What Is Infinitus?

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Aug 30
what is infinitus

America does not have a monopoly, when it comes to MLM style business plans and companies, they are found throughout the world. America does not have a monopoly on these types of businesses who seek to make money off the hard working sales representative.

When finding answers to the question, what is Infinitus, you will find that its origins are in China and they market Chinese products. That in and of itself does not make Infinitus a bad company. Being an MLM style of business does.

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A Brief History Of Infinitus

This may be one of the few MLM companies out there that does not have its origins in a single leader. Infinitus was founded by Lee Kum Kee group in 1992 in Hong Kong.

what is infinitus

After 100 years of making different sauces to upgrade the taste of your food, and marketing those sauces in over 100 countries of the world, the Lee Kum Kee group sought to diversify. The corporation saw that their future was not in just making great meal time sauces.

So they formed Infinitus to market traditional Chinese medicines throughout the world. To do so, they turned to the MLM business plan to increase profits while also increasing product awareness through different countries.

what is infinitus

In 1998 the company built its first primary school in a rural section of China. By 2013, that number went up to 31. Then in 2014, the company was listed as 46th out of 500 top China brands.

While it is an international company, its main base of operations remain in China, Malaysia and Hong Kong. You will find the company in Canada, America, as well as the Philippines and Singapore.


The Infinitus Philosophy

The driving philosophical spirit behind Infinitus is its overall main philosophy of Si Li Ji Ren. What those few Chinese words mean is “caring about others” and that spirit motivates the company to produce top quality products.

what is infinitus

Lee Kum Kee Group’s 4th generation leader, Mr. Sammy Lee has written two books to help broaden that philosophy out and provide a positive culture throughout the company.

Building on that philosophical motivation, Infinitus has created several programs to help implement that thinking throughout the corporation. Their auto pilot management system seeks to hire the right talent, a common goal, efficiency in their teams, confidential atmosphere as well as effective training and delegation.


On top of that, the company strives to build top business salesmen through a variety of business strategies:

  1. Mentality - the desire to win, break new ground and never assign limits
  2. Skills - leverage & consolidate, plan and decide, as well as being innovated in leadership
  3. Action - dare to act and encourage innovation

These elements help drive the people of Infinitus to new heights without violating ethics and so on.


The Infinitus Products

At its core, the Infinitus product line targets health and wellness. Their products are a combination of traditional Chinese and western medicines. They target not just the health of their customers but also have products focusing on skin, home and personal care.

what is infinitus

Another unique feature about Infinitus is that they do not have a large product line in all their categories. In fact, they may only have about a few dozen different products in all four categories combined.

That may make for easier selling and keeps your sales pitched focused and on target. Most of their health and beauty products are herbal in nature and should not contain a lot of chemicals. But that remains to be seen.

One of the driving forces behind their product line is the goal to achieve quality at all times and with all products.


How It All Works

Infinitus is like every other MLM company when it comes to signing up and its pay structure. Except that you have to meet 2 requirements to become a legitimate sales rep for the company. Those two requirements are:

  1. You need to be of legal age to work for the company - minors are not allowed to join
  2. You need to be a permanent resident of the country you live in - or a valid work permit
mlm hierarchy

That is it. If you meet those requirements then signing up is very easy. You need to have the user name of the person who referred you to the company but if you do not have that, just click the next button and contact the company office in the country you live.

Then you need to follow a set code of ethics made up of 3 categories. Other than that there are scant details revealing the whole process of signing up. It is a step by step process with each step revealed when you complete the previous one.

There is a lot of hype on the web pages that talk about how great the company is and the business opportunities awaiting you.


Can You Make Money At Infinitus

Like all MLM companies, you only make real money if you are at the top of the chain. Other than that, revenues are difficult to get because of the type of fees and other hidden costs involved.

question face

One fee is the annual membership cost. You get to sign up at Infinitus for only 1 year at a time. If you want to continue with the company for another year, then you have to pay the fee all over again.

After that, you can make money through retail sales or recruitment. Just like any other MLM company, your revenue depends on how many recruits you get to work under you.

This means that you will be competing against your own people if you want to make money through retail sales. The compensation plan may be a bit confusing as it is complicated.


