Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review 2020

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Mar 15
jaaxy keyword tool review 2019

Find out why Jaaxy is our number 1 choice when it comes to keyword research tools in our Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review 2019. 

We are also going to reveal how you can use Jaaxy keyword tool without limitations and without having to pay.


Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review Summary

 Name: Jaaxy

 Website URL: https://www.jaaxy.com

 Keyword Analysis: 10/10

 Search Analysis: 10/10

 Alphabet Soup: 9/10

 Site Rank: 9/10

 Brainstorm: 10/10

Price: Free (trial account)

 Final Verdict: 10/10 (highly recommended)


You are Internet Active

By that we mean that you have blogs, product pages, affiliate pages and other pages that give you a strong Internet presence. With that Internet presence you use a lot of keywords to help attract traffic to your different websites.

Without keywords, you might as well fold up shop and find something else to do. Keywords are important as they help you get the ranking you need. Without that ranking, people will miss seeing your website.

We know that finding the right keywords is a tough job. But you do not have to do it on your own. Coming up with original keywords that move your rankings and entice people to your Internet door does not have to be done without help.

Jaaxy keyword tool review 2019

One of the best keyword generators on the market today is Jaaxy. This keyword tool is ready to help generate the best keywords for you and your business. Its large database is also filled with millions of keywords that will help you get more traffic.

Jaaxy also has the tools you need to research your competitors keyword use and help you make great keyword decisions for your websites.

All About Jaaxy

Before you turn to Jaaxy keyword tool you should know all about it. That knowledge will help you get the most out of Jaaxy as well as make sure Jaaxy is the right tool for you.

After exploring Jaaxy you should be convinced that this keyword tool is the best option for you and your websites. Just keep reading to find all about Jaaxy and what it can do for you.

The Beginning

One of the key elements of Jaaxy Keyword Tool is that it was not developed by a bunch of technical geeks who do not understand your business or what you need to do. Instead, it was developed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers.

jaaxy keyword tool review 2019

That means you get the most convenient tool that understands your business and what you need to do. You know that the keyword search is tuned to meet your affiliate business and other Internet needs.

Also, What Jaaxy does is not just about keywords. This keyword tool is designed to produce data on competitors keyword use and more research information that lets you develop a good SEO keyword strategy.

jaaxy keyword tool review 2019

It also provides information about niches, site rank, domains and other key Internet elements that work to improve your ranking and Internet presence. Plus, it is not hard to sign up and be a member of the Jaaxy team.

Once you are signed up, you will be able to test Jaaxy and its tools. After you become a member you will see how much time this keyword tool will save you in keyword searches.

Jaaxy and Keywords

Jaaxy claims that the Internet generates over 500 million new keywords a day. That is a very large amount of keywords and Jaaxy has access to them all and the billions that have already been used.

With Jaaxy’s database of about 100 million keywords and its ability to access even more new keywords each day, you can build a great keyword strategy and never run out of keywords. You have a great resource that never tires from helping you.

jaaxy keyword tool review 2019

What Jaaxy does is follow your commands. It is prepared to dig through that database and large keyword resource as deep as you want to go. It will help you find those unique keywords that may not be used by anyone else.

This is one of the strengths that Jaaxy possesses. Its ability to research keywords helps it stand above the crowd of keyword research tools and provide you with great service.

Another key element to Jaaxy’s keyword research is its speed. Jaaxy claims that your keyword search time will be cut in half. Their website says that you will save just over 10 minutes in search time by using their database.

jaaxy keyword research tool review 2019


That time savings leaves you opportunities to focus on the more important aspects of your business or private life. Then because Yahoo, Bing and Google own almost all of the search engine business, Jaaxy will thoroughly explore them and get you the best keywords that attracts their attention.

If that wasn’t enough, Jaaxy doesn’t make you search for the same keywords over and over. It has features that allow you to save, store, share, export and even manage your keyword searches. Its management platform has all the buttons you need to make sure you do not redo your work.

That is one of the most attractive features about Jaaxy. But there are more.

jaaxy keyword tool review 2019

Jaaxy and Niches

You may want to focus your Internet strategy on specific niches. Well Jaaxy is prepared for that direction and has built a powerful research tool to help you get what you need.

Even though there are over a hundred thousand different niches, Jaaxy is able to help you target the ones you want to exploit. This sharp eyed tool works to help you find the hottest trends out there as well as get you to the most relevant searches.

