What Is Telecom Plus?

By Strahinja | Not Recommended

Sep 28

It seems to have star power.

While the company does not advertise much, when it does, it uses some top British stars to get the word out about this British energy company. You probably haven’t heard of the stars as they are famous in Britain and surrounding countries.

Never the less, they have attracted some customers to Telecom’s all in one utility and broadband billing system. You may know this company by its other name Utility Warehouse. But does a rose still smell as sweet if it was called by another name?

Keep reading to find out.

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A Little Utility Warehouse History

We will focus on utility Warehouse’s history as that seems to be the arm of Telecom Plus that uses the MLM business plan to get its customers. The company was started by Telecom Plus to handle all of the parent company’s residential clients or customers.

what is telecom plus

Over the years Utility Warehouse did some wheeling and dealing with power and a couple of subsidiaries were sold back and forth. When these two companies returned to the Utility Warehouse fold, the company itself became one of the larger energy suppliers in Britain.

One thing about Utility Warehouse, it did not build a company from scratch starting with a few customers and then letting their unique business strategies build the company. Initially , it bought about 750,000 customers from a competitor ad then went down to 600,000 customers.


Also, the company uses word of mouth to try and gain a larger market share. It does little to no advertising except to use some stars as the face of the company. They do use 40,000 independent distributors to help with the word of mouth advertising strategy.

What makes them unique is that they put all of their products on 1 bill.


What Are The Utility Warehouse Products?

For the most part, Utility Warehouse provides electricity, gas as well as broadband and mobile phone services. The company places all four charges on 1 bill and claims you can save a lot of money meeting your energy needs through this method.

what is telecom plus

To do this they have constructed a customer service office that seems to have won a few awards for their top quality efforts. They have reach almost 75% in customer approval through their bill accuracy, bill clarity, handling complaints, money value and a lot more.

Their focus on customer service seems to pay off but again, their MLM business plan can ruin a very good thing. To add to their top quality service, the company provides some cash back rewards if you shop at selected and approved retailers.

what is telecom plus

Probably their biggest fault is that they hold their discounts as hostage. By that we mean that you need to sign up for quite a few services to receive those discounts. You can’t save any money if you only  select one of their products and stay with that one.

Can you save money using Utility Warehouse? Not if you make a comparison with the other energy companies that operate in Britain. The company came 7th out 30 in a recent poll and one newspaper reported that their prices were average not great.


Signing Up With Utility Warehouse

This is where it all begins with utility Warehouse and if you want to make any money selling their product bundles.  The company does little to no advertising and to get access to the company or sign up as a distributor you need to go through one of the 40,000 sales reps marketing their product lines.


To be a salesman for the company, you need to pay anywhere between 100 BP to 200 BP. According to one distributor the fee is to cover the training you are supposed to get once you have signed up. You also get to use a maintained website to help you sell.

If you become a customer of Utility Warehouse, then that fee is reduced to 50 BP. There are two different sign up methods and if you choose the customer avenue, you have several steps to complete before you are connected to the company.

sales associate

There are a lot of forms to fill out and you get a chance to use a company tablet or your own. Make sure you record your Utility Warehouse membership number as you will need it later on in your sign up process.

Signing up as a distributor only is slightly different but you still need to fill out an application form and get an executive ID number. You do have to complete some mandatory training and there are several outlets where you can do this at. The website will direct you to those options.

One plus with signing up as a distributor is that you get an id card with your picture on it. You need to supply the photo. In addition, you can order your business cards through the company. At what cost we do not know as that figure was not given to us at the time.

what is telecom plus

Once you complete the process, you are a customer and a distributor or just a distributor. The company leaves that choice to you. There are some rewards that come with signing up and one is the cashback program. But you may have to spend a lot of at approved retailers to get that return.

One thing about the cashback system is that you are tied to specific retailers. If another one outside of the program is offering a better price, you can’t take advantage of the sales price if you want to get some money back.


Can You Make Money Selling For Utility Warehouse?

Do you want us to be upfront and honest with you? We will do it anyways and the answer is no you can’t. Like any MLM corporation there is always one or two exceptions to the rule but the majority of the 40,000 distributors do not make money.

what is telecom plus

In fact, in one revenue sharing option, distributors received about 500 BP in one year. That works out to about less than 10 BP a week. After you get that award, you have to take out taxes, pay for your time and the joining fee. You are an independent business person so you have to pay your own taxes.

Oh, and, not every distributor of that 40,000 received the 500 BP revenue sharing bonus. Most did not which will tell you how much money you will make if you sign up and try to sell their products.


While the company operates only in the UK, you still have about 40,000 people to compete with. You may not be able to recruit enough people to help you earn more money. That is another thing about this company.

