Is Making Money Online Hard?

By Strahinja | Tips

Oct 24
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The answer to this question may depend on who you talk to. For some they find it quite easy to make money online because they found the right opportunity at the right time. For others it takes a lot of work for them to eke out a living and making money online is difficult.

But one thing is for sure, working online is not a get rich quick scheme. It does take a lot of hard work and it will not be as easy as some people think. Plus, there are some mitigating factors that influence your results.

These factors can interfere with your making money online and one is that you find it too hard to do and you get bored and quit. You never make any money if you give up. Making money online may be hard but not if you stick to it and overcome the challenges that come along.

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In this article we will start with 5 reasons why you are not making money online. Then it will go into some good online businesses you can make money from. Finally, it will look at some ways to help you make money online.


5 Reasons You May Not Be Making Any Money Online

#1. Too Little Traffic

is making money online hard

The term traffic here only means people coming to your website and reading your content. When you have too few of these people then your sales will not be that great. To solve this issue, you need to practice good strategies that drive traffic to your door and get people interested in what you are selling.

#2. Your Website Is Not Seasoned

In other words it is too new to attract the attention of search engines, readers and curiosity seekers and other visitors. You would need excellent quality content to make your young website produce like you want it to.

is making money online hard

Unfortunately, that takes work as their is no magic formula that turns visitors into instantaneous paying customers.

#3. Your SEO Strategy Is Not Top Notch

This is a problem for many people. Not only do good SEO rules changed frequently, many people just do not understand how to use them. Implementing bad SEO options is a sure fire way of losing money on your online business venture.

is making money online hard

With about 60 million competitors online you need to practice top SEO strategies that work today.

#4. It Takes Time

Great empires are not built in a day nor are great corporations. Sometimes it takes months or more before your online business makes the right connections and takes off. If you are not patient then you may not make any money at all.

is making money online hard

Take your time,pick the right strategies, the right keywords and more so that eventually, after time, you will see a rise in traffic and revenues.

#5. You Use The Wrong Motivation

If your website was created for the sole purpose to make money, then you are using the wrong motivation. Your content quality will be down, your readership will be down and so will many other aspects that help you generate your income.

is making money online hard

Making money is the end result of having the right motivation for creating your online business.

10 Top Ways To Make Money Online

Picking the right online business is one of the keys to earning money online. But make sure the one you pick fits in with your passions, your talents and your abilities. Here are 10 you can consider when you are thinking of turning to the Internet to make money.

#1. Affiliate Marketing

Probably one of the best ways to earn money online. While there are a lot of things to learn before you do affiliate marketing correctly, if you pick the right platform, you will get the training and education you need.

You also get hundreds of thousands of niches and products to represent. The key to affiliate marketing is good content and using all the appropriate tools that are at your disposal.

affiliate marketing

This industry is growing everyday so you have the potential to make good money online choosing to do this business. Check it out as affiliate marketing may be just the ticket you have been waiting for.

#2. Freelance Writing

This is another good way to earn money online. The key of course is that you need to be a good writer to do this job successfully. No copy or pasting here. You have to be original, innovative, talented and like to write.


Who knows, you may end up writing for affiliate marketers as they are always looking for good writers to help them create great content. But there are scores of websites that offer freelance writing jobs - from academic to commercial to content it is all there if you do your research well.

#3. Online Teaching

Usually this is reserved for English teaching but you may find opportunities to teach other subjects. Online English teaching is popular because there are so many non-English speaking countries whose people want to learn the language.


What you need to do this job well is a good computer with top Internet speeds as well as a better than average knowledge of the English language to the subject you get to teach.

The pay is also pretty good and you can choose your own schedule at some of the better English teaching companies. This opportunity is not going away any time soon.

#4. Write

Instead of writing for others, do your own writing. There are a lot of publishers, magazines, and other corporations who are always looking for fresh material. You may have that next great American novel inside of you.


If you like poetry there are paid outlets for that as well. Writing for yourself may take some of the pressure off and lets you work at your own speed. Then if you want, there are self-publishing outlets that help get your name known as an author.

You would need to explore this a bit more to see if you have the writing talent needed to make money online.

#5. Create An Educational Course

If you have expertise in one or more topics, you can turn that knowledge into an academic course and teach others what you already know. The key here would be in promoting your course to others. This may take a little brainstorming and a little research to get done but it is realistic and doable.

is making money online hard

There are always younger people who need to access your knowledge so their lives can become a bit easier to live. Plus, you can use your own books, etc., as texts and make a little extra cash through those sales.

#6. Create A Podcast

This is a great way to earn some money online. You can do interviews, have discussions, and a lot more. Plus, you can sell your own products to help boost your income or sell paid sponsorship or ad space.

is making money online hard

The sky is the limit on how you can create money making avenues. The key here is your content has to be as good or better than what is required for affiliate marketing. If you do not know what you are talking about or fool around too much, you will find your viewers leaving in droves.

#7. Use Online Companies

You may have been a pack rat all of your life or you have access to some great antiques or other popular items. To make money online, you just need to open an EBay account and start selling what you already own.

is making money online hard

The trick here is to be honest and provide top quality customer service. Also, you need to make sure you actually own the items before you start selling them. This is an easier way to make money as long as you do the right promotion. It may take time to build up a customer base as well.

