What is Solo Build It?

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Mar 05
what is solo build it

With the rise in popularity of blogs, user created content sites, and the prospect of using ad revenue as an income, there have been plenty of companies offering to help you make 'easy money' by assisting with web development tools and strategies. Unlike a lot of these content management sites, Solo Build It offers to go a step further and help build your online business.

Looking at all they have to offer, it might be a bit overwhelming. Even after skimming through their main marketing page, it can be hard to figure out what exactly Solo Build It provides you with, as they provide just enough information to give you a vague idea of what they can do for you so as not to give away the secret sauce, so to speak.

So, in order to answer what exactly Solo Build It is, we'll have to break it down piece by piece, cut through the marketing lingo, and take a look at the core functionality of the tools it provides.

Solo Build It Article Summary

Product Name: Solo Build It & Solo Build It for WordPress

Website URL: https://www.sitesell.com

Founded: 1997

Founder name: Ken Envoy

Tools: 9/10

Community: 8/10

Hosting: 9/10

Price: 29.99$/month, $299/year (paid yearly)

Overall grade: 9/10

Final Verdict: Legit and Recommended

Best Alternative: Wealthy Affiliate (click START HERE! button for more info)


Solo Build It Introduction

Let's start by looking at what Solo Build It is at its core. Solo Build It is an all-in-one development and training kit for developing a website to build into an online business. It also comes with 24/7 support for building your website, as well as a lot of tools to help with the back end management of running your online business.

computer tools

Not only does Solo Build It help with the building and optimizing of your website, they also provide web hosting as well. Solo Build It also includes both a text and video training program that breaks down the process of how to build an online business, along with an outline of best practices to follow in order to ensure the highest chance of success.

Online Business is not Just a Website

Now, what most newcomers to online content sites, blogging and the like tend to learn the hard way is that a lot more goes into making your business profitable than the hosting and actual making of your website. Making and getting the blog or website hosted is actually the easy step, and not even the first thing you should be doing.

Unlike a lot of other site building services, Solo Build It emphasizes the need for well thought out content and research from the beginning, focusing first on making a quality site and product before even touching on monetization.

As such, the first step Solo Build It focuses on is research and planning. This comes down to determining where to focus your attention in terms of what content you post, as well as looking at trends to find a niche that has a viewer base that can be profitable, but at the same time is not over saturated with competition making it hard to break through.

what is solo build it

Solo Build It has tools to help with the research phase, specifically the ability to import numbers from Google Adwords. This tool shows you keywords that get a lot of searches, but don't really have a lot of valuable content surrounding them.

This will help you tweak and focus your broader ideas into niches that will have a better chance of generating high amounts of traffic due to the disproportionate amount of searches versus the actual content pulled up when doing those searches.


I know, it's a lot to take in all the technical talk, but bear with me, this part is very important. To look at it another way, have you even ran a search for something on Google, but all you get is a ton of unrelated pages that just happen to have those keywords in their articles? That is where you find your niche, you become the relevant content all those people are looking for. Solo Build It will help your general idea fit that niche market.

The 10 Day Action Course

Solo Build It also has a day by day training course, taking you step by step through the online business building process. Starting with the 10-day big picture, these courses discuss things from forming an online business strategy on how to turn viewership and ideas into profit, along with web building tips, hosting ideas, how to increase traffic and pull in traffic from other sources, as well as how to communicate and get to know your viewers.

what is solo build it

These training courses are the first and most important step for any beginning content creator, as it shows you step by step how to approach building your online business.

Once you have your framework going and start getting a better handle on how these steps all play into making your business successful, you can start experimenting and changing things up a little, finding your own way while using the Solo Build It tools to provide valuable information to make smart and educated decisions.

These training programs also both contain text and video tutorials explaining the core concepts that Solo Build It uses in formulating its web business model, how to use the tools it provides, among other things.

web business

This additional visual teaching format really helps break down what are usually difficult concepts into easy to understand bite sized chunks you can put to use right away, though it does get a little complicated when it gets to using Brainstorm It and the keyword research tools.

Solo Build It Marketing Model

Solo Build It also helps you implement a marketing model in terms of how to develop your site, pull in traffic, and make profit. The first step in understanding this marketing model is in learning how Solo Build It's CTPM process works.

what is solo build it

The CTPM process breaks down the key steps that you need to take, in order, to start building a successful site. These key steps are:

  • Content: Content is important. Without content, you don't have anything to draw in customers or viewers. Without customers or viewers, you have no business.
    The content section of CTPM not only teaches you about creating desired content to fit niche markets, but also about how to use keywords properly to help your content garner more hits and traffic.
  • Traffic: Traffic is like oxygen to any thriving online business. Think of the business like a bright and burning torch. Successful businesses with lots of traffic burn brighter, draw in more traffic, and sustain themselves. Cut off that oxygen, or the traffic in this case, and they'll be snuffed out before you know it.
    This section of the business model shows you how to build multiple avenues for drawing in traffic to your site and eventually build a loyal customer base.
what is solo build it
  • Presell: This ties into content, but it focuses more on making your content relevant, and how to organize your content in a way that provides the necessary and expected information.
    We've all stumbled on those blogs or articles where at first glance it seemed like a topic we were interested in, but quickly veered off in another direction and poof, that initial interest is quickly turned into annoyance.
    Preselling will keep you from doing that to your readers, unless your goal is to make click-baity articles which only exist to be passed over without a second thought, then you can completely ignore this step.
  • Monetizing: So you've followed the first three steps; you've got tons of viewers! Now how do we turn those viewers into a stable income? That's where the monetizing step comes in.
    Solo Build It gives you the tools you need to generate an income with your site, be it through ad revenue, or other resources like subscriptions or products. This is the final step, but also one of the most important, as without proper monetization, all the viewers in the world won't make you a dime.

