11 Easy Tips For Increasing Your Website Traffic

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Oct 12
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When you are driving on the road, h​​​​​igh traffic is not a good thing. In fact, it slows you down and can make you late for an important appointment or hot date. But when you are on the Internet and want people to see your website, then high traffic is what you want.

With no lane restrictions, policemen, or stop lights to slow traffic down, the more people you get to visit your website the better. If you are not sure how to get that traffic volume to your website, just continue to read our article.

We explore the issue for you and let you know the top 11 ways you can increase traffic. And the good news is that it may not cost you a lot of money to make these important changes.


11 Ways To Improve Website Traffic

Just so you know before we start to get into these top strategies, you need to know that there is no magic cure no magic formula and no way to guarantee every strategy will work for you.

You just have to keep trying till you find the ones that work for you.

#11. Make Your Headlines Catchy Or Funny

Instead of using newspaper type headlines try to be a little creative and innovative when you write those headlines. Don’t lie or misrepresent what is in the article, but use a little brainstorming time to word your headlines that will catch the attention of Internet searchers.

11 easy tips for increasing your website traffic

The more eye and attention grabbing the headline, the better chance you have of getting more visitors to read your content. This may take some work and you may have to write more than 10 to find the right sounding headline that will work for your article.

You can even ask weird questions that will be sure to grab the attention of the Internet searcher. Or use numbers, like dates. For example 2019 was the year for... The numbers will help you get the traffic you want.


Numbers help you to stand out from the crowd as long as everyone else is not using them.

#10. Look At Your Competitors’ Headlines

Headlines are very important. They are the first thing people see and those few words help the Internet searchers decide if they are going to visit your website or not. Once you see how your competitors’ word their headlines you can get the inspiration you need to craft your own.


Or you can use some of the following suggestions. First, make a bold statement in it. This will grab your searcher’s attention and help them think what is going on. This curiosity helps them move to click on your web page and read what you are talking about.

Try to create a sense of urgency with your headline. Make it sound like they will miss out on some interesting news, etc., if they don’t click on your URL. Then you can create a sense of mystery by only dangling a few bits and pieces of what your article is about in your headline.

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Headlines are the attention grabbers that is why we dedicated to of these points to that topic.

#9. Content! Content! Content!

We can not stress this point enough and you will get tired of hearing about it. But content is king and the better it is, the more people will like your website and return to see what you have to offer.

11 easy tips for increasing your website traffic

Word of mouth is still the best way to get traffic flocking to your door. If your content is a cut above everyone else’s then people will start to tell their friends. Once their friends see how true those words were, they will tell others.

But you have to have top quality content or you are just spitting into the wind. Also, the content has to have some value to your readers. It can’t be a sloppy cut and past job or filled with inaccuracies or misrepresentations.


Solve problems, meet needs but whatever you do make your content valuable. It is the way to get a higher ranking as well.

#8. Create A Community

One way to increase traffic is give people somewhere to leave their thoughts whether it be pro or con. People like to talk to each other and one way to facilitate that is to create a forum. This forum can serve several purposes.

11 easy tips for increasing your website traffic

First, it gives your readers an outlet. Second, it keeps them on your website longer and third, you have less bounce. Or try to create a social media group where you provide answers to people’s questions.

There are lots of good ways to get a group of people together and talk. The only thing you have to do is make sure you keep pointing them back to your web page and products.

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You can even have some of those members write a guest blog for you. Anything, within reason of course, to get them to spread the word about your website and content.

#7. Update And Update Again

This is almost as important as writing good content. Old information turns people off. When they visit they would like to see new information, new stories, new helpful hints that solve their problems.


What this means is that you have to be consistent in your writing and publishing of your top quality. Some people say that updating about twice a week is enough but you need to figure this one out for yourself and see what works best for you.

Regardless of how often you do it, when you do it you should not be repetitive or posting information that is not valuable. You will have to do some research to find the new data to pass on to your readers and those Internet searchers who come to your website on the spur of the moment.

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But keep your website nice and fresh so people know you have something to offer them.

#6. Advertise

That is how every company since the beginning of time has attracted customers. They advertise and then they advertise some more. The advantage you have over past generations is that you have more advertising avenues than they did to work with.

11 easy tips for increasing your website traffic

One method you have in common is word of mouth. If your website is very good people will talk and word of mouth is the best way to get traffic to your website door. Then as that is working for you, you can always advertise on different social media outlets.

Lots of people go to these outlets every day and that is an untapped market you can target. The right ads and links and you should be able to attract more people to your website than ever before.

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There are also paid advertising places as well as pay per click advertising. How you advertise is up to you and your advertising budget. Just make the ads interesting and good.

#5. Guest Blog

Find those blog owners who do not mind giving you a chance to talk on their blog. Write a good piece and make sure it is a superior one so you can start to build your reputation.

guest blogging

Also, make sure you get a reputable blog site to write for. A non reputable one may damage your reputation and have people avoiding you like the plague. Make sure you know the regulations governing guest blogging so you do not make a major mistake.

