What Is Oriflame?

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Sep 24

Europe is not immune.

Maybe Europeans are not as smart as they want the world to believe. They allow their own corporations to use the MLM plan. When you ask what is Oriflame, the answer is it is a Swedish company that has used the MLM business strategy for their full benefit.

The MLM business option is popular among corporations because it is the best way for them to save on business expenses like benefits, pension and medical care costs. It is a great plan for corporate stockholders and business owners. But it is not so great for the independent sales rep who has to do all the hard work.

To learn more about Oriflame, just continue to read our article. It has the information about the company and the Oriflame products.

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Getting To Know Oriflame

1967 was the year that Jonas af Jochnick, Robert af Jochnick and their friend Bengt Hellsten got the idea to start their own company. They chose the name Oriflame as it was a reference to the French medieval royal banner Oriflamme.

what is oriflame

Royal Oriflamme Banner

The motivation behind forming the company was that the founders wanted people to experience good skin care and use attractive cosmetics. From the start, these men used the MLM business plan to market their products.

To help their sales consultants, the founders created a common culture for all where the bond between employees, executives and sales reps was strong and something they all could relate to.

what is oriflame

When the company started, they only had a 2 room office with a ping pong table in the center. The table was where they put the products to be shipped out to their independent distributors.

Now the company has an international presence, selling in over 60 countries and a website in 50 of them. Their corporate office moved from Sweden to Switzerland as the company grew in size.


Oriflame’s Codes

These are the foundation on which the founders built their company. No matter what company you work in, their code of conduct applies to you. Everyone who wants to work for Oriflame must agree to live by this code of conduct.

what is oriflame

This link takes you to the full document that includes messages from the current president and its founders. In this document the company lays out its requirements and expectations for and of the employees. It is a 17 page document.

Also included in this document are the 3 core values the company treasures. They are one, togetherness, two, spirit, and three, passion. These core values help give the company and its workers direction and a solid vision for the future.


It also includes the 5 operating principles Oriflame expects its employees and independent sellers to adhere to when they work for or represent the company. Those 5 principles are: respect people; focus on customers; demand quality; seek simplicity and cost efficiency; and finally pursue sustainability and long term growth.

You put all of this together and you get the Oriflame objective that this is a company that provides you with a ‘workplace to be proud of’.


The Oriflame Products

Like any MLM corporation, Oriflame tries to make sure there is a broad line of products your customers can choose from. They have nutritional products that work to make you healthy or feel a lot better. Plus, they have an accessory line which includes a very wide range of items.

what is oriflame

For example you can get toothbrushes, umbrellas, watches, teddy bears and a lot more just by shopping with an independent distributor. In addition to all of that, this company also offers, skin, personal and hair care products, cosmetics and fragrances.

Their company covers the whole gambit with their product offering. We tried to get their prices but the button to get to the website that had them was not working. You have to choose one of 50 websites to order your product directly.


Or you can go through one of their independent sales distributors to make your purchase. What we have found out is that their products will range in price from 6 to 30 British Pounds just on some of their top sellers. We cannot find the cost of their other products although it has been said they are quite high.

The last thing to know about their products is that they are not cruelty free. They do animal testing where required by law. One country that makes that requirement is China. Other than that, the company avoids animal testing wherever they can.

Also, the company tries to develop about 300 new products every year. It is a difficult goal to achieve but they try.


Signing Up With Oriflame

If you want to sell Oriflame products you are in luck if you do not live in the United States. The company has representatives in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa but they do not have consultants above Mexico.

sign up

Americans can still get the products but they need to use the  United Kingdom website and pay international shipping charges. Other than that there are no independent sales consultants for Oriflame in either Canada or the US.

The good news is, sign up is free if you live in one of the other countries of the world. The company has signed up over 3,000,000 people to sell for them and it is easy. The only trick is to remain a consultant is you have to make sales.

sign up

If you do not make any sales over a year’s time, you have to sign up again. There is a starter’s kit that the company sends you. How much that kit costs is unknown as there are no prices placed on the company’s web site pages we had access to. The other websites we researched had different figures or none at all.

To join the company you can sign up online only if the country you are in allows that to take place (per their website). Or you have to sign up through a sales consultant and become what is called their downline. That means a portion of your sales are kicked up to your recruiter.

what is Oriflame

After you complete the application form, you are sent your membership and starter kit. We could not investigate further as the page holding the locations of those 50 websites did not work.

