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By Strahinja | Scam

Mar 10

If you want to know what is Instant Cash Solution you are at the right place.

There are always online money making opportunities and when you need an answer to a question like what is Instant Cash Solution you just continue to read our article. It is filled with the information you need to know before you leap and accept their claims.

Doing good research is the way to avoid being caught in a scam or suspicious scheme and lose a lot of money. Our article goes in depth on this online money making opportunity so you can avoid being taken by yet another dubious online offer.

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Who Owns Instant Cash Solution?

That is a tricky question to answer. Especially for companies like this one who make very hyped up and unrealistic claims and promises. So far we have found that his name is Rich Meyer and he is supposed have almost 2 decades of experience in online marketing.

what is instant cash solution

That claim remains to be seen as his name is quite common and it is hard to separate one Rich Meyer from another. His name pops up as the owner of  Legacy Training Network Of California which actually owns https://instantcashsolution.com/.

But that is all the public information that has been found on him. This raises a big red flag as when a company hides its ownership details, the next question to ask after what is Instant Cash Solution is what else are they trying to hide.

The Claims of the Company

what is instant cash solution

Examining the claims of a company is a good way to getting part of the information to answer the main question what is Instant Cash Solution. Their claims will either build the company’s credibility or demolish it.

The claims made by this company certainly do not build the company’s reputation. They say that once you sign up you can make between $100 and $500 a day. That is a very high figure when all you have to do is copy and paste e-mail content.

Another claim the company makes is that to achieve that financial goal you do not have to have any experience, skills or do a lot of work. Even crooks need skills to pull in a lot of cash so it is highly unlikely that you will be able to do that when you have no skill set or experience to rely on to help you out.

what is instant cash solution

Then the final claim we will look at here is that all you need to do to make this money is pay for a membership. What do you get for this membership other than spam? Basically very little.

The claims of this company do nothing to build up any credibility for Instant Cash Solution. There is no substance behind those claims to actually show the system works.

How Does Instant Cash Solution Work?


This is another claim that does not hold up under scrutiny. But to know the answer to what this company is you need to investigate how it works before coming to a decision.

The system touted by Mr. Rich Meyer is a done for you type system. All you have to do is copy and paste some pre-written texts and put them on your social media account. Once you have done that you just sit back and just wait for the money to start rolling in.

If you can copy and paste then you can use this system to help you retire from your day job as you are supposed to be making between $3,000 and $15,000 per month. Now if you have been doing your research you will find that this system is almost exactly like an old scam called Copy Paste Income.


That scam is just a front for a continuous recruiting strategy where the sponsors make money as soon as they sign someone up to the system. There is no product to buy or truly represent.

Instant Cash Solution operates in much the same way although they say you do get some training. The existence of training means you do have to have some skills to work this system.

How Much Does it Cost to Join?

what is instant cash solution

This is another clue to the answer you will get when you ask the question what is Instant Cash Solution. If you have to pay to play, then you are not entering a legitimate industry, especially at the price you have to pay here.

There are 4 membership levels. The Bronze which is the lowest and the beginning level costs $100 plus a $29 administrative fee. The next step up is silver and it costs $200 plus the $29 fee. Gold is next and it is $300 and the $29 fee.

Finally you get to the Platinum level and that costs you $500 and a $79 administrative fee. Once you pick your level, pay your money and get access to the system you are supposed to get training. How good that training is remains to be seen.

what is explode my payday

But, and it is a big but, there is a catch to this system. If you buy the Bronze membership and someone you recruited buys the Gold membership, you do not get a commission. The rule at Instant Cash Solution is that the person you recruit has to buy the same membership level or less than the one you are on if you want to qualify to get paid.

What this rule does is force you to buy the highest level membership possible, $500, in order to qualify for any commissions when your recruits buy a membership. It is a sneaky and unethical way to do business.

So if you buy a Silver membership, you only get paid if your recruit buys a Silver or Bronze level membership plan. If they buy a Gold or Platinum level then you are SOL.

The Product 


Another good way to find part of the answer to what is Instant Cash Solution is to look at its product line up and their cost. In typical MLM corporations you can get a variety of products yet they are often overpriced and very hard to sell. In Instant Cash Solution, there is only one product to market - membership.

There is no other product that you can market that is beneficial to society or your friends and recruits. All you are doing is recruiting people to join so you can make a commission off of their gullibility.


To some people that seems like a good way to make money but so far we do not see how Instant Cash Solution gets your commissions to you. In our research we did not find one person talking about the payout system if there actually is one.

That seems strange so we tried to access their sales and home page but kept getting sent to a Google Search Page instead. To make matters worse, if you can and do sign up there are no refunds.

Your money is gone for good.

Can you Make Money at Instant Cash Solution?

what is desktop commission system

If you can find their home page and actually do sign up there is a possibility that you can make some money at this system. All you have to do is find someone desperate enough to want to join and pay out a large sum of money to complete strangers for no viable product.

Given the nature and education levels of many people, as well as the economic conditions, throughout the world this does not seem as impossible as it sounds. You just have to be able to live with yourself and the unethical way you are trying to make some money.

How much you make may be well below the promised $100 to $500 per day claim the company makes. This is another part to your answer to the question what is Instant Cash Solution.


