Is Profit Raider A Scam?

By Strahinja | Scam

Dec 25

If you wondering is profit raider a scam you are the right place. That is because it only takes a few minutes to get the facts about Profit Raider and decide for yourself if it is a scam or not.

All you have to do is continue reading to get those facts. This article is filled with information to help you avoid bad money making claims and gets you on the right path t o success.

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What is Profit Raider

It is a new company that focuses on teaching its customers how to do affiliate marketing. The good news is that their teaching content is not fraudulent and does contain some top quality information on how to conduct your affiliate marketing business.

is profit raider a scam

Samuel Cheema and Edwin Mik started the company and both men have been involved with affiliate marketing so they do have some inside knowledge. The problem comes in when they start making promises they cannot keep and you cannot fulfill.

The Price Of The Course

The initial course you have to sign up for is about $13, give or take a few pennies. The problem here is that even after you have paid your money, you are treated to adds to buy more products before you even start the initial one you purchased.

is profit raider a scam

Thankfully, those additional courses, priced at $27, $47, $197 and $97 are not mandatory and you can skip them if you want. But one more product is mandatory and if you want to learn how to run your e-mail marketing strategies, you need to buy it. So $13 is not going to be your total investment in Profit Raiders.

After you pay your initial $13 and get to the training session, you should find 8 courses that are available to you. The titles to these courses are: Welcome To Profit Raider; Intro; Setting Up Your Funnel; Launching Your First Ad; Email Marketing; Free Traffic Method; Bing Ads Coupons; Case Studies.

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Each one is specially designed to give you information on each of those affiliate marketing areas. So you are getting some legitimate information for the amount you have to pay.

The problem is that these courses are not really for beginners. That is because the two men use language that may be confusing to first time affiliate marketers. Their terminology is designed for those affiliate marketers who have had some experience and time in the affiliate marketing business.

Too Many Promises

This is one of the concerns many people have with Profit Raiders. They have seen the website and found it to be making promises that are not in touch with reality. One such promise is that after taking their course, you can use the information to make over $100 a day in 30 minutes.


If you have any life experiences at all, you know that just cannot be done. If it could, everyone would flock to the site and take the course. Another promise is that the course is totally new affiliate member friendly. That is not the case but it is followed with another promise that their method is backed by verifiable proof.

That proof does not support the claim that the people making the large sums of money in their business are actually using the Profit Raider methods and information.

Is Profit Raider A Scam?

Technically no it is not because the company meets the legal boundaries as to what constitutes a legitimate business. They do offer a product and they do deliver that product.


However how they deliver that product remains suspect. Not only do they use a variety of pressure tactics to get you to buy more classes, the company tends to use tried and true scam methods to get you to make a rushed decision.

One aspect of that methodology is that they use a timer. The company tells you that the $13 price is a discounted cost and once the timer winds down the cost for the course will go back up to $47. Of course, that never happens. The price remains the same.

bad review

If you get past the different pressure to buy methods unscathed, then you may be able to see the disclaimer which also points to profit raider as being a scam. This disclaimer reads:

  • The income statements that are made in the video and on the web page are only estimates of what Profit Raider think you can earn using their product.
  • There is no guarantee that you will achieve the levels of success reached by previous users.
  • The use of information, products, and services from Profit Raider should be based on your own hard work, and whether you succeed or fail in your ventures does not make Profit Raider liable.
  • Any unforeseeable risks that come with e-commerce businesses may reduce results. As a result, Profit Raiders is not responsible in any way for your actions.
  • How successful you will be entirely relies on your dedication, experience, desire, and motivation.

In other words, what they are telling you may not be your results. Thus the disclaimer keeps the company within the bounds of legitimate business practices. On a side note, you may make some money using this method but nowhere near the promises and claims made by the owners of Profit Raiders.

Get The Same Information For Free

Why pay this company for information you can get for free. Wealthy Affiliate provides the same information and they do not charge for the training nor pressure you to buy more expensive training packages.

affiliate marketing training

Wealthy Affiliate also helps you get started with 2 free websites that they help you build. Profit Raider does not come close to matching that support. When you want to get into affiliate marketing, go with the best affiliate marketing platform that does not take money from you.

Wealthy Affiliate helps you make money without resorting to tricks and schemes to buy their expertise and experience. That is the better way to do affiliate marketing.

Thank you for reading.


About the Author

Hi there. I'm just a regular guy that worked many different jobs before finding out about affiliate marketing. Decided to give it a try, followed the instructions, worked hard and started making money online. Here to help you achieve same thing. Working from home is possible if you have the proper training and people.

  • Thanks for the heads up! Looks like another typical borderline scam online marketing product.

    Rehashed information, lots of upsells and nothing substantial to provide true value.

    The beginners who might find it useful probably don’t understand enough about and the people who understand the jargon already know everything the product has to offer. Sound about right?

    • Strahinja says:

      You are welcome.

      You pretty much summped up my review. Nothing special and a waste of time and money.

      I do not recommend Profit Raider to anyone.


  • Sulaiman says:

    Hey there, thanks for the information on yet another get-rich-quick-scheme website out there.

    Honestly I had never heard about profit raider, but I know that there are thousands of websites like this with false promises of dollars, fancy cars and beach-side houses. But none of them delivers.

    As a member of wealthy affiliate myself, I can sincerely say that the amount of real affiliate marketing knowledge and support of the members are unmatched.

    • Strahinja says:

      You are welcome Sulaiman.

      You are comepletely right. So many of these products and most of them come from ClickBank.

      It is sad to see these broderline products like Profit Raider being available for purchase.


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