What Is Herbalife Nutrition?

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Aug 27
what is herbalife nutrition

You have seen the name and their products.

Yet the question what is herbalife nutrition remains in your mind. Herbalife Nutrition is an international company the markets and produces its own health products. We are sure that you have seen their products through meeting their sales representatives.

That is about the only way you may see them as Herbalife Nutrition is a sold through independent contractors who usually go door to door selling the health products. There may be some exceptions to this now, but it remains a Multi-level Marketing firm.

Multi-level Marketing is very different from affiliate marketing and Herbalife Nutirition is different from affiliate marketing platforms. To find out the difference, just continue to read out article. It is filled with as much information about Herbalife and MLM as it can be.

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A History Of Herbalife Nutrition

To get a good understanding of and answer the question what is herbalife nutrition, it is necessary to learn a little bit about their history. The story of Herbalife began back in 1980 when its founder started to sell the original products from the trunk of his car.

what is herbalife nutrition

Mr. Hughes’ motivation for starting the company and selling healthy products came from the pre-mature death of his mother. She had a distorted view of weight loss and suffered from different eating disorders.

This tragic event also provided the philosophy that drove Mr. Hughes and future employees towards success. He, and eventually they, wanted to change the nutritional habits of the world.

Even though Herbalife has had a few setbacks since that time, the company has grown to sell in 94 countries currently and has over 3 million independent distributors who market their products.

It is impressive growth for a company that has had its share of problems.

All Is Not Rosy At Herbalife

While Herbalife maintains that their products are healthy and help bring nutrition to people’s lives, there has been repeated setbacks over the years. As early as 1982 Herbalife has had complaints about their ingredients.


The FDA brought complaints and the company was forced to change the claims made about the product and redo parts of the ingredients that when into their health foods. Then the justice department of Canada filed suit against the company, but that suit did not stop Herbalife from going to hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales to over $400 million in five years.

But that wasn’t the end of their products, before he died at the age of 44, Mr. Hughes tried to take the company private after settling a 1985 lawsuit with the State of California. He was unsuccessful and had to pay a fine to the shareholders for his efforts.

what is herbalife nutrition

Finally, after more years of legal issues, Herbalife had to pay a $200 million fine to its distributors because they had been underpaying them for many years. After a little restructuring of the head office, and a name change to Herbalife Nutrition LTD., the company seems to be back on track.

The Products Of Herbalife Nutrition

Herbalife sells a variety of health products, from their original milkshake to skincare to vitamins. They also sell cell activators, specialized nutrition plans as well as weight loss nutritional help.

what is herbalife nutrition

Not much is said about the ingredients of their products. The company’s website does not offer much on what goes into their products. Some of their more common ingredients include soy protein isolate, soy lecithin, hydrogenated oils, casein and biotin.

These ingredients seem not to come with a federal recommended daily allowance percentage. How healthy their products may be determined finally by you and your experience with them.

But their sugar content may be higher than other products and the ingredients they use are not organic. Because their products are not organic or all natural, you may find chemicals in their natural flavors.

Their Protein Source

For their protein shakes, Herbalife uses both whey and soy. Soy is one of the top 8 allergens that help trigger allergies, while whey comes with its own side effects that may not be healthy for you.

what is herbalife nutrition

Herbalife Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix

Yet, in spite of those possible red flags, Herbalife has won several awards for its products’ nutritional value. The products responsible for helping the company receive those awards are Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix, Triple Berry Complex, Tang Kuei Plus, and Niteworks Powder Mix.

These products may come with high protein contents. It should be said that their milkshake comes with high vitamin content as well as reaches on average about 25% of your RDA levels.

The Other Ingredients

There is some concern about the other ingredients that can be found in Herbalife products. Their sugar content as well as their sodium amounts can be quite high and counteract any health benefits you may think you are getting.


These ingredients you know about. But there are fillers, additives and chemicals you may not know about. These ingredients may not be totally healthy for you. While the company does list their ingredients on their labels, it is uncertain as to their value to your health.

Although those chemicals may appear on the labels of their products, they do not seem to appear anywhere in their product catalogue which lists a variety of natural sources for their ingredients.

what is herbalife nutrition

Also, the catalogue mentions their scientific team and approach to developing their product line, there seems to be few independent scientific sources to back up the company’s claim.

What is also troubling is that any scientific information produced by the company may appear outdated and in need of an upgrade or reassessment. What has been found does not always produce good news for the company nor its users.

Adverse effects have been uncovered through these independent studies which makes trusting the products a little difficult to do.

Are There Benefits To Herbalife Products?

Despite some of the negative news in the previous sections, the Herbalife products do seem to carry some benefits with them. Here are 5 good benefits that you can receive through using Herbalife products:

what is herbalife nutrition
  • Energy level improvement - because of their high protein content, many of Herbalife products help improve your energy so you can get more things done before getting tired.
  • Manage your weight - Herbalife products help you cut those nasty inches and excess pounds off. But the key is you still have to exercise right and eat a proper healthy diet. These products also boost your immune and metabolic systems to help you burn off excess calories, etc.
  • Healthier digestion - because Herbalife products contain a variety of minerals and vitamins, your digestion system gets the help it needs to work better. The aloe vera and high fiber ingredients are a part of those beneficial ingredients.
  • Improves heart health - the same vitamins and minerals working to improve your digestion, also work to help your heart stay healthier longer. Herbalife has a wide variety of products that also target your heart health.
  • Lower your stress levels - daily life is packed full of stress inducing activities and events. Inside many of Herbalife’s products are special ingredients to help you relax and release that stress. With these special ingredients you should sleep better and lower your stress levels.