Also, you can let others guest blog on your website. Their readers may follow the author over and see what thy are saying. Then they may stick around and see what you have to offer them.

It works both ways and if you are good you should see some rise in your traffic.

#4. Use Internal Links

One way that internal linking helps is with your SEO standing. The more internal links you have the better your SEO ranking, unless criteria has changed over the past few months.

11 easy tips for increasing your website traffic

Internal links help your reader navigate a lot easier and make your website more user friendly. The more user friendly your site the longer your new readers will stick around.

Plus, you should build up some website pages that link back to you. This also helps bring traffic to your door as you are being mentioned on other websites. The more websites you have linking to your page the bigger the opportunity of having more people clicking on those links and seeing what is happening in your end of the Internet world.

link building

Internal links, link backs and other link strategies play a large role in how much traffic will increase to your website.

#3. Do Interviews

And we do not mean interviewing your sister, mother or your dog. You want to interview famous people or people with a lot of knowledge on a certain subject. They need to be credible and have a name that a lot of people have already heard of.


If you do not think this will work, you may be surprised. A lot of these people like to be interviewed because they get to talk about what is important to them. A simple e-mail with the details of the interview is all you need to send out.

You will find that once you publish those interviews the name recognition will bring credibility to your website. There is also the possibility that the persons you interview will share the link to the page the interview is published on.

You never know until you try.

#2. Put Your URL In Your Signature

This is a great way to get people to click on the link and return to your site. Keeping your URL visible every time you make a post on a community forum, comment section and so on, keeps your website in the readers’ minds.


Eventually they will start clicking on that link and investigate you and your website. This also helps when you send out professional e-mails. Always keep your URL visible to make sure that the people you come in contact with.

The good news is that you do not have to pay for this type of advertising. It is free and easy to do. Just think about the many different places you can put your URL in your signature and get started.

#1. Let it be free

Free always gets people’s attention. It is also a great way to start driving traffic to your website. You can offer a free service or product but make sure to keep it reasonable, in good taste and make sure you come through on your promise.

special offer

Failure to come through  with the free item means that the word of mouth advertising you so desperately want, will be turned against you and the negative news will spread like a wild fire.

Investigate what free service or product you can offer and make sure it is doable for you. That way you can increase the traffic to your website and make a lot more sales in the long run.

Some Final Words

Actually there are far more than 11 ways to increase traffic to your website. But these 11 should suffice and get you started in the right direction. You can’t do every one at the same time so be a little patient and explore each option to see which fits best for you.

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See which ones work and stick with those while discarding those that do not help you increase your traffic. Then do a little more research and look for other strategies we have not mentioned. The more strategies you try the better chance you have of finding the right one for you and your affiliate marketing business.

Getting traffic is doing a little trial and error. Just do not give up when something doesn’t work. Keep trying as the moment you quit, you lose and you won’t get more traffic to your website.

Thank you for reading.

Which one of these strategies is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • Schalk says:

    Thanks for this very informative post on how to generate website traffic. We all know that generating income is simply a numbers game and the reason why information on how to increase website traffic is invaluable. I will certainly keep these traffic generation strategies in mind.

  • Tamika G says:

    Hi there, this was an informative post, lots of useful info. I like the tip to do interviews, that’s a good idea. You’re right that headlines are crucial too as they need to interest people enough to click on them. That would be a great topic to do a more in depth post with examples. Anyways, I do have some takeaways so thank you.

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for the comment Tamika.

      Yes, interviews are one of the best ways to reach new audience, especially if you are interviewing someone famous.


  • Jason Kang says:

    Hi, Strahinja.

    I am running a website, and increasing the traffic of my site is a major concern to me. Therefore, the title of this article caught my attention.

    You have listed 11 tips, and all of them are agreeable. Especially, the importance of the contents has been emphasized by many experts. Also, the comment that some research is necessary to write a quality contents should be emphasized over and over again. From my experience, we bloggers need to put a lot of efforts to create an article. Surprisingly, our efforts are recognizable and visible to the readers.

    I have applied or thought about many tips you suggested. Still, I haven’t used some of them such as using internal links and doing interviews. I believe they are worth trying. After trying them out, I will let you know how they worked.

    Thank you for providing useful suggestions.

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment Jason.

      Creating an article should always be a way of engaging and creating interest in your readers. As you said, good effort is always recognized.


  • Ivan says:

    Great stuff, Strahinja. As always, I learn a lot from your site. Thanks for sharing your tips. I need to update my content more frequently. And you have given me a good idea for sharing some free stuff on my site. Thanks again.
    Looking forward to learn more from you!

  • Justin Crowley says:

    These are some great points. I would also suggest for people using WordPress, the Yoast SEO plugin. It really helps with keywords, titles, and internal links. Thanks for sharing.

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