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Nov 02

Everyone has a product to sell.

We will do more than provide an Isagenix product review here. We will also be answering the question what is Isagenix. The key to being a legal MLM company is that you need some type of product for your representatives to sell. Without that product, an MLM corporation would be declared a pyramid scheme and illegal.

That is why you see even the worst MLM companies offer some type of product, even if they do not make it themselves. Isagenix is no different and they have several products they sell through a variety of ways to make sure they do not lose their revenue.

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Something About Isagenix And Its History

One of the first issues we had with researching this company was that only its landing page would be displayed. We clicked on several of their menu options but every other page would not be displayed. Eventually some did appear.

isagenix products review

What we do know and can find out is that Isagenix was founded in 2002 by 3 people - John Anderson, and Kathy and Jim Coover. The latter two seem to be the de facto head of the corporation as they hold 3 of the top spots on the company’s executive committee.

In the short time that the company has been in existence, they have grown to employ about 850 people and use about 200,000 sales reps to market their products. The company also earns about $958 million a year in recent years.


The goal of the founders was to free people from pain, both physical and financial, as well as make an impact on world health (or so they say). They also wanted to create the most respected trusted health and wellness company in the world.

Also, Kathy and Jim Coover have over 50 years in MLM sales experience combined which means they know how to make money the direct sales way. John Anderson worked in the nutritional supplement field of things for many years before helping to form Isagenix.


Over the years, the company claims, Isagenix has created about 254 millionaires through marketing their products. That sounds good but out of 200,000 sales reps trying to sell their products, it is not a respectable achievement.

The company hopes to come close to the $1 billion mark by the end of this current year. Their goals sound less like the ones written above and more like a typical MLM company. Its about the money not the products or respectability.


The Isagenix Product Review

The company is all about health and wellness. That is what their product lines are focused on. There are about 6 different groups of products ranging from cosmetics to dietary supplements to weight loss products and more. Each group has their own set of products and depending on which pack you purchase, your nutrient ingredients will be different.

isagenix products review

Those products contain these common ingredients - Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats, Fiber, Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics, as well as Vitamins and Minerals. There is nothing really special about them except their cost.

While the company markets their products more by servings than anything else, the cost can seem a bit high. You are paying between $22 and $60 for a variety of servings. Those servings range from 9 to 60.


Yet some of their special packs like the 9 and 30 day cleanses can cost between $200 and $400. A quick check on their official website has one pack costing over $500. You may get a lot of servings but that still is a high cost to pay to cleanse your body or lose weight.


Do The Products Work?

The question in this Isagenix product review that needs to be answered is, do their products work? The claim is that they do but these claims are not based on real clinical reviews nor on any peer reviewed studies.

question face

Other studies have shown the results to be inconclusive. The products are sold in 14 countries, yet there seems to be little to no data on their effectiveness. What it boils down to is that the company has found a way to get people to eat less and exercise more while selling them ineffective products.

There have been complaints made about the company especially about some of the side effects that come with using them. One of the more common complaints has been about a digestion problem that has arisen after taking those health and wellness products regularly.

isagenix products review

There are also cases of bloating and clothing not fitting. But these are not the only complaints about Isagenix products. There are also complaints about misrepresenting the facts by sales reps.

The sales rep admitted to the bad taste some of the products have and said they lost weight without using any of the products. The other problem you will have with Isagenix products is returning them if you are not satisfied.


One customer had to pay a $28 shipping fee just to return unused items they had purchased. There is a return policy but it only applies to the first purchase you make. You have 30 days to return the items but you must pay the shipping costs as well as not getting your original shipping costs refunded.

These are some red flags you should consider if you are approached by a sales rep and asked to buy their products. Oh and one more thing, the company’s products have not been approved by the FDA so be careful and get medical advice before consuming any of the company’s products.


Signing Up With Isagenix

The company’s opportunity page has a lot of hype and claims on it. And to get to the sign up part, you have to scroll down to near the bottom to get to the next button to push. The page you land on tells you that you get training, mobile shopping and other benefits but no mention of how to sign up or how much it costs to join.

isagenix products review

Again you have to scroll to the bottom to click another button to get started. It seems that you need the name and ID of the person who referred you then you have to fill out the usual personal information.

Also, you get to start off as a customer first, then making your way to being a sales rep. If you don't have the reps information you are to contact the company. Signing up as an associate or a preferred customer is going to cost you the same amount of money. It will depend on your country how much you will pay.

isagenix products review

Amazingly enough, it is cheaper to take the autoship option by $10 if you live in Canada or America. Your costs would be $29 with autoship and $39 without. Other countries are more expensive. The autoship is a red flag as well.


