What Is The Most Legit Way To Make Money Online?

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Jul 12
what is the most legit way to make money online

The answer to  question "what is the most legit way to make money online", according to Forbes Magazine is 21. The writer in that story feels that there are 21 equally legit ways to make money online.

The one thing to be wary about though, is that for every legitimate money making business opportunity, there are thousands of scams waiting to take money from you. To make money online, you have to be careful and know what you are doing.

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Some Legitimate Online Business Opportunities

Not every person is the same. It takes a special talent to be a salesman, or a photographer, but thankfully, there are a lot of legit opportunities in a variety of fields to help you find your niche.

what is the most legit way to make money online

Here is a list of some of those different legit money making opportunities:

Be a teacher - English teaching is popular and one of the better ways to do it is to tutor through the computer. There are companies set up that help you get started and connected to students.

Be a content or academic writer - you can write for other people who need great content or their homework assignments handled by a pro.

Develop educational programs - the subject is probably up to you but you should be able to find your speciality among the different categories offered.

Be a professional answer man - there are online companies on the Internet looking for people with knowledge and expertise to answer other people’s questions.

There is always Amazon - you can be an Amazon FBA business owner and make your career through that method.

Sell items on EBay or Etsy - you can make some money if your products are good enough and people want them. The price is going to have to be right though to make money.

Sell your vacation photos - there are online sites that let you market your photos to authors and others who are in need of pictures for their books, etc.

Rent your home through Air BnB - if you like to meet new people, this is one way to do that and make money at the same time. All you need to do is make sure you are competitively priced and in a good location.

Create an App - change the world through your own app design that helps people in a constructive way. Just see what is missing in the world and go to it.

Write your own book - make it a real one or an E-book and sell it through your website. In spite of what everyone says, people still read.

The Most Legit Way To Make Money Online

All the examples mentioned above are good ways to make money. They may take a long time and you need to combine a few of them to make a living wage. Or they can turn a good profit independently.

affiliate process

But one of the most legit ways to make money online is to become an affiliate marketer. These programs are not a get rich quick scheme, nor are they fly by night operations.

You need to build a solid reputation, be patient and build the business like any traditional brick and mortar store owner has to do. But once you get it going, you can make money any time day or night and even when you are on vacation.

Why Is This The Most Legit Method To Make Money Online

find your customer

There are several solid reasons why affiliate marketing is one of the most legitimate ways to earn money: 

  • You represent an actual product - people are getting something of value for their money.
  • You are a salesman - you bring the product to your audience’s attention and write top quality content to market that product. Just like a salesman would do verbally in a brick and mortar store. You are not a scam artist trying to steal money from unsuspecting people.
  • You get paid - you sign a contract with the vendor and receive a guaranteed commission, at an agreed upon rate, every time someone buys the product through your affiliate link.
  • Everything is monitored - when you go with the right company, taxes, payments and other financial details are tracked and paid.
  • You get training - affiliate programs offer you training and good support so you can do the affiliate business correctly.
  • You get help - unlike many other online opportunities, if you have a problem or two, or even a question, you can go to your affiliate program and get the help you need.
Amway is a famous brand that works through MLM. Read more about this company in the linked article.

How To Legitimately Make Money Online

what is the most legit way to make money online

There are always guidelines to follow if you want to be a legitimate online businessman or woman: 

Find your niche - it has to fit you and your personality if you are going to be good at it.

Build a good website - make it your own instead of creating one on a sub-domain. Even if you don’t do it that way, make it good.

Provide solid content - make sure you know what you are talking about and make the content read well. You want to build trust with your audience.

Build an audience - without this you won’t make much money. Treat them right and do not insult their intelligence.

Don’t give up on morals - you need to be honest, trustworthy and more. Do not let these slide in hopes of making a lot of money quickly.

If you want to know the best affiliate program check our post.

The Training Is Free

what is the most legit way to make money online

That is the way that I did it. I went to best online community and studied their free 10 course training program. With the information I got from their experience and knowledge, I have been making money the legit way through affiliate marketing.

You can do the same training I did and start making money online the legitimate way. All it takes is to contact me and I will help get you started. It is never too late to make money online the legit way. Affiliate marketing may be for you.

Thank you for reading.



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  • Natalie says:


    Great post, I really enjoyed this. Before I found WA I looked into lots of different ways to make an additional income/ or work from home in between jobs. They were all pretty time consuming and I found a lot of frustrated efforts because I didn’t have this or that qualification. But now I find that through WA I have the tools to build my own business in a very real way, and the best part is you can choose to do it about something your passionate about!

    Great suggestions for being an Amazon FBA business owner or selling your own vacation photos. I hadn’t thought of those!

    I have one question, as I know it’s all the rage at the moment- bit coin trading, scam or legit, what are your thoughts?

    Great post and very enjoyable layout making it super readable 🙂

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you so much.

      I am glad you enjoyed my article.

      Well, when it started I was sure that it was legit. Now, I am a little bit sceptical about bit coin trading and bit coin opportunity. Too many currencies failed and I am not sure about that anymore.


  • Very informative article on affiliate marketing that’s really gotten my interest up. As soon as I can tie my better-half down long enough, we’ll both be back on your site to investigate your business opportunity deeper. Thanks for sharing and I’ll be back soon.

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