Then without knowing how you will be paid once you make that commission or what the pay out threshold is you may not get paid at all. You are taking a big risk trusting a company that can’t even produce verifiable and credible information on its owner.

Keep in mind that to make money in this system, you will be spending your time recruiting others. There is no other way to make money.

The Training of Instant Cash Solution

what is the most legit way to make money online

This is the next topic that adds to your answer concerning what this company really is. If you get good training then there is hope that the company is legitimate and on the level.

Unfortunately, that hope is dashed once you see the low level videos you have to watch. Of course, you really do not need any training since all those ads you have to copy and paste are already written for you.

Do not expect a lot of high quality information or step by step instruction when shelling out almost $600 for a membership that gets you all the commissions possible. Paying that much money does entitle you to top level trainers and information but not at Instant Cash Solution.

You need to remember that this is a company that hides its ownership, hides its information, and hides how you get paid. Do not hold high expectations for this company to come through at this point in the game. They won’t and don’t.

The Pros and Cons

plus and minus

Here is the next section that supplies another part to your answer for the question what is Instant Cash Solution. When you see that the cons outweight the pros, you know that signing up is not going to be a good idea.

We are not talking about those negative reviews that pop up from disgruntled employees or customers but legitimate cons that tend to signal another red flag about the company.


  • There is low quality training
  • It is possible to make some money
  • Commissions are supposed to be high


  • You pay to play
  • Hidden ownership
  • High cost of membership
  • No product to sell
  • Website missing in action
  • Post spam ads
  • Always recruiting others
  • No refund possible
  • No guarantee for success
  • Too much hype
  • Unrealistic claims
  • Need to use paid ads
  • To just name a few negative aspects involved in this system

Who is Instant Cash Solutions for?

what is instant cash solution

Generally, these type of online money making opportunities can be for a minute minority of people who are in need of work. Instant Cash Solution does not even help the most desperate person.

It is a system that is not for anyone but whomever the owner turns out to be. You cannot even be sure that the money you are paying goes to an actual independent sponsor. It may go directly to the company that is using fake names to make more money.

Since they use fake names for their ownership this is not something they would ignore. After all the system is designed for them to make money and not you.

The Lack of Membership for Instant Cash Solution

what is instant cash solution

You are getting near the end of this search for the answer to the question what is Instant Cash Solution. A look at the professional memberships the company has is often a key to the legitimacy of a company.

Unlike other companies we have reviewed here Instant Cash Solution has no better Business Bureau membership or grade. Also, they do not have a membership in the Direct Sellers Association which is a must have for companies like this one who do direct selling.

Finally, Instant Cash Solution has no mention on the Truth in Advertising website. This means that they are basically free to say what they want until they are caught. The claims they make have no legitimate backing no anything credible in their words.

You are on your own when you sign up with this company.

Is Instant Cash Solution a Scam?

what is instant cash solution

As they say a fool and his money is soon parted. That is what will happen to you if you sign up with this company. You are not getting anything valuable for the funds you are investing.

What you are getting is an opportunity to scam other people into signing up in hopes of making large commissions. There are just too many red flags to ignore. Especially the inability to get to the company’s website.

Also, there is no mention of how you get your money from the company once you have earned it. That should tell you a lot about this company. All you get is hype and false promises.

what is instant cash solution

By now you should have come to the same answer we are about to give. Instant Cash Solution is nothing but a scam that leads people to unethical behavior. There is nothing we like about the company or its supposed system.

There is also no redeemable quality this company possesses to see it in a better light. The best thing you can do and the best advice we can give is to run as far away from it as you can.

There is a Better Way to Make Money Online

affiliate marketing

What is unfortunate is that this better way is having its reputation ad credibility ruined by all these fake ways to make money online. But those bad apples do not ruin the opportunity you can use to make some money online and help pay your bills.

It is called affiliate marketing and the best platform to use is Wealthy Affiliate. This company has owners that are not hidden and you can read about them if you want. Plus, it has a website you can find along with the method of payout that is easy to use.

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Then signing up is free. You are not paying an administrative fee or a membership fee to access the training that is available. That training is of high quality and gets you the information you need to be a success.

On top of that, you are given two free websites, help to build them as well as lots of support in your journey to earn some money online. You are not on your own with this affiliate marketing platform.

affiliate marketing training

When you run into some difficulties, you do have help you can turn to. This help comes in the form of experienced affiliate marketers who have walked the same path as you are and know the solutions to your problems.

When you want to make money online, you go to the company that doesn’t make false promises or give you a lot of hype. You go to the company that will be honest and tell you that your affiliate venture is going to take a lot of hard work to reach your goals.

That is the type of company you want to be associated with, not the one that hides everything from you.

Thank you for reading.


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  • Lawrence says:

    I’m tempted with this Instant Cash Solution.

    £579 for platinum level training in how to cut and paste content into an email.

    Sign me up now!

    Sorry for the sarcasm – What a scam!

    Thankfully there are genuine platforms and solutions out there like Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Strahinja says:

      No Lawrance, definitely not.

      This product is too expensive and does not provide what it advertises. So I would definitely not invite you to invest in it.

      Thank you for the comment.


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