That handy tool takes the work out of research. But Jaaxy doesn’t stop there and rest on its laurels. It has also done something with your keyword search to make it a lot easier.

jaaxy keyword tool review 2019


Their automated Alphabet Soup feature not only generates good keywords, it also puts the results in alphabetical order for you. It doesn’t matter what your search term or phrase is, you can build an alphabetical list of keywords and their variants.

In no time at all, you can have a list of over 100 keywords in alphabetical order. This cuts down your search time and makes your keyword and niche research very efficient.

To be the number one keyword research tool, you need to have a lot of features and tools that work for you and make your Internet life less stressful. With Jaaxy, you have those features.

jaaxy keyword tool review 2019


Not only the ones mentioned above but also their brainstorm option. This tool comes in handy when you need toget hot topics, trends, and get the most up to date information possible. But Jaaxy is not finished.

If you are in the affiliate business or want to get in on it, Jaaxy gives you a research tool to help you explore the opportunities that come with affiliate marketing. Its database has over 15,000 different affiliate marketing opportunities waiting for you to utilize it.

These two features that are a part of Jaaxy make investigating this keyword research tool worth it. Yet there is still more to come.

Jaaxy and Your Competition

jaaxy keyword tool review 2019

Generating keywords and exploring niches do work well but they can only go so far. Everyone is doing the same thing and they are all trying to beat you to the top rank. You are going to need an edge to beat out your competition.

Jaaxy does provide you with that edge. This keyword research tool provides you with the tools you need to see what your competitors are doing with their websites. One tool lets you analyze your competitors SEO rankings and see what they are doing to get above you in those rankings.

Once you enact its Search Analysis algorithm, you can see what your competitors are doing to get a leg up over their competitors, including you. Plus, you get to see or figure out what ranking factors are making them more of a success.

jaaxy keyword research tool review 2019

That is not all you can do with Jaaxy when you want to analyze the success of your competitors’ websites. The Reverse Engineering function gives you another added advantage in seeing what your competitors are doing.

What this tool does is save you time on difficult competition research work when you want to enter a new niche. Its reverse engineering capabilities provides you the data you need on their keyword density, meta tags, alexa rank, content insights, and backlinks.

That new data will help you work around any difficulties in your own keyword and SEO strategies and point you in the right direction to ranking success. Understanding what your competition does will give you insight on how you should proceed with your own websites.

jaaxy keyword tool review 2019


Then Jaaxy does not leave you in the dark when it comes to search engine rankings and their ranking factors. Their powerful research tool examines those research rankings for the top search engines. Each search engine relies on different factors to rank your websites.

What Jaaxy does is analyze those factors for you and help you tailor your websites to meet those rankings.

Jaaxy and SiteRank

The many features and tools that Jaaxy offers makes it a complete keyword research tool. They do not miss a trick because the makers of Jaxxy know how important it is for you to rank at the top.

That is why they developed SiteRank. This tool solved the problem of finding your ranking on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. What SiteRank does is track specific keywords you tell it to track and it lets you know where your website is ranked as influenced by those keywords.

site rank

Once you get the results, you can make alterations to those keywords and more. One positive aspect of SiteRank is that it should produce results in about 2 seconds. You do not need to waste time waiting to see where your website is ranked.

You also get a lot of flexibility with SiteRank as it can be customized to fit your needs and desires. Once you turn it on, you can tell it how often you want results and then forget about it. It is a totally automated system. That saves you a lot of time as well.

In addition to that feature, SiteRank can also track your competitors’ websites and let you know how they are doing against your own. Just feed it the keywords you want SiteRank to track and it will provide you the results automatically.

competition search

The platform will also tell you if your competitors’ rankings are going up or down. The other good news about SiteRank is that it can be set to track the value of backlinks and put it in a timeline if that is easier for you.

Also, you can do a historical check and follow your website’s success over a given period of time. All this data maybe overwhelming at this time, but you should get used to it and implement what it tells you for better ranking results.

Jaaxy and Domains

Having all these tools available at your fingertips is good. You have the resources you need to help your website succeed in the SEO and Internet world. But they may not be that valuable if you do not have the right domain using their expertise.

