How To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing

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Oct 18
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Almost everyone wants to succeed.

No matter what they do, people want to succeed. They want to be good, the best or as close to the best as they can get. This holds true for sports, music, politics and a lot more activities including affiliate marketing.

To get to be a success, you need to work hard, be honest, play fair and use a few other characteristics to help you make it past the challenges that lie in wait to derail your quest.

how to succeed in affiliate marketing

One way to succeed in affiliate marketing, on top of the ones already listed, is to use the right strategies. These strategies are not created because people had nothing better to do with their time. They were created because they work and help put you on the road to affiliate marketing success.

To help you succeed at affiliate marketing we have put together the following strategies for you to tap into. These are proven strategies that help you avoid failure and get the most out of your time and effort.

Spend a few minutes to read through the different strategies and see where you can make some upgrades to your affiliate marketing business.


Top Affiliate Marketing Strategies

#1. Not Too Many At Once

This is one of the major reasons why many people do not succeed at affiliate marketing. They pick too many niches to represent at one time. Rome was not built in a day nor all at once.

find you customer

It was built over years of hard work and one building at a time. You need to pick one or two niches and build your success with those first before adding more to your portfolio.

Once you have a good business foundation, you can add more niches. The key is to know your limits, have patience and pick the right niches to work within.

#2. You Need To Know Who You Are Selling To

In other words, you need to know your audience. This means you have to pick who your target audience is. These are the people you want to purchase those products you represent in those couple of niches you have picked out.

market segmentation

Also, the products you pick should be in line with the needs of your target audience. If you are targeting sports minded people, you do not want to have ads talking about cleaning supplies.

Then those products you represent need to help your audience solve their problems. Keep your content relevant to your target audience.

#3. Pick The Right Affiliate Marketplace To Use

That is how we became a success in our affiliate marketing ventures. We picked Wealthy Affiliate because it is the best platform out there. It offers top training, ongoing education, great support and a lot of other tools you need to be a success.

They help you with all the details of affiliate marketing because they have been there already and done that. Picking the right affiliate market place, like Wealth Affiliate, helps protect you from any bad vendors who try to slip through the cracks and use you for free.

affiliate marketing training

Plus, they have hundreds of thousands of niches, products and great commission splits for you to choose from. Having choice is a good thing as that allows you to make mistakes and recover by choosing another niche and product line to help sell.

#4. Choose The Right Product

Not only do you need a good niche to work with, and know your target audience, you also need to pick the right products. If you pick something you know nothing about, then your content will not be as good and your audience may move on to your competitors’ websites who do know all about their products.


As you select those products, you need to make sure you can become the go to source for those items. This includes providing the right recommendations that lead your audience to the best products available.

When you know the product you can write better content about it and point out the pros and cons with confidence. Once your audience sees that you know what you are talking about, they will take you at your word and make a purchase.

3 keys to follow here. One, know what products your audience needs, two, keep the products within their budget, and three, recommend products that brings solutions to your audience needs

#5. Good Content Is Key

This is a must have if you want to be a success at affiliate marketing. In the old days all you had to do was keyword stuff and you had some modicum of success. Nowadays search engines have gotten smart and changed their criteria.


One of those changes was that search engines began to look at content. If you keyword stuffed, then your website began to be overlooked and ranked low. Great content helps you get the best rankings.

It also helps you keep your audience and they can see you know what you are talking about. This builds confidence in your opinions and recommendations. And it helps your audience make the decision to purchase those products you represent.

If you can’t write good content, you may need to hire a good writer to help you get the job done. Getting a little help is not wrong.

#6. Diversify

In other words, do not just stick with one merchant who has several products they want to sell. Find a variety of merchants who have good products in your niche and represent them as well. This opens up your income stream and protects you in case one merchant is a little slow in sending your commission payment.

how to succeed in affiliate marketing

Protecting yourself from these pitfalls is important. If you run out of money it is hard to market your products or get good content to convince your audience. Also, if some products are just slow sellers, you have built-in protection with other products that may sell quickly.

Maintaining your income stream is is vital to your success. You can always switch out products if you find some that are not quick sellers. You are not locked into representing that one alone.

#7. Be Flexible

One of the problems with the internet is that it is ever changing. A strategy that worked for 6 months may not work in the 7 and on going months. The Internet and search engines are finicky and constantly change requirements, criteria and other important issues related to affiliate marketing.


