How To Have Positive Mindset?

By Strahinja | Tips

Apr 07
how to have positive thoughts

It isn't hard to learn how to have a positive mindset. What is difficult is going from a negative mindset to a positive one. It takes some hard work and a lot of patience to make the switch over.

After all it is easier to be negative than it is positive. There are just so many more negative things that take place in life that just knock you down a little. It is hard to keep coming back and trying to achieve while remaining positive.

To learn more about obtaining a positive mindset just continue to read our article. It is filled with information and tips on how to triumph over negativity and be a positive person.

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What is a Positive Mindset?

how to have positive mindset

There is a lot of misunderstanding of what being positive is. Most people get the idea that a positive person always smiles and is cheerful 24 hours a day. That is far from the reality. No one can remain cheerful and smiling every hour of every day.

What being positive is turns out to be how you look at life. Your perspective on what goes on and how to deal with those events in a positive way instead of letting them defeat you and your goals.

Also, a positive person tends to focus on the good things that are found in life. These good things help people to get moving and continue to live life to its fullest. A positive person expects positive things to happen to them.

The answer to the question how to have a positive mindset is not found in a continuous smiling face but how you look at life.

6 Characteristics of a Positive Mindset

how to have positive mindset

When looking for an answer to how to have a positive mindset you need to know and understand what a positive mindset is. There are 6 characteristics that help you identify it and let you know when you have reached that positive goal.

Here are those 6 characteristics:

  • Optimism - this is where you have hope for your future and your ventures. You are not giving up and concluding things will turn out bad. Instead you take a chance and strive to be successful.
  • Acceptance - this is an attitude that helps keep you grounded in reality. You accept the fact that everything is not going to turn out the way you want it to and then learn from the mistakes you have made.
  • Resilience - this is an attitude that keeps you moving forward because you know the moment you give up you lose. You do not let failure, disappointment or adversity get you down, you keep trying.
  • Gratitude - here is an attitude that has you being grateful for what you already have, even if it is just your health and your spouse. You are always grateful for what good things you get and have.
  • Focus - you do not worry about imaginary scenarios that may not appear, you stay aware of your situation focusing on what is really taking place.
  • Integrity - this is a lost art in this modern world. Having integrity means you are honest, honorable, and righteous. You avoid dishonest methods and being deceitful.

When you are on the search for how to have a positive mindset, look to install those characteristics into your personality. They put you on and keep you on the right path to being a positive person.

How to Have a Positive Mindset - Practice

little things

It all boils down to the attitude you have inside of you. If you have positive attitudes and use them, then people are more than willing to be around you. But you have to identify those positive attitudes so you can start building your positive mindset in the correct way.

Here are some positive attitudes that will help you change your perspective and be a better person:

  • Not throwing a fit when you do not get what you want.
  • Not being afraid of criticism or opposition.
  • Accepting the unexpected that comes your way even though it is not what you had in mind.
  • Smile and change the atmosphere in the people around you
  • Give positive encouragement and support to others who may be struggling or need a kind word to keep going.
  • Be kind to strangers even though you were taught not to talk to them.
  • Never quit and always keep getting up every time after being knocked down over and over.
  • Put people first over material possessions, including money.
  • Being content with what you have and not being envious when a neighbor or friend has more than you.
  • Enjoy other people’s success and not sulk when you are not successful.
  • Keep a positive vision for the future.
  • Avoid complaining when life is not fair or just to you.
  • Be true to yourself.

You Have Heard of the Power of Positive Thinking

how to have positive mindset

This was an ideology promoted by many famous individuals over the years. They were able to succeed because their answer to how to have positive mindset meant that they were 100% positive all the time.

While those individuals achieved some success, thinking happy thoughts all the time is not the key to learning how to have positive mindset. No one can think happy thoughts when at a funeral of a loved one who passed to soon or when their job has been downsized out of existence.

When you get to a positive mindset, you will see that you have more control over your own attitudes and can deal with negative events in a constructive way that helps you overcome any despair or other negative traits.

It is also about accepting the fact that you will have bad moods, difficult emotions to deal with and more. What a positive attitude does is help you grow from those negative experiences and emotions in to a better person who can cope.