Jaaxy has solved that issue for you. It has a domain tool that helps you find the right domain to market your product and so on. What this feature does is list all available domains, .com, .net. .org, etc., for those keywords.

jaaxy domains

This allows you to find a very good and valuable domain location that will help propel your website to the top of the rankings. It gives you another competitive edge over your competition.

Plus, with this information you can become a domain agent and buy up the available domains and then resell them at a profit. You can work like a real estate magnate but only with Internet locations. Building a domain portfolio may be a good way to give you financial security.

After you explore that option, you may decide you want to remain local. This domain tool also gives you top local domain locations and you can do the same with them as you can with the .com, etc., domains. Building your domain portfolio may be easier than selling a product.

money attraction

Like all the other Jaaxy products listed here, it doesn’t take a lot of time to add to your domain portfolio. Using the Wealthy Affiliate platform will make these purchases even easier.

You can make bulk purchases as well as save and store as many local domains as you like. It is all up to you and your marketing and business skills.

Jaaxy in a Nutshell

We figure you may not read every word in the all about Jaaxy section. There is a lot of good information there but you may not have time to look it all over. So we have put this section here to give you the basic nuts and bolts of Jaaxy. You can read the the rest when you have time.

The main purpose of Jaaxy keyword research tool is to help you get the best ranking on Google and other search engines. How does Jaaxy accomplish this objective? Through a variety of good research tools that provide you with the best information possible.


First, it gives you access to a powerful keyword database and search function. You can find the right keywords to draw traffic to your website with ease and without losing a lot of time.

You have access to millions of keywords and their variants that work well for all search engine options.

Second, it helps you target niches with its special niche research tools. One key feature is their Alphabet Soup platform which puts keywords in alphabetical order for you.

Third, Jaaxy can analyze what your competitors’ are doing and what keywords they are using successfully. You get a lot of good data to help you plan your own ranking strategy by seeing what your competitors are doing.

jaaxy small screen

Reverse Engineering tool provides you with even more data on meta tags and more to make sure you can make intelligent decisions.

Fourth, Jaaxy offers you SiteRank. This research tool tracks how well your website is ranking by keeping stats on specific keywords. You can customize it to fit your needs and it is full automated.

Fifth, Jaaxy is designed to help you maximize your Internet presence by providing you with available domains that fit each keyword you use. You can be a domain tycoon, so to speak, by buying up and reselling different key domains other people want.

That is Jaaxy in a nutshell. It is a comprehensive keyword research tool that has your best interests at heart. It strives to help you get the best ranking possible by giving you more data than just keywords.

You can use it to see how good your keywords are performing and if they are not, you can then change them for something better. It is an all round keyword research tool that can save you time and money.

Jaaxy & Wealthy Affiliate Community

Once the benefits of Jaaxy have convinced you to sign up with this keyword research tool, you may want to consider join Wealthy Affiliate community. One of the first benefits you get when you join is that you can use Jaaxy for free.

wa & jaaxy

The Wealthy Affiliate program is for anyone who does not want to live in a box or do traditional work hours. It is also a good source of income for those who live on fixed incomes.

It is not a difficult or complicated program to work with. Here are the key steps outlined for you: 

  1. Pick something you are interested in doing. You do not have to have a lot of experience in that interest.
  2. Start building your website - Wealthy Affiliate has a web building and hosting platform to make it easier for you. If you are not sure how to build your website, just ask them.
  3. Begin your traffic building strategy. The Wealthy Affiliate program has training available to help you do this.
  4. Star earning money. With over 50 ways to make money from online traffic, you are sure to succeed if you are ready to work on it. There is available training for this as well.

In fact, Wealthy Affiliate has a lot of training available so you do not get in over your head and can make your business venture profitable.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Basically, your new affiliate marketing website helps you generate income by helping people. The information you provide on your website helps them solve a problem, find the right product to purchase, or get in contact with a service they need.

affiliate marketing

Your goal is to get the visitors to your website to purchase different products and services. Once they do, you get a commission of every sale you generate.

Membership & Fees

After you made the decision to become a Wealthy Affiliate, membership is easy. You do not have to pay a membership fee to get yourself started on earning extra income. Plus, you are not under any obligation.

wealthy affiliate zero

The free starter program lets you get used to the business without any investment. But if you decide you like the Wealthy Affiliate system, then you can upgrade to the premium level and pay an annual fee for more benefits.

