What is JVZoo Affiliate Program?

By Strahinja | Recommended

Mar 20
what is jvzoo affiliate program

If you want to understand what is JVZoo affiliate program and what are its biggest benefits, you are at the right place. In a nutshell, JVZoo helps you make money, increase your income a bit, or help you add to your fixed income.

They do this through helping you make online sales. As you get more products you want to sell, you also get help with online marketing and shipping those products. Their Software as a Service program is unmatched, as it gives you the tools you need to be an online business success.

While the word zoo is in their name, their business strategies help you create a steady atmosphere in your workplace or home. Their approach is simple. What they do is put you in contact with others who have the same goals and objectives that you have.

Keeping it simple is what business is all about or should be all about. That is the JVZoo affiliate program and all you have to do is keep reading to make sure you do not miss any important details.

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JVZoo Short Summary

Company Name: JVZoo

Website: https://www.jvzoo.com


Owners: Bryan Zimmerman and Chad Casselman

Support provided: 9/10

Training provided: 9/10

Product library: 8/10

Tools provided: 9/10

Overall grade: 9/10 (highly recommended)


What Makes JVZoo Tick

Like most companies, JVZoo started out as a small idea and the motivation to change their industry. The founders saw a problem and decided to create a company that will be a solution to that problem.

What they did was create an easy to use affiliate program that doesn’t charge their vendors a fee until they make a sale. Then they built on that concept and created a lot of tools and networking solutions that not only solve online business problems but makes it easy for newcomers to operate.

The concept is simple as well. All you have to do is list your products or webinars for sale and let your affiliates handle the heavy work. JVZoo also handles the contracts and payment schedules so you do not have to.

what is jvzoo affiliate program

That makes your business easier to handle. They take most of the stress so you do not have to. Their business plan was to make work more fun and more challenging. Along with this purpose, they strive to connect you with people who are strong in areas you are not.

This provides a great working relationship and helps you overcome any business weakness you may have.

How Does JVZoo do it?

So what is JVZoo and how do they do it? These are good questions and you will get good answers. The JVZoo affiliate program is a network of over 200 niches that comprises their digital product library.

These niches allow you to find the right category to list your product or service. The best thing about this library is that you can list your products and services for free. JVZoo has designed the listing to have no upfront costs or monthly fees.

This system allows you to make money, without breaking your bank account during slow periods. Even if you have a webinar, you can list them for free and wait for your affiliates to market them to their audiences. The service can be custom designed to fit your needs.

what is jvzoo affiliate program

Also, if you or your affiliates market your product, services or webinar in those countries or states that charge taxes, JVZoo handles that for you as well. All you have to do is set the controls on your account to support those tax allocations.

If you still are not sure about JVZoo and its tax program, you can watch their training videos, etc. To get a handle on what you need to do.

JVZoo’s Integrity and Program

Part of JVZoo’s make up is that besides listing your products and services and letting your affiliates handle the workload, you do not have to have a product or service to sell to use this platform.

You can become an affiliate member and market other people’s products for them. The good thing about this program is that it offers to pay commissions instantly. The key is for you to go with your strengths. Do not try to market something you know nothing about.

You need to remember who your audience is and who you are. A good car salesman is not going to be any good trying to market building supplies and how to use them. Don’t let your goals overshadow or replace your common sense.

what is jvzoo affiliate program

Once you get set up in the affiliate program or start to sell a product or service, you will find you have lots of support. JVZoo employs real people not algorithms to help you with your marketing issues. The support usually is available 7 days a week, except when certain holidays arrive on the calendar.

Another good thing about JVZoo is that they do not like scams. While scam products and services do show up in their over 200 niches, they work hard to eliminate them and make sure what is offered is legitimate and meets FTC requirements.

What is JVZoo Affiliate Program?

The JVZoo affiliate program is people just like you. Their vendors and affiliate members are trying to make a little extra money, be a business success, and help build a retirement fund.

In other words, they are normal people who have needs just like you do. With that in mind, JVZoo has built a community forum where you can talk to people who have the same issues, the same goals, and the same motivation as you.

This forum allows you to listen to different strategies that might work for you as well. Or you can get answers to your problems in setting up your account and product line. The sky is the limit once you join their community forum.

It is nice to know you are not alone in this business venture. Oh, and you can give your own feedback to the company through this format as well.

what is jvzoo affiliate program

Affiliate Program Explained

When talking about JVZoo and company affiliate program, a summary is the best way to go. The JVZoo affiliate program is a business opportunity to help housewives, fixed income earners, students find a business outlet that helps them make money without a lot of investment.

The possibilities of making money are quite good as you can earn up to and between 50 to 100% commissions on your sales. The good news is, you get to choose the products and services you want to promote.

After you sign up, you get some advantages of being an affiliate member. Here are some of those advantages:

  • It is completely free whether you are an affiliate or seller
  • Instant payments through Pay Pal
  • High commission rates
  • Top sales and statistics data and tracking
  • A large library of products and services to choose from

The other advantages of course have already been mentioned. You get training videos, good customer support, a community forum to help you over the bumps that come, as well as other people to talk to who have been through what you are going through.

