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May 11

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Programs

By Strahinja | Recommended , Tips

top 10 affiliate marketing programs

You seen all the information, studied the reviews and now you want to open up your own affiliate marketing business. After seeing the statistics, the ease of doing business, it makes sense to you as this may be the business outlet that fits your lifestyle.

Affiliate marketing is the business you have been looking for. Now the key question that troubles you is which affiliate marketplace should you sign up with. We can be of some help here as we are listing the top 10 affiliate marketing programs available today.

Our reviews should provide you with the information you need to make the right choice for you. We may be a bit biased as we like the Wealthy Affiliate program the best and it does come in at number one on our list.

It pays to go with the best affiliate program as that way you spare yourself a lot of problems.

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May 01

How To Be Successful At Affiliate Marketing?

By Strahinja | Recommended , Tips

how to be successful at affiliate marketing

You have picked an affiliate program and now you want to know how to be successful at affiliate marketing. It isn’t too hard to find your niche and if you work at it, you will become become successful.

There are some key strategies, tips and pointers that can help you climb the ladder to affiliate success. All you have to do is learn which ones will work for you and which ones will not.

What follows is a list of tips, strategies and pointers on how to be successful at affiliate marketing. Take your time and think through to make sure you can find those clues that will keep you from missing the path to affiliate success.

Article Summary

In this article we are going to share the most useful and  important tips and strategies that will help you become more successful at affiliate marketing and generate more leads, sales and income.

If you want to skip reading and start with affiliate marketing right now, check the best online affiliate marketing course by clicking on the button below.

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Apr 25

Top 11 Reasons to Become Affiliate Marketer

By Strahinja | Tips

top 11 reasons to become affiliate marketer

If you want to make real money online - affiliate marketing is the deal. This is one the best ways of making money online today. Although it takes time before you earn the cash you desire through your hard work, you will eventually get there. 

This is where you partner up with companies that want their products or services to be known by many people so that they can sell or offer a good number of them to get profit as a business.

Here you make money by getting a commission from all the services and products that you have referred a person to that business and has bought the product or gotten the service.

To become good at affiliate marketing there are strategies that you will have to put in place so that you become successful.

Article Summary

Points & Facts: Affiliate marketing is the best and proven way to make money online. It takes a couple of months before you receive your first paycheck, but anyone with basic computer knowledge can do it.

Positives: Low investment, work from home job, unlimited potential and markets, unlimited potential income, your own work schedule, you pick who you promote.

Negatives: It may be a little overwhelming at the very beginning.

Best way to start: There is one community that helped over 1.5 million people make money online. Their step-by-step course is FREE to try and I recommend checking it out if you are interested in affiliate marketing.

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what is link building for seo
Apr 10

What Is Link Building For SEO?

By Strahinja | Tips

Link building for SEO is the technique used to connect another website to your own or another particular website. It requires the use of hyperlinks which are known to navigate among pages on the Internet. 

This has therefore grown to be one of the major ways the Search Optimization Engine uses to determine the ranking of the sites according to their keywords. It would be true to conclude that the more links you build, the higher rankings it earns. 

Natural link building and black hat SEO are some of the methods or ways sites and business are using to build links. Black hat SEO remains to be the simplest and fastest way of building links for sites and businesses.

search engine

This is because black hat SEO links can easily be acquired through a series of manipulative tactics but has seen many sites and business banned from the search results. Do not go for this way, you will regret it.

Natural link building, on the other hand, is termed to be very difficult and time-consuming. Sites and businesses are however urged to engage in natural link building for higher organic rankings without the violation of Google guidelines.

You will find some of the highly encouraged strategies used to build natural links below.

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Apr 06

Top 15 Tips Every Affiliate Marketer Should Know

By Strahinja | Tips

top 15 tips every affiliate marketer should know

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we can all get a great source of income from the Internet? The Internet has made many types of online business extremely possible when the opportunities didn’t exist before, and because the Internet is worldwide and touches nearly every single country it's become increasingly easy to find customers in places it was virtually impossible to do so quickly.

Examples of online businesses are freelancing where people can sell their skills off, or they can open up a virtual store on either Amazon or on eBay, and sell products. But in this article we shall look into affiliate marketing, and what every affiliate marketer should know.

