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Sep 16

Once an MLM always an MLM.

That seems to be the main answer you get when you ask the question, what is nu skin products? The other answer you get is that it is another cosmetic corporation making its fortune off of marketing beauty products to men and women around the world.

The news about Nu Skin is not good for the most part, even if you like their products. Like most cosmetic corporation, it uses MLM strategies to get well known in America and throughout the world.

For them, that is the best way to make their money and get their products flying off the shelves.

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What is Nu Skin About?

This company is about marketing beauty products to those people who want to look their best and fight aging. The company does have some anti aging products which seem to tell people that they can turn back time while growing older.

what is nu skin products

Their vision, according to their website, is to be the world’s leading business platform. It is not about people but how they can be the best. Although their mission statement claims that they want to be a force for good by giving people the opportunity to own their businesses, selling innovative products and uplifting their culture.

It is a very generic statement that hides their true motives that they want to get rich off the backs of their hard working sale consultants. They do that by marketing a variety of products designed to help people look better or feel better about themselves.


What Is Nu Skin MLM?

You may not know it, and it is not advertised on their website, there were actually 4 original founders not three. The Nu Skin website has brief bios on Blake Roney, Sandie Tillotson, and Steve Lund and talk only about them when their history mentions the founding of the company in 1984.

what is nu skin products

The fourth founder was Nedra Roney who for some unknown reason has been cleansed from the company’s historical records. Ms. Tillotson made millions working with another MLM company Cambridge Diet which eventually went bankrupt.

She is still making money through Nu Skin as that company has reached about 52 markets and has about 800,000 sales consultants working hard for them. Unfortunately, the company’s website does not list a lot of milestones it has reached.

what is nu skin products

Instead, it makes rather generic hype like remarks that sell the company instead of showing that it actually has accomplished anything. The short bios of the other two founders only list some awards, etc. and does not get into how the company was founded.

That seems to be what this company is all about - hype. It is a typical MLM company that makes its fortune with all the sales tilted in their favor


The Nu Skin Products

This company has only been in business for about 35 years yet over that time they have been able to develop over 200 products that they market through their sales associates.

anti age

This large product line covers a variety of beauty needs starting with their anti ageing system. Because of the devices and products in the individual anti aging line you can expect to pay up to $400 for just one.

In addition to that, the company offers a set of spa system products that also can break the bank if you are not careful. Their brochure is the cheapest product on sale for only 30 cents. Yes, you read that right.


Then you can expect to pay between $40 and $512 for the rest. They also have a line of products for your face, body and other treatments. We will not depress you any further with their cost.

There is a return policy and you may not like what the details are. Briefly, you only get 90% of your money back on unopened and resalable products returned within one year. Of course, money is deducted from that 90% if you received bonuses, etc. For buying the product in the first place.

beautiful face

The thing you need to be careful about are the company’s claims about their product. One of their top officers said the products were the fountain of youth. Sadly, that is not true as some people have reported that the products do not work like they are claimed to work.

The ingredients are very common and are used along with some proprietary ones to make the Nu Skin product line look unique. The cost of the products is only one of the drawbacks to selling them.


Where Can You Buy Nu Skin Products?

The first place you can find their products is through one of their more than 800,000 sales associates. They have the brochures, the prices and can help you order those items you can afford.

what is nu skin products

The next place you can get Nu Skin products is off of their website. They have an online store that cuts out the middle man and where you can buy directly from the company.

A final place to find their product lines is on Amazon. There a few of the items are sold to reach a wider audience. So for the consumer, accessing the products is a very good deal.

If you can believe the reviews, then it is possible that some of their products do work. Consumer Affairs and Amazon have given the company’s products an average 3.5 to 3.7 rating based on very few reviews. The main complaints were the inferior devices that were sold with the products and the company’s customer service.


Signing Up With Nu Skin

If you want to take a chance and become a part of the competitive beauty industry, then you can sign up in two ways. You can do it through your local sales associate or directly through the company website.

what is nu skin products

At the website you can sign up in two ways. You can be a customer where you get a lot of the same special deals as distributors get, from what we have read, or you can be a distributor.