This is a great business model, not only because a similar is effectively used by a large number of successful online businesses, but it emphasizes using research and well thought out content to build up your site before even thinking about monetization.

Most beginners get so caught up with the potential for getting an income that they rush right into making sales before even completing the basic steps of building a successful website, let alone an online business. With Solo Build It's business model, you don't even register a domain name until the concept is fleshed out and completed, which is contrary to what a lot of other site building programs advise.

The selling part comes once you have a stable viewer base, and loyal potential customers. This not only starts you off with a decent influx of purchases, but the income spike can help fund future plans after the initial monetization process.

Solo Build It Tools

Solo Build It also provides a variety of tools to use in terms of web building as well as analytics. Both of these are important, as you'll want a functional and easy to navigate website, while at the same time be able to analyze your daily traffic, optimize your content, as well as look for other opportunities to branch in social media and other outlets to draw more traffic to your site.

Some of the software options provided are:

what is solo build it

Brainstorm It

Brainstorm It is a keyword researcher that allows you to find niche keywords and analyze the competitive landscape of what keywords are most popular before committing to your ideas. Bringing back hundreds of keywords for multiple site concepts at once, you can analyze and compare your ideas side by side and pick which direction finds the best balance between keyword use and the content you want to create.

what is solo build it

It can also factor in potential site profitability as well as the time you have available to determine which concept is best for your needs. Brainstorm It also includes Blueprint It, a self-integrated drag-and-drop interface in which you can plan out your website and navigation, as well as integrate your keywords into the visual design.

This feature saves you time as you don't have to reach out to a third party in order to create the visual design map, or alternatively spend hours drawing everything out on paper in order to create the content structure for your website.

On top of this, Brainstorm It uses lateral and vertical keyword searching in order to provide the most keyword results possible, giving you the broadest scope of keywords.

It also uses SiteSell Supply to find trending pages and articles in order to help you find where your biggest competition lies, as well as Site Info which provides you with a complete competitive profile for every keyword, allowing you to analyze just how much competition you face with each individual keyword.

Also included is Niche Choose It. Niche Choose It takes into account a variety of factors from keywords, search results, competition, and saturation in order to choose the best site concepts along with the best domain names to help your site fit into the niche you're looking to fill.

what is solo build it

The Search It portion of Brainstorm It allows you to perform searches in up to 20 categories, be it looking for free-to-use images, or finding out who is talking about your articles on Facebook, among other things, in order to give you all the information you need to keep up with the climate regarding your site, or find much needed resources for improving and implementing new content for your viewers. Brainstorm It also comes with full Alexa integration in order to collect tons of information on competitors.

The biggest downside to Brainstorm It is that it can be a little difficult to navigate, as it doesn't use the standard labels such as "Traffic" or "Competition", but rather uses "Value Demand", "Real Supply", and "Profitability" instead. It does have a bit of a learning curve to it, but once you get the hang of it, the actual functionality of the tool is perfectly fine.

what is solo build it


Now, we're not all trained and professional graphic artists or web designers, and Solo Build It knows that. That's why their site building software, SiteDesigner, provides over 100 mobile-ready themes to choose from.

With so many options, there's sure to be a theme that fits your design vision, and it'll be sure to look sharp and crisp no matter how its being viewed, be it through a PC monitor, tablet, or through a smart TV. The templates are also customizable, allowing you to tweak and edit your site to your liking.

If you have ample experience with HTML coding and web designing the good old fashioned way, SiteDesigner allows you to insert your own HTML code into the templates as needed, along with images and CSS as needed. While the SiteDesigner can be a little restrictive if you're used to the freedom involved with building websites from scratch, it does provide more than enough freedom to build a decent site for your business.

Block Builder

Block Builder is essentially where the magic happens. It is where you build and store all of your assets, code, and manager your pages designed in SiteDesigner.

what is solo build it

It comes with a variety of tools helping make this process as smooth and streamlined as possible, including the ability to customize the mobile experience by choosing and arranging what information is displayed to mobile visitors and how it is displayed.

You can import your content from external HTML editors, Photoshop, CSS, and the like as well so that all of your content is organized in one place, and also benefits from the analytics provided by the Solo Build It suite.

