What Is Natura Brasil?

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Sep 02
what is natura brasil

Women like cosmetics.

That is a fact that has driven many people to form their own cosmetic companies. The answer to the question what is Natura Brasil is that they are another company that has used the idea that women like to look their best to produce their brand of cosmetics.

This company tries to combine commitment to beauty with a commitment to better our world as they produce the products you may want to use. Its dedication to their causes has help make Natura Brasil a top Brazilian company.

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A Little History About Natura Brasil

This company was founded 50 years ago exactly. It was 1969 when Luis Seabra opened his first store in the Brazilian traditional mall called Oscar Freire. Located in Sao Paolo, Mr. Seabra had a wide audience to reach and has built his company into the large corporation it is today.

what is natura brasil

It was 1999 that the company first began to associate with traditional Brazilian villages and 2000 saw the opening of their new headquarters in a better part of Sao Paulo. 2005 saw this company invest in the musical wing of the arts.

Then in 2006 Natura Brasil expanded into France when it opened its Paris division. In 2017, the company bought out the British store the Body Shop. To complete its empire 2019 saw Natura Brasil buy Avon.

This company is a large MLM corporation that has a lot of other MLM styled corporations under its ownership.


Its Business Plan

While the company opened its first store in 1969, it was not till 1974 that it adopted the multi level marketing business plan. The idea and today the company has over 6.5 million consultants throughout its MLM network.

what is natura brasil

Natura Brasil has about 1.7 million of that total. Those consultants combined with a few traditional brick and mortar boutiques, help Natura Brasil reach about 10 billion in sales.

But to avoid any confusion, Natura Brasil is a MLM corporation through to the core. Even with about 3,200 stores under different business names. One thing this company does is make sure it is eco-friendly and refuses to do any animal testing.

Another part of its business strategy is to use ordinary women and not super models in its advertising. These tactics help make Natura Brasil a very consumer friendly corporation.


The Products Of Natura Brasil

The product line of Natura Brasil are based on natural Brazilian ingredients. These ingredients range from pataua, murumuru, to maracuja, cuumaru to castanha and cacau, to name only a few of the natural ingredients used in the different skin and beauty products this company markets.

what is natura brasil

Their product line also extends from bath & body to hair care to skin care. It also includes fragrances and oils to provide you with a full line of products that make you smell and look better.

The company also spends a lot of time and money developing new products to go with their top of the line beauty packages. These new products can range from body lotions to body creams to skin care. There is always something new at Natura Brasil it seems.

what is natura brasil

Their cost is like every other MLM corporation - quite high. You may be overpaying for the results you get. It is not unheard of to pay abut $12 on the low end and up to $100 or more on the high end.

These products are not made for those who cannot afford their price tag. The best way to get their products is through their many sales consultants. With over 1.7 million of them in over 70 countries of the world, it should be easy for you to find one near you.

One thing is for sure, their natural ingredients and lack of animal testing make buying their products very attractive.


Signing Up At Natura Brasil

There is very little information available about signing up with the company. All they have on their website is a place to put your name and e-mail address. Then they contact you, we guess. We are not about to sign up to find out.

what is natura brasil

Our research has shown that this company pllays close to the vest on sign up and other details. You will be taking a great risk if you decide to leap before looking. What we have found out is that instead of you going to your customers door to door, some of the lucky consultants are given a space or a store to sell the Natura Brasil products.

You do not have to bother friends to buy as you have a very visible location to work from and your customers should be coming to you. This business model helps take some of the stress off selling their products.


Can You Make Money At Natura Brasil?

That is another tough question to answer as the company does not openly describe its pay compensation to the world. In other words, there is little information on this topic as well. But we have heard that it may cost $20 to sign up.

question marks

Like signing up this is one of the more closely guarded secrets at Natura Brasil. You can learn more about their natural ingredients than you can on how they pay their consultants.

What we have been able to find out is that like every MLM corporation there are two ways to make any money. One is through your retail sales and the other is through recruiting others to sell for you.

Besides competing with your own sales people, you also have to compete with the company itself. It lists its products and their prices on their website which also has a shopping cart customers can fill. This does not bode well for the company’s 1.7 million consultants.

worried face

Plus, the fact that the compensation structure is unknown until you sign up, it does not look like you can make a lot of money through direct sales. There is also a possibility that you have to buy your products first before you can sell any. That will take a lot of hard earned money out of your savings account and put it in the pockets of Natura Brasil.

Also, there is no information about how you get paid. Is it weekly, monthly or quarterly is unknown. We are looking for former Natura Brasil consultants to get some information from but they do not seem to have an Internet presence.


This is one of the more secretive MLM companies we have come across in this series on MLM corporations. Our conclusion is that unless you are at the top, you will not make a lot of money through the sales schemes this MLM company has concocted.

Just the competition and low market area tells us that.


Is Natura Brasil A Scam?

We can not say that its 100% scam, but since it is so secretive, we can not recommend it. If it is a typical MLM company, and it seems to be with their purchase of Avon, then your involvement is meant to better the company not to get you any financial security.

question face

It is possible that if you sign up with this company, you may go into debt just trying to get enough products to sell to your potential customers. That is a typical MLM business model as well and not one that is truly legitimate or fair to you.

While a positive review we did come across tried to dispel that conclusion, it failed immensely as it did not provide any specific information about signing up, the cost to sign up, how you get your products or how you would get paid.


