Top 15 Ways To Increase Your Email Conversions

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Aug 20
top 15 ways to incraese your email conversions

We are not talking about changing your religious beliefs.

Getting your e-mail recipients to change from receiving your news to customers is not always that easy to do. Many people are inundated with similar e-mails and you have to do a lot to get your recipients to sit up and take notice of your offerings. That is why we are giving you the top 15 ways to increase your email conversions in 2019.

Receiving tips and advice is not wrong. Other people may think of good strategies to use that you haven’t considered. It pays too look over what other people are suggesting to see if there are some great strategies that will work for you.

The good news is that using e-mail is the way to get conversions. To help boost your e-mail return on investment all you have to do is continue reading this article. Then pick out those strategies that seem best to you.

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Top 15 Ways To Increase Your Email Conversions


#1. Use Catchy Headlines

The first thing your e-mail recipient sees is your headline. It is that brief second or two that determines whether your target audience will decide to open your e-mail or not.

top 15 ways to increase your email conversions

This means you need to write great headlines to help convince your e-mail audience to open your letter over the many already in their stuffed mailboxes.They key to getting their attention is to be specific.

Being vague just turns people off. So if you have a special on shoes, say you have a special on shoes. Don’t beat around the bush, get right to the point. And be creative about it.


#2. Be Short, Sweet And Specific

If you do not like those people who keep talking and talking just because they like the sound of their voice, then don’t write your e-mails that way. People have short attention spans and long winded e-mails won’t help.

top 15 ways to increase your email conversions

You need to grab their attention, say your piece and be polite about it. Long winded e-mails can be a waste of time. Television shows have trained people to shorten their attention spans so you need to work with that reality.

Be creative but be specific. Be innovative but be short. Stick to the main points so people know exactly what you are telling them.


#3. Use Those Abandoned Shopping Carts To Your Advantage

As you check your records, you may see people leaving things in their shopping cart and never returning to complete the purchase. Use that information and goods to create a special sale for your e-mail mailing list members.

top 15 ways to increase your email conversions

Turn those items into a bundle where your potential customers can save a little money and get a great deal. Or customize your e-mail to target those individual customers who left their full shopping cart at the cash register.

Don’t be discouraged by seeing abandoned shopping carts, turn that misfortune into something good by using your creative talents. It never hurts to try.


#4. Implement Good Landing Pages

Creating a great landing page will help turn e-mail recipients into customers. Design the page with specific sales or good deals, then make sure you have a strong call to action.

landing pages

Plus, your landing pages should be designed to make it easier for your e-mail recipients to make a purchase. Easy is good in this case. Being hard to get is not. People want easy and convenient messages so make sure your landing pages meet those objectives.

Also, make sure you direct your traffic to that new landing page. You should see an increase in your conversion when you do that little adjustment.


#5. Build Your E-mail Members Trust

A recent study has shown that online consumers are losing trust in online brands. The main reasons for this are, first, they are not sure their private information is secure. Second, they do not know if they will receive good customer service.


To get conversions you need to show your potential customers that you are trustworthy, reliable and provide great customer service. Building online credibility is essential to building e-mail conversions.

The good thing is there are numerous strategies you can use to accomplish this and achieve a higher conversion rate. You just have to be genuine when you use those strategies.


#6. Sign Up Forms Are Very Valuable

These forms are used in a variety of ways, from app downloads to lead generation and so on. These forms provide a wealth of customer data that you can use to market your products through your e-mail mailing list.

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What you need to do to implement this strategy is to decide what information you need and how you are going to use that information. Make sure your heading is specific so your e-mail recipients know what they are signing up for and what they will get in return.

To make sure your e-mail recipients know what information is required, put hints on the form. That way there shouldn’t be mistakes.


#7. Make Sure Your Website Is User Friendly

It has been said that the most important tool in getting conversions is the site map on any given website. The site map seems to bring a better return on investment than any other page you have built.


The key to having conversions is to make sure your website is easy to navigate. That is why the site map is so vital to your business. If people can find what they want quickly, the more likely it is they will remain and eventually purchase something.

Having good primary and secondary navigation buttons along with good call to action buttons help convert visitors into paying customers.


#8. Make Your Value Proposition Compelling

A value proposition is where you tell why your product or service is superior to your competitors’. Your e-mail recipients need a good reason to buy from you so make your value proposition very compelling.

top 15 ways to increase your email conversions

This part of your website should be unique and not found in your competitors’ business or value propositions. But if this can’t be done, try to find an honest way to set your company and products apart from your competitors.