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Mar 31

How To Become An Affiliate Marketer

By Strahinja | Tips

how to become an affiliate marketer

Hi there. In this post you are going to learn how to become an affiliate marketer and what are the biggest benefits of becoming one.

What motivates most people to become affiliate marketers is the possibility to make money by working from their computer. Whether you would like to make some extra money or stable and big income, you can do that with affiliate marketing.

Becoming affiliate marketer is easy and there is proven path how to do that. If you follow simple four steps I am going to share with you here, you are going to start in no time. 

But before going any further we need to understand what exactly affiliate marketing is and how does it work.

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Mar 24

How To Become Amazon Affiliate?

By Strahinja | News , Tips , Tools

How to become an Amazon affiliate is a question asked by many people. Amazon associates commonly known as Amazon affiliate platform is a marketing program. 

Bloggers and website owners do not have to pay for any fee to become amazon associates. All they need to do is create some links on their sites to market or advertise products found on

Once you get a client who would love to buy any of the products that you have advertised and he or she clicks on your link, then you will referral fee for every purchase a customer makes.

Do You Want To Learn More About Affiliate Marketing?

I recommend a community that helped me create this website and taught me everything about making money online.

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Mar 11

Top 11 Keyword Research Tools

By Strahinja | Tips , Tools

top 11 keyword research tools

The following article provides you with the top 11 keyword research tools. These tools will help you find the right keywords to drive traffic to your website.

The Top 11 Keyword Research Tools

#1. Jaaxy

top 11 keyword research tools

This top keyword research tool comes with a resource of billions of keywords and their variations. They brag that they list 500 million new keyword terms every day. You can easily find a set of good keywords or keyword phrases to use within seconds.

Jaaxy also gets you access to the millions of niches on the Internet and even those with little competition. Their Brainstorm, Alphabet Soup and Affiliate Search formats provide you with insights to the different active niches whether they be old or new.

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What makes Jaaxy so good is its keyword features. These features provide you with keyword ideas in case you haven’t already thought of them yet. Plus, the research tool provides good data on each keyword. That data includes search volume and potential traffic numbers you can crunch.

top 11 keyword research tools

But what makes Jaaxy stand out is its QSR feature. QSR or Quoted Search Result provides you with information on all the other websites trying to use the same keyword to boost their traffic and SEO ranking.

The lower the QSR number the better chance you have of using it to boost your ranking to the top spot. That is good information to know and use when you build your keyword terms or phrases.

Also, Jaaxy gives you complete coverage of Yahoo, Bing and Google search engines. These search engines have about 99.7 percent of all keyword searches.

You can read all about Jaaxy at their website.

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Feb 25

How To Monetize Your Website Content

By Strahinja | Tips

how to monetize your website content

If you’re wondering how to monetize your website content, we have the answers. Whether you just want your site to profit enough to cover its own domain hosting, or you’re looking to see a substantial income, there are several ways to do it.

In this article we’ll discuss the most popular ways of monetizing your website, and the less common ways.

Some of these take a lot more work than others, so it is important to know how much time you realistically have to dedicate to the method you choose.

Also, be sure to take into consideration how well a particular method will fit in with your website and your targeted viewers.

Learn How This Blog Brings Me 4-Figure Income/Month

Check the steps I took to make this website my own source of passive income.

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Feb 18

What Is Affiliate Marketing Niche?

By Strahinja | Tips

what is affiliate marketing niche

With the digital world, everything is done online including learning, shopping and even interacting with people. People have also invented several ways of making money online one of them being affiliate marketing. The popularity of this kind of business has many people asking what exactly is an affiliate marketing niche?

The simplest definition to this is that affiliate marketing is simply a partnership between an individual and a business where the individual earns commission from promoting the products of the business.

A blogger becomes an affiliate marketer to a given company by placing a link on his blog posts about the business which directs the reader to the products or services of the company. If the reader visits the company's page and ends up buying the product, then the business owner pays a given percentage to the blogger in form of a commission.

You Can Start For Free Today!

If you want to learn more about making money online and affiliate marketing check Wealthy Affiliate.

Joining in is free and you will receive a free 10 lesson course + 2 free hosted websites.

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