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how to get visitors on your website
Jul 22

How To Get Visitors On Your Website

By Strahinja | News , Tips

To be an affiliate marketing success you need to answer the question how to get visitors on your website. Without a steady stream of visitors, you are not going to make a lot of sales. Getting more visitors to your website is essential to your affiliate business.

The good news is that the ideas we are going to present to you in this article can all be done for free. You will not have to spend a dime trying to attract visitors to your website.

The bad news is that it is possible that you will lose up to 96% of your visitors after their initial visit. What that means is you have to implement a lot of the following strategies to make sure you have more visitors coming to your website.

More visitors translates into more possible sales. But you have to have the content and the right strategies to convert them into paying customers.

All you have to do now is continue to read our article and implement those strategies you think will work best for you.

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what is the best affiliate program headline
Jul 14

What Is The Best Affiliate Program?

By Strahinja | News , Tips , Tools

You may have seen the articlesType in the question ‘What Is The Best Affiliate Program’ and you get a myriad of titles that say the 19 best, the 21 best, the 67 best, and even the 72 best affiliate programs.

All these headlines tell you is that there are a lot of affiliate programs you can choose from. Finding the best may take a little research, a little time and a little trial and error.

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what is the most legit way to make money online
Jul 12

What Is The Most Legit Way To Make Money Online?

By Strahinja | News , Tips

The answer to  question "what is the most legit way to make money online", according to Forbes Magazine is 21. The writer in that story feels that there are 21 equally legit ways to make money online.

The one thing to be wary about though, is that for every legitimate money making business opportunity, there are thousands of scams waiting to take money from you. To make money online, you have to be careful and know what you are doing.

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how to blog and earn money
Jul 02

How To Blog And Earn Money?

By Strahinja | News , Recommended , Tips

More and more people every day are learning how to blog and earn money. Blogging is a great creative outlet for a wide variety of topics and interests. It's also quickly becoming a good way to earn extra income in your spare time. For some, blogging has even become a full-time career.

Here Is How I Started Making 4-Figure Income/Month With This Blog

Check the exact 5 steps I took which led to making this blog a source of passive income for my family and me.

Here are a few ways that you can become a professional blogger:

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is affiliate marketing better than college
Jun 28

Is Affiliate Marketing Better Than College?

By Strahinja | News , Tips

Affiliate marketing involves marketing different products that are sold mostly by online retail stores. People are earning substantial amounts of revenue through such programs.

Most people attend college so that they may graduate and get an academic certificate that will allow them to get a well-paying job. It is evident that the main goal here is earning a substantial amount of money. In this context, there will be a discussion aiming to answer this question, "Is affiliate marketing better than college?"

To some extent, affiliate marketing is better than college. When it comes to affiliate marketing, you need to learn more about how to earn money through digital marketing. For starters, the level of education helps to determine a person’s salary. Nevertheless, the main similarity in every industry is the advantage that comes with being experienced.

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laptop glasses

People who have completed their college studies will earn more money as compared to those who lack academic credentials. The salary increases gradually, and people also get promotions.

They can also improve their lifestyle as well as establish an investment that will allow them to earn more. Although people aspire for a better future after completing their college studies, there are various factors that they are not aware of. For starters, people should learn more about the following:

  • The risks involved in going to college.
  • Some of the jobs that require university degrees.
  • Is affiliate marketing a legitimate way to earn money?
  • How can a person earn money without a college degree?
  • Affiliate marketing vs. college degree.
  • All about affiliate marketing.
  • Why you need to work hard when engaging in affiliate marketing.
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Jun 09

What Is Google Page Ranking?

By Strahinja | News , Recommended

It is all about Google Page ranking.

To get your website more traffic you need to be concerned where it ranks with the different search engines. Google is just one search engine but its rankings are very influential and most people refer to Google more than any other search engine.

To get a good website ranking on Google you need to score fairly well on the over 200 factors Google uses to determine where your website ranks. One of those factors is called Page Rank.

To find out about Page Rank and how important it is to you, just keep reading our article. We do the hard work for you so you can make the right adjustments to your websites.

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Mar 24

How To Become Amazon Affiliate?

By Strahinja | News , Tips , Tools

How to become an Amazon affiliate is a question asked by many people. Amazon associates commonly known as Amazon affiliate platform is a marketing program. 

Bloggers and website owners do not have to pay for any fee to become amazon associates. All they need to do is create some links on their sites to market or advertise products found on

Once you get a client who would love to buy any of the products that you have advertised and he or she clicks on your link, then you will referral fee for every purchase a customer makes.

Do You Want To Learn More About Affiliate Marketing?

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