Is Smart Money Methods a Scam?

By Strahinja | Scam

Apr 22
Is Smart Money Metods a Scam?

If you ever asked yourself "Is Smart Money Methods a Scam?", you are at the right place.

People gravitate to the "easy and effortless." Often blindsided by the attraction of making money, they see dollars. Lots of them.

But to make money one needs to spend money. Particularly on schemes like Smart Money Methods.

So is it going to be worth your outlay?

We're here to answer that question and a few more so that you can rest assured whatever decision you make will be the right one.

Smart Money Methods Summary

Product Name: Smart Money Methods

Product type: Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Owner: Mark Foster (Unknown)

Price: 37$ + Upsells

Grade: 1/10

Recommended: No (Scam)

Summary: Smart Money Methods is a product that helps you make money by being an Amazon Affiliate. The training offered is very generic and low value and their earning claims are false and boosted. We do not recommend purchasing this product.

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Smart Money Methods Intro

Smart Money Methods is an artful product designed by Clickbank and owned by Mark Foster.

It promises you will earn thousands of dollars when you follow his system. Sounds pretty good so far but we need to delve further. After all, there are many systems online like this one right?

is smart money methods a scam

If you're savvy, you'll go right to where it says "price".

  • $37 - that won't break the bank.
  • Upsells - Yes. Sounds okay so far.
  • Free Trial - No. But it's only $37 right? And while it is sold by Clickbank they tell you, you will be reimbursed if you’re not satisfied.

So, there's the bait.

But, this is an exclusive system. It uses a smart method that will not fail to earn you up to $30K in a month for your expended 30 minutes per day. That equates to $7K per week.

You're not convinced, at least not yet. But it is beginning to appeal.

What Is Smart Money Methods?

Training on affiliate marketing through Amazon is part of the structure.

Upsells. There are two. You purchase the product. Basic Smart Money - 1.0. After that, the first upsell is $197 - Smart Money 2.0 and the second is $177 - Smart Money Pro.

From the bottom up, you figure out how Google ranks pages on search results. How you make money on Smart Money Methods is via upsells. 

Now you understand it is impossible to make money as fast as Smart Money Methods promises. A little common sense prevails.

Is Smart Money Methods a Scam?

To be frank, they do offer a return on your money. So "scam" might be an overused term in this instance.

The owner, Mark Foster, says in his video, which you're urged to watch, he's got the secret. You are here to earn massive weekly cash earnings. He promises to tell you how.

But he never gets around to it.

attention sign

Articulate in his speech, his narration portrays perfect diction. His claims are way out there but they reel you in. And they’re attractive. But you are not informed about upsells until you part with your cash. And that is a deliberate ploy.

As he explains the "beauty" of this phenomenal secret to earning $30K per month, did you notice that red flag? $30K per month, is via Amazon.

"Secret Methods" should fly in the face of any shrewd business-person. Up front, the very term is commonplace net-speak.

is smart money methods a scam?

What you don't see, as you search for the perfect "Home Biz" is that they're preying on you. Money is tight. A little more wouldn't go astray.

But be aware these "secret methods" are mushrooming. And they're all over the Internet.

What is Inside?

Inside this package is an attractive promise. That is pretty much about it. You can see that you do get something for your money but is it going to be "as good" as they say it is? Or is it going to be a method that frustrates you?

is smart money methods a scam

There are many decisions you need to make before diving for your wallet. Yes, it's all captivating and the narrative is engaging. But be aware that before you buy the system that promises rapid money, it also expects you to up the ante to the next level.

Remember, you've spent $37 but now you’re being guided toward spending $197 that will give you entry into Smart Money Methods number 2.

Irresistible is the promise of $7K per week. They're clinging to that bait and dangling it like a carrot in your face. But there's more. There always is.

After you've spent $197 they tell you, go the extra mile. You're in like Flynn when you spend a further $177 for the Smart Money Pro. It's a sure thing, right?


What you have purchased is a generic training module. Included is instruction on:

Where Is The Secret?

Smart Money Methods tells you how to become an Amazon affiliate but offers minimal training on how to promote and market CPA. 

You can access all of that information online. For free. There is no secret sauce here. People have been earning money online with Amazon for years.

We did mention a refund earlier that having paid for your package, a 60-day money back guarantee is on offer. That's an assurance but it means virtually nothing.

broke guy
It is possible you will be able to attain a refund but not until you've spent hours upon hours requesting it. 

It is on Clickbank but they like to keep you dangling in the worry zones, wondering if you'll get your money back at all. And that does not include the investment you made when you purchased Smart Money Methods number 2 or 3.

Targeting people with no prior affiliate experience is Smart Money Methods' goal. The fact that many people are strapped for cash is another. And the temptation is the only tool they need. They rely on people who cannot see the reality behind the promises.

The Reality is There is no Secret to This Scheme

Making money with Amazon is not a secret. It's been happening for so long, everyone across the globe is privy to it.

Why buy information when you can obtain it for free?