It also contains an image manager which handles a lot of the back end changes that would need to occur when moving or relocating images. In short, when it comes to web pages, the web page pulls images and other assets from a main directory, displaying them on the website. If that directory ever changes, the directory in the HTML code that references the directory needs to be changed to match, or else the result is a broken image link (many of you probably know of it as that little torn page that sometimes shows up when a picture won't load properly).

what is solo build it

Block Builder's image manager automatically changes these directories and directory reference lines in the HTML code as you rearrange your image files as needed, that way you don't have to worry about scouring all of your folders looking for how to fix that one broken link you forgot about.

Block Builder also offers two forms of blogging which can be used interchangeably. It offers automated blogging, in which it will automatically take your updates and site content, convert it to a blog format and create an RSS feed for viewers to subscribe to.

It also offers regular blogging. This comes with the added bonus of importing your WordPress or other type of blog straight into your Solo Build It site. Block Builder also allows you to create blocks of content, be it text, images, or other assets which you can save and reuse or implement at a later date.

For example, if you are creating an ongoing series or plan on referencing an old post or article at a later date, like a 'then and now' piece, you can save blocks of content in from the first article to reuse, saving you time later when you don't have to recreate it from scratch.

While the automated blogging feature can be convenient for major updates, don't use it for everything, as this will hurt you more in the long run thanks to Google's Panda Updates to their search engine. More on that later though.

what is solo build it

The last aspect of Block Builder is Site Health. Site Health constantly runs in the background, scanning your site for any errors, broken links, insecure resources, etc. As it does this, it creates regular reports on what needs fixing and what actions to take, ensuring your site is always functional and up to date for visitors, while at the same time helping your ranking in search engines.

Site Health makes the site maintenance portion of running an online business, an already time consuming process, much easier to manage as it finds all of the problems for you, so you can spend more time fixing problems than hunting around looking for them.

Traffic-Building Systems

Traffic building can be one of the most difficult parts of creating a successful web business. Not only is traffic a main source of income, effective ways of building traffic aren't always self-evident.

Solo Build It provides a variety of tools to help generate traffic, all of which come with the Solo Build It packaged bundle. Their Analyze It tool reviews all of your web pages and provides insights on how to best utilize keyword optimization for better hits on search engines.

what is solo build it

Solo Build It also offers search engine tracking, giving you information on when your pages ping on search engines, how long it takes, and even if your pages get dropped from search engine listings, as well as advice on what to do about the situation.

Solo Build It automatically keeps track of search engine pinging as well, keeping your site information up to date on search engine results and keeping your pages relevant. You also don't have to worry about updating your page verification, because Solo Build It automatically submits all of your pages to search engines whenever you make updates.

This automation saves you a lot of time than doing the process manually, as you would have to update the verification on each of your pages whenever you make updates or changes, along with requesting verification for any new pages added to your site. 

Solo Build It also provides search engine rankings for each search engine so you can keep track of your site's results, giving you an up to date look at your online marketing efforts at a glance.

It also provides traffic statistics info in an easy to understand and organized format, allowing you to take actions to adjust and edit your site to fix traffic issues right from the analytics page.

On top of that, its also compatible with Google's free Google Analytics, and provides detailed information about your individual visitors and their visiting patterns and behaviors for even more insight on the individual level, helping you spot trends or reasons for viewership drop or what areas of your site may not be as popular or even drive away customers.

what is solo build it

It also greatly simplifies the pay-per-click-campaign by doing most of the back end work for you.

Presell Tools

These tools focus mostly on the Presell step of Solo Build It's marketing plan. These tools are designed to help connect with your customers in a meaningful way, and make building these relationships more streamlined.

Using the mail builder and email newsletter publishing functions allow you to not only create custom newsletters and emails updating viewers on your site, you can add sign up forms to your newsletters using drag and drop interface.

what is solo build it

Solo Build It ensures all of your newsletters and emails are General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant by including the GDPR compliant check boxes on all forms and newsletters sent out using Solo Built It.

Solo Build It also provides information on both the number of people who opened your newsletters, as well as the percentage compared to the total number of newsletters sent out. It also provides a tool that helps you optimize your newsletters to make sure it isn't flagged as spam by spam filters.

Solo Build It also provides a series of optimization tools for blog development as well as integrating social media presence into your site.

With Blog It, Solo Build It will automatically generate a blog post containing new and updated content, increasing potential viewership along with saving you the time of having to commit to creating dedicated blog content along with the main content of your site.

what is solo build it

Socialize It provides viewers the ability to share your page content via social media. It allows you to add buttons that will post the content to up to 6 of the most popular social media sites, as well as provide an HTML link to your content so that they can embed the page into articles or other content your viewer may be writing in order to better share your content with their viewers, further expanding your web presence.

Face It allows you to integrate Facebook's commenting system as well as up to three Facebook buttons to share your pages on the social media platform.

These buttons range from creating a Facebook post about the current article, the site as a whole, or your own Facebook platform. Face It also allows users to post Facebook comments directly from the article.

If you're worried about spam comments or other negative contributions, you can set up moderators to help filter your comment sections as well. Solo Build It also utilizes Facebook Graph Tags, automatically generating tags for images and content on every page in order to optimize viewership and get your content out there on the social media platform.

