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By Strahinja | Not Recommended

Dec 27

Welcome to my Niche Site Formula Review. As the  the old saying goes, ‘Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.’  This old saying has been proven over and over throughout history.

Yet not one of those pieces of evidence proving the saying true cost you a lot of money to play. In this review you will get the information you need to make an intelligent decision about Niche Site Formula.

The only thing you have to invest to find out is a little of your time.

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Who Founded This Company

This is one of the more confusing aspects about this company as well as a giant red flag. In our research we came up with 2 different names for the founder. Neither name is linked together to show that they are one and the same person.


The first name we came across is Roman. No last name, just the blurb that he is an experienced affiliate marketer. The second name is Lymann Perrine but that name is associated with a product called Amazon Niche Site Formula.

Whether the two people and companies are the same remains to be seen. There is a 3rd name, Adam Short, that is used for a similar sounding business called Niche Profit Fast Track so be careful.

question face

The fact that Roman uses only a generic name for his or her identity makes us sit up and wonder about who really is behind this new money making scheme.

How Niche Site Formula Works

When you come across the ads for this money making opportunity you are told that it is a 12 step training process that takes you step by step through affiliate marketing. It tells you how to build your niche and so on.


The modules involved cover topics like, keywords, niche selection, domain and hosting, WordPress, brand and design, content and outsourcing as well as SEO rankings. Then the training covers topics like Amazon Program, link building, tools and tips.

This would be a great training program if you did not receive this same information from anywhere on the Internet. The information is widely available for free and has been discussed on this website as well.

niche site formula review

The limitation of this program is that it is completely centered around Amazon.

The Cost Of Using This Program

One of the good things about this program is that it contains legitimate information you can use. But it is not free or cheap either. To get access to the training you have 2 choices. There is the premium option that sets you back about $797.

niche site formula review

If you can’t afford to spend that much money at one time, there is the silver program that costs you $197 per month paid over 5 installments. With the silver program you are excluded from Facebook opportunities and future updates.

If you are not satisfied with the results you are getting in return for your investment, you have a 30 day window to get your money back. That may be a bit short when it comes to analyzing your ROI.

niche site formula review

Roman will also tell you that you need to put in long hours of work to make your program successful. The problem with that is, his encouragement brings you past that 30 day window with ease.

The sad part is, This Roman character does use a little hype and false claims like ‘within 1 year you can be making between $1,000 and $3,000 per month’. Another negative to this venture is that the tutorial videos are not very long.


There are also very few of them. Some of the topics, like SEO training, do not have any videos explaining how to handle this important tool. Then after you pay the above mentioned fees, you still have to pay the price of the individual tools you need to use to get your website good rankings.

Is Niche Site Formula A Scam

Like most of these companies, Niche Site Formula does just enough and offers just enough product to avoid the legal definition of a scam. You are getting a training program even though you are paying a very high cost for that information.


The problem is that you are paying a very large sum of money you can get for free just by typing keywords into the search engine’s search box. Also, you have to pay more money to get into the right program to have access to the support offered by Roman.

Then there is the fact that he uses only one name and a company name that can be confused with two other niche building companies on the Internet. You have to be careful as you may end up on the wrong site and miss out on what he is teaching.

being down

So you may be scammed because you are paying a non transparent person lots of money for information you can get yourself with a little time and typing only a few words.

There Are Training Alternatives

Before you open up your wallet and pay for this exclusive training, you should be aware of the Wealthy Affiliate difference. While there are 4 similarities between this program and Roman’s there is a world of differences as well.

The 4 similarities are: Contact with the owners, it is easy to get help, there is step by step training and the two are affiliate programs. But Wealthy Affiliate goes above and beyond what Roman offers you.

affiliate marketing training

When you sign up you get 2 free websites and hosting done for you. There is a domain platform, private coaching available as well as live chat and keyword tool included.

The best part of all of this is that Wealthy Affiliate offers it all for free. Your hard earned money can be used for other more important tasks like paying your bills or getting top tools to help you be a success.

That is the Wealthy Affiliate difference.

Thank you for reading.


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