Is Profit 365 A Scam?

By Strahinja | Scam

Dec 23

If you are wondering is profit 365 a scam you are at the right place. That is because we are going to give you information about people who lie to get money from you. Oh, they do it in clever ways so you do not think they are lying until it is too late.

Profit 365 is not telling you the whole truth. But if it were all lies, it would not be as successful as it is in getting people to sign up.  Just keep reading to find out what makes Profit 365 tick and if you can trust it.

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There Is Some Good News To Begin With

First off, Profit 365 is new. It was started in February of 2019 and it was started by someone many people already know. So the name is not fake nor is the picture of the creation of this online business adventure.

if profit 365 a scam

Jamie Lewis is the brains behind this venture and he is well known for being an affiliate marketer as well as a product creator. He has created products like Profit Injector and Wealthy Agency for ClickBank. So he is not a stranger to many in the online business world.

He has turned his 14 years of affiliate marketing experience into different successful products like Profit 365 and in his videos he shows off some of his revenue to convince you that you can copy his success.

What Is Profit 365

According to Mr. Lewis you can make up to $2,800 a day even if you are just a beginner using his methods. His methods work with affiliate marketing, so he is using a legitimate business opportunity to promote his brand of ideas.

affiliate program

After you pay the $37 sign up fee, you are treated to lectures on how to use solo ads in your own affiliate marketing business. Most of his lectures focus on this aspect of advancing your Internet business but he does spend a little time talking about Facebook and Google ads.

What he doesn’t tell you is that his method is not the only way to make your affiliate marketing business a success. He also does not tell you that his way may not work for you.

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Keep in mind that Mr. Lewis does not make all of his money from his affiliate side of his business ventures. Since he creates products, he has a good income stream from those outlets as well. In fact, it may be possible that the majority of his income does not come through his Profit 365 method he teaches.

After The Sign Up What Else

If you have learned anything from this series on is it a scam or not, that there is always a catch. The sign up fee is not the end of your payments to Mr. Lewis. There are what are called upsells.

is profit 365 a scam

What their presence means is that you are not going to get the whole story about Profit 365 and its secrets for just $37. You are going to have to pay more money to get what Mr. Lewis claims will earn you about $2000 or more a day.

These upsells cost $194 before the $100 discount, and $174. So to get more information, you have to pay another $268 to get more information and any possible help. That money is not the last you pay if you want to proceed with Profit 365 and what Mr. Lewis teaches.


There are more opportunities to buy more items as you go along. Before long, you have helped Mr. Lewis earn his $2000 per day claim. It will work for him, but probably not for you.

The key thing to take away from this business opportunity is that Mr. Lewis is not teaching anything unique. It is a low quality program in a long line of low quality programs that have sprung up over the years.

Is Profit 365 A Scam

Legally it is not. You are getting instruction as promised for the money you have sent in. Even though you have to pay more money to get more information, that still does not make Mr. Lewis’ program a scam.


What makes this new program suspect is that it is providing some misleading information and does not tell you the full story of affiliate marketing. Mr. Lewis’ ways and methods may work for him but they may not work for you.

There is no magic potion or formula that everyone can use to get affiliate marketing a financial success for everyone involved. Especially ones claiming you can make $2000 a day even as a beginner.


Also, paid advertising is not for those people who do not have a large, if any advertising budget. You may make some money using his system but it is not really for beginners either. To make money you need to find what works for you.

To draw a conclusion, this may not be a scam but it is a good money maker for Mr. Lewis only.

Work For Yourself

One of the best ways to earn honest money is to work for yourself so you know that everything was done right. You do not need to pay people like Mr. Lewis to learn how to succeed at affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing training

Wealthy Affiliate Training

There is an affiliate marketing platform that helps learn the same information for free. It is called Wealthy Affiliate and to put their money where its mouth is, they give you several free opportunities.

The first, is you get free training. The next one is that they have educational videos to help you meet different challenges. Finally, they give you 2 websites to get started. Then they help you build those websites as well as give you information on how to use them properly.

Why spend money you may not have when you can get the help you need through Wealthy Affiliate. They have the support system you need to succeed.

Thank you for reading.


About the Author

Hi there. I'm just a regular guy that worked many different jobs before finding out about affiliate marketing. Decided to give it a try, followed the instructions, worked hard and started making money online. Here to help you achieve same thing. Working from home is possible if you have the proper training and people.

  • Lyn says:

    Hi Strahinja,

    I get your point; there is no shortcut in the making online.
    Some platforms might earn million because they were there for so long. Mr. Lewis possible make a million overnight because of his dedication and time. But I don’t believe a pure beginner can make $ 2000 a day.

    Thank you for this review. I agree with your recommendation. I’m a part of it, and I never regret it.


    • Strahinja says:


      There is no way you could earn 2000$ a month overnight. That is just complete lies.

      Thank you for reading.


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