How To Start With Affiliate Marketing

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Jun 23
How to start with affiliate marketing

We have talked about it in past articles on how to start with affiliate marketing. In those articles we outlined and reviewed top affiliate marketing companies, given information on where to begin and a lot more.

Getting started in the affiliate marketing is not that difficult. In most cases, after you have made your decision, sign up is free. It is also very simple to do. Just fill out an online form and your account is created.

But once you do that, where do you go from there? In other articles we talked about the importance of picking a niche and starting with only one or two. We have also talked about the value of content, and building a good website.

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In this article, we are going to provide tips on how to do two of the three - niches and content. It is easy to tell someone that they need to do these requirements, but that advice is not any good if we do not give you the details on how to do it correctly.

That is what we are going to do here today. We are going to give you the details to help you get started with affiliate marketing.


Choosing An Interest Or Niche

how to start with affiliate marketing

A lot of people who write about affiliate marketing spend a lot of time on this one subject alone. That is because the niche is very vital to the success of your affiliate marketing business.

That is why it is usually the first step in the how to start with affiliate marketing process. A bad niche can waste your time and investment in your new career. Here are the tips to help you find a good niche.

#1. Start With The Definition

Knowing what a niche is helps you plan a strategy to target the right audience. When it comes to affiliate marketing, you are not just throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. It is a calculated move designed to help you find the right audience and make yourself some money.

A niche is: “relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.”- Google

You are not trying to sell to everyone, but a select group of people who are already interested in that product or service. Making sure you have a clear definition of the word, helps you to reach people on an individual level giving you more influence.

#2. How To Select A Niche

how to start with affiliate marketing

There are hundreds of thousands of niches out there waiting of someone to come along and use them to their fullest advantage. It can be a tough decision to make. We are here to give you a few guiding tips on how to select the right niche for you:

  • Don’t pick too many - you will spread yourself too thin and not do a good job with any of them.
  • Create a list of topics, products you like - this will help you whittle down the list and get you closer to niches that are right for you.
  • Write a list of what topics you are interested in - this could be sports, beauty, health or whatever.
  • Write a list of topics you want to learn about - being willing to learn about a topic or niche means you will do good research and come up with great content.
  • Don’t listen to the myths - even if a niche is not popular it does not mean you can’t make money from it.

These five points should get you started and if you look closely, you probably pared your list down from hundreds of thousands to less than 50. That is a more manageable number to work with and choose from.

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#3. Niche Potential

Now that you got a workable list, one that is realistic and won’t overwhelm you, you need to check their potential. The key is to use a little common sense and push the unrealistic expectations and thoughts out of your mind.

how to start with affiliate marketing

Here are some key questions to help you judge the potential of the niche you would like to promote: 

  1. Can you do better than the other websites representing those niches? This relates to content, shares and public fans in social media etc.
  2. Do the niches have public discussion forums related to them and how many people participate on them?
  3. Do you know people interested in those niches?
  4. What is the trend? What does Google say about it? Take your survey to the next 10 years.
  5. Have you check what keyword research tools say about the niche and potential search traffic?
  6. Can you come up with great content ideas for the niche? How many?
  7. Can you find high value products associated with the niche?

These questions can help you determine if the niches you are interested are viable and profitable. It is normal for your list to get smaller at this point.

#4. Make Sure Your Niche Has Value

The idea of the term niche can be seen as “a business’s role in a given market”. To make sure you can find the right niche for you, you need to determine what is your affiliate marketing business’ role in the market you are participating.

how to start with affiliate marketing
  • Does it have value - people want value. In other words they want to get something from your promotion of a given product. They don’t want what they already have. They want something that will mean something to them.
  • Can it solve their every day problems - you want to be able to bring a solution to those simple everyday situations that has your audience searching for an answer.
  • Will it hit your target audience - is the product or service something that will strike your target audience with interest?
  • Can you deliver the niche in an interesting manner - in other words, will you be able to keep your audience’s attention or will you bore them?

Create Content Around Your Interest

This is the second most important aspect of the how to start with affiliate marketing process. Your SEO strategies, your keyword use drives traffic to your website door. But it is your content that will hold them there and help convince them to make a purchase.

quality content

Content that is badly laid out, incoherent or boring will drive away any potential customers that your SEO strategies and keyword use has brought to you. It cannot be stressed enough how important good content is.

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a) One Of The Key Questions You Need To Answer 

Can you write good content after 6 months or a year of promoting the niche and products you represent? It is easy to write good content in the beginning, everything is new, exciting and fun to talk about.

how to start with affiliate marketing

But the beginning is only the beginning. Where the rubber meets the road is down the line when you have to continue to produce great content that brings value to your audience.

In deciding if this is the niche for you, you need to answer that question truthfully and honestly.

b) It Is Not Just Keywords Anymore

Algorithms have been changed by different search engines. Keywords and their use do not drive your rankings as much as they used to. You can use all the keywords you want, and stuff your content full of them but you will still fail in the rankings.