You need to be ready to make changes to meet these new requirements and stay on top of the game. That means you need to be flexible, and willing to change strategies so you do not get left behind in the affiliate marketing business.

To do all of this, you also need to be willing to continue learning and adding strategies or replacing out of date ones. This business is not a get rich quick adventure. It takes a lot of hard work to be a success and this is just one facet of that hard work.

#8. Use The Right Keywords

While keywords are not as important as they once were, they are still a vital part of your affiliate business. These little keywords or phrases help bring traffic to your website.

how to succeed in affiliate marketing

Your audience is typing in these words to see what pops up on their results page. They mis-spell those words or capitalize them or do other weird letter combinations but no matter how they do it, you need to be prepared.

Using a good keywords generator will save you a lot of time and bring to your affiliate business the right ones you need to be using. These generators may cost you a monthly fee to use but that is money that is well spent.

These keyword generators help you track the ones your competitors use and more. To be a success in this business you need to implement the right tools in order to get the right amount of traffic beating a path to your new website.

#9. Target Mobile Phones

This little electronic device is playing a large role in their owners online search habits. People are more mobile these days and are not locked up at a PC anymore. As mobile phones become better technologically, their users use them for the Internet.

mobile friendly

What that means is that you have to have your affiliate marketing websites mobile phone ready. These phones do not use the same settings as laptops, tablets and PCs. So you must make sure you adjust your website settings in order for your content to be readable and attractive on those small screens.

Keeping up with technology is an important part of your affiliate success. The people you target will pass you by if you are not technologically ready to meet how they do their searches.

#10. Be Honest And Be Trustworthy

You won’t be a success if you lie to your audience or if you post lousy content that is filled with errors and half truths. If you want your audience to purchase their products through you, you need to provide them with honest content that is true and solid.

how to succeed in affiliate marketing

Don’t talk down to them either. Condescending attitudes do come through your web pages loudly and clearly. Make sure your content is the best, honest and filled with facts and valuable information.

This will build your reputation and help you get that treasured word of mouth advertising you need to be a success. Research your products to make sure you know what they are all about and what they will do.

Doing a little research helps you get the information you need to write great content.

#11. Never Say Die

Being a success in affiliate marketing takes time. It is not an over night way to get to success nor is it a get rich quick scheme. You are being a middleman or a salesman for a product being sold or made by another person.

dont give up

To be good at your job selling other people’s products, you need to be good. Being good takes time. So be patient and when the going gets tough, you need to get going. So do not quit, do not give up and do not stop.

Bill Gates and his partners did not give up and look where Microsoft is today. The same with other large corporations. The got going when the going was tough and found the right strategies to use which brought them through those tough times.

Perseverance is a positive character trait and you will need it in this growing business.

#12. Get Help

Know your limitations and your weaknesses. Once you learn those things you will know what kind of people to hire to help you out as you move up the ladder of success.

business skills

Good people hired at the right time to fill those slots will help improve your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Then your affiliate business has a better chance of succeeding when you tend to those weaker areas.

Some Final Words

The affiliate marketing industry is a growing industry. More and more people are getting connected and seeing what the world has to offer them. What this trend is telling you is that there is the opportunity for you to be a success once you enter the affiliate marketing business.

how tu succeed in affiliate marketing

While it is a lot of work to get to where you can quit your day job, it is a lot better than falling for the lies and half truths MLM companies feed you. Also, you do not have to recruit anyone to boost your income stream.

Your success depends on you and you alone. You make the decisions for your affiliate marketing firm. Plus, you get to hire the people you want to help you. You shouldn’t want it any other way when you enter this business to make your income. Affiliate marketing is a good way to financial security if you try.

Thank you for reading.

Let me know which one of these strategies looks most familiar to you.


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  • Pavan Kumar says:

    Thanks for the informative post and I feel tips mentioned here are necessary to start a successful affiliate marketing business.

  • Thabo Khoza says:

    Great article once again thank you.
    I am in affiliate marketing too and I found this very helpful to me.
    I never thought of making my website mobile friendly for affiliate marketing. Do you know what settings need to be done?

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for the comment Thabo.

      Regarding your question, the best way would be to find a theme completely compatible for mobile phones or in other words responsive themes.

      If your website is not responsive, you can always hire a professional to make it responsive.

      I would not advise to do this on your own if you are not a professional in this field.

      Thank you for the comment.


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