Is Pinecone Research A Scam?

By Strahinja | Not Recommended

Feb 13

If you are asking yourself Is Pinecone research a scam - you are in the right place.

It is not hard to answer the question that question because there is enough information on this company to make a solid determination one way or the other.

Just continue to read to get some of that pertinent information so you can answer the question, is Pinecone Research a scam for yourself.

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What Is Pinecone Research?

Unlike a lot of make money online companies, there is no single human owner. Instead, Pinecone Research is owned by the Nielsen Company and this owner has made Pinecone Research a very exclusive club to belong to.

is pinecone research a scam

You cannot just sign up at this company, you have to be invited by an existing member called a panelist. If you are lucky enough to find one of those panelist’s website then you may wrangle an invitation out of them.

All Pinecone Research does is have you fill out surveys. Sometimes you may be able to test a product but their main work is survey work. But be forewarned, it is not easy to join. Sometimes their registration is closed and you have to try again at another time.

Who Is Pinecone Research For?

If you like filling out surveys then this is the company for you. There is no selling involved and no upsells to buy. You just fill out surveys when you qualify for them. The good thing about this company is that they do not sell you a lot of hype.

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While the company pays well, usually between $3 and $5 a survey, you are not going to get rich off of this online marketing strategy. Oh and we should mention that only one person per family can sign up. If you break that rule, your membership will be canceled.

Can You Make Money At Pinecone Research

One answer to our main question, is Pinecone Research a scam is to check to see if you can make money or not being a member. Since it is free to sign up and there are no upsells to purchase, then yes, it is possible to make money being involved in this company.

is pincecone research a scam

Your only real expense is time. Plus, as already mentioned, you are paid about $3 to $5 a survey so with no expenses and merchandise to buy, you are making a bit of a profit. The only drawback is you won’t get surveys every day and you can be kicked out for little to no reason at all.

But if you are lucky and remain a member you have the possibility to make a little pocket and bill money. One member made $350 in one month. The thing to remember is you are not going to get financially secure filling out forms with this company.

Is There Any Support

This is another determining factor in deciding if is pinecone research a scam or not. Most legitimate companies offer you a lot of support and they provide a variety of methods to get that support. Pinecone research is not one of those companies.

is pincecone research a scam

But it is also not one of those companies that leave you totally alone, fending for yourself either. It does have a support system. Its only drawback is that it could be better than it is.

They have an e-mail system you can use and answers are supposed to come back in 1 to 3 days. If they meet that promise you usually get vague answers.

The Pros And Cons Of Pinecone Research

This is the section that helps you answer the question, is this company a scam? The information here is vital to make your determination.

is pincecone research a scam

The Pros:

  • Free to join
  • You are qualified for the surveys they send to you
  • Owned by a reputable company
  • Test new products
  • You are paid well
  • Easy to get your money
  • Your accumulated points take a long time to expire

The Cons:

  • No mobile apps
  • Sign up by invitation only
  • Age and location requirements
  • You are not given a lot of surveys to fill out
  • You can be kicked out easily
  • Interface may not be up to date

Is Pinecone Research A Scam

The short and sweet answer is no it is not. It is a legitimate company that is free to join and there are no upsells to purchase. You are also getting what you signed up to get. The surveys may not be frequent but if you qualify, you get paid when you fill them out.

is pincecone research a scam

There are no false promises, no hype and no get rich quick schemes. The only real drawbacks are that it is an invitation only company to join, there are not a lot of surveys sent your way and you can be kicked out fairly quickly.

Other than that if you want to make some pocket money, this is an easy online way to do it.

There Is A Better Way To Make Money Online

Filling out surveys is safe and easy to do. You just spend a little time marking the right spots that apply to you. The problem is you are not going to get financially secure or make a lot of money making money online through filling out surveys.

affiliate marketing

A better option is to join Wealthy Affiliate and learn all about affiliate marketing. It is also a safe way to make money online. The company provides you with the training and education you need. Plus, it provides you with 2 free websites to use.

Then instead of waiting for surveys to be sent your way, you can pick the niches and products you want to represent and make money on every sale. It will take hard work to get going and on the path to success but it is a lot better than waiting for some faceless corporation to send you a survey to fill out whenever they feel like it.

affiliate marketing training

Is Pinecone Research a scam - no it is not but we wouldn’t recommend it either.

Thank you for reading.


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