What Is Pola Japan?

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Sep 04
what is pola japan

Just another pretty face.

That seems to be the answer to the question what is Pola Japan? It is a company that is not that well known throughout the world but in Japan, it is one of the top 3 cosmetic companies.

Since it is a Japanese company, there is little information about it online, at least in English. But you can find their products on Amazon with no trouble at all. Which of itself is a giant red flag. If you want to market Pola Japan products, you are looking at facing some stiff competition.

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A Brief History Of Pola Japan

Like any MLM corporation to understand and answer the question what is Pola Japan, you need to learn a little about their history. This little company, in comparison to other MLM corporations, started in 1929 in Shizuoka City, Japan.

what is pola japan

What it did between 1929 and 1940 when the chemical division was formed is unknown. But these may have been difficult years for the company as that was the start of the American depression and the Second World War.

After the war, 1946, Pola Cosmetics was formed and it took the company 8 years to establish a plant in their home city of Shizuoka. Then in 1958, the company began its international expansion when they entered the Hong Kong cosmetics market.


2 years later Pola USA was begun and Thailand followed in 1966. Over the years the company has won numerous awards including best basic research in 2008. 2001 saw the beginning of is Anti-Ageing Allliance and in 2015 they announced another new strategy called Science Art Love.

Over all details are scarce about the company except that as of 2018, the company employed 1,621 employees and had over 45,000 sales associates. Along with 4,200 sales offices in Japan alone.

what is pola japan

Their headquarters remain in Tokyo and the company has an R & D facility in Yokohama and a plant in Fukuroi, Shizuoka. There are also 65 stores selling their products in a variety of department stores.

As of 2018, the company’s total revenue was about $1.24 billion and the products were found in 13 markets around the world.


The Products They Produce And Sell

The motivation behind Pola Japan seems to be their goal to keep their customers looking beautiful. The company targets women for the most part and they have received an award for their environmental work on top of that goal.

what is pola japan

To get one of the products, you can just simply buy them online, through a store and their sales associates. But to do it right, you need to go through their process. This process is conducted by their sales associates through a personal consultation.

The skin analysis helps the sales associate customize their products to your exact skin needs. Then the consultant will offer a 4 step skincare program after which they try to sell you Esthe Care.

It is a very thorough process all done to convince you that you need one of their skin creams, lotions and wrinkle creams. The sales consultant also has make up products, which run the beauty line of eye shadow to sun screen.

cream lotion

They also sell body lotions and creams, health foods, hair care products and more. There is also a men’s line so that the men will not be left out of the beauty care system. The cost of these products, at least on Amazon, are not exactly cheap.

The web page about their brands did not come up on our computer so we could not gather any information about the cost of their products directly. There is also scant information about Pola Japan’s product cost.

We have found out tat their products do range in price from about $55 to $400.


What Makes Pola Products So Special

One answer to that question is that they do a lot of research and development on their beauty products. They look for the best ingredients possible to put inside their product lines.

what is pola japan

Another reason is that they combine medical and therapeutic research and include any developments those research areas uncover in their products. This means your skin receives a lot of nutrition and moisturizing when you use their different beauty items.

Some of those ingredients come from unique natural sources like silk cocoons which is used to help regenerate your skin. Other ingredients work to help stop your skin from aging. Those ingredients accomplish this through the different protein strategies the company employs.

what is pola japan

All of their ingredients work to make you look a lot better if you can afford their prices. One of the drawbacks is that you may have to use these products regularly for decades to see any real results. These product lines are not a miracle cure for wrinkles or aging

There is also no guarantee from the company that everyone who uses their products will have success in looking beautiful r slow the aging process down. In other words, spend your money at your own risk.


Signing Up At Pola Japan

Seems to be both a very deep dark secret and easy at the same time. The company employs about 150,000 independent beauty consultants, yet unless you can read Japanese, getting the information to sign up is very difficult.

what is pola japan

Their own English version on their website has further buttons to click on if you want more information about department stores, retail outlets, their online store but none for signing up.

A click on their Australian office’s website led to nowhere as a connection could not be made. What we do know is that it will cost you about $299 to get started with the company. That is just the initial investment, what it costs you after that is not told, yet.

Once you sign up, the company offers training, support, invitations to special events, merchandising support, log in support for fast ordering and special offers. How much all of this will cost you is also unknown. Those facts are not revealed in any research we were able to conduct.

handling money

A special note should be made here that with only 150,000- 175,000 sales associates doing door to door selling there may not be enough people to post any inside information about the company.

In comparison many MLM companies have millions of sales associates with a lot of disgruntled ex-employees who do a lot of posting about the company. So far many of the regular websites who investigate MLM corporations have remained silent about Pola Japan.

Even the Direct Selling News, which Pola Japan is a member holds little information about the company.


Can You Make Money Selling For Pola Japan?

That is hard to say because there is no real compensation information posted anywhere we could find that talked about Pola Japan. The best information we have gotten so far is that the compensation seems to be a single level, but that is hard to accept when you signing up is done maybe by recruitment only.

question face

There is also supposed to be a very good profit margin when you sell the products with the high price tag. How high is anyone’s guess and it is not known if you kick any of your money upstairs or if you have to continually buy products and pay the shipping yourself, which would cut that profit margin down some.

Also, there are supposed to be incentives which include monthly promotions and specials but how good they are is not known either. And that is just the good news. The bad news is that while you are not competing with millions of fellow beauty consultants, you do have stiff competition.


Pola Japan does not restrict its sales to just their beauty consultants. In Japan alone, you would be competing against 4,200 direct sales stores which employ about 45,000 beauty consultants.

Then there are the department store beauty outlets that are found in 65 department stores. On top of that, they do business to business sales through hotels, spas and Japanese resorts. But that is not all.


You are also competing with their online store. This is not a good sign for beauty consultants. Sales can be done at any time throughout the day or night through this outlet.

While you may be getting in on the ground floor so to speak because there are so few sales consultants, your competition may still be too much to overcome. Plus, with the scant information about compensation, it may not be worth it. The last factor that may hinder your sales is the high price of their products.

Many people may not be in the position to afford the cost and those that can may find their cosmetics through a variety of other sources.


There Is A Better Way To Make Money

One reason it is better is that there are no secrets, or inventory to buy and no hidden costs. You know up front what is expected of you, plus you get top training for free. No one hides compensation information and no one make receiving your compensation complicated.

affiliate program

We are, of course, talking about affiliate marketing. This growing industry does not keep compensation a secret and you do not have to share your commission with anyone above you as there is no one above you.

You are your own boss and have no supervisors looking over your shoulder holding you to your quotas, etc. Your earnings are yours alone and you earn what you want to earn through your own hard work and good content.

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very legitimate business which allows you to work even when you want to take a nap. When you employ the right strategies then your customers come to you and you do not even have to talk to them to get a sale.

The set up is simple, straight forward and honest. But nothing is perfect so you still have to watch out for the few con artists who do get through the security cracks. Affiliate marketing has a growing audience who may be interested in buying those affordable products you represent.


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Thank you for reading.


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