What Is Affiliate Marketing Website

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Jul 18
what is affiliate marketing website

You need to understand affiliate marketing to be able to answer the question what is affiliate marketing website. When you have a clear understanding of affiliate marketing then it becomes easier to design a proper website.

This sense of purpose makes every aspect of developing your website a lot clearer.

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What Is Affiliate Marketing

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is an electronic salesman. All you are doing is convincing your readers to buy a product they need through you. That is it. Now that you know what affiliate marketing really is, you can design your affiliate marketing website along those lines.

You know the difference between a good and bad salesman thus you want your website to reflect the former not the latter. Bring your readers top quality information, be honest about it and build trust. That way you will get more sales and be a success at affiliate marketing.

What Is An Affiliate Marketing Website

Basically it is your tool that you use to help you earn a little extra income. How you build it is up to you but it is the main weapon in your sales arsenal. The number of links or ads you have sending your readers to the products you represent is also up to you.

what is affiliate marketing website

But you do need links and ads to make sure your readers can easily access the sales page. To get them to do this, your website needs to have quality content that your readers can trust.

Once your readers see that your website knows what it is talking about, the more inclined they are to click those links and ads to purchase those products you represent.

Once they do that, you earn a commission for the sale. Your affiliate marketing website is your electronic salesman helping you earn money. 

How To Build Your Electronic Website Salesman

Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of education to make your affiliate marketing website work for you. Just like other professionals, doctors, lawyers and so on, you need to know your topic and know it well.

what is affiliate marketing website

If you don’t, then Google or some other search engine may classify you as a spam website and traffic will not come to your door. Your goals with building your new website is to achieve a solid, honest reputation and have your website contain content that is valuable to your readers.

To accomplish those two goals you are going to need to be dedicated, do a lot of hard work and spend a lot of time getting your website up to the levels it should be to make your money.

Here are 4 key elements to building your electronic website salesman:

  1. Write content that turns readers into purchasing customers. You can do this through writing content or posting top quality videos.
  2. Learn how to bring traffic to your website through the best keywords you can use.
  3. Make sure your website is optimized for search engine ranking.
  4. Make sure all your links to the products purchase page, etc., are working and done properly.


The Benefits Of Owning An Website Salesman

Before we get to some of the nitty gritty details surrounding an affiliate marketing website, you should know that there are plenty of benefits of owning one. These benefits help motivate you to do your best and construct a website worthy of your reader’s intellect and consumer pursuits.

what is affiliate marketing website

Here are those benefits: 

  1. You are building an online store - you are in business and you need an outlet to market your products. The good news about this is that the Internet stays open 24/7 and so will your affiliate marketing website. If you do your website right, you can make money while you sleep or on vacation
  2. Set your own schedule - an affiliate marketing website is not a 9 to 5 job. YOU can work at it when you want and where you want.
  3. Work for yourself - you get to set your work rules as well as the rules guiding your employees.
  4. No more rush hour traffic - you can work at home and save wear and tear on your vehicle. Plus, you do not have to sit for long periods of time in traffic filled with 9 to 5 office workers.
  5. Less stress - you get to work where you are most relaxed and comfortable. You can even do this job from the beach if you want.
  6. Earn big commissions - not all products you represent will have large commissions but most can. Commission rates can range between 1 to 75% or $1 to to a few bucks.


The Keys To A Good Affiliate Website

Like regular box store salesmen, there are keys to being a good one. If you follow those key principles then you are on your way to being a good salesman in a traditional department store.

what is affiliate marketing website

If you don’t then you may be classified as a bad salesman. The same principle works for an affiliate marketing website. There are keys to being good and failing to follow those key principles, your website may be classified as a bad salesman.

Here are some of the key issues you need to master so your electronic website salesman can be considered good and a success:

#1. Pick The Right Niche

This cannot be stated enough. Far too many affiliate marketers try to big several niches, some they know nothing about and it doesn’t work. Start with one niche and build your relationship with your readers slowly.

what is affiliate marketing website

You will need to do your research so you can produce fine quality content but that is okay. Knowing what you are talking about is how you build trust with your readers. Plus, the more valuable your information the more likely it is your content will convert your readers into buyers.