The Pros And Cons Of Herbalife Products

Even though there is a lot of negativity towards Herbalife, its products do come with their share of positive contributions. They also come with their share of negative aspects that keeps everything in perspective.

what is herbalife nutrition

Here are the pros and cons of these products:


  • Easy to follow program - you replace meals with shakes.
  • Great variety of products - you can choose to use the products you like.
  • Good calorie control - very few calories are found in Herbalife products.
  • Easy to use - it doesn’t take long to prepare a milkshake or tea.


  • It can get costly - Herbalife is not free nor is it cheap.
  • No long-term results - it is like any other diet program you go on you, may gain the weight back if you return to your normal food intake.
  • Possible side effects - there are red flags that come with these products and should make you cautious when you use them. There may be ingredients inside you may be allergic to.
  • It is a MLM concept - you might not get the truth from its representatives because they lose money if they do not sell anything.

Herbalife Is An MLM Company

That is one of the biggest negatives this company has. Its products may be better than other companies’ products and contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, and other healthy ingredients but it is hard to make a profit selling their products.

what is herbalife nutrition

1. MLM definition - this is where people make money off of both their own personal sales, and the sales of the people they recruit. Also, the original representatives also get a cut of the action from the sales of the people who were recruited by the people you recruited, and on it goes.

Except for the higher echelons of the company, no representative is given a salary and all their revenue comes from the agreed upon commission rates offered by the company.

2. The many names of MLM - the following names help you identify a given company as an MLM style. MLM is also known as pyramid selling, network marketing, referral marketing and more. Once you hear these words used, then you know that the company is going to be hard to make money working for.

3. Profit and loss - studies have shown that most people involved in MLM companies lose money. In fact, the figure is as high as 99% of all those who enter MLM sales force, do not make money.

4. Why do people stay in MLM companies - they stay in because the previous statistic is downplayed or ignored while telling the new recruits and more seasoned representatives that they can make lots of money.

5. MLM may be illegal - not in all countries but a lot of them have outlawed MLM style companies for their deceptive practices and low pay to their representatives. Herbalife was forced to pay $200 million to their representatives just 3 years ago.

6. Herbalife practices MLM - in fact they have over 3 million representatives at last count. That is a lot of competition to sell the same products. You may be competing with your own recruits because there is just so much market territory to go around.

A Better Alternative

As you can see, MLM and Herbalife may not be the revenue source you would like it to be. The money flows up and does not stop untill it gets to the heads of the company, leaving little for the representatives to share in.

what is herbalife nutrition

There is a better alternative for you to make extra cash without having to go door to door or spending a lot of your own money. This alternative is called affiliate marketing and it is not a pyramid scheme or network marketing.

In affiliate marketing you partner with a vendor and receive a commission every time a person buys a product you represent through you.

This takes joining an affiliate marketing platform, but that is easy and some of these platforms, like Wealthy Affiliate, provide you with training and ongoing education to be a success.

You can sign up for free and do not have to buy any products to market. Your vendor handles all of the shipping, stock, warehousing and so on. You are merely the salesman representing how good the product is.

That is the difference between MLM style and the Wealthy Affiliate style. You earn more money, keep your money and do not have to send a portion of your commission upstairs to the boss.

wealthy affiliate training

Plus, you can represent more products than you can with an MLM style company. With the MLM company you have to represent their product only. With Wealthy Affiliate, you can represent those products your audience likes and make more.

You are also not competing with your recruits, because they are none. To see how good Wealthy Affiliate is, create free account and contact us on the website.

You will not regret it.

Thank you for reading.


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  • Gerri says:

    Thank you for the information about Herbalife! MLMs should be illegal everywhere. The last one I looked into before this…you actually have an article about it…is everywhere in my area! I have been looking for a new option to work from home for a while. Great information!

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for the comment Gerri. I really appreciate it.

      Many MLM companies faced big lawsuits for running a pyramid scheme and it is very hard to make money in an MLM company.

      Affiliate marketing is far better alternative.

      Thank you.


  • Jesse Lee says:

    Interesting post!
    You have broken down the information well and included a lot of helpful tips too.
    I actually have not heard very much about Herbalife Nutrition before reading this post and I learned a lot from this post.
    This company and it’s products could be worth trying for some people especially since there are some health benefits.
    Affiliate marketing certainly seems to be a much better way of trying to make money in the long run.
    Thanks for all the great information on this company and it’s products!

    • Strahinja says:

      Thank you for commenting Jesse. They are one of the most famous MLM companies out there. Unfortunately, it is very hard to make money with them, unless you are at the top of the pyramid. Affiliate marketing is a far better alternative.

  • Slfrazier says:

    Very informative! I did not know all of the history behind Herbalife. Wealthy Affiliates definitely seems like the way to go!

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