How To Find Good Long Tail Keywords

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Dec 01

They are not lost.

This is not a search for a buried treasure or lost keys. When you are looking for long tail keywords, they already exist in territory you have not fully explored. To define long tail keywords, these are search words that are longer than 3 words.

They are an important tool in your SEO arsenal as they are used quite often by people looking for different products, and so on. What makes them so important is that 92% of all keywords used are long tail ones.

Also, long tail keywords are easier to rank because there is little competition for them. They are also far more specific in nature. To guide you in how to find good long tail keywords here are some pointers that should help


Tools For Finding Long Tail Keywords

The best tips that can be given is to direct you to some of the best long tail keyword tools. These tools are designed to help you get to your goals as it is almost impossible for anyone to think of all the variations available.

how to find long tail keywords

Here are those tools that can help you find good long tail keywords:

#1. Answer The Public

answer the public

This is a long tail keyword generator that goes above and beyond the call of duty. It takes your short keyword and searches for common questions that people use in their own searches to find the right information.

Type in something like ‘cheap hotels’ and soon this long tail keyword tool has a list of questions commonly used throughout the world. The good thing is that questions are automatically considered long tail keywords.

#2. Semrush

sem rush

If you want to see what your competitors are doing and how their keywords are ranking, then here is the next tool you should consider. Once turned on, this tool will help you find any long tail keyword from any website.

You can use those ideas or create your own variation to make sure you get a good ranking. This tool seems to have a free 2 week trial offer so you should check it out quickly.

#3. KW Finder

KW Finder

You may not have heard about this long tail keyword generating tool. That is because it is a new tool. What this tool does is provide you with long tail keywords. Then it provides you with all the data about those words including how difficult they are to rank.

It also helps with producing questions, suggestions and more. This is available tool for those people serious about using long tail keywords.

Ideas To Help You Find Good Long Tail Keywords

Keyword tools are not the only place where you can find good long tail keywords. There are lots of places out there that can provide you with inspiration and help you create good long tail keywords.

freelance writing

Here are just a few of those ideas:

#1. Discussion Forums

This is a prime area that needs to be mined regularly. When you visit these forums you will find lots of people asking questions about the topics you are writing about. The key here is to go to those forums where your target audience likes to discuss different topics.

how to find good long tail keywords

Read the threads if you have time because you can find good keywords, both long and short, just in their posts. String searches will help you find lots of information on your keywords as well.

#2. Soovle

Here is a keyword search tool that takes different keyword suggestions from Amazon, Wikipedia,, and YouTube as well as other popular websites. What this treasure trove of information does for you is give you a list of long tail and other keywords that few people are using and may not show up on other keyword tool results.

how to find good long tail keywords

To get it to work you will need to start with a very broad keyword like ‘tea’. Hit enter and watch the results appear. It is possible to download the results if you need more time to study those keywords.

#3. Go Through Different Websites

You do not need a tool to do this but that may be the faster way to get some long tail keyword ideas. There are plenty of websites like Quora, eHow, Yahoo Answers, Linkedin Answers and more where you can find some great questions to use as long tail keywords.

how to find good long tail keywords

Brainstorming for websites to search is a good way to come up with a long list of sites that will keep you fully supplied with great keywords. After you get your list just start mining them one by one.

#4. Google Tools

We are going to lump both into one category as they should both appear on your search result page when you do your own searches.  The first Google area to search would be :"Searches related to...”

related searches

Related searches for the term "Freelance Writing" on the bottom of the page

That little phrase gives you access to similar searches that may help you find some good long tail keywords to use. The second Google spot to try would be the “people also asked...” section.

related questions

People also asked section for the term "Freelance Writing"

That section should give you insight into how people are typing in their keyword searches and some of the more unique ones will help you get ranked a lot better.

Some Final Words

These are just a few of the many places you can find long tail keywords. They are usually easy to use, some are free and others shouldn’t cost you too much. But the effort you put into mining this vast untapped area should pay off in the long run.

how to find good long tail keywords

Finding the right long tail keyword should help you reach that 92% audience that is searching for answers, products and more. How you employ the results you get is up to you but do not ignore the tools. They are there to help you be a success.

Using the right resources is one of the keys to building a successful website and business. Finding long tail keywords is using the right resources to get the job done right.

Thank you for reading.


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  • I use long-tail keywords to rank my website for terms and search queries that people might be asking for the last few months. As a result, my site is getting more and more traffic as we speak. It’s a great way to get free traffic from search engines, indeed. One thing I learned is that it takes some time for search engines to rank new sites, but looking in the long run, long-tail keywords are the best way to do SEO.

    Thanks for sharing these ideas, Strahinja. As always, your advice and expertise are much appreciated!

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