Plus, your value proposition should resonate with your visitors and get their interest up. This means you cannot say boring statements that make your company look bad.


#9. Repeat Your Sales Offers

There is the growing idea that consumers need to see something, like a logo, etc., several times before they remember a particular company name. This trend is making its way over to sales.

brand laptop

It is said that consumers need to see a sales ad several times during their buying process before they make a decision to purchase. There are good strategies you can implement to make sure your website visitor sees your sales ads in several ways before leaving your website.

Just pick the ones that will work best for you after you do a little research on this topic.


#10. Provide Incentives

People like to talk about their good customer experience at different businesses. This is called word of mouth advertising. It is the most effective way to get people converted from visitors to a business into paying customers.

limited time offer

You can take advantage of this top advertising method by offering incentives to your customers for referring their friends and family members to your website. People also love getting a good deal and this is the way to combine the two strategies.

You just have to make sure you follow through on your promises and use good customer service when doing so. Word of mouth advertising works in the negative way as well.


#11. Use Mobile Phone Friendly E-mails

More and more people are turning to their smart phones to surf the Internet and check their e-mails. The reason they do this is that they are not near a computer and it is more convenient to use their phones than find an Internet cafe.

mobile friendly

Design your e-mails to be seen clearly on small mobile phone screens. This little adjustment is not hard to make and you will be opening your business up to a larger audience who may convert into a paying customer.

Mails that are not mobile friendly will turn more people off and they will move on to a competitor who has used this strategy effectively.


#12. Customize Your E-mail Ads

People do respond better when they see that you are treating them as special and that you appreciate their coming to your website. With today’s technology it is getting easier and easier to customize your e-mails so you can target individual members on your e-mail list.


You can provide exclusive sales to one person or a small group of e-mail members. How you do it is up to you but you need to customize to make sure you are getting your mailing list members attention.

Plus, the more you know about your e-mail list member the better it is to customize and get a higher conversion rate.


#13. Nurture Those Leads You Get

Sales do not happen over night all the time. Nor do they happen just because you have a great user friendly website. Sometimes it takes a little hard work to get people to convert into a paying customer.

top 15 ways to increase your email conversions

Nurturing the leads you get is a great way to raise your e-mail conversion rate. Start small and introduce your company and a few items you have for sale. Then wait a couple of days to supply more information to your leads.

This can be done by providing how your products provide a solution and other news. Then about a week or so later, send them a promotion thanking them for signing up.


#14. Check Your E-mail Content

Like your website, your e-mail content is king. If you have bad, generic, run of the mill content, then do not expect to receive many conversions. Your e-mail content needs to be valuable, interesting and engaging.


This fact cannot be stressed enough. What your visitors read in their e-mail box is vital to your business success. Bad e-mails will translate into lower revenues. Top quality content should do the opposite and build interest in your products and company.

That interest should translate into a higher conversion rate. With a higher conversion rate, you should be receiving higher revenues. So go over your e-mail content and make it better.


#15. Use Strong Call To Actions

This is another factor that cannot be stressed enough. Wimpy calls to action do not produce the conversion rates you are looking for. You need to be aggressive but not to aggressive where you are seen as being a pushy salesman or a bully.

sign up

Just put a call to action in every web page you have on your website. Make it intelligent but not insulting. A good call to action reminds your visitors of the benefits they will receive if they purchase your products, etc.

Then they tell your visitors what to do. Get them to contact you, call a phone number, visit this web page or click a button.


Honorable Mention


Customize The Subject Line

You need to write short but very descriptive subject line content to get the interest of your target audience. This has to be short to meet smartphone character restrictions.

guy smiling with laptop

Use words in the subject line that create curiosity, interest, value, urgency and so on. This will take some trial and error to figure out as everyone does not respond to the same message in the same way.

Do a little research on this to make your subject lines more effective in building your e-mail conversion rate.


Some Final Words

Employing some or all of these tips in your marketing campaigns should help you boost your e-mail conversion rates and make them more satisfactory. If you have any questions just contact us. We are ready and willing to answer your questions.

top 15 ways to increase your email conversions

Your e-mail marketing success may be a few top tips or a few answers away.

Thank you for reading.

What is your favorite way of getting new leads?


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