You can represent several products and different vendors in the niche you pick, but just make sure you know what the products are all about and what they can do for your readers.


#2. Pick The Right Affiliate Program

This is as important as finding the right niche. With the wrong affiliate program you may be waiting for your commission checks, not paid through quicker options like pay pal or your commission rates are lower than the average.

affiliate program

Plus, you may have to pay high fees to be a member. Higher fees cut into your profit margin and hindering you from making the money you need. In addition to that, the wrong affiliate program may not be supportive enough for new affiliate marketers.

Without good support, you may not develop fast enough and make the money you should. You need good support to help you navigate the problems and other issues that arise throughout your affiliate marketing career.

Before you leap into a program, look at everything they offer.

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as my number 1 program. They already helped more than 1.5 million people create a career in affiliate marketing.

Best thing - it is free to join and you have 2 free websites at your disposal.


#3. Use The Right Keywords

Driving traffic to your door depends on which keywords you use. The key to using keywords is to make sure you use them naturally and do not stuff your content with keywords.


For example, how boring would this article be to you if all you read was what is affiliate marketing website? You would be bored pretty quickly and switch to a new website that gave you a clear answer to that question.

The keywords need to flow with the text and using "what is good affiliate marketing website" unnaturally would make you suspect that we did not know what we were talking about. That suspicion would have you moving on to a website that contained far more information and used their keywords properly.

When it comes to keywords you have to be careful they do not detract from your content and make what you say less valuable. As you can see keywords are not always spelled correctly or are grammatically correct.

That is because many Internet users are not native English speakers and they do not know how to spell English words or use English grammar correctly. You are going to have to be flexible in your use of keywords.

Good keyword generating tools will help you in this part of keyword use. They come with with a lot of variations to help you find the right keywords to use.


#4. Use A Targeting Post Strategy

Reaching the right audience with your content depends a lot on the strategies you use. One of those strategies is target posts. You can target a specific audience through a variety of means but one of the best strategies is to target their geographical location.


This is not hard to do and it is called geo-targeting. You are designing your ads to reach a specific audience in a specific location. On social media outlets, you can do this through IP addresses and their recorded address.

You can achieve this through using the following information:

  1. Country
  2. State or provinces in those countries
  3. Cities
  4. Zip codes


Or you can define your audience even more narrowly by using the following filters:

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Languages
  4. Interests
  5. Connections


Each social media outlet has their own rules governing your use of targeted posts and it would be wise to familiarize yourself with those rules and work with them.


Getting Started Building Your Website Salesman

It is never good to put the cart before the horse. There are a few easy steps to follow when you begin building your affiliate marketing website. These steps must be done before you can start selling those products you want to represent.


#1 Start With A Good Hosting Program

There are a lot of good hosting programs available and a quick Internet search will turn up quite a few. You want a reputable hosting company that will offer you a discount when you first sign up.

The starter plan is always best to go with and you can always upgrade once your business starts to take off.

#2. Pick A Good Domain Name

This needs to be easy to spell and easy to remember. Don’t tie yourself to a .com name as there are plenty of good alternatives available that do the same thing, for example .net is a good link to use.


Also, you want your domain name to be relevant to the niche and products your are representing. Be creative but don’t mislead your potential readers and customers.


#3. Make Sure You Can Set Up WordPress

With your hosting company. This should be a simple process to complete and it will help you get the templates, themes and other plug-ins you need. To set up WordPress just follow the instructions that appear on your screen.


#4. Build Your Website

After you have the above steps completed, you will need to start selecting your theme and other key details for your website. With WordPress, you can change your theme anytime you want. This helps when your current theme is not working out or matching your niche.

When choosing a theme, make sure it is a responsive style. This means that your theme will automatically adjust to smaller browsers. Also, make use of the free advertising credits you get when you sign up.

After all of this, it is time to develop your content. You can go with a blog style, a product review format or authority website which is filled with the best content possible.

A price comparison website is also an option and this allows you to compare prices for your customers and gives them the lowest price available at that time.

Some Final Words

As you can see the answer to what is affiliate marketing website is a detailed one. To keep it simple, it is your tool to market products to consumers you probably will never meet.

That is why you want it to be the best website possible. Your readers see you through the quality of your content, product representation and more.

Thank you for reading.


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