Top 15 Strategies To Rank Better On Google In 2020

By Strahinja | Tips

Nov 19

It is all about rankings.

If you want to increase your audience or website traffic, then you need to have better rankings. No one will come to your door if they cannot find you. Here are the top 15 strategies to rank better on Google in 2020.


Top 15 Strategies For Ranking

top 15 strategies to rank better on google in 2020

#1. The A/B Split Test

To improve your ranking you will have to do manual changes. To find out which ones, you should use a site analyzer to help you. The one drawback is that manual changes take a lot of time to do. There are automatic options that help cut this time down.

#2. The EAT Prinicple

how to blog like a pro

This is where your content is seen by Google as something with Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. That means you have to be on the ball and be really honest when you write your content. Fudges will set you back and maybe penalize you greatly.

#3. Go Mobile

mobile friendly

In other words, you can reduce your load time and improve your ranking if your website is cell phone ready. This adjustment helps you keep up with the current trend of people who use their cell phones to surf the internet and make their searches.

#4. Go Multilingual In Your Tag Tests

You may need another tool to help you achieve this adjustment but listen to some facts to see how this move is worth it. If your tag contains a question, you get 14% more clicks approx.


A limited title tag, between 5 and 40 characters, gets the most clicks. Emotions in your meta tags generate about 7% more clicks.

#5. Add FAQ Questions Automatically

question mark

Here you can add a variety of FAQ questions to help searchers who visit your site gain the answers they need. Whether it is needed or not is up to debate but it does help people remember your site and URL better.

#6. Clean Up Your Repetitive Content

When you have several articles on the same or similar topic it confuses Google. To help clean this up you should turn to content clusters to help get rid of the confusion and let Google rank you a lot better.


By organizing your many topics, you can point Google to the most important one and get it to rank that page. You can always link to the lesser pages.

#7. Translate Your Content


One of the reasons people do not get ranked high is that Google has a lot of English content to pick from. What they do not have is a lot of content from other languages to rank. Translating your content into a variety of other languages helps your ranking and get you seen a lot better.

#8. Solve Problems

top 15 strategies to rank better on google in 2020

That is a good way to rank your website higher in 2020 on Google. If you can solve people’s problems Google will take notice and boost your ranking. Having solutions and not theories work and you will be seen meeting the EAT principle by being an authority.

#9. Keywords Are Still In Vogue

In other words keywords and keyword phrases are still going to be important ranking tools in 2020. Make sure to pick good keywords and use them well. That will get your web pages noticed and your web site ranked a little higher.

#10. Think Long Term

top 15 strategies to rank better on google in 2020

What this means is that you may spend months targeting the number one ranking or the first page ranking goal. That is good but it doesn’t do you a lot of good if your ranking disappears shortly thereafter. Think about remaining in those top spots for some time and work towards that goal instead.

#11. Change Your Posts’ Length


Short articles are good and get you attention but people find longer articles more worthwhile. That is because they think longer articles contain more valuable information and stay on the page longer. Search engines are not blind and rank your web pages accordingly.

#12. Keep Your Content Readable

They tell preachers to write sermons so 5th graders could understand what they are talking about. The same idea goes for web age content. Keep it simple, readable and understandable. Incoherence is not a good positive way to rank. Let someone else read it before you publish to make sure the content is easy to read and understand.

#13. Be Good At English


By this it is meant that Google is watching your spelling and grammar. If it is bad, then your ranking may be bad as well. Proofread what you write and make sure to catch all the mistakes. There are good spelling and grammar tools you can use to get your content up to Google’s English standards.

#14. Update And Revise Your Content

go for it

Out of date content is not going to help you win any prizes. Plus, it may lower your EAT score and make you look like you are not an authority or trustworthy, etc. Revise your content and keep it up to date.

#15. Watch Your Image Use

top 15 strategies to rank better on google in 2020

Any images you use should add value to your content. If they do not do not include them. Those errors will only drag you down and lower your rankings. If the images do add value and support your content, then they will help your ranking. Make sure to complete the image alt tags as well to get a boost.

Some Final Words

There you have it. The top 15 strategies to rank better on Google in 2020. There are more strategies you can try but start here first. These strategies may work well for you.


When it comes to ranking your website you want to use the best options available to make sure you get to where you want to be on Google. When you get there you should find that your traffic will increase because people can find you.

Go with the best strategies to make sure you get the best results.

Thank you for reading.


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  • Kay says:

    This is a great reminder and a great tool to help keep me in track in 2020. I am moving forward slowly but surely after producing quite a bit of content within my first month.

    I am hoping to build my momentum back up for 2020 and this was very motivating. Thank you for sharing these great ideas!

  • Sebastian says:

    Great post!
    This post will probably help me a lot in my Google SEO plan. Above all, site analysis tools like A/B Split Test and keywords research tools still remain the most effective way to improve our site ranking on search engines. So do you know what keyword research tool is better for keyword research?

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for the comment Sebastian.

      I really appreciate it. Regarding your question, I would advise you to use Jaaxy keyword research tool. It has all the important features + it is completely free.

      If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.


  • Adrian says:

    Hi Strahinja, I found your article very informative and helpful. You seem to know your stuff and I found it really easy to understand.

    Very good instructional advice to people starting out on affiliate marketing. What are your thoughts on using social media like pinterest to promote their website? Thanks.

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