Once you get your starter kit, you can begin selling and make the company lots of money. The good thing to know is that there are no side effects to Oriflame products that we know about. You would be selling good products that do not harm others.

Will You Make Money At Oriflame?

The standard answer to that question is yes but. The ‘but’ is big though. You need to be one of the top executives, a member of the top sales echelon or extremely good salesman to make money selling for this company or any MLM coporation.

question face

Financial compensation numbers are also hard to track with Oriflame. They keep those numbers very close to the vest and do not let just anyone see them. What we have found out is that for sales under 130 BP you get about a 20% commission.

That is sales at one time. If your orders are over 130BP then you can get a raise to 30%. Again, that is not a running total. That is for each time you make a purchase. When you order, you have to pay at least a 4.5 BP delivery or shipping fee. Of course, that fee may change depending on the country you live in.


The other ways you make money is through standard MLM compensation practices. You get about 9% of the sales made by your recruits and you also are eligible for awards and rewards.

As you already know any earning projections and actual earnings are not guaranteed by the company. Your revenues will depend on your ability to sell or recruit top salesmen.

Also typical of MLM corporations, the more recruits you get under your recruits under those recruits and so on, moves you up the ladder to higher company sales positions. The higher you go the more money you can make.

what is oriflame

But with 3 million other independent sales consultants all trying to do the same thing, it may not be possible to move up, let alone sell anything. The reason we say that is because the company has been around for 60 years and their top echelons have already been filled. So there may not be room for you at the top.


Plus, you may not earn enough to repay yourself for the cost of the starter kit and any extra product you bought trying to hit that 30% commission rate. Keep in mind, you are not competing against just your own company and its 3,000,000 sales consultants.

You are competing against all the MLM independent sales consultants active in the world today. Making money the MLM way is not a reality but a pipe dream.

Pros And Cons For Oriflame

The company does have some good points that do make it attractive to sell their products. Here are some of the pros and cons that come with signing up and selling Oriflame products: 

what is oriflame


  1. Products are vegan friendly
  2. Products can be nutritional
  3. A wide array of products to sell including accessories
  4. Set your own hours
  5. Be your own boss
  6. Potential to make some money
  7. Meet new people
  8. Support system



  1. Expensive starter kit
  2. A lot of competition
  3. It is an MLM corporation
  4. Some animal testing done
  5. Lots of recruiting to be done
  6. Expensive products to sell
  7. Not in Canada or the US
  8. Pay shipping costs


Is Oriflame A Scam?

This is always going to be the one main question everyone asks when being told about the Oriflame way. The answer is going to be the same, it is only a scam when you fail at being an Oriflame independent sales consultant. Your pay will be low and will not meet the hype you were told at the beginning.

what is oriflame

The company does offer products for sale which meets most of their claims. This helps keep them from being an actual scam. But you need to ask yourself is it honest to take advantage of people who live in the poorer countries of the world?

These people are looking to better their lives and is it right to give them false hopes when the company knows that it is very difficult to make money through their MLM system of compensation and rewards.

Your answer to those questions will tell you if the company is a scam or not.


There Is Always A Better Way

It is a legitimate way to make money. All you need to do, if employment is low in your area, or you want a second income to help reach financial goals, is look at affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing

This growing industry is not only booming at this time it is a very legitimate way to make money. Yes you are paid a commission, but you get to select the advertised commission rate or decline it. Plus, you do not share that rate with anyone else.

Earning your salary does take some hard work but you do not have to recruit your competition. All you have to do is apply the right strategies and let your customers come to you.


If You Have Any Questions

About affiliate marketing just contact us. We will be glad to answer your questions and steer you in the direction of one of the best affiliate marketing platforms - Wealthy Affiliate.

This platform not only provides you with free education and training, it helps you build your website and give you the right strategies to employ. There is no starter kit to buy and no monthly purchase requirement.

affiliate marketing training

This means you make money not spend it. Ask us your questions so you can avoid those shady MLM compensation plans that make everyone else rich but you.

Thank you for reading.


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    Strahinja, I’ve read your article about Oriflame, which I have never heard of, and found it to be interesting and informative. I like the 5 company operating principles you included in the post and how you added the pros and the cons. Thanks for this article -shirley

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