How do you Sign up?

Signing up to the JVZoo is not difficult. The original registration is simple and easy. But there are 9 more things you should do before you are fully ready to earn some money in the JVZoo marketplace:

Registration is free and all you need to do is enter your name, email, create a password and declare what country your a citizen of. You also have to agree to the terms, policies and disclaimers. Then hit the register button.

  • Next, you need to verify your email and Pay Pal account address.
  • Once those two steps are done, you need to learn how the dashboard and all its buttons work. These are pretty straightforward and easy to understand.
  • Search for products you want to promote - as an affiliate you now have to spend some time looking through the different categories to find products or services you can market to others.
jvzoo product list


  • Now you wait - depending on the time zone differences and the attitude of the seller, you have to wait for their approval before you can promote and market their wares. Hit the affiliates approved products button to find their answers.
jvzoo approved
  • After you got their approval, you need to get the affiliate link button. This button helps you generate traffic and make sales. To get the link, just click the button which says Get Link.
  • The next step helps you track sales, visits and so on. All you have to do is get the performance data is to click on the Get Detailed Stats button and your information should pop up.
  • If you haven’t already done so by now, you should set up an independent website to help you market and promote those products you want to be affiliated with. This website can hold posts on product reviews, product comparisons or even how to information to make the products you are marketing more appealing.
  • Part of marketing is following up - you can use an autoresponder here to help you follow up on contacts and help turn them into buying clients. There are plenty of these tools available on the Internet. Just do your research to find the one that works well with you.
  • Finally, make back ups - you want to make sure your website remains secure, so you need to run backups. Again, there are good website platforms that will help you do this and help you control all your websites from a single platform.

The Steps to Setting up a JVZoo Affiliate Website

laptop wordpress

You are probably aware of the many Internet companies that have domain names for sale. But if you are new to the website game, here are three steps you need to build a good JVZoo affiliate website:

1. Visit the appropriate website selling domains and get one that is not too expensive. Make sure you pick a domain that is relevant to your online business and products you are affiliated with.

2. Next, shop around and find a good inexpensive hosting company to handle your website hosting duties and traffic. Make sure your up time is as close to 100% as possible and loads your website fast.

3. You may want to add a WordPress website to help you promote those products you want to market. Make sure you have a contact page and put the right plug-ins in place.

4. If you are interested in learning more about affiliate marketing, making money online and starting your first online business click HERE and join the most successful online community.

Pros and Cons of JVZoo Affiliate Program

yes and no

Perfection is not easily obtainable in this world. There will always be those who do not have a good time using the JVZoo marketplace. Here are some pros and cons to help you make the right decisions:


  • It is possible to get instant commission payments.
  • It is free to join.
  • It is easy to list your own products, services or webinars you want to sell.
  • JVZoo uses cookies to track your customers. This cookies help you earn money when your client buys another product from the same device.
  • Commission payments reach 50% or more.
  • You get good tracking data.
  • JVZoo affiliate program is easy to use.
  • You get a wide selection of products, services and niches to choose from.
  • There is good customer support.


  • If you are new, your sellers may delay your commission payment till after the refund period.
  • You need to do a lot of research before picking a product to promote.
  • Some buyers may ask for a refund and this cuts your commission.
  • Vendors can refuse your application to be an affiliate for any reason they want.
  • There can be junk products that will not sell very well.
  • There may be scam products, services and vendors.


Is JVZoo a Scam?

question face

When you tell your friends that you signed up to be an affiliate seller on JVZoo the first question they will ask is, what is JVZoo? The second question they may and probably will ask is "Is JVZoo a scam?"

From all of our research we found that JVZoo is not a scam. There is nothing illegal in the business plan and anyone who signs up has the opportunity to make money. But that clean business model does not guarantee that some people will not try to scam others through the system. You just have to do your research to avoid those vendors and affiliates.

Of course, not everyone who signs up at JVZoo has a good experience. If you are one of those people contact the company, or go to the different social media outlets to voice your issues.

The key to remember is that most of the complaints have to do with the products themselves and not JVZoo.

Can you Make Money at JVZoo

No business venture is 100% safe nor can they guarantee you won’t have problems or lose some money. When you sign up to sell other people’s products there is always a risk. That comes with the business life territory. It doesn’t matter if you are online or not, business ventures always have risks.

yes word

With that said, you can still make money as a JVZoo affiliate. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme or it would be a scam. Instead, you still have to do your homework and do the hard work like any other business venture.

You also have to learn to identify the scam vendors from the real ones. It is possible to make money but don’t expect it to be handed to you overnight.

Is the JVZoo Affiliate Program for you?

That is hard for us to say. That answer is up to you. JVZoo is not for everyone and everyone is not for JVZoo. If you want to make easy money then you may have to find another affiliate program to sign up with.

