What Is Jeunesse MLM?

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Sep 10

When you want to do an MLM company, you go to the beauty and skin care industry. When you ask what is Jeunesse MLM, all you can say is that it is a beauty and skin care MLM company. They also target that anti-ageing audience who is always trying to find the fountain of youth through a variety of beauty aids.

Beauty seems to be the key when you want to make a lot of money quickly. The beauty industry is huge and rakes in a lot of money whether you are a straight forward cosmetics company or an MLM type.

That is what the founders of Jeunesse have tapped into as their company has made just under 1.5 billion $ in 2016.

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What is Jeunesse Global

In terms of MLM corporations, Jeunesse is a relative youngster. It was started in Florida in 2009 and has seen a fast growth over the past 10 years. The founders of this company, Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray also started Fuel Freedom International.

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That company sold a special engine coating that was designed to help your car get better fuel mileage. Unfortunately for them, the product did not work and the couple needed to find a new source of income.

How they made the leap from fuel additives to beauty products is unknown and a very big stretch. But they did it. In forming the company Ms. Lewis and Mr. Ray focused on the number 9. That number is supposed to represent longevity.

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This was the signal to the world that they planned on remaining in business for a long time.  Their mission according to their website is to change lives while making the term Jeunesse a household word.

With that mission providing the wind beneath their wings, this company has grown to include over 500,000 sales consultants. To answer the question at the top of this section in a simple statement, Jeunesse is a company that produces and markets beauty products to help people fight the aging process.


The Jeunesse Product Line

The company has about 11 main product lines you can choose from. The most popular is of course, the Instantly Ageless line. This line claims to work in 2 minutes and tighten up your face removing the wrinkles so you look younger. The effect is supposed to last from 6 to 9 hours.


Other products include skin care, facial sprays, morning and evening vitamins, fruit drinks and energy drinks. To only name a few. The cost is what is going to set you back and make you rethink buying their products.

The different product lines are expensive and range in price from about $40 to $400. There may be some exceptions to this cost list but we haven’t found them yet.

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The three main scientific avenues that Jeunesse uses to create their product lines are stem cells research, DNA repair and antioxidants. These three areas is what may set Jeunesse apart from its beauty competitors.

The stem cell research, sold as a cream called Luminesce is only in the beginning stages but it uses stem cells that could be harvested from fat cells to help people look younger.

The DNA repair aspect hopes to lengthen certain DNA elements in order to help you slow down the aging process. But science does not back this idea up. Finally, the company has tapped into the red grape health prowess and uses the antioxidant resveratrol found in that fruit.

what is jeunesse mlm

Unfortunately, while the antioxidant has some health benefits, it is not sure if it will work through a topical cream produced by Jeunesse. We could go on describing how the company makes its products and tries to base their work and claims on science but that would be a fruitless endeavor.

Essentially, the products are over hyped, over priced and over marketed for what you get. The science just does not back up the claims and when you use Instantly Ageless, you need to remember that after 9 hours your face, etc., returns to its pre Ageless state.

There is no charming prince out there waiting to make the change permanent.


How Easy Is It To Sign Up At Jeunesse?

Like every MLM corporation out there, it is supposed to be relatively easy. A look on their web page under employment opportunities, you get a lot of positive hype. The three main subtitles read, Exclusive youth enhancement products, Dedicated support and A rewarding lifestyle.

what is jeunesse mlm

In other words, you are not going to get the real picture of what it is like to work for the company. The company focuses heavily on the rewards aspect that may or may not come your way.

A click on the lifestyle reward does nothing but get you fantasy videos that may possibly be yours if you work hard enough. There is no mention of the $50 you have to pay for their J Kit and there is no mention of the annual $20 membership fee if you still want to sell their products for another year.

On top of that, there is also no mention of the product kits you have to buy and these range between $200 and $1150.00. To sign up, you have to enter the name of the person who referred you to their company. Then hit the submit button.

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Since no one referred us, we could not continue. But we conclude that you have to give them a lot of personal and financial information before the sign up process ends. Or you can sign up through the independent distributor you come in contact with.

Either way, you can get started on a potentially lucrative MLM employment career and we are saying that tongue in cheek. The next section will let you know how lucrative a career it will be.