Jaaxy for Free

This is probably the best benefit of all, other than making extra money for your retirement. Once you sign up with the Wealthy Affiliate program, you get access to all the features and tools Jaaxy offers. You can see those features and tools above.

With this support, you can get your affiliate business on the right track from the get-go. You will have training to help you use Jaaxy to its fullest potential. Plus, you have the huge keyword database on your side helping you get the right keywords to promote your business and drive traffic to your door.

The Key to Wealthy Affiliate

To understand Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate program, you need to understand the keys behind them. Once you sign up you will have access to a wealth of educational materials that help train you in your new business venture. Plus, you get access to 3 classrooms and 2 free websites.

Then, you get great support through the keyword search tool, networking outlets, live chat and more. What you get out of it is up to how much you put into it. and we are talking only about your dedication.

Is Jaaxy a Scam

They say that if something is too good to be true, then it probably is. Jaaxy with all of its great keyword research tools and functions as well as its Wealthy Affiliate program does sound too good to be true.

Where else can you find help with keywords and make money at the same time? In our research, we found nothing that made Jaaxy or its affiliate program dishonest or underhanded.

It is not out to take your money but give you all the help you need to be a successful Internet business person.

The Pros and Cons of Jaaxy

Every company and product does not have everyone liking them. There will always be pros and cons associated with anything on this planet.

Here are the pros and cons that come with Jaaxy.


  • Test the program for free - you get 30 free searches before you have to upgrade to a paid membership.
  • Great keyword database - more than you will use in a lifetime.
  • Helps you find valuable niches - you can find your spot in the Internet world with ease.
  • Keyword discoveries - you can find good affiliate programs based on your keyword searches.
  • Track how your site is ranking through specific keywords.
  • A variety of membership programs that do not hurt your budget.
  • You get training videos to help you use the convenient and simple platform.
  • It is a plug and play program - no extra software to download and install on your computer.
  • A great support system - you should not be hindered by your problem for very long and answers to your questions come quickly.
  • You get great reliable results.
  • Anyone can use it no matter their skill level.


  • Slow speeds - only if you are on the lower levels of the membership tree.
  • Bonus downloads - this information may not be current and may not be as helpful as you would like.
  • Features - not all the features are useful and you may ignore them after a while.
  • Free is limited - unfortunately you only get 30 free searches before you have to pay to upgrade your membership.
  • Affiliate programs- may not be for everyone in spite of the extensive training you get.
  • Dedication & Time- these programs may demand more effort, dedication and time than you are willing to provide or can provide due to other responsibilities.
  • Not everyone will make a lot of money - this is not a get rich quick scheme and you may be one of the unlucky ones who do not meet expectations.

Jaaxy Membership Opportunities

You have 3 different levels to become a Jaaxy member. It is always a wise move to start with the lowest level first to make sure you are ready for this new business venture.

Here are the details for each level of membership:

#1. The Starter

 The free trial

 30 keyword searches

 20 search results

 Affiliate program finder

 Brainstorm feature

 Competition keyword data

 1x speed

 Affiliate program

 30 SiteRank scans

#2. The Pro

 $49 per month

 Everything the starter gives you

 Unlimited search history

 Search analysis

 Manual QSR search function

 Manual domain search function

 Alphabet Soup function

 2x multi-thread search

 2,000 SiteRank Scans


#3. The Enterprise

 $99 per month

 Everything the pro has

 35 search results

 5x speed

 Automated QSR

 Automated domain search

 Alphabet Soup

 5x mutli-thread search

 Unlimited keyword lists

 10,000 SiteRank scans

Of course, which one you choose is up to you. The benefits of Jaaxy are waiting for you if you know what you are doing.

Is Jaaxy for You?

question mark

You have read all that Jaaxy has to offer you. It has the tools you need to help you drive traffic to your Internet door. Plus a few more to make sure you are getting the maximum benefit of your keyword use.

When you are competing with hundreds of thousands of unseen competitors, you need to have all the best keyword research tools working for you. Keywords is one of the way that helps your different websites get the ranking they need to be seen.

Without the great database that Jaaxy offers, you may have a difficult time coming up with those keywords that make the difference for you. Especially if you want to target a specific niche.

market segmentation

With Jaxxy’s niche research tool, you can save yourself hours of hard work and get the data you need before you know it. That is one of the strengths that come with this research tool.

You are not wasting your time hunting for those keywords that put your website over the top and high in the rankings. You have better things to do with your time.

