Is It Easy To Rank On Google?

By Strahinja | Tips

Nov 17

Google plays favorites.

That is what it seems like when you are trying to rank high on their search engine results page. For some reason other websites get higher rankings than yours on a daily basis. That can be frustrating as you begin to think Google hates you and likes the other guy better.

It may take a little work but you can overcome this difficult challenge with a lot of hard work and the right adjustment to your website’s weaknesses that cause you to have a lower rank.


Making The Right Adjustments

is it easy to rank on google

Google has its standards that everyone must meet. It isn’t simply paying a lot of money to a Google webmaster to get a good position on the first page of results. There are factors to meet and other requirements that you need to be able to fulfill to make sure your ranking goes up. But it isn’t going to be easy.

#1. Understanding Google

The search engine’s job is to find the most relevant and the best quality website that matches your search inquiry. To do this difficult task Google has parameters it uses to make sure the best websites is like cream and rises to the top.


2 of those factors you need to meet are on page and off page details. How you structure these elements in your website will influence how Google ranks your website.

Whether you enjoyed English class or not, good English is important. The title of your articles, the quality of your grammar and more are important. The better they are, the more Google likes your website.

#2. Understand Keyword Use

How you use and what keywords you use are important influences on your ranking. You need to check to find those under performing keywords and improve them. Even if the improvement only gets you to the 2nd page of results, that is a lot better than being stuck on page 10 or higher.

One of the ways to improve the keyword use is to make sure your website indicates the importance and relevancy of that keyword. If you are lucky, you should get results back in about 10 minutes.

Another way to do this is to check the KD score. The higher the score the more difficult it is to rank the keyword. Change that keyword to one that is easier to rank.

#3. Understand Why You Are Outranked

This is going to take some time on your part. You need to analyze your competitors and see what they are doing to get them ranked higher than you. There may be over one hundred reasons why their site is working and ranking higher.


The top 3 reasons are number of referring domains, page authority and website authority. If you are not an authority on your topics then your website may not rank very well.

You have to grasp the fact that Google looks for the reason behind the search. Being a link building service will not rank as high as an article talking about link building.

#4. Understand The Importance Of Content

This is one main reason why it is so hard to rank on Google. You may not understand the importance of content or the role it plays in the ranking system. To keep it simple content is king. The better it is the better chance you have on ranking higher than your competitors.


There is what are called the 3 Cs of content- content type, content format and content angle. All of these criteria play a role in how your website ranks. It is not good enough to think you have good content. You need to have good content. There is a difference.

The failure to understand the difference between the two attitudes is the difference you have between failure and success.

#5. Understand Hyperlink Use

Backlinks help your website get more points. Those points add up to a better ranking for your website. Now this does not mean you have to place a hyperlink in every line of your web pages.

link building

You have to use those wisely. Too much of a good thing can ruin your ranking as well having too little of a good thing. Make sure those backlinks are to authoritative sources and websites. The more authoritative the more Google likes your website.

Just keep in mind that link building is only one factor that helps you rise in the rankings. It is not the factor that gets you to the top page.

#6. Understand Linking To Your Page

This is not the same as backlinking. Instead, this is where you make posts that have the link in your content on other people’s websites. Those 3 words are key. It is not linking to your web pages on your website that counts. It is how many you have on other people’s websites that matter.

is it easy to rank on google

You can add your link to a guest post. This takes a lot of work as you have to participate on a variety of websites to get your links entered into their content. That is just one way to do this. You can replicate your competitor’s links, do skyscraper link building and other strategies to get the job done.

Some Final Words

As you can see it is not easy to rank on Google. There are a lot of factors you need to master and schedule in to make sure your website hits the top page. Unfortunately, the list above is just the beginning and not a complete list on how to rank better on Google.

is it easy to rank on google

That fact also demonstrates how difficult it is to get a good ranking on that search engine. But if you roll up your sleeves and dedicate some time to this project, you should see your rankings rise.

There is no guarantee that your competitors will not see your gains and work to get ahead of you. You just have to keep trying.

Thank you for reading.


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    You know, searching and learning online is quite time-consuming. Good organization of the material can let me learn faster.

    I will apply your suggestions to my website. I hope it can get a higher ranking in a short time.

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