What Is Link Building For SEO?

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Apr 10
what is link building for seo

Link building for SEO is the technique used to connect another website to your own or another particular website. It requires the use of hyperlinks which are known to navigate among pages on the Internet. 

This has therefore grown to be one of the major ways the Search Optimization Engine uses to determine the ranking of the sites according to their keywords. It would be true to conclude that the more links you build, the higher rankings it earns. 

Natural link building and black hat SEO are some of the methods or ways sites and business are using to build links. Black hat SEO remains to be the simplest and fastest way of building links for sites and businesses.

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This is because black hat SEO links can easily be acquired through a series of manipulative tactics but has seen many sites and business banned from the search results. Do not go for this way, you will regret it.

Natural link building, on the other hand, is termed to be very difficult and time-consuming. Sites and businesses are however urged to engage in natural link building for higher organic rankings without the violation of Google guidelines.

You will find some of the highly encouraged strategies used to build natural links below.


Creating Good and High-Quality Content

This remains to be one of the best and easiest way of building links for a site of the brand. With good and interesting content on your sites, people will be more likely to visit and acquire information from your site. This will translate to more traffic and better rankings.

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Making use of Highly Influential People for Reviews

Getting reviews and comments about a product or service offered on a site is also among the widely used methods of link building today.

Taking advantage of the large audience influencers is a very powerful method that can achieve real quality links for your site and brand.

what is link building for seo

Asking close friends to link to your sites is also a very easy and legal way to link building.

Google discourages the following unnatural link building strategies and is very strict to ensure punishments if noted.

Link for Link

This is a method of link building where a site acquires a link if they are ready and willing to give the other site a link. This way, both the sites get to benefit from one other. This is however considered to be a very serious violation that search engines can now detect.

what is link building for seo

Money for the Link

Sites will be willing to place links on their web pages at a cost. This way, a certain site is able to build a range of links across the world that they only bought and not earned as required.


Such shorts are very dangerous and must be avoided at all cost. Any buying or selling of links is not allowed and Google is ready to penalize anyone using them to build links.

Widget Links

These links are created and placed in sites with certain plugins. Although this link building technique might be considered natural under certain conditions by search engines, it is not recommended at all.

what is link building for seo

It will also be very important to understand every single detail pertaining links. This way, link building becomes a lot easier to deal with and achieve. This article will be very thorough to ensure links are well understood and used for Search Engine Optimization.

What Are Links?

A link is a clickable object that points to another webpage or site on the web. It may appear in a variety of forms such as image, text, buttons and many more.


In most cases, links are classified according to the destination of the link. That is where the particular link is toward another page on the same site or towards another different site.

Search engines make use of the domain names from the websites to enable this classification.

i. What are Backlinks?

External links popular as backlinks, are links in HTML that link one website or page to another website. These links come from other domains into your website. A website with a big number of external links from quality sites is thus said to be more quality and helpful by SEO.


Therefore to enjoy good ranking, external links are required to have a good number of natural links from high-quality pages. More like casting votes to a website to verge for it.

They are taken to be very relatable to the present real life. They are taken as links on pages that portray a lot of trust and authority and therefore considered to be very difficult to get.

ii. Internal Links

Internal links are links that only point one internal page to another within a website. Similarly, the presence of a large number of internal links towards a particular page tells the SEO that the page might contain a lot of useful information and therefore is very important.

what is link building for seo

Internal link network

As long as all the internal links are properly and naturally used, that particular page is in most cases likely to enjoy really good traffic.

Internal links are also aimed to distribute page rank of a certain site. These links should encourage easy navigation of researchers and customers within a site. They are mostly placed within navigation bars, related pages sections and in user sitemaps pages.

iii. Outbound Links

These links point out to other websites with a different domain name from your website. Over the years, these links were said to take away page ranks, therefore, reducing its latent to rank.

what is link building for seo

This is because, according to search engines, they lead to more rank page to the page pointed to. However, this was fixed later in 2009 under page evaporation.

Types of Links

Contextual and Editorial Links

This type of links comes from really useful and high-quality websites and pages. They are therefore tailored to researchers and customers in need of the specific information through the links. This way, these links are known to provide a lot of traffic to sites and businesses that they point to.

Links From Ranking Webpages

These links come from already high ranking webpages on the Internet. Due to this fact, they are also highly regarded as useful and quality by the Search Engines. They are therefore very useful and would equally attract a lot of people hence creating awareness continuously.

Interview Links

These types of links use interview platforms to create awareness to a site and in most cases are considered to be very powerful tools in marketing. Through interviews, sites have received a lot of inquiries regarding their products and generally about the business. These links have therefore been very helpful to build brands in the field.

Newsletter Links

Newsletter links are links placed on a popular info websites about a particular website or page on the Internet. Newsletter links that appear especially in very influential sites have very strong impulsive effects to the site or business it points towards. 

From the Newsletters high number of subscribers or followers it is close to obvious that the sites will get viral traffic. These links have therefore been considered as among the best ways on how to do link building for SEO.

Recurring Links

Regular contributors are also very popular for building really good links. Recurring links from these contributors are therefore likely to be very viral and impactful to a brand or site which is what everyone wants. 

Taking advantage of such links, therefore, will be a very effective method to do the link building. It is an almost sure way of attaining the amount of traffic needed for business just with a single newsletter link.