The review of the company was confusing in its content and its generalities often were rambling rather than constructive content that provided you with the right information. Even the links in the article did not lead you to any real news source about the company or its payment, plans, etc.

With the secrecy involved and the lack of Internet information, the overall conclusion is that this company is not worth for anyone other than those at the top levels.


The Pros And Cons Of Working For Natura Brasil

If it is available in your country, then you get the standard pros that all MLM corporations provide you. Here are some of those pros:



  1. Be your own boss
  2. Work your own hours
  3. Make second income
  4. Represent a top Brazilian company
  5. Sell natural products that do no animal testing
  6. Make money off of recruits
  7. Get your own space or store to sell from

Unfortunately, the cons may be a lot worse here than at other MLM companies. Here are just a few of those:



  1. A very secretive company
  2. No known compensation structure
  3. No known bonuses paid
  4. No real sign up information
  5. Have to recruit sellers
  6. Buy your products, possibly
  7. Limited market
  8. Lots of competition
  9. Pyramid structure
  10. 98% failure rate

And the con list could go on. We did go through their website and it is as lacking in information as the Internet is about the company. Even their timeline skips 21 years of existence so they do not want people to know much about themselves.


The Only Positive Things We Could Find Out

Despite the secrecy and the lack of positive information we were able to find out a few positives about the company. But we need to say take that statement and the following information with a grain of salt.

what is natura brasil

There is no information how much money is given to these charitable projects or how much real support they are given.

  1. 2005 - launch of the Natura Musical program to support traditional music and culture
  2. 2010 - launch of environmentally friendly packaging etc.
  3. 2011 - established Instituto Natura a non-profit institute to help Brazilian education.

 And that is about it.


There Is A Better Way To Make Money

MLMs are not a good way to make any money for your future. Natura Brasil is included in that bleak picture. These companies are using this business model to make sure they get most of the revenue while letting their representatives, consultants or whatever you want to call them, do all the hard work for little compensation.

mlm rankings

These do take advantage of those lower class people who are looking for a way to make some extra money to help ease their life’s struggles. If you are not at the top or did not get in on the ground floor, then you have a snowball’s chance in Texas to make a good living at MLM employment.

There is some good news though. You can turn to affiliate marketing to help make that extra money without the heavy investment that comes with MLM employment. This better alternative is a very legitimate way to make that second income and pay off a lot of bills.

affiliate marketing

You do not have to buy the products to sell, nor do you need to keep an inventory on hand to make sure you make a sale. All you are is like a salesman in a regular department store. You represent the product and when a sale is made through your website, you get a commission.

There is no secret to how much or when you get paid. All your compensation is mentioned up front and you can even pick the commission rate you will get. Or you negotiate it with the vendor your represent.

It is a safer way to make legitimate money if you work it right.


How To Start In Affiliate Marketing?


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Thank you for reading.


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  • Lyn says:

    Hi Strahinja,

    This is a stream of information about Natural Brasil, I never knew this company before.
    But to tell you frankly, I tried their beauty products Avon when I was younger. A friend of mine was selling the products and at that time I was satisfied with the results.

    Thank you so much this very detailed, informative, yet unbiased article, I learned so much about it.

    I like the way you point out the way for a safer to make money if you work it right.


    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for the comment Lyn.

      I am really glad you had success with MLM business plan. I am not saying all MLM companies are illegal, but there is far better ways to make money, without having to go door to door and sell beauty products.

      Have a wonderful day.


  • Isaiah says:

    Very in-depth article on this company. This is the first time that I’ve heard of this company. I’m wavering between the pros and cons, and not quite clear on their practices. However, affiliate marketing sounds more reasonable as you don’t have to buy any of the products you sell up front.

  • Audrey says:

    Really nice review. I had never heard of this company before surfing on the net and I’m glad I found your review! Even if I’m not really into MLM companies, sometimes I can be naive and try many things before finding the right one for me! I’ll give a try to your better way to make money online, it sounds really interesting. Thank you for sharing this information!


    • Strahinja says:

      I appreciate the comment Audrey.

      I invite you to check the world of affiliate marketing.

      You won’t regret it.


  • Devara says:

    Thanks for providing this information about this “Secretive” Natura Brasil business. I’ve never heard of it before, but I like that they use ordinary women and not super models in its advertising.
    That has to help their business be more successful.. I mean really, how many women out there are really as beautiful as the ones we see on ads?

    I don’t like the multiple cons concerning this business, especially that they don’t really explain how you would get paid.

    This is definitely not something I’m interested in, but learning to become an affiliate and earning money through blogging sounds really interesting.

    Thanks for sharing this information. I’ll explore your links and find out more information. The online business world might just be my next thing!


    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for the comment Devara. I really appreciate it.

      Natura Brasil is world famous company, but still they operate with MLM business model, which makes it really hard for regular people to succeed as a sales people.


  • Mike says:

    Thanks for sharing.

    It’s just the high failure rate that is so off-putting in these kind of MLM programs. The products seem decent, but I bet the same thing can be found for much cheaper else where too.

    It’s great you offer such an in depth review on it!

    Thanks again

  • Stefan says:

    As a Brazilian, I have known Natura since when I was born, and I can assure you it’s a legit company. It operates a multi-level marketing model, but different than most MLMs, their products are high quality.
    I think the opportunity of making a decent income with Natura is great for people, but just like any business, it’s not easy.

    • Strahinja says:

      Yes Stefan, Natura Brasil is a famous brand and their products are solid. However, making money with their MLM plan is very hard and next to impossible.


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