Then when you are worried your competition has an edge over you, you can analyze their Internet strategies with the competitor’s analysis tool. You get to see what keywords they are using and how it is influencing their rankings and their business.

But that is not all that Jaxxy offers you. Once you read everything about his keyword research tool, you have to ask yourself, is this the right tool for you and your business. With all the positives that come from using Jaaxy , that answer should be a resounding yes.


Jaaxy just makes sure that you have the tools you need to make your Internet presence a success and you get more traffic to your websites. You want to go with the best to make sure you get nothing but the best results.

That is what makes Jaaxy the right keyword research tool for you. It brings you the best tools possible so you can get those top results you are looking for. You do not settle for second best when you shop, you should not settle for second best when you are promoting your websites and business.

Thank you for reading. Let me know in the comments below what is your experience with Jaaxy.


About the Author

Hi there. I'm just a regular guy that worked many different jobs before finding out about affiliate marketing. Decided to give it a try, followed the instructions, worked hard and started making money online. Here to help you achieve same thing. Working from home is possible if you have the proper training and people.

  • Linus Udochukwu Marvellous says:

    Having a good keyword tool is very important especially for those who want to rank on Google. My problem with some keyword tools is that they most times give you keyword that will turn out to be useless and that is why I am so skeptical about using them. So does Jaaxy Keyword Tool promise to be any different?

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for the comment.

      I advise you to try Jaaxy you will have 30 free searches and see what this product is all about.

      I highly recommend it to anyone interested in affiliate marketing.

      Have a nice day.


  • ajibola40 says:

    Thanks for writing this article on jaaxy. I know many will find this article so helpful in their process of searching for the right keywords for there website. Jaaxy is the best keywords tools on wealthy affiliate and I have been using it for searching niche for my website.having the right niche is the beginning of the having a profitable website and it want will set you ahead of your competitor.it part of the basics and it is one of the most important 

  • Peace says:

    Keyword tools are a must have, to save time and energy in searching for the perfect key words that can attract the maximum amount of traffic. And Jaaxy key word tool is truly the best keyword tool, with so many necessary features attached to it. 

    I like that the Jaaxy key word tool saves my searches. When I first started using Jaaxy, I didn’t know that I could save my searches, so I always re-search a search I’ve already done before. But when I finally found out that I could save my searches, it was such a time saving relief to me. 

    I’ve never tried using the alphabet soup feature before, but now that I’ve learned about it from your review, I’d give it a try. 

    • Strahinja says:

      Yes, this tool is really amazing and has a lot of things to offer.

      Alphabet soup is amazing, give it try you will see the ideas just flowing.


  • Anita says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize you could do so many things with Jaazy, I have only used it for the keyword searches so far. I think that is great that you can do more research in a niche and also a domain name for a niche. I am going to have to spend some time on Jaaxy and figure it out, it is so much more useful than I realized.

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    Thanks for explaining in details how jaaxy keyword tool works, this keyword pushes you ahead of competition, Targeting the rightkeywords is the very foundation of search engine optimization (SEO) Jaaxy keyword research tool is indeed one of the best, if not the best keyword search tool in its field and highly recommend. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

  • Emmanuel Buysse says:

    Great post and good info. 

    Im using Jaaxy for over a year now, and seriously, without it my site and business would never be good as it is now.

    I see the competition, which kind of keywords are the best and much more. 

    In my opinion, this keyword tool is the best. 

    Thanks for sharing this great guide, I’m sure this will convince people. 

  • Marshall says:

    Thanks for writing this article. Jaaxy is the best keywords today. For the fact Jaaxy keyword research tool can help me to get the best ranking on Google and other search engines, its a go for me. Do you mean that if i find the right keywords, so it can draw traffic to my website with ease and without losing a lot of time.

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    I have been using the Jaaxy keyword tool for a little over 1 month now and will never turn back. There are still tips to be learned and you have given me so many here!

    I am so thankful to have come across this tool and have access to it within Wealthy Affiliate.

    Anyone who hasn’t already signed up for their trial with Wealthy Affiliate truly is missing out.

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    We have been using Jaaxy and most of its functionalities.
    It saves me so much time and effort in doing research. In addition, it provides all the key metrics that can help in the choice of the most appropriate keyword. Plus the saved list feature is indispensable.

    Thank you for this great article and your whole site.

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