How To Have Positive Thoughts

By Strahinja | Tips

Mar 14

Learning how to have positive thoughts takes a little discipline and patience. That is because it is not always easy to think positively when you get bad or threatening news.

Even in business when things get a little tough it is hard to think positively as there are so many concerns filling your mind that positive thoughts do not have a chance. It will take a little work but you will get to the point and learn how to have positive thoughts through both the good and bad times.


Steps On How To Have Positive Thoughts

Thinking positively helps you endure the different trials and tribulations that make other people miserable. There are ways you can use to help you start and continue to think positively when life seems to throw you a lot of lemons.

Here are some of those strategies you can use to learn how to have positive thoughts:

#1. Smile

how to have positive thoughts

Not only are you using fewer muscles, you can influence your brain towards positive thoughts just by smiling. If that is a hard task to do given your life situation, then go in front of a mirror and practice.

Smiling does relieve stress and it helps you to change your mood. When your mood changes you can think more positively.

#2. Meditate 

Sometimes meditation will help clear negative thoughts out of your brain and let you focus on more positive things to think about. Meditation has to be done right if you are going to succeed using this method.

Another way to help you get rid of negative thoughts is to do Yoga. This discipline helps you stay focused on the present situation and keeps you from leaping to conclusions or what if scenarios. It pays to deal with reality and not made up situations that may never take place.

#3. Think About Good Things

how to have positive thoughts

If you only focus on negative items then it is impossible for anything positive to make its way into your mind. Start your day by focusing on positive things that have taken place that day or recently.

It doesn’t have to be big acts of kindness as even little things, like your daughter getting an A on her report will do. Try to focus on the benefits and not the opposite results. By focusing on the latter, you only see the bad results and not the good. You need to reverse that and see what good can come from different situations.

#4. Use Positive Affirmations

how to have positive thoughts

When you are learning how to have positive thoughts giving yourself a positive affirmation is a big help. Instead of thinking what bad can happen to you when you get up and start your day, tell yourself something good is going to take place.

Or tell yourself that you are going to excel and impress everyone at work. This is a little thing but it is a great way to start to think positively. Just stay within the realms of reason and reality when you do this activity. Changing from a negative mindset to a positive one does not need big or great acts on your part.

#5. Find The Source Of Your Negativity

how to have positive thoughts

This can begin by asking yourself a simple life examining question - do I think negatively? After you ask the question search your mind to see how you really do think.

Just because you may think you do think positively doesn’t mean that you are. Examine your thoughts and get rid of those negative ones that are dragging you down. You never know you may find things where a little change will turn your negative thoughts into positive ones.

#6. Add Positive Words To Your Vocabulary

how to have positive thoughts

Learning positive words can help you change from a negative thinker into a positive thinker. It takes a little work but it can be done. You just need a good list of positive words to memorize and then use.

Adding positive vocabulary is just one way to help your brain adjust and move over to the positive side of life. Use them when you are trying to find something good to smile about. Then more words you learn the more positive influence you put on your brain and thinking. A little dedication goes along way.

#7. Have Only Positive Friends

how to have positive thoughts

Surrounding yourself with positive thinking people helps you learn how to be positive. The reasoning behind that statement is that you are learning nothing but positive ideas and having positive reinforcement.

Plus, you do not want people around you who do nothing but feed your negative attitudes with more negative thinking. Having positive people around you all the time lets you see the right perspective on any issue you are facing.

Having negative influence is not going to do anything except keep you negative and that is not a good thing to be around. Life is just too short for negativity.

#8. Stop Being The Victim

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This is one attitude that generates negative thinking. If you think you are a victim all the time then you will have nothing but negative thoughts. Being a professional victim will only keep you trapped in negative situations and thinking.

How to have positive thoughts is to stop thinking you are a victim and start taking responsibility for your life. Being responsible helps you see the good in life and others. That perspective helps get you on the right track to positive thinking.

Sometimes it might take a jolt from another person to identify this victim mentality you possess. Don’t reject the jolt but use it to analyze your thinking and turn bad thoughts into positive ones.

#9. Learn From Your Mistakes

how to have positive thoughts

Failing to learn from your mistakes or even those ventures that were not a success can produce a lot of negative thinking. The way to avoid that is to turn those mistakes and failures into positive life lessons.

With the right twist, what got you down can help pave the way for a successful future. The only way to do that is to learn. You are not going to be perfect and every decision you make is not going to lead to great success. To be positive you must learn how to handle mistakes and failures in a positive manner.

#10. Focus On The Present

how to have positive thoughts

This is a lot like an earlier tip using yoga to restrict your thinking to the here and now. There are a variety of ways to keep your mind on the present and seeing what is really there. Take a little time to research those methods to see which one will help you the most.

By focusing on the present you keep your perspective by refusing to deal with imaginary situations that may not even present themselves. By seeing what is really there you can be more positive and get more positive results. Those positive thoughts will help you be a better person to be around as well.