It is possible to make 10% off of your sales but if you have a group volume of only 1,000 then you only get 2%. You can also earn money through the extra sales bonus but you have to have 10,000 GV in one of the legs, that is what they call it, which gives you about $250. if you have 10,000 in both legs, then you can get $500.

There is also a performance bonus which can net you a 6% commission if the organization you are a part of meets requirements. Sounds confusing? It is.

Basically, if you and your team members do not sale enough, you won’t make a lot of money for the time you have invested. Bonuses are not guaranteed and usually only the top of the pyramid chain receive them.


The Infinitus Chain Of Command

There is along ladder to climb to make it to the top of the Infinitus pyramid chain. Then once you reach one spot, you have a limited time to move up. If you do not make it, you start all over again.

mlm rankings

Here are the different categories you must navigate to receive a lot of money through this company:

  1. Intern Sales Supervisor
  2. Sales Supervisor
  3. Senior Sales Supervisor
  4. Intern Sales Manager
  5. Sales Manager
  6. Senior Sales Manager
  7. Sales Director
  8. Senior Sales Director
  9. Chief Sales Director

Remember you only get about 6 months to move up each time you move up.


Is Infinitus A Scam?

We can not say that Infinitus is 100% scam, but like with any MLM company, its very hard to be successful. You do not make a lot of money and you have to buy products to make sales. Along with that, you need to pay a yearly membership fee, no legitimate company makes you do that.


Then the complicated compensation scheme makes sure the money stays with the company not with you, the person doing all the hard work. With a lot of competition, it will be hard for you to make a lot of sales.

Also, you have to do a lot of recruiting to make money with this company. That means that Infinitus is a pyramid scheme that is designed to make its profits off of people who do not get properly compensated for their efforts.


The Pros And Cons Of Infinitus

what is infinitus


  1. You market healthy products
  2. Be your own boss
  3. Set your own hours
  4. Global reach


  1. Complicated compensation plan
  2. Lots of competition
  3. Need to recruit to make money


A Better Alternative

You may like MLM companies but to tell you the truth, they are not very good companies to work for. You get long hours, high fees and lots of rejection with little compensation.

That is not fair to you or even right. So the good news is that there is a better alternative for you. It is called Affiliate Marketing. Not only is there no recruiting, you do not have to kick your compensation upstairs to your recruiter and their bosses.

what is infinitus

You get to keep the commissions you make plus you get to select the commission rate when you choose those products and niches you want to represent.

There are no confusing compensation packages. You get paid your commission for every sale your vendor makes.

You do not even have to carry any inventory around with you. All you need are products to represent, good content, some great strategies and a website. That means you do not have to expend a lot of energy making sales.

affiliate marketing

With an every growing affiliate marketing audience, your sales potential is unlimited if you use the right tools. The key, of course, is having great content.

You can give affiliate marketing a free try to see what is it all about. We can recommend a training & community that helped us when we were starting. 

We invite you to create a free account and contact us on the website if you need any help or information.

Thank you for reading.


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  • Tim says:

    Interesting! Being an Asian guy I’ve always loved Lee Kum Kee sauces but I never knew they do anything other than sauces. Thanks for the info!

    Anyway, I hate MLM as I’ve heard so many stories about MLM marketers trying to recruit and sell their products to their friends and family. It breaks friendships and relationships, affiliate marketing is much better! Thanks for sharing!

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for the comment Tim.

      Yes, indeed. Lee Kum Kee and his company Infinitus does much more from when they started the company.

      There is definitely far better employment options than MLM companies. I highly recommend avoiding joining any of them. Not because I hate the business plan but because it is almost impossible to make any money.


  • Elmar says:

    Thanks for the very interesting article. I didn’t know anything about infinitus, but now I have a good idea how does it work. Definitely very helpful information for the people. Probably Affiliate Marketing also not the easiest way to make money what do you think ?

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for the comment Elmar.

      As with any business, affiliate marketing requires time to truly blossom. Affiliate marketing is not a get rich scheme and requires dedicated work as well. However it is definitely one of the best ways to make money online.

      Best regards,


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