Lastly, if your content is primarily image-based, Pin It allows viewers to pin your content to Pinterest with the simple click of a button, allowing you to share any new content with your Pinterest followers quickly and efficiently.

Monetization Tools

what is solo build it

Technically, almost every tool in the Solo Build It package is a tool of monetization, as making an income on your site part comes down to the other three steps in the Solo Build It marketing model.

Solo Build It provides a constantly updating library of articles to help learn the best ways to make your online business profitable, along with a variety of other resources including a supportive community of other Solo Build It users and advisory staff.

Solo Build It also includes Infin It, which isn't so much a single application as it is the ability to integrate a large number of third party plug-ins and applications into the Solo Build It suite to further customize your experience and methodology.

Solo Build It also has a variety of other tools at your disposal, some acting more like a support system rather than integrated tools into the program.

You can contract custom work from Solo Build It's professional team. This is a handy tool for getting assistance with work you don't have the time to complete yourself, or don't have the confidence to complete just yet. The only downside is this service can be a bit on the expensive side, as you pay per hour for the work done.

One of the free services is to request ability feedback, in which a Solo Build It member will look over your site and give you feedback on what areas can use improvement.

The Action Guide

what is solo build it

On top of these tools, Solo Build It supplies guidance and support to their members through a variety of methods. The first and most basic of these is The Action Guide. The Action Guide is essentially the Solo Build It user manual. 

The Action Guide gives you all of the information you need to know, from how to use each individual component of the Solo Build It package, down to even breaking down all of the Solo Build It concepts and action plans like the explaining each step of the CTPM model, the importance of each, as well as organizing this information in an easy to follow linear fashion, guiding you through the process from beginning to end.

Most importantly, the Action Guide breaks down the complicated e-business process into small manageable chunks, making the prospect of creating and running your own online business a lot less daunting.

It simplifies the process, taking you through a 10-day start up program to get your online business up and running.

As outlined in the Action Guide, the 10-day program is essentially as follows:

Introduction: The Overview

The first step in the 10-day program basically explains what will be covered in the days to come, introducing you to concepts like the CTPM model, as well as the foundations of the business building process.

Day 1: The Basics

Day 1 goes more in-depth on the CTPM model, breaking down each step and explaining the importance and significance. It closes out by introducing you to one of the many valuable resources at your disposal, the private Solo Build It members forum.

Day 2: Developing a Concept

Day 2 focuses almost entirely on creating a powerful and captivating concept that will pull in viewership. It goes over how to use Brainstorm It to generate these concepts, and assists in choosing the best concept of three, compared side by side in Brain Storm it.

what is solo build it

Using keywords as well as several other factors, you will chose your site concept, though it is important to note this decision isn't set in stone, and can be tweaked or adjusted later on.

Day 3: Brainstorm Profitable Page Topics

Day 3 focuses on your site content and site layout. Using search intent and keyword analytics, you develop your niche-based site content and optimize your website architecture.

Day 4: Research and Monetization Options

Day 4 focuses on the investigation and research necessary to plan out your monetization options by creating ideal visitor profiles to help envision what kinds of needs your content will be fulfilling.

On top of this, you will be looking at a variety of options for monetization, selecting two of them for planned implementation at the end of the 10-day process, as well as determining if your niche has enough monetization potential to be successful in the long term.

what is solo build it

Day 5: Making Refinements and Registering a Domain

Day 5 focuses mostly on using your new monetization strategy and the customer profiles from the previous day in order to tweak and refine your original site concept. You will also learn about Valuable Presell Propositions, as well as create and register your domain name, along with identical social media account names if available.

Day 6: Building Your Site

On Day 6 you'll actually start building your site. You'll build your homepage, as well as Tier 2 and Tier 3 category and content pages, verify your content with search engines like Google and Bing, along with learning how Solo Build It handles some of the back end processes involved with web design and maintenance.

what is solo build it

Day 7: Generating Traffic

Day 7 focuses on learning why it is important to generate traffic from a variety of sources, teaching you how to work efficiently with multiple search engines. You will also learn how to master at least one social media platform along with how to make your site mobile friendly.

With Add Content 2.0, you can also learn how to allow users to generate content for you, as well as integrate social media concepts into your core site design.

Day 8: Networking

We're not talking about building a network of servers, but building a network of relationships. The Action Guide will teach you the importance of repeat exposure to the presell process.

This will focus on things like generating a newsletter to send out on a regular basis, setting up Blog It, using Socialize It to integrate social media presence into your site, further building upon the lessons in social media platforms from day 7, along with creating contact forms.

what is solo build it

Day 9: Getting to Know Your Visitors

Day 9 is all about data analytics. It focuses on understanding how to see the big picture when looking at your viewership data, understanding what click-through rates are and how to calculate them, along with how to improve primary and secondary response rates such as subscriptions and purchases.

Day 10: Monetize

Day 10 focuses on the implementation of the monetization method you chose way back on day 4. It will have you analyze and perfect your first monetization model, and then focus on implementing a second once the first model is securely in place.