To make money you need to recruit more people. That is the MLM way. Recruiting is always the foundation to the many claims that you can make life changing income by signing up and selling their products.

what is telecom plus

The problem is that there are not enough people in the UK or in the world for every person in that 40,000 strong sales force to recruit enough people who have more people to sell to in order to make any money.

Also, if one of your customers decides to switch from Utility Warehouse to another company or not pay their first bill, you will lose your customer sign up bonus. It is a very stressful way to make money as you rely on customers to remain with the company and continue to pay their bills.


Is Utility Warehouse A Scam?

This question probably will be asked in every review we do about an MLM company. Of course it is a scam but not in the way you think. The company does provide the products it says it sells. It does provide the products at the price they claim to sell them at.

what is telecom plus

So legally, the whole process is not a scam. However, if you believe all the negative reviews that pop up, and we do not, you may come to the conclusion that there is some scamming going on.

While the company has great customer service and they seem to take care of problems quickly, there is some suspicion that some underhanded activity continue as customers see their next bill or monitor the KW estimates the company makes.


Then when you factor in the MLM payment scheme and its complicated compensation plan, you may come to the conclusion that some scamming is going on but only towards the Utility Warehouse distributors.

If it isn’t scamming them, their payment structure is certainly unfair and dishonest. Unfair that each distributor does not get the same amount for doing the same type of work and dishonest because any revenue sharing is done to reward a few and not everyone in the sales force.

what is telecom plus

No matter how good a company can be, once they switch to an MLM compensation strategy then you know the company is getting a bit greedy and does not care about its workers or its customers.

That is where the scam idea comes into play. MLM companies like Utility Warehouse use the rules to their advantage and make sure their bank accounts get larger while their sales people barely, if they are lucky, make enough to pay any bills.


There Is A Better Way

We have said this before, and it still is true. We are not talking about working a second traditional job to make ends meet. MLM income claims are very tempting and very hard to turn down yet you need to if you want to save your relationships with family and friends.

what is telecom plus

One way to make extra money to meet your financial needs and save those treasured friendships is to find a good method to legitimately earn the money you need. That way is affiliate marketing.

While you still have to work hard, be trained and learn a few good SEO strategies, you can make the extra money you need without sending money upstairs to superiors. Because affiliate marketing comes with fixed commissions that you agree to, you can earn a good chunk of money through the sale of products you represent.

affiliate program

The good thing is you select those products and you are not limited to selling in just one country. Your marketplace is the whole world. And with more and more people getting connected, your target audience is growing.

This may sound too good to be true but affiliate marketing does take a lot of hard work and the creation of good solid content that moves people to buy the products you represent. Nothing happens overnight so you will need to be patient and correct any mistakes you make.

what is affiliate marketing website

If you do make rookie mistakes, you will have a great support system to help you overcome them and help you get back on track to being a success. You also get the education and training you need to make it in affiliate marketing. You are not left alone.


How To Start In Affiliate Marketing?

That is one reason why we are here. We know you need to make extra money and we can help you achieve that goal. All you have to do is ask us your questions about affiliate marketing. We are glad to help you get the answers you need to see if this growing industry is for you.

affiliate marketing training

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There are no complicated compensation plans to worry about. You make a sale, you get paid. Plus, you do not have to recruit anyone to make better money. The only person you need to rely on is yourself.

Contact us now so you can get started on your new affiliate marketing career as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading.


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  • Christian says:

    Thanks for the review! I have not seen this program discussed previously but now I will know to avoid it.

  • Cathy says:

    Fantastic review! I will definitely avoid Utility Warehouse. It sounds like Wealthy Affiliate, is indeed the better and safer route. Thanks for sharing!

  • Enrique says:

    Hi, Strahinja,

    I had never heard about this energy company, but it reminds me of Reliant Energy in the U.S. In theory, the power industry is not a monopoly here as there are several power companies, but most people are Reliant customers. Good or bad, I’ve been with them for years and I don’t think I’ll switch anytime soon.

    Back to Telecom Plus, it’s very unfortunate that they manage an MLM compensation plan. I’ve always hated those and tried to stay away from them as much as possible. They may not all be a scam, but those processes are complicated and it’s not easy to recruit people. Besides, many people are reluctant to join this kind of companies and for good reason.

    With Internet and the new technologies, people are starting to realize that money can be made online. Affiliate marketing is legit, but like you said, it takes time.

    Thank you for writing this up. Hope to read from you soon.

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for the comment Enrique.

      Yeah, Telecom Plus is indeed using the MLM business model. And for one obvious reason. This type of business allows to company to be risk free + earn money of the memberships. Of course, each time a member is recruited a new one, their profits starts to really grow. Meanwhile a regular worker and seller is ofren in debts if he can not make enough sales.


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