We only clicked one of the buttons, the brand affiliate and on that page you have to fill out a lot of blanks and provide the company with a lot of personal information. Also, you have to choose between being an individual affiliate or a business affiliate.

mlm rankings

The latter requires that you have a federal business number and the social security numbers of anyone involved in your new business venture. You also need the brand affiliate number of the person who referred you.

As for compensation, we will let you click this link to get all the information you need on what you get paid. There is a large amount of levels to go up if you want to receive the big bucks

There is also another link explaining how you can make money through selling their products. The link to the full explanation is found here. You can earn a leadership bonus if you help your fellow sales associates with their customers.


Trying To Make Money With Nu Skin

Like every MLM company the compensation plan for its sales associates is very complicated. When you look at those two links in the previous section you will understand why the company has a 90% failure rate.

question face

In fact, the amount of sales reps in America has gone down over the years from over 80,000 to just under 70,000. Even with that little number you still are going to have a lot of competition selling the products.

Then to make money, you need to do about $100 in personal sales every month. That can be hard to do when customers can bypass you and sign up to receive the same prices you pay.

unsatisfied girl

One depressing fact that has come out is that in a recent year only 18% of all the distributors for the company received a commissions check. Out of that 18% only 1.15% made a sustainable wage.

The trick to the system is to make sure you earn 100 points every month but with all the competition from the company itself and the price of their products, that is going to be hard to do.

You are looking at making money the hard way if you join Nu Skin to earn any income for financial security.


Other Facts About Nu Skin

One fact in their favor, if it turns out to be true, is that they say they do not do any animal testing, nor do they ask other companies to perform tests on animals. Unless, of course, the law allows them to do it.

what is nu skin products

The company says they use humans who volunteer for the various testing programs the company has set up.

Also, the company has had to pay some large fines over the years for making false claims about their products. One of those sad facts was the company was double listing its distributors to demonstrate that they had more successful sales associates than they really had.


That is just one offense. Earlier in the company’s life, they got caught by 5 states for deceptive advertising, and over stating the income of its distributors. The most recent offense was in China where the company had to pay about $500,000 because the company practiced illegal product sales and misleading their customers.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Even their Nourish the Children is not supposed to be a charity but a for profit business. Everything about Nu Skin seems to be a deception.


There Is A Better Way To Make Money

Selling is always hard, even in traditional brick and mortar stores. There is always a competitor who may or may not have better prices. With MLM companies, there always seem to be other companies that have better prices except other MLM companies.


The cost of the products is a big drawback to selling Nu Skin. As is their compensation package and their 6 levels of payment. There is a better way to make a second income without insulting friends, or trying to sell over-priced products.

It is called affiliate marketing. Not only do you not have to talk directly to people to make sales, you can make those sales without lying to your friends or relatives. You will need a website but in affiliate marketing, you get all the training and help you need to set that up and employ top SEO strategies.

what is nu skin products

There is a learning curve but the results are legitimate and you do not have to share your commissions with a larger company or supervisor. The money you make is all yours. You even get to pick the commission you want to earn by selecting the those products that come with a good commission rate.

The good news is that it is all legitimate. Companies you represent are usually good brands and you get to make your deal directly with the company. Not through some current sales rep that takes a piece of your action.

Do your own research and see the affiliate marketing difference.


We Can Help

As you research affiliate marketing, you will form a lot of questions about the industry, the process and other aspects of the business. That is okay because questions is how you learn if affiliate marketing is for you.

affiliate marketing

When you need answers to those questions, just contact us. We want to help you find your niche in life and should have all the answers to your questions. If you do not ask, you will not find out.

Affiliate marketing is a growing industry that does not have the same pitfalls as MLM style employment. It is safer and you do not have to buy the products you represent. It is a whole different way of making some extra money for your bills and so on.

Contact us today to make sure you get the right answers so you can make the right decision for you. It never hurts to ask.

Thank you for reading.


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  • Sebastian says:

    Thank you for this thorough review of Nu Skin products?
    I have been in the MLM industry with a company that promotes products cheaper than Nu Skin but I didn’t get any results. People are septic with MLM products.
    And I agree with you that Affiliate marketing is the way to go for everyone who wants to make money online without disturbing their friends.
    Thank you sharing!

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for the comment Sebastian. As you can see, that is the reason why I always suggest affiliate marketing over MLM business model.


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