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Feb 06

Free Website Builder Software

By Strahinja | Recommended , Tips

It is not hard to find free website builder software if you look at the right place. And that is the key. You can get free items just about anywhere but their quality, their service and the durability are always suspect.

But that does not mean you cannot get very good website building software at no cost to you. The trick is to look in the right places and this article is one of those right places to use.

Building a proper website is important as it is the first thing your visitors notice. A bad looking site will give off a bad first impression. You need to make sure that the website builder software you use has all the tools and options you need to create a beautiful yet user friendly website.

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It all boils down to choices. If you make the right choice in selecting the free website building software then you are on your way to attracting new visitors which convert to paying customers. All you have to do now is read our article to find the top free website builder software.

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best free themes
Jan 11

Free Themes For WordPress

By Strahinja | Recommended

If you want to know the best free themes for WordPress you are at the right place. WordPress still tops the competition with its wide selection of free themes. These themes help the average website owner to excel in their presentation and navigation.

If you have the money, I recommend the Thrive Themes. These top themes are built to make sure you have the speed, the readability, the clarity and much more. They are not just another website theme, they are an experience.

Unfortunately, Thrive Themes are not free. That is what makes these free WordPress themes so attractive. Here is the list of the top 21 free themes for WordPress in no particular order.

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Jan 05

What Is Thrive Themes?

By Strahinja | Recommended

Welcome To Our Thrive Themes review.

If you want to know what is Thrive Themes, you are at the right place. We are doing an in depth look at the new Internet phenomenon that is designed for WordPress websites.

The key behind every new phenomenon are the owners. For Thrive Themes, this means that the two men who own this company are very vital to its success. Paul McCarthy and Shane Melaugh have blended their strengths to make sure that Thrive Themes does not suffer from their individual weaknesses.

Shane Melaugh

Paul McCarthy

Paul McCarthy is best at coding so he handles that end of the corporation while Shane Melaugh works with the marketing side. Their driving motivation is not to make the company a success, but to make people a success.

They do this by offering a product that seems to be superior to all other Internet themes on the market today. The owners mission is to help you get the most out of your website income wise.

what is thrive themes

They help you accomplish this goal through their advanced conversion optimized plug-ins and themes. They also keep this set of tools easy to use so you do not miss your targets and lose conversions.

In creating Thrive Themes both men have brought a wealth of Internet experience with them. This is no fly by night operation meant to take your money.

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what does it take to be successful online
Oct 15

What Does It Take To Be Successful Online?

By Strahinja | Recommended , Tips

So you want to be successful.

Well it will not happen overnight unless you are a very gifted person and your talent is discovered by the right people. For most of us, success comes after long hours of hard work over months or years of time.

That is because it is very rare any one can strike it rich using those popular get rich quick schemes so many MLM and other shady businesses promote. We are not going to try and fool you.

affiliate program

Being a success depends on how you define the term and what goals you want to meet. In affiliate marketing, being a success depends on many factors which can take some time to get into place.

This article is all about helping you become a success in the affiliate marketing industry. It is a growing industry since more and more people are getting connected and seeing what the Internet has to offer them. You can make an impact on someone’s life just by practicing some of the following tips.

affiliate marketing

But just to remind you, even a growing industry still takes a lot of hard work and the right strategies to become a success. Spend a few minutes of your time learning how you can be a success online.

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website visitors
Oct 12

11 Easy Tips For Increasing Your Website Traffic

By Strahinja | Recommended , Tips

When you are driving on the road, h​​​​​igh traffic is not a good thing. In fact, it slows you down and can make you late for an important appointment or hot date. But when you are on the Internet and want people to see your website, then high traffic is what you want.

With no lane restrictions, policemen, or stop lights to slow traffic down, the more people you get to visit your website the better. If you are not sure how to get that traffic volume to your website, just continue to read our article.

We explore the issue for you and let you know the top 11 ways you can increase traffic. And the good news is that it may not cost you a lot of money to make these important changes.

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what is natura brasil
Sep 02

What Is Natura Brasil?

By Strahinja | Recommended

Women like cosmetics.

That is a fact that has driven many people to form their own cosmetic companies. The answer to the question what is Natura Brasil is that they are another company that has used the idea that women like to look their best to produce their brand of cosmetics.

This company tries to combine commitment to beauty with a commitment to better our world as they produce the products you may want to use. Its dedication to their causes has help make Natura Brasil a top Brazilian company.

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what is avon mlm
Aug 29

What Is Avon MLM?

By Strahinja | Recommended

We can be sure that almost everyone has heard of the name or known someone that has used some of their products. Avon has been around for over 100 years and it is still going strong.

What is Avon MLM? It is a company that has focused on developing and marketing its beauty products for generations. The company does use multi-level marketing to pay and recruit its representatives.

The company has come a long way since the first Avon lady, Persis Foster Eames Albee joined the company.

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If you want to learn more about making money online & affiliate marketing I can highly recommend a community that helped me achieve this success.

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top 11 ways to attract more website visitors
Aug 26

Top 11 Ways To Attract More Website Visitors

By Strahinja | Recommended , Tips

Put out the welcome mat.

In trying to get more visitors to your website, it is important that you practice some of the top 11 ways to attract more website visitors tips. Building a website and firing it up so it is visible online is not going to be enough to get people to your door.

You have to put out the welcome mat in a variety of ways so people know you are open for business. Once you start implementing one or more of the top 11 ways to get more visitors, you should see an increase in traffic flow.

Traffic flow is a neccessary part of being a successful affiliate marketer. Without it, you may represent great products but no one to sell those products to. Now you do not have to do all 11 tips. You may want to do one or three.

Which ones you use is up to you. Or you may think of some on your own or find longer lists to help you put the welcome mat out on your website’s doorstep. The key is to practice these tips correctly so you get more visitors.

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Aug 24

Top 13 Ways To Monetize Your Website Content (In 2020)

By Strahinja | Recommended , Tips

Making extra money is becoming easier.

That is because you can use the Internet and a website to generate cash for you and your family. By using one or several of the following top 13 ways to monetize your website content in 2019, you can get a little extra money.

That little bit extra helps you obtain your financial security goals. But we need to caution you that building or having a website is not enough. You need to learn how to monetize that website correctly.

Then you will need a little patience as Rome and financial security are not built in a day. These top 13 monetizing strategies are not get rich quick schemes but take a lot of hard work on your part to make it all pay off.

Right now, your workload is light. All you have to do is read our article to find those top 13 strategies for 2019 and then pick the ones that fit you and your lifestyle. That is it.

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what is amway global
Aug 23

What Is Amway Global?

By Strahinja | Recommended

It is a name you have heard for decades.

It is one of the most familiar brand names out there today. Once you hear the name Amway you know exactly who the other person is talking about. You get the picture of door to door salesmen carrying their little kits and selling the Amway products through a variety of sales techniques.

In fact, the name Amway, which stands for American Way, is as familiar as Coke, Pepsi, Chevrolet and other brands that have been around for a long time. But what is Amway? You may have heard the name but may not know much about the company.

To find out the information you need to know about this giant corporation just continue to read our article. It is filled with the details you may not have heard even though you know the name Amway quite well.

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I owe it all to the community that taught me everything about making money online & affiliate marketing.

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