What You Get When You Sign Up With Isagenix?

You do get something in return when you sign up with the company. Here is a short list of things that come your way:

  1. Your own website.
  2. One on one mentoring.
  3. Support.
  4. Step by step training.
  5. Proven marketing tools and systems.
  6. Positive atmosphere.
  7. Bonuses, etc.
  8. Variety of products to use.
  9. Convenient.
  10. Portion control.


It sounds too good to be true. And if you look at some of the negative aspects of the company and its products, you can see that it is. Here are some negatives to keep everything in perspective

  1. You are not eating real food - not sustainable or realistic, you may be set up for failure.
  2. 30 day cleanse is well below the RDA for calories for healthy weight loss.
  3. Biased studies that make Isagenix products look better than they are.
  4. No nutrition education so you cannot continue the diet plan once you finished the products you purchased.
  5. Incapable of replacing lost nutrients you would have gotten if you ate real food.
  6. Sales reps act as nutrition counselors without training.
  7. Products contain lots of sugar and other highly processed foods.
  8. Very expensive - the 30 day plan costs you about $10 a day not to eat calories.


Can You Make Money At Isagenix?

The possibility and opportunity is there, if you get a country that has not been exposed to the company or product and you are the first sales rep in that country. That is about the only way you can make money at this company.


Isagenix uses the standard binary compensation plan where you have two teams selling for you and also the points system. Just don’t get us started on this point system. Anyways, if you can recruit and the recruits sell and recruit, and so on down the line, you can make money.

As it stands, just over 83% of the sales reps for Isagenix do not make any money at all. Let that figure sink in for a minute. That figure tells you the odds of you making any money through this corporation.

isagenix products review

Another 11 1/2% earned less than $500 their first year or any year after that. Just over 5% earned more than $500 with less than 1/2% earning over $10,000. if you want to look at their compensation plan, here is the link to it.

So if you sign up, not only would you not make any money, you are representing a product that may not work, be dangerous to people’s health and not liked by the people you are trying to sell to.

isagenix products review

Also, the products are no different than cheaper versions already on the market and they produce the same results as those products. Making any money is out of the question with this MLM company.


There Is A Better Way

Even a traditional job that you do not like is a better way to make money than by joining an MLM corporation whose complicated compensation plan leaves your head spinning. At least at a job you do not like, you get paid regularly and you make more than $500 a year.

affiliate marketing

Yet, there is even a better way to earn a second income than working at a job you do not like. It is called affiliate marketing. This option is not a pyramid scheme in disguise and you do not have to recruit other people to make any money.

It is a growing industry due to the fact more and more people are getting connected to the Internet. Also, it is better than working at a company you do not like because you get to make choices about your employment conditions.

affiliate program

That is just the beginning of the good news. Once you select the niches and products you want to be involved with and represent, you get the training you need to be a success. Then once people start buying through your links, you make the promised commission without sharing any of that revenue or earning weird points.

You really need to check affiliate marketing out as it is a better way to sell something than trying to recruit family and friends. Once you get going and because of the world wide market opportunity, you can make sales while you sleep.

isagenix products review

But that situation may take some time to reach.


All You Need To Do

Is ask us your questions. We will be glad to supply you with answers so you can understand what affiliate marketing is all about. Then once you get your answers and decide that it is, we will guide you to the best affiliate marketing platform - Wealthy Affiliate.

affiliate marketing training

This company has access to all the products you need plus they give you great training and education. You learn SEO strategies, how content is vital and a lot more.  The good part of it all is that you stay in control of your business hours and your days off.

There is nothing to lose by contacting us and asking your questions. Do it now so you can make the right decision for you and your family. We are standing by to help you.

Thank you for reading.


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  • Ivan says:

    Man, nothing seems to be right about Isagenix. The company’s leadership seems to be interested only in making money, not helping people. I wouldn’t want to be a part of the scheme, no way, especially now that I know these facts. Thanks for the review.
    Your affiliate marketing solutions is a way better option. I’ve read a few of your articles so far, and I’m going to go for it. Thanks again.

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for the comment Ivan.

      I really appreciate it.

      Yes, I do not advise Isagenix as a way to make money.


  • Lori says:

    Interesting read and much information I did not know about. Thanks for sharing and the great read

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