The Jeunesse Compensation Plan

We have looked at the data and found that the Jeunesse compensation plans may be one of the most complicated salary plans out there. It is so complicated that we may not do it justice here. To start, you get 6 ways to earn money selling Jeunesse products: 

  1. Retail sales
  2. New customer acquisition bonus
  3. Team commissions
  4. Leadership matching bonus
  5. Customer acquisition incentive
  6. Leadership bonus pool


Of course each of these come with their own complicated set of criteria you and your recruits must meet. You can recruit others but the bad news on this is that you do not earn any money through your recruit’s sales until you have reached a pre-determined high rank in the scheme of things.

what is jeunesse mlm

The best way to earn money is to buy the Jeunesse products at wholesale prices and resell them at retail value. You get to keep the difference. But, you may not earn money directly. You do get to earn points which then is used to calculate your commission and rewards.

Getting money out of Jeunesse is very difficult because of the two legged system. You have to have recruits on both legs selling roughly 900 points of products. That 900 points equals about $1500 in sales. For achieving that, you get $35. That is a called a cycle bonus.

If you want to make big bucks, you have to complete that cycle bonus 750 times. One of the keys to earning money is understanding the Jeunesse language. This language contains words like Commissionable Volume and Personal Volume, as well as Group Volume, Personal Group Volume, and Spillover Volume.


Each of these terms come with their own complicated set of requirements. We are not doing the compensation plan justice because it would take 2 or 3 more articles focused solely on their compensation plan to explain it all well.

All of this does not include the competition you get from your own recruits, and the approx. 600,000 Jeunesse distributors all out doing the same thing as you. Not to mention, your MLM competitors as well.

It is understandable that the company has about a 98% failure rate even though it has over $1 billion in revenue each year with over priced products you may be spending more than earning it.


Should You Work For Jeunesse?

In the long run that decision is up to you. All we can tell you are the facts and we have not yet gone past the tip of the ice berg with those facts. Making money is very difficult when you sign up at Jeunesse or any other MLM corporation.

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While it cannot be classified as a scam our research does indicate that it is a pyramid style business whose only goal is to make money for the company. If you are a good salesman you may earn some money working for this company but the odds are against it even if you are good at sales.

The company has faced some lawsuits, one was mysteriously dismissed and no public reason was given. And it does do weird things like list their CLO and CVO above their CFO on their executive team.

CLO is chief legal officer and CVO is chief visionary officer and as far as we know those positions are not listed elsewhere, just with this company. The products do work for some people so you may be signing up to sell viable product lines at a very high cost.


But the products have to be priced high if the company wants to meet its claimed compensation plan and its high percentages and bonuses. Then the key to making money and receiving great return on your investment is recruiting.

Even if you are a great recruiter, you are going to run out of people to recruit and with 600,000 others doing it, you won’t find many people to work under you. Get all the facts before you make your decision to sign up.

what is jeunesse mlm

Oh, and try not to listen to the hype. Those words are just meant to entice you, tickle your ears and provide you with false hope.


We Have A Better Way To Achieve Your Financial Goals

As you can see Jeunesse is not about their independent sales reps. They do not care if those hard working people make any money at all. If they did, they would not construct such a complicated compensation plans.


The executive team would make their sales reps’ salaries easy, straight forward and very understandable. They would also make it very easy to receive your hard earned dollars.

Fortunately, there is a better way that is very simple and the compensation plan is straight forward and not complicated. It is called affiliate marketing. This growing industry does have a lot of competition because it is very simple and straight forward to get paid.

affiliate program

Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick plan. You do have to put in some long hours searching for the right SEO strategies, the right keywords to use as well as writing some top content to make sure your website visitors are convinced to buy the products you represent.

Once they do buy, you get a commission that is your to keep. There are no points, no group results and so on. Your earnings depend solely on you and how well you market those products you represent.

Plus, there is no high pressure tactics put on you to buy inventory. You do not have to buy the products you represent nor do direct sales. Affiliate marketing is the salesman of the future as well as the present.


When You Have Questions About Affiliate Marketing

And you will have questions, just contact us. We are ready to help you get the answers about affiliate marketing. Plus, we are willing to guide you to one of the top affiliate marketing platforms around.

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It is called Wealthy Affiliate and this platform provides free education as well as training.

All you have to do to learn about this legitimate and straight forward industry is to contact us. The worst you could do is delay in contacting us. Get the facts so you can make a good financial decision for you and your family.

Thank you for reading.


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