What Is Longrich.Com?

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Nov 05

We are here to revolutionize.

You can fill in the blank as that seems to be the main purpose of just abut every MLM corporation when they come into existence. Their founders supposedly see something they do not like in a given industry ad decide to do it better.

what is longrich.com

To answer what is Longrich.com , the industry its founder wanted to revolutionize was the health and wellness one. It is amazing that these founders can see this and at the same time they start their companies, send backhanded insults to the many that have come before them.

Yet when you examine these companies beneath the surface, they all have one thing in common, how to get more money for the company at the expense of the people selling their products. There is no revolution going on and if there were, an MLM corporation wouldn’t be leading the charge.

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They would be searching for ways to exploit the revolution in their favor. That may be a harsh perspective on MLM companies, but from what we have seen, these companies speak well but do differently when money is at stake.


A Little Background On Longrich.com?

Longrich Bioscience was started in 1986 in China. Its headquarters is in the Jiangsu Province and it is headed by Xu Zhiwei. Mr. Zhiwei is an economist and a businessman, not a scientist, nutritionist or even a physical trainer so his revolution seems to have gotten off on the wrong foot.

what is longrich.com

The company is also known as Jiangsu Longliqi Bio-Science Co., and while it has research facilities in America, it is virtually unheard of in that country. But Longrich does have a presence in Japan, Philippines, Ghana, Indonesia, Australia, Ital and a lot more.

While Mr. Zhiwei is not a scientist, his company does seem to employ a lot of doctoral students, about 35% of its 10,000 member work force. Over the years Mr. Zhiwei has helped the company grow and develop to the point is is bring in 500 million Chinese dollars.


Other than that, the home page is basically filled with hype and a very large join up button. It does list some of its products to get you interested but very little on the company itself.


The Longrich.com Product Lines

With over 2,000 separate products produced by this company it makes it hard to review them all. Some of the product lines include personal care, health care, skin care, cosmetic care, household care, high tech accessories and more.

what is longrich.com

One of the company’s more favorite and popular items is the sanitary napkin. The company has claimed that it will help blood circulation, stop infection, reduce odor, relief pain and enhance immunity to just repeat a few of the company’s claims. The cost for this miracle item is $74.

Which brings us to the basic costs of some of their products. The cheapest we saw was mosquito repellent which ran for $6. The others that we could see were priced between $52 and $320 so you know that this is not an inexpensive place to shop.


In the health care line, Longrich.com uses raw food as part of their ingredients and those items range from fruit to mushrooms, to grains and so on. The household care line has the usual product items like soaps, laundry detergent, mouth wash and more.

One unique item they have for sell are their magnetic energy shoes. These are designed to help improve overall health. They can be used by senior adults, men and women plus they come in flat styles or high heels.

what is longrich.com

You would have to go to the Longrich.com website to see all the products they offer and they have a web page for you to use if you want to buy something. Their shopping page does not contain a lot of items for you to choose between and we did not see any additional buttons leading you to other pages to shop some more.

Most of your shopping will have to be done through their highly motivated independent sales reps. Their website says they have 10,000 employees but there is no mention of how many independent sales reps are trying to sell their products.

That is strange as that is one of the first pieces of information we come across.

Signing Up At Longrich.com

How many people are signed to sell Longrich products may be a mystery but signing up is not. All you need to do is go to the company’s website and click the sign up button at the top right. Once you get to the page you need to fill out your personal information.


Then after you do that, you have to fill in the information of your sponsor. When you have done that, right below the sponsor’s section is a little blank space telling you to click here to select your package.

They say that signing up is free but in reality it isn’t. You have to choose your starter pack and the prices go as follows: 

  1. Silver- $200
  2. Gold- $500
  3. Platinum - $1,000
  4. Platinum VIP Member- $3,000

So you are already in a hole before you start to sell their high priced products. To entice you to sign up, the company speaks about the giveaways that are available. This prizes can be cars, houses, travel opportunities.


The sign up page at the company’s website says there is no pressure but if you want to make money, you need to sign up the required 3 new people for your first generation of recruits. In turn, that set of first generation recruits need to sign up 3 people each and on it goes.

Oh and, you will get $150 for each of the first generation recruits totaling $450 and $50 each for the 9 those recruits sign up for another total of $450 and if those 9 recruit 3 more, you will end up with 27 x $50 + $1350, if this was a perfect world.

what is longrich.com

The hype to sign up is focused on the dollars you can make, not the reality of the situation because eventually someone on the pyramid is not going to make $1350 or even $450.

