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Jan 30

If you want to know what is Seacret Direct you are at the right place. The immortal words quoted in the sub title can refer to the millions of people who sign up to work for MLM companies. Or they refer to the fact that there seems to be an MLM company brought into existence every minute.

At least the latter seems like it is taking place with so many of them trying to sign up recruits and sell their products. To find out all about Seacret Direct, all you have to do is spend a few minutes reading the rest of this article.

It goes in depth to make sure you have all the facts before you sign up. Or the following information will help you avoid the trials and pain that come from working with an MLM company.

Either way you will be more knowledgeable and wiser, which will help you make better employment decisions in the future.

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Who Owns Seacret Direct?

According to report Izhak Ben Shabat and Moty Ben Shabat first came to America to go to medical school in the year 2000. Their lofty goals of being doctors was somehow sidetracked and they found themselves in the business world.

what is seacret direct

At first, they started selling normal items like ice cream and toys for children trying to find their niche and place in society. These sales ventures first started out in kiosks in Houston area malls and little ice cream trucks.

This was a very humble beginning, one which lead the two brothers to continue their desire to reach their business and financial goals. After awhile the brothers formed Seacret Direct in 2004.

After founding this new company they moved operations to Phoenix, Arizona and began selling a brand new product - Dead Sea Mud. Yes, you read that right. They sold mud from the Dead Sea to anyone who wanted to try those rich mineral deposits to continue looking young and beautiful.

what is seacret direct

It is not like the brothers did not do well selling ice cream or children’s toys. In those 4 years they were able to amass a $4 million fortune. But when they turned to selling Dead Sea Mud that enormous sum became like $10 million in comparison.

It took only 5 years for the brothers to earn $500 million and thy did it in two ways. First, they used the children’s toys kiosk idea and started selling their mud through that method in malls.

what is seacret direct

Second, after sales continued to boom they switched to MLM or direct sales tactics and continued to make money. While the financial and business side looked good to the public, the Better Business Bureau and financiers, all was not well on the private side of the business. Not between the two brothers but through employer and employee relations. More on that later.

The Company Products

What seems to be the key to the Shabat brothers’ success is not the mud itself. The exotic source of the mud, the actual Dead Sea in Israel, is only one aspect that helped propel the products to popularity and a whole lot of sales.


The claim made by the two brothers is that the Dead Sea mud contains about 26 different minerals that are beneficial to one’s skin as well as healing and relaxation. They also claim that about 12 of those minerals cannot be found in any other body of water around the world.

That fact, if true, is a great selling point as those extra ingredients can make all the difference in health, look and relaxation of their customers. These 26 minerals and the mud are put into a variety of health and beauty products sold by Seacret Direct.

what is seacret direct

There are actually four categories of products that we are aware of at this time but only one of them is found in Canada and that line of product is called Re-cover. It is claimed by the company that Re-cover is so popular that there is a 2 week shipping wait to meet the demand.

The other three lines of products are, body solutions and the items sold under this category range between $14 and 450; facial solutions whose products bring in between $14 and $250 per product; and finally, age-defying solutions whose price tags find themselves in the $249 to $350 price range.

what is seacret direct

Seacret Direct’s products are so expensive that they do not place their price on their web pages. If yo do go on to their website, you will be asked for the name of the person who referred you as Seacret Direct is a word of mouth only marketing company.

Over the 3 categories the company sells about 75 different products, with 4 for men only.

How To Sign Up?

This may be difficult for some people as they do not allow for anyone to sign up if they have not established a market in the prospective agent’s home country. In fact, you are blocked from getting any sign up information if you are outside their market zone.

really sign

The company is very polite about it and they say: “Agent Enrollment is not allowed for this country at this time since you are in a premarket” but because this is a MLM sales company you would need to sign up under an active agent and become part of their downline.

There is a cost to join this company, just like all the other MLM companies we have reviewed for you here. The price tag for Seacret Direct is $49 a year. That amount of money only gets you the non active customer level. This level allows you to purchase products for your clients at 60% discounts.


If you want to be an active customer you have to pay $50 more to get one of their starter kits. Or you can purchase their $129 starter kit and you are on your way. Again there is a but. There are a couple catches to remain as an active customer.

To keep your status, you need to purchase 200 products and maintain 4 downlines. In other words, you need to recruit and recruit. When it is all said and done you are paying about $1000 just for the privilege to be called an agent for Seacret Direct.

Can You Make Money At Seacret Direct?

Even though the company provides up to 5 ways for you to be paid for your effort, the short answer is no. First of all, you have to make up the $1000, give or take a hundred, that you already spent trying to be an agent for the company.


Secondly, the compensation plan may be concise but it is not easy. The first level for compensation is as always, your personal sales. Because you buy at the discounted price and sale the products at retail, you could possibly earn a very high commission split.

The second payment option is a recruitment commission. Here you get about $20 if your recruit buys the 5 in 5 starter pack. Another $50 comes if your recruit buys the WOW starter pack and $150 if he or she buys the professional starter pack.

mlm rankings

The third option is the VIP elite customer commission but this involves both purchases and points. Fourth is the team commission but this is only paid if you and your recruits recruit enough people who recruit enough people.

Then finally there is performance bonuses and there is 14 levels ranging from a measly $15 to a nice $1,000,000. Of course there are difficult criteria to meet to make the top tier of bonuses.

what is seacret direct

If you look at the upper bonuses you could earn the little approx. $1,000 you invested in the beginning seems like pocket change or a few coins you found behind the sofa cushions.