As a companion to their Action Guide, they also have the PAG, or Pinterest Action Guide. This is the first in a series of action guides based around mastering various social media platforms, and will give you a step by step tutorial on how to properly use Pinterest for generating traffic and growing your online business platform.

what is solo build it

While Solo Build It has tons of great resources for learning how to build an online business, it doesn't guarantee success, and they're not afraid to admit that. Your Solo Built It site won't be an instant hit as soon as it gets hosted, and it will take a lot of work and planning on your part to make it work.

What Solo Build It ultimately offers is the opportunity to learn how to create a subscription based online business which can potentially act as a passive income, as well as the tools necessary to create the site.

The Cost

what is solo build it

Since Solo Build It provides the hosting service, and since many of the tools are on a subscription basis, such as the forums, they do charge a monthly fee of $29.99/month for their services, or a discounted rate of $299/year (saving about $60 as opposed to the monthly plan).

While their training stresses the importance of SEO content and keyword optimization, you also have to use common sense and create well thought out content implementing that knowledge.

With Google's 2018 update to their Panda engine, which was designed to punish sites breaking their code of conduct by abusing keywords or over-optimizing anchor text but having very low quality content.

The Panda Update specifically targets:

Thin Content: This is content that adds little value to the consumer, such as doorway pages, or pages with different URLs that all filter users to a single page.

Duplicate Content: This one is self explanatory. The Panda update specifically targets pages with duplicate content on the same website domain. It also targets duplicate content across different sites.

Poor Quality Content: This content is content that Google deems as poor quality for one of many reasons, be it relevance to the page topic, quality of the writing, or the amount of total content on a page.

Machine Generated Content: This is content that is automatically generated. While Automatically generated content is not objectively bad, overusing it can have a negative impact on your site rankings.

Short Content: Having overly short content can be also be targeted by the Panda update, especially if that content is extremely packed with keywords and SEO tactics.

Too Many Topics in One Domain: Having too many diverging topics in one domain can lead to being targeted by Panda, as it is usually a clear indication that the site is either keyword spamming, or abusing metadata in order to climb the search results list, including irrelevant tags to abuse the system.

Poor Usage Metrics: Poor usage of metrics usually indicate poor quality content.

Affiliate Sites With Poor Content: If a large number of your affiliate sites have poor content, Panda assumes that your content is likely poor as well.

Internal Pages That Are Blocked / Have Rel Canonical: Having internal pages that are blocked tells Google that your site is of poor quality, as many of your pages are inaccessible. As for the Rel Canonical part, that is a little more complicated. Rel Canonical is an HTML tag that denotes a version of a page as a desired version, redirecting users from duplicate pages to the Rel Canonical tag. This can be abused by creating a series of duplicate pages with metadata geared specifically to make them appear at the top of search engine lists, using a Rel Canonical tag to redirect the user to the single page.

Keyword Stuffing: Pages that use keyword stuffing are pages that cram as many keywords in as possible, regardless of if those keywords actually benefit the content.

Deceptive Content: This is content that uses page titles and keywords to disguise itself as something completely irrelevant or content that doesn't add any true value. Clickbait articles are an example of this.

Security Warnings: These pages have either security warnings from firewalls for running potentially unsafe applications.

Content Farming: This is content specifically designed to satisfy search algorithms.

Sites With Poor User Experience: This one really needs no explanation.

Sites With No Optimization: Most sites have at least SOME form of optimization, so sites with absolutely zero optimization are targeted by Panda due to likely being poor quality.

Too Many Ads: Sites that are absolutely stuffed to the brim with ads to the point where it detracts from the content.

Many beginners when building their sites go overboard with SEO practices and keyword optimization, focusing entirely on making their pages hit the top of the search engine ranking and sacrifice quality content to achieve it. Panda will absolutely destroy those sites for the reasons listed above.

what is solo build it

They key to being successful is to combine the tools provided with a plan and motivation to create quality and engaging content, implementing keywords to make your site climb the search engines without making your content an unintelligible mess in order to do so. It's a delicate balancing act, but certainly doable with proper planning.

Google updates its algorithms about 600 times per year, most of which are small and meant to act as improvements. If your site ratings begin dropping due to a Google update, don't be discouraged. Use it as a motivator to improve your existing content and make your site the best it can be.

Solo Build It For WordPress

what is solo build it

This is all well and good, but what if you've already started to dabble in site building before learning about Solo Build It? You may already have a paid WordPress, Wix, or other account that includes site hosting and other benefits. Solo Build It for WordPress might be a better fit for you in this case.

While the Solo Build It for WordPress can be integrated into any of the site building platforms, it's mostly going to work with the advantages with using it with WordPress specifically. There are a few reasons for this. 

First of all, the WordPress site building platform has a community of plugin creators who create quality plugins. This saves you a lot of time figuring out what plugins to get, possibly getting third party help, and learning how to implement them into your site.

With WordPress, you can simply go look up the plugin right in WordPress and add it to your page with one easy click. Since all the plugins for WordPress have to be built with WordPress functionality in mind, they are all incredibly easy to install and are all added in pretty much the same way.