#8. There Is Always Graphic Design

For the artist in you, you can turn to graphic design to earn a living online. Just like it is for freelance writing, there are plenty of websites that are offering opportunities to graphic designers.

is making money online hard

You can bid on different jobs, get clients through advertising and a lot more. To make it in this online business, you have to be good at your job. Bad graphic designers do not get a lot of top quality assignments or pay.

Also, a lot of those websites for writers also hold graphic design jobs. You have to do your research to make sure you do not get conned though. Bad clients do exist.

#9. Then You Can Be A Web Designer

With the growing affiliate marketing business, plus the growing number of people becoming connected to the Internet, this field should have a lot of money making potential.

Like all the other online businesses on this list, you need to know what you are doing and be very good at it. You will have lots of competition and you will need to be able to stand out from the crowd.

Also, you will need to learn how to code. This will take some time and be demanding but in the end, it may all be worth the trouble

#10. Do Tech Support

Not everyone loves or is good at technological products, computers especially. You can lend your support through offering your tech talents at a reasonable fee. People are always needing tech help and if you are good, the word of mouth advertising should help your business pick up.


Being a technical expert is rewarding work especially when you help people solve their technical issues. There is a wide range of technical products that go wrong. Make yourself an expert and study up on those problems and learn how to fix them.

5 Tips To Help You Make Money Online

Making money online is not going to be easy. You have to know your stuff and be good at it. That is why getting some tips to help you is not a bad idea. Here are 5 tips to help you get on the right path to earning a living online:

#1. Don’t Just Talk About It

One of the problems many people have when they are not making money is that they sit around talking about making money online. You need to get off your comfortable chair and do it.

is making money online hard

Don’t waste any more time, pick a field and do it. Then you will see that you can make money and improve your living conditions.

#2. Unclutter Your Online Activities

Drop the dead weight. Get rid of those activities that you are bad at or have no hope of getting better at doing. Focus on what you are good at till they start to pay off for you. Then add in other opportunities to help build your revenue source.

go for it

But don’t waste time doing things that won’t work out for you.

#3. Be Realistic

You will be told how easy it is to make money online. But what those people won’t tell you is that they spent hundreds of hours getting to that point. It is going to take lots of hard work and many hours to make it in the online world.


Stay realistic and do not get carried away with the hype.

#4. Diversify

is making money online hard

Yes you need to pick one job and focus on it for awhile. Once it starts to take off, you should pick a few other opportunities and broaden your financial reach. But pick good ones.

#5. Have Passion

earn money

If you do not have passion for what you are doing then you won’t make much money. Your lack will show and your quality will suffer. Make sure you have passion for the online field you enter.

Some Final Words

is making money online hard

Making money online is not easy. You will have to roll up your sleeves and get to work if you want to get that financial freedom you always wanted. Plus, you need to follow the above advice to get yourself started on the right path.

Thank you for reading. What is your favorite strategy for making money online?

Let me know in the comments below.


About the Author

Hi there. I'm just a regular guy that worked many different jobs before finding out about affiliate marketing. Decided to give it a try, followed the instructions, worked hard and started making money online. Here to help you achieve same thing. Working from home is possible if you have the proper training and people.

  • Phililp says:

    Hello Strahinja,

    Great article Strahinja and I was asked that very same question of is making money online hard. I was asked this because I cashed out some earnings and my family and friends, especially my partner, were WEIRDLY amazed.

    I asked them what the hell do they think I was doing online all this time. I think they thought I was ‘playing’ on my laptop. LOL!

    When I first started this making money online thing I was told it will not be real to you until you get you make and get your earnings. Kyle was right, whom is the founder of the platform I am with, Wealthy Affiliate.

    All journeys are different, but one thing is for sure, it does take some time. How long is hard to say but most make some money in the first 4 months. That was my experience anyways.

    Thanks again Strahinja and I learned a nice few ideas here today. Much appreciated.- Philip.

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my article Philip.

      Yes, many people do not know that making money is a reality and as you say, they often think we are playing on our laptops.

      I also recommend the platform you mentioned because they proven themselves for being on market over 14 years.

      Have a nice day.


  • Stevie says:

    Thanks for the awesome ideas, Strahinja. You’ve given me a lot to think about. I didn’t realize there was so much opportunity online, I would love to find something that suits me and quit my 9 to 5 job.

  • Sam says:

    Hi there
    Thanks for a very informative blog. i can see how making money online is possible, even though it’s not as easy as some make it seem.
    I hope you do very well with this projec tin the years to come and I’m seriously considering following in your footsteps.
    Have a fantastic day!

  • John says:

    Having fun and working at something that you care about is very important when you are trying to work online. No matter which one of the ten types of online businesses you work at, without putting in a solid effort, you will not be successful.
    Your five helpful tips are on point for making money online, especially the first one, most people think that the internet will work by itself to make money. I think that putting these on my whiteboard will help my progress.
    Do you think quality content is the best way to increase traffic or should you pay for traffic when you first build a website.

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for the kind comment John.

      Regarding your question, I think everyone should aim for getting more organic traffic as this is sure way of getting reliable source of traffic.

      Although ads are not bad, they will not ensure your website a good ranking position. That is the biggest deal with them.


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