The fact is Smart Money Methods 1.0 for which you've paid $37 is a PDF file. It discusses the four points above, among promotions for other products. But detail and step by step instruction is non existent.

thumbs down

As far as Smart Money Methods 2.0 is concerned, you're going to be staring at videos. Lots of them. Exactly $197 worth. There are 15 altogether. And you'll have to spend an hour watching each of them. Then you'll need to implement what you've learned.

There are no specifics. There are no details on how to get started. There is no information to show you, the novice, how marketing works.

You've got to learn all that somewhere else. And to learn how marketing works, be prepared to outlay more money.

There Is Proven Way To Make Money Online

It takes around 3 months and this easy to follow and FREE to try Course will help you with that!

Is Smart Money Methods Still Interesting to You?

Moving forward, you invest in Smart Money Pro which is the second upsell. It cost you $177. And what have you got?

This module is all about using social media to get your traffic. You've got a PDF and videos that analyse why you should utilise social media and how to do it.

social networks

This module appears more informative and offers more detail than its counterparts, (First upsell $197). However, in our opinion, it is not worth the investment.

Making quick money, "start earning hundreds of dollars on your very first day", is not going to happen. There is no way money is going to start hurtling into your account from the first moment.

Why? Because you need to learn how to become an affiliate first. 

You need a website. You need to know how to market. There is much to learn and this stuff cannot be digested overnight.


Given the lack of instruction, particularly for amateurs who are not familiar with online marketing, the entire package is not worth the money.

no sign

The initial $37 is only a foot in the door. The carrots that dangle thereafter are the "promises". Unless you invest in Smart Money Method's 2.0 and 3.0 you're going to be spending a lot of hours learning and preparing before you even begin.

Another not so clever tactical ploy is being told that this scheme has limited places available and that the site will be taken down in 24 hours. Nobody spends thousands of dollars building a site, only to run it for a day.

And they try to back up their lie with a suggestion that if you leave their site you may never have the opportunity to see it again.

is smart money methods a scam

They also let you know they can only work with a limited number of privileged people. Clever marketing ploys like this are used on splash pages all over the net. It’s pure psychological warfare aimed at a lack mentality.

With all upsells, hidden costs are frequent. As explained, you get what you pay for when you purchase the basic product. To be able to implement your opportunity, you need to spend further dollars to get access to the other two training modules.

money grab

But when you're told that by spending $37 on the initial package which with 30 minutes 'work' a day, it's possible to earn $30K per month, and you're actually getting thousands of dollars worth of information, you do begin to wonder.

If you're an inquisitive person, you'd also like to know who the owner, Mark Foster is. We couldn't find anything to validate his existence. That is a red flag in itself. Maybe the scheme needed a name to make it seem like a legitimate investment.

question mark

But further flags are flying. Incomplete training is only one of them. But not only that, it's generic training and it's also very old.

These techniques have long been put to bed. The courses don't teach you all the fundamentals you need BEFORE you begin online marketing. They are just an introduction.

We suggest you file this one under a typical "Work From Home" opportunity that is another "Too-good-to-be-true" story.

It is not what it is hyped up to be and can be a dangerous financial trap.

financial trap

We do not recommend this product. We've seen nothing positive in its delivery and although in all fairness, $37 is a small amount to pay, we warn you to watch out for the pitfalls.

Be aware that you’re being sold the vision of a dream that has no hope of becoming reality.

Thank you for reading. Let me know in the comments below what do you think about this product.



About the Author

Hi there. I'm just a regular guy that worked many different jobs before finding out about affiliate marketing. Decided to give it a try, followed the instructions, worked hard and started making money online. Here to help you achieve same thing. Working from home is possible if you have the proper training and people.

  • Tom says:


    ThIs is a really good and InsIghtful artIcle, thanks for thIs.

    I have done a lot of research in to becoming an affiliate marketer myself. However, this isn’t a platform that I looked in to too deeply, as I was put off. It sounds too good to be true. There are a lot of these guys promising the world with a video and a series of emails. 

    From what you have said, I am glad I didn’t go in to it further. The Amazon affiliate program is very simple to use and understand. I believe there are much better ways out there to learn about affiliate marketing, without entering your credit card details straight away.

  • Cathy Cavarzan says:

    As somebody who is a serious affiliate marketer I ran across this product one day,after reading some of the reviews on Smart Money Method I decided to dig a bit further and ran across your review. I am so glad I did you laid it out in plain English just what the program is and more importantly what it is NOT! After reading this review I am convinced that everything you could learn in Smart Money Method is not worth the time nor money.Thank you.

  • John Fish says:

    I think the site is great and hope the people thinking if joining Smart Money Methods find your blog before they sign up. For some reason it reads so much differently when are questioning the claims. If i read it was only $37 I would think it was worth a try. But then you remind me of the upsells and time spent. Also you remind me that this is nothing new or original. This blog is well written and informative. I clicked over to read more. You page linking to Wealthy Affiliate was good and made me want to check it out.

    Well done

    • Strahinja says:

      Hey John. Thank you for your words.

      Yes, you are correct. This program is nothing new or original and definitely not worth the investment.


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