This is a huge time saver, especially if you plan on using a lot of plugins to add more functionality to your site outside the basic scope offered by WordPress.

WordPress does have its disadvantages as well though, just like every site builder out there. While WordPress offers basic free hosting through their own site, you will have to pay for WordPress hosting if you want them to host your site under a unique domain name, where as unique hosting comes with the Solo Build It package.

The free hosting also constantly tries to upsell you to the paid hosting, and may force your site to have ads as well. This second part can be a bit of a hurdle, as depending on how many ads are forced upon your site, it may hurt your chances of climbing to the top of the search engines thanks to the Google Panda update discussed earlier.

what is solo build it

Since many of the plugins are developed by users, you also run the risk of your plugins conflicting with each other and causing issues regarding your site functionality. Also, any updates to WordPress that affect the compatibility of these plugins could force you to completely rework your plugins at a moments notice.

Site builder packages like Solo Build It come with a lot of the tools generally offered as plugins built right into their core functionality, and are all updated in a way that prevents them from conflicting with each other and causing issues.

On the topic of plugins, a lot of plugins are also freemiums, or in other words, are free to use with either limited use or some kind of drawback like ads interrupting your workflow until your upgrade to a full paid version. Some plugins don't even offer that option and do require upfront payment.

Despite this, there are plenty of plugins for WordPress that can give you added functionality close to what you can do with Solo Build It, but it'll take some time researching which are the best plugins, some out of pocket expense on your part to buy them, and finding a combination that won't crash due to conflicting code.

what is solo build it

WordPress also is primarily geared around one thing, site building. Being a site builder, that's kind of to be expected, but that also means almost all of their resources are only there to assist with site building, and not the business side of things. That is where the Solo Build It for WordPress really shines.

Solo Build It for WordPress takes all of the the Solo Build It process and simply caters it around WordPress. The Solo Build It tools are not available as WordPress plugins, so Solo Build It for WordPress gives you access to all of the tools like Brainstorm It that you normally wouldn't have with just WordPress alone.

These tools are also fully functional tools, not just little add-ons for WordPress, having all of the same functionality they have with the standard Solo Build It package. You also get access to the Solo Build It support forums, as you would with the standard package, giving you access to a community of people willing to help with your site building problems.

what is solo build it

This even includes a specific board for topics and problems that are generally exclusive to the WordPress platform.

You also get Solo Build It's 24/7 support staff available to help, as well as their auto-update system specifically catered to WordPress, which will also keep you up to date on the WordPress ecosystem regarding site health and plugins, as well as keeping the Solo Build It plugins running perfectly with each WordPress update.

When it comes to Solo Build It for WordPress, you'll essentially be following the same exact steps as you would for the standard Solo Build It package.

what is solo build it

You'll follow the Action Guide and learn the best ways to implement the CTPM model to your WordPress site, though there are a few key differences between the Solo Build It and Solo Build It for WordPress.

  1. Solo Build It for WordPress will focus on using WordPress rather than Building Blocks 2 to create your site. Considering this is the Solo Build It for WordPress package though, you were probably expecting that would be the case.
  2. Instead of using built-in tools, you will be using Solo Build It plugins designed specifically for WordPress. They have all of the functionality and integration Solo Build It's standard package has, and you can swap out recommended plugins for some of your favorites if you're an experienced WordPress user.
  3. Rather than using Solo Build It's hosting platform, you'll be responsible for your own hosting, be it finding a hosting site to host your WordPress on, or using WordPress to host your site.
  4. Since you will be paying or finding your own hosting, this means you'll also have to purchase your own domain name as well with the Solo Build It for WordPress.

With all the added cost of domain names and hosting being the user's responsibility with Solo Build It for WordPress, there is some good news.

The Solo Build It for WordPress package costs half of what the standard Solo Build It package does. Since you don't get the included hosting and domain name services that come with the standard package, it only makes sense that it would cost a little less.

The Action Guide is slightly modified in the Solo Build It for WordPress package to account for these added responsibilities though.

The tweaked Action Guide suggests some of the best hosting solutions, including some of the WordPress managed options available. It also covers many plugins available to WordPress users, making suggestions on which plugins are the best out there to use with your WordPress site.

Lastly the Solo Build It for WordPress Action Guide also covers how to minimize some of the security risks associated with the WordPress platform.

Is Solo Build It For You?

All things considered, you may be wondering if Solo Build It is something you should purchase. Solo Build It is a great tool, but it isn't for everyone.

what is solo build it

If you already have an established site with your own system and method for keeping everything updated, or have a high level of expertise with web development, Solo Build It might not offer enough of a benefit for the high price tag.

If your web presence is restricted to WordPress and maybe a small blog, Solo Build It for WordPress is a good option, as it can give you more tools to help you with analytics and pulling in traffic at a reduced price.

If you are relatively new to web design and business building, or have no experience whatsoever, then Solo Build It will give you all the tools you need to succeed, if used properly. The step by step process will teach you everything you need to create a successful web business.

Regardless of what package you choose, or if you even decide to use Solo Build It, web design and business requires a lot of work and planning. While Solo Build It gives you all the tools you need to create a thriving online business, it doesn't do all of the work for you.

