How To Promote Your Website In 2020?

By Strahinja | Tips

Nov 15

You have built your website.

Now you need to get it known or your work and creativity are wasted and no one reads your content. Promoting your website is as important as building a creative site.

Promotion is one key to get people to check out what you have to offer. You may have great content but it doesn’t hurt to get a little advice on promoting that content to the world.


How To Promote Your Website In 2020

how to promote your website in 2020

Here are some tips to help get your site known to as many people as possible.

#1. Do Some Guest Blogging

This strategy has been around for a while but it still works. As long as you write good content for the host, your website should receive some positive promotion through your own efforts.

guest blogging

The key is that you have to write really well or you may not get asked or allowed to guest blog on a given site again. Watch your words and make sure you are honest in what you say. You want to appear trustworthy and know what you are talking about.

#2. Do E-mail Marketing

Send out regular e-mails that appeal to different age groups, beliefs and so on. Make sure the content in your e-mails is engaging, interesting and makes people want to read your website’s content.

how to promote your website in 2020

Don’t forget to include your website’s URL in those e-mails to make sure people can find it quickly. Also, add a call to action to motivate people to check your site out.

#3. Place Your Signature In Your E-mail

With that signature you can add your website’s location and get people to click on that and see what you are doing. A good signature should always contain a link. That way people just need to click and go.


Having just a name in your signature may not appeal to people who do not want to copy and paste to type the name in the search box.

#4. Upgrade Your SEO Strategies

This helps with organic traffic and makes good use of the tools that are already in place to help drive traffic to your door. Keywords help as does great content. There are innumerable SEO strategies you can turn to to help get your traffic up and your website promoted.

This will take a little work and you will need to employ keywords and other tools to help you get this done but it is worth it in the long run.

#5. Use Social Media

This cannot be stressed enough. If you want your website to get known and promoted well, learn to use social media and boost your traffic. Good social media ads with a link to your website will help people discover you and your content.

Both Twitter and Facebook have hundreds of millions of users, all of which can make a trek to your door if you promote your website well. There are other social media sites that will work for you as well.

#6. Use Youtube

Create a video that promotes your website. Every month YouTube sees about a billion of people. With the right video, and have it well made, you can attract some of that crowd to your website and get promoted properly.

The key is to make sure your video is attractive, not sloppy or amateurish, and gets to the point. Also make sure it has you looking good.

#7. Turn To Quora

It may only be a question and answer website in your eyes and not worth much. But it gets lots of visitors and if your answers have you looking like an authority, you can be trusted and more people should come to your website. Just make sure to include a link to it so they can find you quickly.


Make sure to stay in your niche and answer the questions without insulting or offending anyone.

#8. Do Some Blogger Outreach

This promotional strategy has you getting your content in front of other bloggers, etc.,in your niche and so on, and have them talk about it. This gets the word out that you are putting up good content that needs to be read.


The easiest way to do this is to ask for a back link. But there are other ways to get your content in front of people who like to comment on other people’s work.

#9. Build A Resource

You can make it free so people will visit your site and be able to search the resource. It is possible to do this two ways. Through printable pdf files or a YouTube video, either way you should become better known because you offer something of value to others.

The key is to figure out what resources you want to have available, then make it easy to share. You do not want a complicated to use resource as that will scare off people.

#10. Pay Per Click Ads

This will cost you a lot of money after a while but if you have a clickable link in the ads, you can gain traffic while promoting your website. If you want you can use Google Adwords. The good thing is that you do not have to pay for the ads unless someone clicks on it.

google ads

The key here is to make sure the ad and the link are in sync. By that we mean that the link needs to go to a page that has what the ads are talking about.

Some Final Words

You can always brainstorm to get more promotional ideas to help your website out. But these are the top ways to promote your website in 2020. Use the ones that fit your content, your personality and so on best.

how to blog like a pro

But one thing you cannot do is quit. When you quit promoting your website, you are going to lose. You will lose your audience, your traffic and possibly your revenue.

Thank you for reading.

Let me know in the comments below which strategy gave you the most results.


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  • Kevin says:

    Hi Strahinja,

    Great article! I think I’m currently applying around 3 out of 10 in order to promote my website. Since I’ve just started, traffic is still a bit scarce. However, I’m planning to use the other promotion possibilities as well in the near future, with the exception of paid Google Ads.

  • Cathy says:

    Hello there! These are some really great ideas. The one with Quora is something I need to put more effort into. It just seems like so much horrific effort to read a one-sentence question and offer a short helpful answer. Thank you for the encouragement! Best wishes!

  • Tom says:

    Hi there, there are some great points here, thanks. I have not heard on the Quora before, will definitely be checking that out. Keep up the great work.

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for leaving the comment Tom.

      You should definitely check Quora as it is one of the great ways to reach more people.


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