Plus, being positive allows you to control negative aspects better helping you to identify danger, threats and vulnerabilities and take the right action to strengthen those weaknesses.

Being positive is not about being a brain dead airhead who just smiles all day long even when it is raining and they are getting soaked. It is a constructive attitude that helps you use your head and gets you out of the rain as quickly as you can.

In other words you find solutions to negative problems instead of letting those negative problems ruin you and your life.

How to Have Positive Mindset at Work


One of the hardest places to have a positive mindset is when you are at work. There are just some jobs that do not foster a positive attitude and seem to try to beat you down every moment you are at the office or work place.

But there are 4 ways to overcome this adversity and here they are:

  • Practice gratitude - be thankful you have a job even if it is a bit demeaning. There are millions of people who do not have employment that would gladly switch places with you. So be grateful you have an income.
  • Be helpful - when your co-workers need a hand make sure to lend one when you can. Helping your co-workers will come back to help you when you need it.
  • Stop whining & complaining - employees do it all the time. They whine and complain about their pay, taxes, their supervisors or boss and so on. Don’t be one of them. Set the example and stop whining and just do your job right.
  • Smile when you can - this helps reduce the stress that comes from work. It also makes those around you feel a little better when you flash them a smile. A frown or mean look will keep people away from you even when you need help.

Other Ways to Have a Positive Mindset

how to have positive mindset

There are always a variety of ways to accomplish a goal or objective. Even in finding out how to have positive mindset, you can find many ways to develop that great character trait.

Here are just a few of those methods that help you make the transition from negativity to positive thinking:

  • Job satisfaction - you can get more out of your work because you have learned how to deal with the negative in a constructive and positive manner.
  • Better relationships - not just with your co-workers but with your family as well. Positive person can see the good in others and respond accordingly making you a better person to be around.
  • Job productivity - you can produce more work and really impress your supervisor or employer.
  • Less health issues - a positive mindset helps you be healthier and does not let you get sick as often.
  • Make more money - especially if you are in sales. Salesmen with a positive mindset make more sales. More sales translates into more money for you.
  • Better capabilities - when problems arise you are in a better position to solve them and turn a bad situation into a good one.
  • You enjoy life more - being positive helps you get the most out of life while you can.

Follow Your Dreams

how to have positive mindset

This is always good advice when those dreams are realistic and practical. I was caught up in some negativity for some time myself. I was not happy with my employment opportunity and longed to work from home.

And I let the negative aspects, like costs, get me down and throw me off track. It is not easy to get out of that negative mindset. But I was lucky and fell into a group of people who were very supportive.

They helped me see that I could still follow and achieve my dream if I worked hard enough and changed my negative mindset into a positive one. It took some time but I found my answer to how to have positive mindset and it was through affiliate marketing.

With the support I received and some hard work I was able to change my employment status and begin to work at home. Practicing the above tips helped paved the way and let me see that I could succeed after all.

The positive mindset helped me each day as I learned to overcome negative obstacles that sought to derail my purpose in life. Now I am a much better person to be around as my new work at home employment is a success.

Thank you for reading.


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  • Brian says:

    What a great read! – If only it could be made compulsory reading. 

    Being positive has so many benefits which you include on your comprehensive  It also has many mental benefits and can help reduce anxiety and depression. 

    It does seem the world, in general, is adopting a blame culture with everybody unhappy and meaning about the smallest things. do you find the same?

    I wish you huge success on your journey and thanks for the great incite into being positive. I am now off to dream about the future and what it will bring. 

    • Strahinja says:

      I appreciate the kind words Brian.

      I agree on your point about adopting blame culture. In my honest opinion it is really counterproductive to live your life in blaming others for your failures and not trying to give your absolute best to succeed.


  • evans says:

    quite an amazing review you have here on how to have a positive mindset having a positive mindset is like having an asset that leads you to your success… a positive mindset is one that always motivates you and Direct you  go beyond your fear  and achieve that which you feel you can’t achieve… awesome tips you have here on having a positive mindset and I look forward to practicing them …

    thanks for sharing such an amazing review and look forward to promoting it on my log

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