You'll have to invest a serious amount of time and effort if you want to establish yourself online and eventually make a passive income.

what is solo build it

My biggest reservation with the Solo Build It package is that all you really own is the domain name, as Solo Build It provides the hosting, and it can be difficult if not impossible to transfer the site should you choose to move to another hosting platform.

If subscription fees increase or there are unfavorable updates, you're essentially at the mercy of these changes. The product itself though is a solid investment, and is by no means a get rich quick scheme like a lot of these other web development scams.

It's also not a guaranteed success either though, so your initial business might fail for one reason or another, be it due to the core concept you settle on using or poor SEO and keyword practices that make it a target for Google's Panda update.

The Solo Build It course has been around for about 20 years now as well, so it's not some new upstart company, and has a track record for at least some success. It's not perfect, of course, but it does a good job at covering all the information you'll need to build an online business.

what is solo build it

Despite the tools it offers, Solo Build It and Solo Build It for WordPress aren't without its own flaws. Considering the sheer amount of tools and software required to work with Solo Build It, following the tutorials and keeping up with the fast pace of the Action Guide can be a bit of a daunting task, especially for those who have absolutely no web or design experience.

While certainly doable, it might take a little longer than the proposed 10 day plan to let everything sink in. Also, while they do try to keep everything as up to date as possible, due to the sheer number of guides, some of them can be a little outdated, tough the tools themselves are for the most part fairly optimized and relevant.

Since the hosting is part of the subscription fee, and Solo Build It handles the hosting, the site you build isn't portable. If you do plan on changing hosting platforms, you'll have to transfer everything over page by page, which can be painfully time consuming if you have a large amount of content.

Lastly, since the package is geared more towards beginners, it can be difficult to grow past what their training specifically provides.

what is solo build it

On top of this, the site itself can be difficult to navigate. There's no good way to log in from the main page itself, and the fastest way to log in is via the email link sent to you when you purchase the product.

Even in the forums and lessons, it can be hard to find some of the main navigational buttons, and if you close out of a lesson, it doesn't always save your progress as to how far into a lesson you got.

Solo Build It also uses a lot of new terms that can be confusing to beginners in regards to its training programs. The training itself doesn't give any bad advice or incorrect info, but simpler language would have at least made it a lot easier to grasp some sections, especially when discussing keywords and keyword searches in Brainstorm It.

Closing Thoughts/Guarantee

Solo Build It does come with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee, so if you don't like the product within that 90 day window, you can simply pull out at no cost to you, so if you're even slightly interested it's worth a try at least.

Solo Build It is great in that it teaches you what to do with your website and how to properly manage your business, rather than just give you a brochure on web design and building a webpage.

If you're just starting out and don't plan on moving your site domain any time soon, it's not a bad option and you can certainly learn a few things.

If you're already established with WordPress, their Solo Build It for WordPress package is a good option if you're looking for training and tools to increase traffic and profitability.

what is solo build it

If you are already established and know your way around web business and development, hosting multiple sites, then Solo Build It probably isn't for you.

While their tools might streamline some things, the platform itself is likely too limiting in case you even need to move hosting sites.

On top of that, a premium membership is required after reaching a certain daily traffic margin.

In summary:

what is solo build it
  1. Comprehensive training guide that gives you an actual business plan on how to manage your site, not just how to build it.
  2. Great tools for beginners and intermediate entrepreneurs looking to start an online business.
  3. Hosting services for one domain is included with the subscription.
  4. Great tools to help with site building, management, and analytics.
  5. 90 day guarantee.
  6. Action Guide is broken down into easy to follow 10-day plan.
  7. Reasonably Priced.
  8. Has a great community forum as well as technical support.
what is solo build it
  1. The training and tools use terminology that is not standard with most site building toolkits, making its usefulness limited when working outside of the Solo Build It system.
  2. A small amount of the material is slightly outdated.
  3. Training and toolkit is geared primarily at beginners to web building.
  4. Hosting is $29/month per domain or $299/year per domain, making it expensive if you plan on hosting multiple domains.
  5. It is cumbersome to transfer your content from Solo Build It to a different domain.
  6. No auto save function in the development toolkit.

If you're a beginner looking to break into the web business industry, definitely do some digging and see if Solo Build It is right for you.

If you don't plan on changing services for a while (if ever) and are looking to start out with a single domain, you'll probably do well with Solo Build It, and at the absolute least learn the basic steps for building an online web business for your next attempt. 

Assess your needs, do some research. Thanks to the 90-day guarantee, you have plenty of time to try out the system and see if it works for you, risk free.

The Elephant in the Room/Alternative

If you've done even just a little digging into Solo Build It like I have, you'll find that opinions on Solo Build It are almost completely polarized.

There's a large number of reviews singing its praises with hardly a negative thing to say, with plenty of others calling it an outright scam.

what is solo build it

After sifting through the extremes on both ends, weeding out the articles simply using the Solo Build It Scam angle to push their own web development service, and figuring how valid some points in some of the more scathing customer reviews were, the truth fell somewhere in the middle. 