That is because many search engines are using algorithms to look at your content instead. If you can write well then you have a better chance on rising in the rankings and get your website noticed.

You want good solid content and topics to help keep your potential customers interested and then convince them to purchase the product(s) you are representing.

c) How To Write Good Content


The following tips should be able to put you on the right path to generating the best content that will help your readers.

There is no particular order but if you want to succeed in the how to start with affiliate business process, then you should give them careful consideration:

Write about your experience with the product - one way to lose a potential customer is to write about something you have never tried. Or you have tried but do not like it. No one is going to buy a product you do not fully recommend. You need to build people’s trust in you and the best way to do that is to have a personal experience with the product your are promoting. Your readers are not dumb and they can spot phony content and then head to your competitor for the real story.

how to start with affiliate marketing

Don’t lie - you also need to be honest about the product. No one likes a liar and if you want to ruin your affiliate business before you get started, then lie about the products and companies you are promoting. You can tell the truth in a tactful way and present the negatives and the positives about the product in a constructive way that has your audience getting confidence in your opinion and experience. Being honest provides you with more credibility and helps build a positive reputation. That is one key to being very successful at any business.

Keep your reader at the center - that is one way to hold their interest. Remember your content is not about you and you are not representing yourself per se. You are representing yourself indirectly, but your content is about the product and the value it brings to your readers. It should also be about how inexpensive it is, and why your readers would want to purchase the product. The key is to show that you care about your readers and do not give off the impression you only want their money.

how to start with affiliate marketing

Keep your content natural - do not try to force the affiliate marketing product into your content. That just makes your content look bad, disjointed and incoherent. Write naturally and try to include some good funny stories about the product and what has taken place when you or someone in your family used it. This also helps keep your content fresh, interesting and so on. Remember you do not want to bore your reader but motivate them to becoming a paying customer. Also, you always want to keep it natural. This also helps build trust and demonstrates that you are an expert on the issue

Don’t write the same way every time - you should find ways to vary your approach when discussing the product(s). If you do the same thing every time, you may lose a few of your readers and some sales. But don’t be too innovative or creative. You may cross the boundary of good taste and common sense and offend many of your readers. This approach will not help you be a success. Also, do not limit yourself to just your website to get the word out. Use different social media and other outlets to help you promote your products in a fresh and inspiring way.


Write about those products your customers like & love - it does little good to write about those products that your readers have no interest in. They will jump to the next website faster than you can say they clicked their mouse. To turn a reader into a paying customer means to give them good information on products they already use and love. Give them what they are looking for, then make it valuable for them. That is one sure way to turn a reader into a returning paying customer. They will also trust you and your content which means they may tell their friends about your website.

d) Write What You Know

You may have heard this before but it is always true. When you write about what you know, you already have the important details, tricks, tips and so on. You can easily pass them on to your reader and they can learn something of value from you and your content.

For example, if you like sports, please do not write about beauty secrets. You may know how to score a goal or a touchdown, but you do not know the tricks of applying make-up correctly.

how easy is affiliate marketing

Or if you are into health, please avoid representing products for cars or power tools. You do not know those topics and what you say can ruin your affiliate business. You won’t know what is or isn’t valuable to your readers.

You also won’t know which are good products to represent and which are the bad ones to avoid. Stick with what you know until you are confident in the business and begin to see what you can and cannot do.

Also, sticking with what you know keeps the nerves away as you already know you can create good content that your readers will see as valuable and interesting.

e) This Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Learn

Writing what you know is very important and should be the first step when you tackle getting good content on your website. But, and it is a big but, this does not stop you from learning about a new product or niche.

The key here is to make sure you get the right information while doing top research. Just repeating what other websites have to say is not giving your readers anything new to learn or any value.


You need to find the truth about the product, the nuances, the tips, tricks and so on before you write. You have to make sure you know what you are talking about so your readers see you as an expert and have an opinion that can be trusted.

You will not get away with writing about just anything. Readers are smart and can spot someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about very easily. Before you pick a product or niche you know nothing about, take time to learn about it first.

This can be something you can add later on after you built a good foundation for your affiliate marketing business with products you already know.

Start With Affiliate Marketing

how to start with affiliate marketing

The points discussed in this article are just 2 of the most important aspects of the how to start with affiliate marketing process. 2 more are coming in another article. The good news is you do not have to go it alone.

You can get help from Wealthy Affiliate. They have the training and education programs to help you do all that we talked about in this article. You can learn from those experts who have helped over 1 1/2 million affiliates like yourself.

Create a free account and see the free 10 lesson course who will get you started in affiliate marketing.

When you have the right help, you can get the best results for your new affiliate marketing business. You go with the experience and the best because they can guide you around those obstacles that hinder your success with ease.

Thank you for reading.

Let me know in the comments below how you started with affiliate marketing.



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