One of the criteria that makes getting money out of Seacret Direct is that you have to do 3 things every 4 weeks in order to qualify for different commissions. The first is you need to buy enough products to earn 35 personal volume points; the second is generate 200 in personal volume in sales - this has to be done every week; finally, have 4 VIP or elite customers on autoship.

The Competition At Seacret Direct

This is another aspect of the business that makes it difficult to make money at Seacret Direct. Despite the 26 minerals and the inclusion of Dead Sea mud in the products you will find that it is very difficult to find a market where there is not already another agent.


The company only has 10 markets currently and we saw no plans for them to open more. In those 10 markets are about 60,000 Seacret Direct agents trying to sell their products.

What does that figure tell you? Not only will it be hard to find customers to sign up, it is going to be extremely hard to recruit people to form your downlines. Remember you need to maintain 4 of them to make any money.

Also, you are selling very expensive products. The price tag alone will scare off most of your friends, relatives and even sympathetic people you run into on the street. If you do not know any wealthy people, you are going to have a hard time convincing others to buy the products.


Finally, you are competing with the myriad of sales agents who are employed by a myriad of MLM companies who have greater markets and more people trying to sell their products.

MLM employment is very competitive and some MLM companies do undersell their competitors. You really need to be a good salesman or saleswoman to beat the competition to those few beauty dollars not being spent at the discount stores.

Pros And Cons Of Seacret Direct

Every company, even non MLM corporations, have their fair share of pros and cons. Here are a few that come with this MLM corporation:

what is seacret direct


  • Their products are legitimate and it can be proven about the mineral content
  • Their customers are happy and find that the products do help their skin
  • The company has empathy for their customers which is a very attractive characteristic to have
  • There is a possibility of success with this company


  • Their products are far too expensive and very hard to sell
  • They treat their employees very poorly judging from different amounts of feedback
  • The company provides little to no training to help you be a success
  • Their compensation plan is full of hard to meet requirements and it is complicated
  • Too much competition within the company’s markets let alone from other competitors
  • Too much dependency on recruiting other agents
  • You have to pay to play. The initial fees may not be that high in comparisons to other companies but they add up after a while

Th con list can go on forever because there are always more negatives attached to an MLM company like this one. The good points about this company do not stand a chance and are overwhelmed by all the negatives.

Is Seacret Direct A Pyramid Scheme?

This company may look like a pyramid scheme but technically it is not. The term pyramid scheme is defined as simply taking money from one recruited person and giving it to several others who in turn give a portion of what they receive to still more people.

legal or not

In other words, there is no revenue generated outside of recruiting people to sign up and who, in turn, recruit more people so everyone else can make more money. There are no products to sell, nothing. The sole source of revenue for the company is restricted to recruitment.

Since Seacret Direct sells a variety of products, roughly 75 of them, they have escaped this label and remain legitimate but just barely. But it is safe to say that the company makes a lot of its money from recruitment and the sale of their starter kits.

Is Seacret Direct A Scam?

If we can ignore the fact that the name alone is shady, it lost a trademark application because the first name of the company, Seacret, was too close to another more popular and well know company called Secret.


Then we can say that legally this company is not pulling a scam on its customers. We do limit that definition to the customers only. The company does import Dead Sea mud, the mud does have lots of minerals and the products do work according to their customers.

So in that aspect this company is not a scam. Where the scam really takes place is in how the employees are treated. They have to pay to play and those fees are not cheap especially if you have no money to begin with.


Then the compensation plan is very complicated and almost impossible to scale to those ranks where the big money is actually made. On top of that the employees have to maintain 4 downlines, make a lot of sales and purchase a lot of product in order to make a few bucks.

In this aspect, the company is a scam and you should stay far away from it as an employee. There is nothing really good about this company that you cannot find anywhere else at a cheaper price.


With a limited amount of open markets and a host of fellow agents to compete with, you would be better off if you just tore up your money and tossed it into the Dead Sea itself.

There Is Always A Better Way To Make Money

It comes with a lot of hard work but it is honest work where you earn a straight commission with no catches attached. It is called affiliate marketing. One of the best affiliate marketing platforms out there is Wealthy Affiliate.

affiliate marketing training

Affiliate marketing is merely you being the middle man connecting potential customers with top products that help those customers meet their needs. You do need a website and you do need good content, practice good SEO strategies and more but you do not go it alone.

Wealthy Affiliate not only has the products and niches to represent they provide you with free education and training so you get a good start on being a success. You are not left to fend for yourself as when problems arise you can turn to the support groups for help in solving those problems.

affiliate marketing

Instead of paying for your products to sell, you get to represent them for free and earn an agreed on commission. Plus, there is no recruiting of downline salesmen to help you boost your commission totals. The more products you get people to buy, the higher your pay.

The good news is your pay is all yours. You do not share it with anyone else. If you have any questions, give us a shout and we will be glad to answer your questions and help you out.

Thank you for reading.


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  • Kathy says:

    Thank you for such a well written and informative post on Seacret-direct. I’ve also had experience of mim programs and found them hard to make work. Seacret products sound very good though, and I love the idea of all those Dead Sea minerals! I completely agree that affiliate marketing is the best model for making money online, and far easier to become successful with.

    • Strahinja says:

      You are welcome Kathy.

      Yeah, this company follows MLM business model which really makes it hard to succeed.

      Seacret Direct is not a scam and in my post I really tried to give exact idea of what is Seacret Direct.

      I always recommend affiliate marketing as a better way of achieving success.


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