But the company wants to sell products so they stick with the hype, not with the reality. Part of that hype is the following promises: 

what is longrich,com

    * 7-8 figure weekly income.

    * Shares 1% of the coy's monthly turnover (sales) as a VIP member – Shareholder.

   * Brand new car award twice every year.

    * All expense paid luxury vacations abroad 2-3 times yearly.

    * $150 million house fund award at Star Director level.

    * 4 year Executive MBA programme @ the prestigious REGIS University Colorado USA.

    * Scholarship for a degree programme for you or a beneficiary of your choice @SOOCHOW UNIVERSITY CHINA.



Can You Make Money At Longrich.com?

It is a little hard to explain the compensation plan but technically, if you are good and the country or city has not heard of Longrich and its products, you may be able to make a little money at selling their products.

question face

Like any MLM company, you earn money through 3 ways - personal sales, recruits’ sales, and bonuses. You need at least 2 recruits to start getting paid the bonuses and those only come after the 5th week of your recruits signing up.

When you are at the silver level, you get about 8% as a performance bonus and it goes up by 2% with the next two levels. You can get a 10% development bonus and on it goes. There are 7 bonuses you can make money from.


There are also 13 levels of achievement to be promoted through to make better money and on it goes. Here is a link to their compensation video, which explains it all to you. Needless to say you will have requirements to meet before you move up.

So to make a long story short, there are not enough people in a country for you to make a lot of money through continual recruiting. However there are those loyal sales reps that will defend the company tooth and nail despite the figures showing otherwise.

If you have to pay to play, you know there is little chance of you making any money at Longrich.com.


Some Of The Drawbacks Working For Longrich

Being a sales rep for any company is not easy. You have to grow a thick skin and learn how to take rejection well without taking it personally. But when you work for an MLM, then you really need to have deaf ears as not many people want to get involved with MLM corporations.


Here are some more drawbacks to working for the company :

  1. It is a Chinese company with Chinese products - if you don’t know by now, most people do not like Chinese products. The reputation of Chinese manufacturers and their products is less than stellar and that works against you.
  2. It is an MLM company - in short, once people learn you are working for one of those companies, you may find friends and family avoiding you.
  3. Its low pay for lots of work - it is an MLM company and the compensation plan is meant to keep the money flowing up to the company, not down to you.
  4. There are not enough people to sell to, let alone recruit - you will not be able to meet the ideal the company says is possible. There are just too many people who do not want to be involved with an MLM corporation. They also do not want to pay the high rices for their products.


There Is A Better Alternative

And you do not have to market Chinese products made by Chinese manufacturers. Selling is tough enough as it is without the added hindrances being associated with China brings.

affiliate marketing

There is a more legitimate way to market products without having to buy them first. It is called affiliate marketing and it is a much better way to conduct sales. All you do is sign up for a niche or two, then find the good products with good commission payments and select to represent those.

There is no need to hassle friends or families to buy those products in your starter kit. Nor do you have to recruit them into selling for you. Those aspects are the MLM way not the affiliate marketing way.

affiliate program

In affiliate marketing you do need a website but you get training  in how to put it together, you get education to help you be a success and you get support. Also, you do need to learn some SEO strategies to help build an audience for the content you need to write.

Yes, affiliate marketing is hard work as nothing is easy if you want a rewarding second career. The good thing about affiliate marketing is that you can do this at any stage of your life. But the time is perfect now as the marketplace is still growing.

More and more people are getting connected and they need products that help them solve difficulties in their lives. You can help others through affiliate marketing.


How Do You Do It?

You may have questions on how you can build this legitimate business opportunity. That is okay. Just contact us with your questions and we will be glad to help you get the answers you need.

affiliate marketing training

Once you see that affiliate marketing is legitimate, we will turn you on to one of the best affiliate marketing platforms out there - Wealthy Affiliate. This company knows what it is doing and has structured its services to help you be a success.

They have years of experience to help you plus they provide education and training to make sure you know what you are doing. After you learn, you get to put it all into practice but remember, Rome was not built in a day.

Your affiliate business will take some time to get going. Contact us now.

Thank you for reading.


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    Great read! Thanks for breaking down what affiliate marketing is, which can often be a confusing concept.

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    Hi Strahinja. At first, I was fascinated with Longrich and their products. But when you mentioned MLM, I lost interest.

    You see, I’ve tried it and never made any money. It was difficult and I had to keep recruiting people. Felt like a recruiter more than a business owner.

    I’m glad you have a better alternative. I too found affiliate marketing a better business option. And Wealthy Affiliate is the best! Anyone reading this article should take your advice and join immediately!

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