especially when dollar signs are influencing your decisions.  If you pick a niche that is not interesting to you, you cannot build interest in that niche in your readers.

market segmentation

To write better material you need to pick a niche that you have an interest in. That interest helps motivate you to find more information and writing great content. Your readers will pick up on your attitude and soon begin to build an interest in that niche.

But it all begins with you. Without an interesting niche to work within, you will not be able to write great material and be seen as an expert to your readers. Instead, your content will come off as flat, boring and valueless.

There are hundreds of thousands of niches to choose from. Don’t pick one just because a friend is using it.


#4. Going For Quantity Over Quality

It cannot be stressed enough. Content is king and when you decide to go for quantity over quality, you are making a big mistake in your affiliate business.  Saying the same thing over and over, or being superficial gets boring and uninteresting to your readers.

top 11 mistakes many new affiliate marketers make

They will soon realize that you are not providing them with top quality information, but simply writing to hear your own voice say something. Once that happens expect a drop in your visitor tally and see a lot of potential customers go over to another site that gives them what they are looking for.

You want quality over quantity. Some people say publishing top quality once or twice a week is enough. Others say only do it once or twice a month. You need to decide the frequency of your posts but always make them quality articles so people will trust you and your opinion.


#5. Act Like A Know It All

This is an attitude that is common among rookie affiliate marketers. They think they know the business backwards and forwards without every having been in the business.

top 11 mistakes many new affiliate marketers make

What this mistake does is prevent you from learning new things or being flexible enough to create new content and use new strategies. It also prevents you from seeing that times and rules change.

What worked 10 years ago or even 5 years ago may not work today. You have to go into affiliate marketing ready to learn and make the correct moves when old strategies are not working anymore.

Acting like a know it all keeps you from being able to adapt when you need to adapt. Also, do not be afraid to ask questions when you do not understand a new strategy, etc. Be ready to learn and use good judgment. Successful affiliate marketers are always learners.


#6. They Don’t Spend Any Money

One of the key principles of business is that you have to spend money to make money. While you can take advantage of free offers and free tools, those will not always help you get the revenue you are looking for.

wallet cash

One of the key mistakes many rookie affiliate marketers make is that they fail to spend the right amount of money on the right tools. These tools may cost a little bit, but their purpose is to help you.

Failing to spend a little on tools designed to make you look good and successful is a mistake you cannot afford to make. You have to spend some money in order to make a lot of money.

These valuablle tools start with good SEO strategies, keyword generators, and go up from there. The only problem is that what works today may not work half a year from now. You need to be business wise.


#7. Rookie Affiliates Simply Copy Others

We have seen those websites. The content is exatly the same as another website we have come across in our research. You can’t be lazy and expect to be successful. Success takes a lot of hard work and innovation.

top 11 mistakes many new affiliate marketers make

That means you need to stop following the crowd and use your own judgment to make your own path to success. Find little aspects about your products that are a benefit if people only look a little harder.

Point these things out to your readers so they can see those benefits. All copying and pasting does for you is demonstrate that you are not willing to put the work in you need to do to become a success.

Also, add your story about why you are getting invloved with a particular product. You never know what will look good to your readers and the personal touch, makes a big impact.


#8. Falling To Temptation Or Distractions

This is a big mistake many rookie affiliate marketers make. They think that once they do not have to go into the office they can work harder, better and smarter than ever before.

top 11 mistakes many new affiliate marketers make

It doesn’t always work that way. Working at home provides lots of distractions that take your attention and concentration away from your work. It takes a lot of dedication and will power to resist reading emails, facebook, etc., when you are supposed to be working.

Failing to focus on your work is one way rookie affiliates lose their affiliate business and their readers. To help you prevent falling to this error, make a list of rules you need to follow when it is time to work.

Some people do not eat, watch videos, read, let the dog out and so on. Following good rules ensures that you can avoid making this big mistake.


#9. Being Afraid To Fail

This mistake can lead you to make a lot of bad decisions or judgement calls. One of the first things you have to learn is that it is okay to fail. Marketing to people online is not easy and it takes a lot of knowledge and expertise to do it right.

top 11 mistakes many new affiliate marketers make

That knowledge and expertise comes from failing at different strategies, promotions and so on. Good affiliate marketing is done by trial and error. That is because that while there are millions of people onine, they all do not respond the same way to the same ads, promotions or strategies.

It takes time to find those money making strategies that work. Once you do, you should be able to use them for a variety of products and for years to come. Also, even if you do fail at promoting one product, there are hundreds of thousands more you can try untill you get the business right.


#10. Listening To The Wrong People

This includes listening to those experts who want to sell you their book that tells you the secrets to becoming a millonaire for $5 or $10. The secret those books are selling is that the guru is making his millions selling you something that does not exist.

There are no magic formulas to follow for online success. Your success depends on you, your personality and a few other factors. One of those factors is listening to the right people who treat affiliate marketing like it is, a business.

Do You Want To Learn Affiliate Marketing From The Experts?

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When you listen to the people who have the experience, the knowledge and have made their share of mistakes, then you know you are getting the right information to help you. Unfortunately, even good friends who have never tried affiliate marketing cannot help you a lot.

Use your gut instincts to help guide you to the right people who have the right knowledge you can use.


#11. They Write For Search Engines

This is only good when you need to implement the right SEO strategies to help keep you visible. The bad news involved in writing for search engines is that they are not people and they are not going to be what buys those products you are representing.

unsatisfied girl

You need to do some of your writing to help you get ranked and visible but that is not who you are really writing for. You are writing for humans who have actual wallets and bank accounts. These are the people who will buy your products if you write for them.

If your human audience is satisfied with your products and your content, as well as your website speed, etc., then they will tell their friends and family about you. Search engines cannot and do not use word of mouth advertising. They will not spread the word about your content and so on.

Make sure you write for your human audience and provide top shelf content while doing it.


Honorable mention


Failing To Have A Business Plan

You won’t be able to get where you are going without knowing how you will get there. A good business plan helps you utilize all the different strategies while letting you remain flexible enough to adapt to ever changing rules.


Using a good business plan requires patience as you will not get rich over night. But it will help you avoid the mistakes listed above.


Some Final Words

If you have any questions about what mistakes to avoid, feel free to ask us. We will help you get the right answer to your questions so you can be a success at affiliate marketing.


Asking questions is a key way to learn how to do the right business moves while avoiding fatal affiliate marketing mistakes.

Thank you for reading.

Which one of these mistakes you made when you were starting?


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  • Hershy says:

    Great article! Everything that was written is true.. I will keep everything in mind while working on my site

  • Michael says:

    I admit I sometimes make some of these mistakes. It’s good to know that mistaks are inevitable, I just have to learn from them and keep improving.
    Thank you for this great post and tips.

    • Strahinja says:

      Everyone makes mistakes.

      That is why its always good to read new materials and follow trends in order to lower the mistakes to minumum.

      Thank you for the comment.


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