Solo Build It is not God's gift to man, like some of the more positive reviews or even some of the marketing pages make it seem (but lets face it, marketing pages are meant to sell, so you have to take it with a grain of salt), but it's also not a complete scam out to take your money.

Solo Build It overall is a solid product, and while not perfect, gets the job done. It's likely more suited for beginners and those just starting out with their own web business.

The best advice I can give is do your own research from multiple sources, and come to your own conclusion about if the product is right for you, or try it for a month or two yourself and find out firsthand if Solo Build It is the product for you.


If you are interested in finding a great alternative, click the START HERE! button on the main menu of the website.

There I reviewed another great affiliate marketing community.

I can highly recommend checking it out because this community helped me create this wonderful blog and also make a stable income online.

Thank you for reading my article.

Let me know in the comments below what is your experience with Solo Build It.



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Hi there. I'm just a regular guy that worked many different jobs before finding out about affiliate marketing. Decided to give it a try, followed the instructions, worked hard and started making money online. Here to help you achieve same thing. Working from home is possible if you have the proper training and people.

  • Amber says:

    What a super detailed and informative post. As someone who is very new to the concept of affiliate marketing I can appreciate reviews like yours. I recently found myself searching the internet looking for opinions on various affiliate marketing platforms to ensure I wasn’t falling for a SCAM or was going to get my moneys worth. You went into an extensive amount of detail here and I think anyone starting out would find this truly helpful in their search. I appreciate your honesty and that you provided pros and cons for Solo Build It as well as good explanations for all the affiliate marketing jargon that gets thrown around. Thank you!

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for your comment Amber. I really appreciate it.

      Hopefully, you found enough information in this post about SBI!.


  • Mike says:

    What a great, in-depth summary of setting up and managing an affiliate site!  If seeing is believing the quality of your own site suggests to me that this is something I want.  I particularly liked your CTPM model.  This seems sensible and logical to me.  I got a bit confused about what Google Panda does and it’s impacts so if you can point me in the direction of further information on that I’d appreciate it.  I’m just starting on this as an idea so I appreciate your guidance and advice.  Thanks.

    • Strahinja says:

      Hello and thank you for your comment Mike. I am really glad you loved my article. Google Panda is not anything scary, but you should read what Google will prefer and what will not.

      Then simply follow the tactics Goolge will favor and you are good.

  • Sammynathaniels says:

    This is one of the most comprehensive review I have seen in recent times about a website building company. I can easily see from here that Solo Build It offers an extra package when compared to others and despite the Cons, it still edges out several other competitors. 

    I have not tried using Solo Build It before but I’ll probably try it out sometime.

    Great article.



  • JJ says:

    Hi Strahinja, this is a very interesting and detailed explanation of your service. I have built a website already with some support, but looking back, and looking at what else I need to do, I would have preferred a service like yours. I am so busy with other projects that a little more guidance would have helped. I particularly like your action course, marketing, monetization, and help with design and establishing a niche. I also like the help with set up of traffic. I don’t mind doing work, but expert help in stages would make life easier. It is an option to consider, going forward. Thank you !

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you JJ.

      Yeah, I highly recommend this program to anyone completely new to affiliate marketing because it will lower the time of reaching success.

      Thank you. Strahinja

  • Dave Sweney says:

    Yet another big platform I had not heard of until looking for options, the Solo Build It service seems to be quite well developed and from your review it has most of the components that newbie online marketers will need if they are starting from scratch. 

    There are a few things that would give me pause as a bit more seasoned marketer. I do not like that the domain and hosting are controlled by the company unless you choose the outside hosting option for a WordPress site (I would definitely recommend this cheaper option if someone is thinking of joining Solo Build It.

    The terms they refer to in their training and tools seem to have been used for the people that have no experience perhaps. If you have been in the business for any length of time, of course, the more common terms would make more sense. This is really not a factor for me, but it may be for some.

    Is there a limit to the number of sites that you can connect to using the Solo Build It WordPress option?  There are a couple of tools that interest me that I am paying a premium price for now, but I have a large number of sites (over 30). I also use e-commerce backends (with and without WooCommerce) and WordPress websites (20 of the over 30 are e-stores).

    I am always interested in automation tools for operations. With that many sites, it is key to being able to keep up with everything (that and VAs!). I will check this platform out for this reason alone. Regarding the training aspect, I am happy with the service I get now through Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thanks for the super review of this platform. I came away ready to do some more research, which I will now start, and let’s see if this platform can become yet another tool in my arsenal of tools for my online marketing business!   

    • Strahinja says:

      Hey Dave. Thank you so much for your thorough comment.

      Unfortunatelly, most of the similar online business companies have the same policy regarding the domains. So yes, you can not transfer domains.

      As for the pricing, this shown price is fore one domain or website. So, adding another one will cost you more. This program is mainly to help you build your one gold nugget. I would not recommend it for hosting more than 1 business.

      Thank you.


  • Sam says:

    This is a super article! Very insightful into affiliate marketing, I’m sold! Thank you very much.

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