Government and Education Links

These type of links come from .edu and .gov sites which are considered to very authoritative and hence quite influential. These sites are also very equally trusted by search engines.

Links from these sites are therefore very likely to achieve traffic in exemplary ways. Using these sites to do link building is therefore much recommended. They are also believed to have the ability to rank sites on SERPs.

Press Coverage

Links that come from press coverage are obviously likely to be very powerful ways to make a brand or site look more attractive and interesting. This is because press coverage is known to cover a very wide target audience a brand may be very interested in reaching.

Building such links for SEO would, therefore, be very good and effective for a business to get the attention it wants. High responses are also very likely to attract more people to the site from using press coverage links. They are however quite rare to achieve. The information has to really be newsworthy.

Online Mentions Links

Unlike contextual links, online mentions links are placed within the discussions. With these links, people are able to endorse sites and companies targeted by the links. These conversions are very popular and its community has been growing over the years.

A single online mention in these sites is therefore capable of drawing a really large amount of clicks to your site or page. These links are also a very efficient way of sending trust signals which will soon be very beneficial. Brands are thus encouraged to take advantage of such tactics to do link building for SEO.

The Importance of Links for Search Engine Optimization

It was only recently that the search engines started using links for their ranking algorithms. Earlier, the search engines used the PageRank algorithm which ranked web pages according to the number of links that were present on the page.

Google later updated the search engines algorithm to Penguin which enabled them to evaluate the quality of links more effectively. After this update, many claimed that links would be useless to the search engines but this was not the case.

what is link building for seo

Actually, with the new update, Google found it easier and faster to identify any artificial links that were not per with their set guidelines. Backlinks are considered to be the most beneficial links. 

The more backlinks a page has, the more page rank it is said to get. Wit this links, search engines can crawl entire site more effectively, reducing the number of hops.

More benefits links, particularly backlinks, have portrayed to search engines are elaborated below.


Links, particularly external links are concerned to be a better metric the search engine can use to evaluate how useful and popular a web page is. Unlike traffic, external links are not messy and difficult for analysis.

what is link building for seo?

Search engines are said to be accurate with links compared to traffic. This way, they are more capable of determining how popular a given web page is. Links are hence considered one of the greatest metric for the search engines.


All links will in a very outstanding way indicate the relationship within a particular site and the larger ecosystem that make up the web. Because of that search engines found them very beneficial and useful. The anchor text used in links is known to be very relevant to the content that the link points to.

This way, the relevancy of a site or brand to an audience is achieved quite easily and fast. Information is therefore made far more accessible to the targeted researchers and customers. It is with this information that search engines use to validate the levels of importance of a given web page.

Sites and brands will, therefore, need very good links to attain the above-elaborated benefits. They will have to avoid any form or kind of manipulative tactics if they are in need of traffic.

Organic ranking

With a good number of quality backlinks, a site or page is capable of attaining very good search engine rankings. Content will automatically rank higher in the search engine results. However, since the search engine update, only backlinks from quality content are considered.

Fast indexing

Search engines have also found sites with no backlinks to be quite untraceable. This means even the search engines bots use backlinks to identify any new webpages.

Crawling is hence difficult if search engines have not discovered a webpage. Backlinks are therefore very useful, especially for new websites. With enough, fast discovery and indexing are made possible.

Better Referral Traffic​​​​

Backlinks will help in earning your sites or page more referral traffic. This is achieved when people click on these links in the aim of acquiring more detailed information regarding the topic at hand. The bound back rate is also quite low and this makes backlinks more useful.

How To Build Internal And External Backlinks

Web owners should be very careful when building internal and external backlinks. With a series of advantages as elaborated above, a wrongly built internal or external backlinks is capable of causing the site a lot more harm.

Moreover, understanding that having a high number of backlinks will not count should be very vital to building valuable backlinks. Below are some of the easy ways to build quality backlinks to enjoy its benefits.

Make Quality Articles

A really good written and detailed article will be more likely to build good backlinks that will be very beneficial. This is because people enjoy helpful and interesting articles and will automatically want to link to them.


To ensure your articles are over the roof make sure to solve a problem, make the content easy to read and understand, be as unique as possible and lastly, ensure to build enough authority.

Utilize Guest Blogging

Starting guest blogging will be a very good idea to build backlinks to your sites. With other peoples blogs on your site, a couple of backlinks that will lead back to your site will be a sure guarantee.

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Although it may seem a bit difficult to locate sites you can guest blog for, it is a very good strategy of building backlinks. Make sure you do some of these tips to make the search seem a little challenging.

  •  Find sites that are already okay and looking for guest bloggers.
  •  Find content explorers who are open to guest blogging.

Mend any Existing Broken Link Building

Broken links can be frustrating especially to all the sites they are linked to. Taking the initiative to research and rewrite these pages is one of the best ways of easily earning backlinks.

broken link

With the new pages, you could easily find the sites the broken links are linked to and request them to link to your new page. Although it can be a bit difficult to trace broken links, it is among the best ways of building backlinks. All you need is quality content to pitch and you will be good to go.

Making use of Web Directories

One way of building your site a backlink is through submitting a blog or content to web directories. However, web directories that require a backlink before agreeing to build your site must be avoided.


This may appear as an artificial link whose consequences are very costly. For this reason, locating the right web directories is considered to be quite challenging by many.

Thank you for reading.

Let me know in the comments below how do you manage getting backlinks.



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