But if you have a knack for sales or have a product or service you want others to market for you, then you may have found the right place to become a member. What you have to keep in mind is that JVZoo is one of the best affiliate programs on the Internet today.

You can see that in their program, how they structure it, the support you get plus the high and instant commissions you can earn. It doesn’t cost you anything to sign up and check it out to see if this is for you or not.

Some Final Words

When you need some extra income you want to sign up with the best affiliate program out there. When people ask you about JVZoo, you can tell them that it is the place where you make the money for your nice vacations or retirement plan.

You can tell them it works for you and then give them the good points of the company. You never know what you can do with JVZoo until you try. Just make sure that when you sign up, you have the dedication and patience to make a go of it.

We highly recommend joining JVZoo as it is one of the best options out there to make money online.

Thank you for reading.

Let me know in the comments below what do you think of JVZoo.


About the Author

Hi there. I'm just a regular guy that worked many different jobs before finding out about affiliate marketing. Decided to give it a try, followed the instructions, worked hard and started making money online. Here to help you achieve same thing. Working from home is possible if you have the proper training and people.

  • Matt's Mom says:

    Okay, when I read that this is completely free you had me sold.  I am always looking for ways to make additional income.  I have a blog, but not really a lot of affiliate links…well next to none.  I need to change that so that I can start getting some sort of income, which is really the reason for the blog.  I am wondering how long you have been with jvzoo and how it has been for you so far?

    • Strahinja says:

      Hey and thank you for your comment.

      I have been with JVZoo around a year and I had decent success. I owe most of that success to great products that I advertised and offered on my website.



  • Jess says:

    Thank you for this information about the affiliate program JVZoo. I’ve just set up my own blog with the intention to monetise it with affiliate marketing but haven’t started adding any affiliate links yet. It seems like JVZoo would be a good place for me to start making income from my business.

  • homesteadinghowto says:

    Wow!  This website is so easy to understand and it explains JVZoo in easy to understand terminology. It makes me want to register with the site and sell my products worry free. You really knocked it out of the ballpark with putting this together. Great work and look forward to seeing more of what you have to offer. 

  • Anita says:

    I have bought quite a few things that come through JVZoo but I have never looked at the products at their website, I have mostly bought products through email programs I guess. Most of the things I have bought are about online income or blogging, do they offer other products not related to that?

     I will have to check out the affiliate programs and products. Thanks for this post, it gives me more to think about and other opportunities to check out.

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for your comment Anita.

      Yes, their products are mostly focused on upgrading your online performance and business. Their product library is strictly focused on digital products.



  • Wayne says:

    Hello, Strahinja and thanks for this in-depth review about JVZoo however, I am not sure if this would be something for me unless it’s similar to being an Amazon Affiliate where we post links to products that are sold through Amazon. You mentioned that there is a “Commission” structure… This would make it like Amazon but it sounds like the commissions are larger. that would be nice.

    Is it possible to grow an affiliate business into a 7 figure income through JVZoo?  Or is this just to earn a little extra cash?

    I have a website that revolves around the RV niche.  Would there be products I could promote through this platform as an Affiliate?

    Thanks again for this review. All the details are there and it is of interest.  I may have to check it out,


    • Strahinja says:

      Hello Wayne and thank you for your comment.

      JVZoo is similar to Amazon however, JVZoo mostly focus digital products.

      I guess you can make 7 figure income the same you could make with Amazon. If you have a good website that makes a lot of traffic, you can hit it off.

      Thank you.


  • jeanskiee says:

    Yup, JVZoo worked for me, too. I enjoy creating bonuses for the customers that buy from my link. There are literally hundreds of people promoting the same JVZoo products and the only way you are going to get people to buy using your link is by giving them a reason to do so. And that is by giving them awesome bonuses for buying from your link. Of course, this is apart from what you have said, which is practically true, that is to go with your strengths and market only something that you’ve got a lot of ideas on.

  • wesley says:

    Thanks for sharing this post. I’ll take a look at your recommendations.Thank you, for sharing your experience. I hope to share this with many, there are so many people looking for the opportunity to work from home. I thought this is great for everyone from homemakers to students, retirees, stay at home parents. I have tried a lot of different online business and I can honestly say I do see a big difference.

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for the comment Wesley. I am glad you liked my post.

      I also thank you because going to share this post with your friends and others interested in this opportunity.

      Have a blessed day.


  • Geri says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I am not familiar with JVZoo but I will definitely look into it. It’s great to hear it from someone who has been with this affiliate program for a year.

  • Jan says:

    Hi Strahinja, thank you for sharing your thourough research onJCCAF. This really helps to understand if one should join or not. I love that you put out pros and cons and I guess I will try it out. Sounds like if they take me on, I just need to make sure to find the right products and that they are no scams.
    The instant payment is certainly an invitation.
    Thank you very much!

  • Jasmere says:

    Sounds like a really interesting program. Do they support niches like tech and things like that?

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for the comment Jasmere.

      JVZoo is only focused on digital products (courses,platforms, ebooks) so there are no tech products available there.


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