#11. Being Grateful Helps

how to have positive thoughts

One of the best ways to turn negative thoughts into positive ones is to see what you have and count all the blessing you have received. You may not be in the most lucrative employment but being grateful for the job you do have goes a long ways in turning negative thoughts into positive ones.

Being grateful also makes you feel better. When you feel better you think better. Once you have counted your blessing you can see how good life has been to you and that realization will also help make you think positive thoughts. It will make you a better person to work with as well as play with.

#12. Take Time To Smell The Roses

little things

In other words, you should take time to really savor those positive events that have come into your life. When you are learning how to have positive thoughts, thinking on those positive events or influences help drive the negativity away.

As you savor those positive events, you learn how to endure the negative ones and see the positive aspects that those negative influences can be turned into. By looking at ‘the bright side’ of things you can see positive aspect that help you turn your negative mindset into a positive one.

#13. Take Time To Help Others

how to have positive thoughts

Feeling good about yourself and your life is one way to turn negative thoughts into positive ones. By helping others you can see the good in yourself and that life is not that bad after all. All it takes is a little honest effort on your part.

Then seeing the positive results from your aid allows you to obtain more positive thoughts. You can see that bad people do not triumph all the time and that justice can be achieved. Those results generate a lot of positive thinking. The key here is to find those people who truly want help.

#14. Take Time To Read Positive Quotes

These inspiration and motivational words can help you see a better side of life and get you to think positively about your life, your family and your future. Thoughts can become words and words can become actions so you need to be careful what type of thoughts you have.

Use little notes to remind you of those positive things you need to think about and focus on. Place these notes in strategic locations and where you work the most often. That way you can see them easily and keep reminding yourself that life is not all bad.

#15. Focus On Your Achievements


A lot of people tend to downplay what they have accomplished and when that happens they move into negative thinking and come to the conclusion their lives are not worth very much. Remember Jimmy Stewart and his movie "Its A Wonderful Life"?

Take stock of your achievements and see that you have accomplished a lot. By looking at your successes you can turn negative thoughts into positive ones. You can see that you are somebody and that you still have a lot to give to the world, even if it is only in your neighborhood.

Follow Your Dreams

how to have positive thoughts

To learn how to have positive thoughts sometimes a lesson from other people’s lives help pave the way to success in that area. Other people are just like you but they have not let negative events get them down. They learned how to take negative results and turn them into positive life lessons.

One example is my story. I was not doing so well for some time and struggled as you struggle. But I had a dream of working for myself and at home. It was not an easy dream to pursue as there are not a lot of work at home employment opportunities.

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But I hung in there and used many of the tips mentioned above to turn my negative thoughts into positive ones. By keeping everything in perspective I was able to avoid a lot of imaginary situations and focus on the present.

With that step I was able to see what my strengths were as well as not waste my energy. Feeling stronger I was able to continue my search to make my dream a reality. My regular employment was not that great but at least I had something and was able to take care of myself.

Finally, by staying positive I was able to connect with a great community of people through affiliate marketing. These people offered great positive influences as well as top notch support. With that influence I began to think more positively and see how I could actually make my dream come true.

See How I Achieved My Dream Of Working From Home

Read About The Community That Helped Me When I Was Starting.

With a lot of hard work, dedication, and refusing to give up I was able to make my dream become a reality. Now I work at home and still make a good income. I owe it all to learning how to have positive thoughts and a lot patience with myself.

If I can do it so can you.

Thank you for reading.


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  • Samantha says:

    This article is a must-read for everyone and it was much needed in this pandemic situation. Negative thoughts are one of the biggest enemies of a person and to get rid of them is not easy. But Strahinja in this article has covered this topic beautifully. It is such a positive article and is also very motivating. I really enjoy reading his articles. The ways mentioned by him to have a more positive outlook in life are simple yet so effective. I am definitely going to share this article with my friends and family. Everyone is going to benefit from it I am sure. Thank you to share it.

    • Strahinja says:

      Yeah, whenever disasters like these happen we as humans tend to fall into the negative mindset.

      However, we have conquered many things and obstacles as human race so it is always good to feed of our success and prevailance as humans.


  • evans says:

    so thoughtful of you to put up such an amazing and intriguing article on how to get a positive thought.. it is a known fact that we are actually what we think when you have a positive thought you usually tend to stay positive while having a negative thought most times will bring you down…such an amazing tips you forgot your on how to stay positive thanks for sharing I look forward to sharing it on my blog

  • edahnewton1 says:

    Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. There is no doubt that our thoughts is a reflection not who we eventually becomes in life. Having a positive mindset is very necessary at all times no matter the situations or challenges. One that has a positive mentality will definitely becomes successful than one who has a negative mindset. Hence the need to develop a positive mindset is very important

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