What Is MCA Motor Club Of America

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Feb 14

If you want to know what is MCA Motor Club of America you are at the right place.

If you have heard of AAA then you already know what MCA is all about. Except that the latter organization has added a little twist. That is why we are reviewing this company and answering the question, what is MCA Motor Club of America.

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Its Beginning

The company was created in the early 20th century, around 1926 to be exact. Its goal was to provide motorists with roadside assistance. The original owner William W. Green served as CEO of his company until 1986 when it was sold several times before ending up in TVC Marketing’s grasp.

what is mca motor club of america

TVC is owned and operated by Virgil Coffee, who provides legal packages to truckers. The twist that was added to MCA by Mr. Coffee who added an MLM business plan to the corporation. So not only can you get roadside service when you need it, you can make money on the side.

The Product

This is a very straightforward membership. There are 3 roadside plans you can sign up for and pay a monthly fee. In return, you get a lot of roadside help including but not limited to the following:

what is mca motor club of america
  • Lockout service
  • Towing up to 100 miles
  • Fuel delivery
  • Tire changes
  • Battery charges
  • Prescription, vision and dental discounts
  • Credit card protection
  • And a lot more

These services are all legitimate and they can be of some useful service if you are ever stuck on the road in the middle of nowhere. The MLM side of the business is a little iffy and it comes with a complicated compensation package like most MLM strategies.

The Cost

To sign up to be an affiliate or associate of MCA there is no cost. But it is highly recommended that you purchase your own membership. This makes sense as it is hard to sell a product you do not already use.

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As for getting roadside membership you have 3 categories to choose from. Level 1 is called Security and it sells for $9.95 a month; level 2 is called Security Plus and it costs you $14.95 every month; and finally there is level 3 or Total Security which retails for $19.95.

Each level provides you with the same coverage as the previous level and adds a few more benefits to your overall package. Unfortunately, like every MLM company out there, you are selling overpriced items as AAA comes in at over $100 less than MCA memberships.

In some states you may have to pay a licensing fee to be able to sell MCA memberships. Check with your state to find out the cost.

The Training

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To put it bluntly, there is no training conducted by MCA. The company expects the person who recruited you to do all the training you will need. There is a possibility that their YouTube channel has some sort of training videos on them but that is not a given.

The Support

Here is where MCA excels. There seems to be a lot of support channels available to you when you run into some difficulties. It is possible to get live chat support, you can send in an e-mail and there is a toll free number you can call 24/7 365 days of the year.

what is mca motor club of america

Also, you can contact the person who recruited you or your team leader. Once you sign up, you will get support if you are discouraged or in need of solving a problem.

The Pros

  • Free to join
  • Legitimate product
  • Paid weekly
  • Good support system

The Cons:

  • You pay for promotional material
  • Its an MLM style business
  • Available in the US or Canada only
  • No training

The Employees

When asking what is MCA Motor Club of America you need to ask who is this opportunity for. On the assistance side of the company, it is for all motorists who want a little travel security.

what is mca motor club of america

On the sales side of it, it is for those people who enjoy working at MLM corporations. It is hard to make money at this scheme so you have to be prepared and good at selling MLM products.

The Scam

What is MCA Motor club of America? Is it legitimate or a scam? The answer to those two questions boils down to the idea that it is a good concept married to a bad business strategy.

what is mca motor club of america

The products are not a scam nor is the roadside service. Everyone should have some sort of travel protection, it just needs to be cheaper. The scam comes in through the compensation plan and that only affects the associates not the people buying a membership plan.

To tell you the truth, we like the concept but we do not like the MLM strategy attached to it. Unfortunately, you can get roadside assistance from better companies for a lot less cost. A little Internet search will turn up those companies who do not have an MLM strategy attached to their offers.

The Solution

Making money online is complicated by the myriad of companies that adopt an MLM business strategy. They all sound good but making the money seems to be a difficult goal to reach.

affiliate marketing

One way to make money online is to turn to Wealthy Affiliate. It is an affiliate marketing platform that avoids the MLM business strategy and helps you make money online.

The company not only provides access to niches and products, they also give you training, education, support, and even 2 websites. Plus, they do not have a complicated compensation plan.

affiliate marketing training


You get to pick the commission splits you want to work with. It is all laid out for you so you have no surprises when it comes time to receive your revenue. What is MCA Motor Club of America? It is a company that uses dubious tactics to make money off of you.

What is Wealthy Affiliate? It is a company helping you succeed and reach your financial goals.

Thank you for reading.


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  • Steve says:

    Thanks for a truly honest review of a service. Too many reviewers are not really reviewing they are just trying to sell you something. This was great – you presented both the pros and cons and left it up to us to decide. Looking forward to more of your reviews. Keep up the good work!

    • Strahinja says:

      Yeah Steve.

      I tried to put everything together so everyone that visits my website can have clear picture about MCA Motor Club of America.


  • Jason says:

    Hi, I stumbled upon this article because I’m interested in starting a side business that I can manage from home. It seems like you’ve managed to make it happen, but do you mind if ask how long it might take someone like me who’s completely unfamiliar with marketing and has to learn everything from scratch?

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for the comment Jason.

      I appreciate it.

      Regarding your question, it depends on your niche, your content and your SEO knowledge.

      Usually, people start to see their first sales coming in first 6 months after they started and to really make it going, I would say you need at least 1 year and a half and in most cases two years of dedicated work on your website.

      Thank you for reading.

      Hopefuly I answered your questions and you know more about what is MCA Motor Club of America.

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